Rashmi "Summoner" Franklin
Rashmi Franklin
Portrayed By Poonam Bajwa
Gender Female
Date of Birth September 24, 1992
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases Summoner
Place of Birth New York, NY
Current Location Xavier Institute
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Gulzar Franklin (father), Ananda Franklin (mother)
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Orbital Force Spheres
First Appearance Getting Used to Xavier's

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The American Dream is still alive, for those who have the courage to make the attempt. For Gulzar and Ananda, newlyweds and living in one of the less affluent areas of West Bengal, the dream was the best hope they had for a future, for themselves and their future children. Scraping together what little money they could manage, they made their way to the shores of New York, land of superheroes and tarnished dreams. When applying for citizenship, the couple left their family name behind, instead taking the name Franklin, in the hopes that the great statesman might bless their family with the taking of his name.

Rashmi was born the year after her parents' journey, and was a well-named ray of sunshine in the little two-bedroom apartment, scant blocks from Hell's Kitchen. Never failing to bring joy into her parents' lives, they doted upon their firstborn daughter as well as they could with their severely limited means, instilling in her early a love for reading and the work ethic that brought her parents to America's shores. As she grew, her bedtime tales became those of people who did great things for humanity. Not of superheroes and their battles, but public figures, speakers and good men whose example could lead the way to a perfect world.

She grew up a hard worker and dedicated student, and even in the crime-ridden high school she went to, joined the ailing debate team and mock-trial competitions, having it set in her mind long ago, that she would find a way to go to law school, and pick up the banner of civil rights that, by her reckoning, should have ended with Dr. King, Jr.

It was the summer before her senior year, that her life changed in ways neither of her parents could imagine. On the way home from her summer job, a mugger snatched her arm, dragging her into a nearby alley, demanding a knifepoint that she hand over every last cent she had. Panicking, she tried to explain she had none, and her captor's threats became ever more menacing, until something gave within her. and the mugger was slammed backward by a soccer-ball-sized sphere of force that materialized out of nowhere. Reacting to the girl's panicked need to /get him away,/ more spheres burst into existence, battering at the mugger without thought or mercy. As suddenly as they appeared, the spheres vanished, and a terrified Rashmi fled home to her parents.

It wasn't until some months afterward, the Franklins besides themselves with worry for their daughter and her future, when a representative of the Xavier Institute came to the family's doorstep. In that time, Rashmi had quit her work, and while she'd still gone to school, her grades had slipped noticeably, making the Franklins the target of concerned teachers and less-concerned-but-diligent educational staff. Rashmi had gone from a determined, if not always outspoken, proponent of justice and fair play to a shadow that slipped through the halls, making no waves and attracting no attention. She was a wonderful girl, the Franklins pleaded to the Xavier's professor, with a bright future, there had to be someone that could help.

Two days later, almost a week after Christmas, a new student stepped hesitantly onto the Xavier's grounds. The rest, one day, will be history.



Rashmi is a very limited telekinetic, but one with a startlingly wide range of applications. Her powers manifest as a group of six bowling-ball-sized spheres of pure, glowing telekinetic force that seem to be controlled as much by her subconscious, as by conscious effort. When at 'rest,' these spheres orbit her body, slowly but steadily, equidistant from each other and describing a perfect circle. No matter how they're utilized, they are always in motion, and always describe an elliptic track; she can slow them down to the barest crawl, or speed them up to speeds that rival a car on the highway, but they must be moving in at least an extremely flat oval. However, she has a great detail of fine control over how they move, in what direction, and even the axis and anchor-point of the orbital path; a favorite practice for her is to create vertical spirograph patterns, at eye level.


  • Lucas — There's a sweet gooey caramel center underneath all those spikes… And he brings me flowers.
  • James — Never a more loyal teammate and friend. More people need to see the reality behind the fangs and fur.
  • Aleksey — Very nice boy, very much a superhero fan. I just hope he looks before he leaps…
  • Zack — Tall. Good Lord, tall. But the poster boy for the Gentle Giant if ever there was one.


  • "I may have been too poor to be a snob about anything, but tea? *Good* tea *never* comes in bags."
  • (On Batroc the Leaper) "What does *France* need with a terrorist anyway?!"


  • Is a member of the Paragons squad.
  • Is an utter sucker for epic fantasy, and owns several secondhand collected works.
  • Is still determined to go into law school, and considers Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Aragorn as her personal heroes.
  • Her powers are not psychic bowling balls dammit.
  • Raised in the faith of the Mar Thomas Syrian Church. An illuminist faith, it's left in her the unshakeable knowledge that there is no soul that does not have the capacity for good, nor deserve the chance to prove it.


  • Steve Vai — 'The Blood and Tears'
  • Within Temptation — 'Stand My Ground'


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