2010-04-05: RC Cars Fire Safety And You


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Summary: July and Theo take a trip to the Salem Center Mall.

Date: April 5, 2010

Log Title: RC Cars, Fire Safety, and You.

Rating: G

Westchester - Salem Center Mall

On the far end of the Food Court lays the long, wide hallway of the Mall. Oversized skylights let the sunlight pour in during the day, while the florescent bulbs light the Mall at night. This hall has a number of kiosks, selling anything from cheap jewelry to car stickers to on-the-spot portraits, along with them come a number of benches and let's not forget the store fronts calling out to the consumers with their bright lights and attention-drawing displays.

"I love spring," Theo announces as he and July come in through the mall. "I've been so sick of the cold." He wears a plad button down short sleeve shirt, open and unbuttoned, with a t-shirt beneath it. It's white with something in black letters on the front, but he hasn't kept the shirt open enough to show what it is. He holds the door, an uncommonly gentlemanly thing for him to do. He must be in a good mood.

July chuckles, "You only asked me to come with you to town because you needed a chaperone, admit it." She teases, smirking lightly as she steps into the mall as Theo holds the door open. "Thank you." she nods, smiling.

Theo gives a knowing grin, "I hate the buddy system," he admits. "I can take care of myself, but at this point in time, I'll play along, since it gets me what I want." A little vague of a statement. "You're welcome," he says.
"I've only heard of this place, never been here before," he confesses. "But I've hardly spent any of my allowance since I started at Xavier's. I wonder where they get all the money for this place, anyway? Do you know?"
July chuckles softly, smiling, "Oh, well, as long as it's not illegal, I don't really care where they get their money." she says, and shrugs lightly as she looks around the mall stores. "As for the buddy system, it's just so you got someone to help you in case some mutant hater decides to get bold, y'know?" she smiles as she turns to look back at Theo.

Theo laughs as he responds to July. "How is anyone going to know unless I walk up to them and say "Hey, I'm a mutant!" Of course, he says the last of this just as he's passing by some other teens, who turn to look behind them at the two as they continue along. As if that wasn't enough, as he speaks, he also holds open his shirt, which reads. "Kiss me, I'm a mutant."
July chuckles at that as she glances at the group of people that just passed by as Theo declared his birth condition. "Yeah. Kind of like you're doing." she nods, looking back at Theo and smirking ruefully. "Or, who knows, someone that already knew shows up? In any case, where would you like to go first?"

Theo lets his outer shirt drop again, covering the bold t-shirt. "I dunno what's here. I've been itching to build a new train set, but there's probably not a hobby shop here though. Model trains aren't exactly the biggest past time." He looks down one direction along the mall, and then the other. "You have a favorite store?" he asks.

July takes another look around the place when asked about her favorite store. "Hmm… not quite a 'favorite'. I mean, I go where the cheap prices on quality products are." she says, grinning back at the youngster. "I most of the time come here just to look at the windows and check the prices."

Theo laughs, "Well, I can relate to that," he says. He spots the electronics shop, and points. "I've been working on how well I can handle being around a lot of electronics," he says. "And besides, maybe I can upgrade my iPhone," he suggests.
"You like electronics?" he asks.

July glances at the electronics store, and shrugs at the question, lightly. "Depends. Are you talking about electronics in general, or specific electronics? I love my cellphone, my TV, my

Theo smiles. "Well, it's an electronics store. They usually have cell phones, TVs, maybe a couple of crappy computers, and those little RC cars and stuff," he answers. "Haven't you ever been in a Radio Shack or something?" He starts to walk to the store, and his right eye twitches as they grow close. He winces slightly, like one might do if they were hearing music that was too loud.

July hmms softly, smiling, "I guess I'm not /that/ crazy about electronics." she says, smiling softly. "I mean, I love what I have, but I'm not one to keep trendy on the last releases of the technology." she shrugs lightly at that. She notices the wincing, and frowns lightly. "You alright, man?"

The younger teen nods his head, but the wince remains. "Yeah. You ever think about how many machines there are around us?" he asks. "Imagine if you heard all of them talking in your head all the time. That's pretty much my life." And of course, there are thousands of them inside that door. "Never thought of myself as much of an electronics guy, either. But I figure I gotta either learn to deal with them, or go be a hermit in the woods somewhere. Haven't really decided which is the better option yet."

July chuckles softly, "Y'know, I heard telepaths also suffer from the same thing, only it's human minds instead of electronics. Perhaps you could talk to some of them to see how they deal with such things?" She offers, shrugging lightly but smiling at that.

"That's…" Theo starts to sound like he's going to object, but then changes his tone, "Actually a really good idea," he finishes. He walks to the front window of the electronics shop. "You know, I've been wondering, you know how telepaths can control people? I've wondered if I could find some way to make me hearing machines translate into them hearing me…" He stares hard at one of the display models of RC cars.

July chuckles gently as Theo talks about telepaths controlling people. "Well, telepaths can make mind communication go two-ways, that much I know." she nods, "As for controlling someone else… I think that's only real powerful telepaths can do." She shrugs lightly at that, then glances at the window Theo is checking out. "But, maybe you can make the electronics listen to you. Who knows?"

The boy doesn't answer, rather he seems to focus with great intent. "Watch that little yellow hummer," he says. He closes his eyes, trying to reduce his distractions. "Tell me if it moves. Inside the store, there is indeed a yellow RC hummer resting on the ground. For the moment, nothing happens.

July hm?'s softly at the question. "Where?" She asks, looking at where Theo points, and nods, "Yeah, I see it. Not moving." she relates, while watching.

