Rebecca "Savage" Dalton
Rebecca Dalton
Portrayed By Anna April
Gender Female
Date of Birth 5/19/94
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Aliases Savage
Place of Birth Portland, OR
Current Location Salem Center, NY
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Robert Dalton - Father, Willow Dalton - Mother
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Absorption of Kinetic Energy, Kinetic Energy Projection
First Appearance Savage Session

"My body is kind of like a battery, except instead of electricity, it stores 'punch you in the face.'"


Far from the cramped city confines of New York City and even farther from the volatile life that many young mutants seem to have experienced, Rebecca Dalton grew up in idyllic circumstances. Raised by parents Robert and Willow, a pair that fancy themselves neo-hippies, young Rebecca was brought up in a free-spirited, whimsical environment. From a young age, her parents fostered in her a philosophy of peace, understanding, and walking lightly through life.

Throughout childhood, Rebecca was encouraged to explore her curiosity and many of her whims were indulged. Her parents felt it was important to allow her the space to explore her world from her own unique perspective. School was a fair shock to the girl who spent most of her childhood days playing in her parents' garden or sitting in the grass at concert festivals. The idea of rules and needing to sit still for hours at a time infringed seriously upon her groove. It took some adjustment, but eventually Rebecca settled into her niche as the only strict vegan in her elementary school.

There were typical childhood issues and problems. Maybe a few of them were exaggerated slightly by her parents' non-disciplinarian approach to parenting, but really, outside of being kind of a spoiled brat sometimes and the time she broke her arm falling out of a tree at 8, Rebecca never stood out very much until high school. By that point, her parents had allowed her to begin governing her own appearance. To Rebecca, that meant that she had pierced her nose and lips and had begun work on clumping her blonde hair into dreadlocks. That helped her begin to stand out.

Around the Dalton household, odd things had begun to happen periodically. Things on shelves fell over frequently, glasses broke on the other side of the kitchen while dinner was begin eaten. Rebecca's parents, being quite the new-age types, attributed all of the little incidents to their daughter's puberty. They subscribed to the idea that poltergeist incidents were actually caused by the manifestation of a teenager's tempestuous emotions. These little incidents kept up until Rebecca was 16, when fate and Rebecca's mutant genes conspired to prove her parent's theory at least part right.

Rebecca rarely took part in sports at school. Her parents had taught her that competitive sports were barbaric and unnecessary, and being a teenager, she chose to agree when it came time for PE. After a minimal amount of squawking that it was against her religion, she managed to secure the right to stand off to the side and watch the rest of her class play softball. Her teacher's only rule was that she was not allowed to sit down, because he did not want her to nap through the period. So, Rebecca spaced out and enjoyed the late morning sky and the sound of birds off in the distance, punctuated by the occasional metallic 'blunk!' of a softball hitting an aluminum bat.

After one particular bat sound, the sound of several students yelping drew Rebecca's attention off of a particularly fluffy cloud. She looked up momentarily, just in time to see the glint of aluminum inches from her face. One of the boys in the class had gotten overzealous after actually scoring a hit and ended up throwing the bat on his backswing. It slammed into the side of Rebecca's head with a metal 'bonk!' The entire class rushed over, expecting a horror show.

Instead, they found a confused girl sitting there holding on to her broken glasses. The bat lay on the grass beside her, badly dented on one side. However, for all the world, it appeared as if Rebecca was unharmed. Several of the students swore they saw the bat bounce right off of her face, and no one could quite make out why she wasn't half dead. After a trip to the school nurse, it was confirmed that Rebecca didn't have so much as a bruise to show for her run-in with the baseball bat. The adults all figured she must have been one very lucky little hippy.

It wasn't until third period math the next day that what had happened would reveal itself. Rebecca's mutation had activated itself quietly many months before, but it simply hadn't had any serious input to make it truly show itself. The flying baseball bat to the head was what it needed to really kick in. The bell had rung to signal the end of that class and the majority of students had already gathered their backpacks and headed out the door. Rebecca was lagging behind, rubbing at the side of her tangled hair thanks to the intense headache she had slowly developed over the course of the morning.

Her math teacher, Mr. Richmond, looked over his desk at her. "Miss Dalton, is there a problem?" he asked her. Rebecca didn't have a chance to respond before it happened. All at once, a tremendous force pushed out from her in all directions. Her desk was absolutely splintered, while those all around her were sent flying across the room in all directions. On the bright side, her headache was gone. On the dark side, one of the desks had smacked into Mr. Richmond, knocking him out and breaking his nose.

Parents were called, police were called, somewhere along the line, the media got called. "Mutant Teenager Attacks Teacher" "Unprovoked Mutant School Violence" and other such headlines were all over the news that night. The 'attack' was exaggerated, of course. Mr. Richmond was back at school after missing one day of work, but that was it for Rebecca's normal school career.

In the aftermath of the mess, it didn't take much work for a grandfatherly man in a wheelchair to convince Mr. and Mrs. Dalton that their daughter was better off attending a school elsewhere, one more suited to her unique needs and abilities. They are awfully non-confrontational people and the idea of needing to discipline a 'dangerous mutant' daughter was all they needed to be sold on the idea. So, Rebecca packed her things and has headed to New York to join Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.


  • September 28th, 2010: Rebecca experiences her first Danger Room session. It involves kicking aliens in the crotch.
  • October 2010: Rebecca's mother is diagnosed with breast cancer. Rebecca returns home to be with her family.
  • February 2011: With her mother's cancer in remission, Rebecca returns to Xavier's.


  • "You make toilets?"


  • In spite of being loudly vegan, Rebecca has a secret love of chocolate milk and scrambled eggs. Not at the same time.


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