2011-06-25: Random Reunion


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Summary: Daisuke sees someone he thought was dead, Leo.

Date: June 25, 2011

Log Title: Random Reunion

Rating: PG

NYC - Central Park Zoo

The Central Park zoo offers a variety of animals, Monkeys, Birds, Penguins, Snakes, Polar Bears, Red Foxes, fish, and many other animals. There are three zones to the Zoo, the Polar Zone, featuring the Polar Bears, Seals, and Penguins. The Tropic Zone, featuring a variety of birds, monkeys, and snakes. The last zone, the Temperate Territory is where the Sea Lions, Red Pandas, Otters, Ducks, and Swans can be found. It's a fun place for both Children and Adults alike.

It's around five at night and it's still light out thus why Daisuke is still at the zoo. He's been sitting in the same spot for hours as he watches the tiger roam back in fourth in his cage. A large drawing pad sits in his lap as he sketches what he sees intently. He's pretty much blocked out most of the outside world with his ear buds shoved into his ears and his focus on nothing else but the large orange and black cat in front of him.

It's been ages since he's been here. Along with that, Leo's still been a little uncomfortable in his own skin for a while, especially after the faked death. But now, he's getting himself active and going out again. Walking along, his halo of light is only slightly visible over his white hair, though it does seem to make the hair shine all that much more. Slowly, he walks along, looking into the cage to see the large cats with a soft grin.

As someone walks in front of where he's looking, Daisuke let's out a sigh as he pulls out an earbud that's blasting Japanese Metal into his noggin. It isn't until he notices the glow of Leo that the stops for a second. "No way…" He mutters. "L-Leo?" He says sounding quite confused."

Turning at his name, Leo tilts his head. "Oh, hi, Dai." He says, offering a bright, cheerful wave. "Haven't seen you since my… yeah." He chuckles. "It's ok, it's me. I'm not dead and neither are you. Surprising how many reactions I've gotten along those lines." He grins impishly as he moves over.

Daisuke blinks for few seconds, not really sure what to say. "Why..how…you were..are dead?" He says looking around. "This has to be a joke or something..right?" Leo's chuckling about it so Dai is completely thrown off. "I..I didn't think I was dead I'm just…why didn't you say anything?"

"I couldn't." Leo says with a shrug. "I was contracted. And, I wasn't myself. Remember how angry I was after I lost my powers? I needed special things just to regulate and try to be normal." He states with a bit of a shrug. "I figured you would have heard I was back… I mean, I haven't been back to the school or anything. I just can't bring myself to go, but I know a few students knew I was back." He explains. "Basically…" He pulls out his SHIELD badge and flips it open with a bit of a shrug.

Daisuke nods slowly at the story and the SHIELD badge before saying "Oh." He guesses that explains it all. "Most my friends at Xavier's have left so I don't really talk to them much. Unless I have to tutor them, I just have trouble connecting with them." Leo might remember how Dai was always fairly shy about some things. "It hasn't changed much since you left, just a lotta new people."

There's a nod from Leo. "Well, I work with the school Rashmi is going to now." He explains as he holds a hand out, with some sparkle coming from it, but not as heavy as it used to be. "Almost all of mine were gone, so I didn't go back. Too many bad memories. Nate… Owen…" He leaves it at that.

"I kinda know Rashmi." Daisuke says before nodding to Leo's last words. "I haven't heard from either of them since they left. Nor I have heard from Jared." Not that he wants to talk to them much. "I just don't really have anywhere else to go, ya know? It's the only place I've ever been able to call home."

"I thought so until everything went to hell. Literally. Well, my folks, yeah, but… I wasn't one of them, and I knew that. They never accepted me." Leo shrugs and moves to sit down to look over Dai. "At least you look good. Like everything's ok, anyway." He ponders for a moment. "I kinda miss Jared, but he was starting to bug me a little at the end there." He laughs.

"I don't have a family anymore." Daisuke says not sure if he's told Leo or not. He thinks he probably did. "Things went too fast. He was too eager and I'm not the most comfortable with all that physical attention. He wanted me to do things I wasn't comfortable with." Like wearing a speedo and such. "I just…I don't think I could leave."

"Yeah, Jared's like that. I've known him way too long to think anything else." Leo says with a nod. "It sounds about right." He ponders. "Sorry to hear about losing the rest of your family…" He says, biting his lip, unsure of what else to say in matters like that. "Well, if it works for you, then that's good for you. I just can't go back."

"So SHIELD and that other school…they've been treating you well? You're doing good there?" Daisuke asks he tries to change the subject a bit. "I don't know much about Barnes just I've heard of it in name. I also know that one of our students was recently transfered there."

"They have. When they faked my death, they gave me a suit that regulated my body chemistry to make me feel normal, if not happy. I just wasn't depressed all the time. And it had powers, they just wanted me to train mutants at the school. Since they didn't have any specialized in mutant abilities." Leo says with a grin. "Though, I came to invite Xavier's to a dance and got stuck in a weird other world with a lot of people from there. Went through a literal Jeckyll and Hyde situation before turning back into myself."

Daisuke nods. "I remember that. Mr. Gilpatrick was there along with a lot of our students. Some seemed more haunted by what happened than others. Right now we're missing a few of our students." He says with a frown. "I don't know if you met Heather or not, but her parents broke out of jail and now she's disappeared with a few others."

"Heather. She was there with us. And… that's another reason that I can't go back. That school is way too dangerous. And I already draw things to me… Living Light is so rare." Leo says with a nod. "Heather's parents, you say?" He says, raising a white eyebrow as he starts thinking on things. "I remember them saying one of our students is gone, too. I wonder if it's related?" Of course, in his mind, that links it to the X again."

"Well from what I understand and what I've read, her parents were supervillains down in St. Louis and were caught down there. They've escaped from jail and are now up to their villainous ways. I don't know much more than that." Daisuke says with a shrug. "I haven't talked to Ms. Frost about it but them I'm just a student teacher there so I don't know how high up on the totem pole I am."

"You don't give yourself enough credit, Dai." Leo says with a firm nod. "You've got a lot more going for you than you realize. If you want to know something, ask. I've learned that much with SHIELD. They may not tell me, but that's ok. They will tell me the things that they think I should know, and if not, sometimes I can find it out anyway."

Daisuke shrugs a shoulder. "Thanks. I guess maybe I'll ask Ms. Frost. I'm pretty sure they'll be putting the school on alert if things get any worse. And of course it seems to happen as graduation was recently." He says with a smile. "Maybe my bad luck in general has rubbed off on the school itself." He says chuckling.

"I've been doing my research. The school's ALWAYS had bad luck." Leo chuckles as he reaches out to place a hand over Dai's and give him an energy boost. "Trust in yourself, Dai. Believe in yourself. You've always been a lont stronger and a lot more than you ever realize." He says in a half-whisper. "I have to start heading back. Got a late night surprise training session." He winks.

"I should be getting back too. I need to get dinner first though." Daisuke says folding his pad and putting it in his backpack. "Keep in touch Leo….I'm glad you're not dead." He says with a smile as he goes to give Leo a hug for old times sake.

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