Theo's eyes remain closed, and his brow furrows. "Stubborn piece of garbage," he says. Nothing happens. He opens his eyes. "Um, maybe we should keep walking," he suddenly suggests, as if something may have spooked him. A moment later, if July is still watching, the hood of the little hummer starts to melt. A small flame can be seen coming from the far side of the toy, but Theo doesn't watch it, he just begins walking as if he's completely ignorant.

July blinks at Theo as she suddenly decides to leave. "What…?" Then a yelp in the store causes her to look back inside, and she watches the toy catch fire, making July's eyes go wide. "Did.. did you make it catch fire?" she asks, her voice low to a whisper to not attract attention.

Theo walks briskly, and doesn't slow as he answers over his shoulder. "I didn't do anything, and you didn't see anything," he answers. "We were just outside and it just happened." It's obvious by his guilty pace that he did it. "They'll just have to issue a recall, that's a dangerous toy, there."

July arches one eyebrow at that, "Once we go back to my car, we're finishing this talk." she says, not giving any chance for a 'no' answer. "So, where to, next?"

Theo doesn't respond to the first half. "I dunno, someplace with less things that make noise," he offers. "We already tried my choice, how about you?" His pace slows, he buttons his shirt so that his bold claim to mutancy won't be seen, and his stuffs his hands in his pockets.

July hmms softly as she looks around, trying to decide where to go first. "I wonder…" she rubs her chin for a moment before spotting a girl eating an ice cream cone, which makes July grin softly. "How about the food court?"

Theo follows July's gaze to see the ice cream cone. "Sounds good to me," he says. He changes course for the food court. "I'm kinda hungry myself."

July nods, smiling, "Alright, what would you like to eat first?" she asks, changing course toward the food court, watching from afar the many different food stalls.

The dark-haired boy eyes the different options. "How about italian. It's the food of love after all," he says with a sly and shameless grin. Of course, a food court italian restaraunt won't exactly be the fanciest. "I'll even buy."

July chuckles softly at the indication of the italian food booth, and she shrugs lightly, "Suit yourself." she says, smiling, "You go get your italian food, while I'll go get a table for ourselves. Then I'll pick my food." she grins, patting Theo's back before heading toward one unoccupied table.

Theo walks up to the line, a smug grin still on his face. He stares for a long time at the menu before deciding on his meal. Spaghetti, of course. What other italian food is there? His choice doesn't show a great deal of creativity, but hey, he likes spaghetti. After paying for his choice, he walks back through the food court, keeping an eye open for July.

July kept an eye on Theo as the guy went for the Italian food booth, waiting at a table. When she sees him finally coming out, she raises an arm and waves it around, slowly, until she gets his attention.

Theo saunters back to July, sliding the cardboard plate onto the table. "So," he asks, "You see anything that suits you?" He doesn't sit yet, rather he waits for her response.

July smiles, and gestures toward one of the chairs, "I think I'll go for some McDonald's." she says, waiting until Theo is seated down to stand up herself, looking around again to look for said booth.

Theo reluctantly sits, gathering that July doesn't want to take him up on the offer to pay for her meal. he pulls his plasticware from his shirt pocket, and places the knife and spoon on the table in their proper order. He places his drink on the upper right hand corner, and his fork goes in his hand. He seems rather particular about how he operates. He watches July walk toward the McDonald's stand, and takes his fork, and plunges it into the spaghetti and begins rolling it.

July makes a beeline toward the McDonald's booth, and gets in line. When it's her turn to order, she chats quite a bit with the cashier girl, and then goes to wait for her order to be done. When it's done, the girl returns with a big grin, carrying two Big Macs, two big sodas, three cups of french fries, one apple pie package and one ice cream cup.

Theo spends that time eating, and watching July. He's half finished by the time she comes back. "What was that all about, and…you really going to eat all of that?" he asks, indicating to her food with his fork.

"You and Chloe," he says. "How do you two stay so hot and eat that much?" he says rather directly. "I know she has a super metabolism. I guess you can just make your body whatever shape you want, though, huh?" he answers his own question, but isn't completely certain of his accuracy.

July nods while she goes through her first burger, giggling softly as she wipes her lips with a napkin. "It's good to know when your whole body is one solid mass of malleable flesh to be reshaped however you see fit." she grins.

Theo takes a few more bites of his food, and then grabs his bread stick, dipping it in the left over marinara sauce. "Yeah, but that's a lot of budget for food, I think I'm glad I don't gotta eat that much," he confesses, and then takes a bite out of the breadstick.

July nods, after finishing her fries after the first burger, and starting on the second one. "Oh, I get enough budget for food, don't worry." she says, grinning. "Aren't you happy now that you didn't have to pay for my food?" she winks as she sips her soda.

Theo returns the comment with a large grin, and takes a sip of his soda, "I guess so, I can think of worse ways to spend my cash, though."
July finishes with all the solid food, including the apple pie, and then just goes on with her ice cream. "Be careful with what you wish for." she smirks lightly. "So, where would you like to go now?"

Theo watches as some firefighters enter. Not dressed in all of their gear, mind, but they are clearly heading toward the electronics store. He studies them for a moment, leaning back his chair on two legs. "I think I've done enough shopping today," he says, even though he hasn't bought anything. He doesn't want any chance of someone connecting him to what happened in that shop.

July chuckles as she glances to the firefighters, and she shakes her head softly while standing up. "Come on. I'll drive you back to the institute." she says, pulling out her keys. "Meanwhile… you can tell me about what happened back there." she discreetly gesture with her head to the electronic store.

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