2010-02-20: Rec Room Randomness


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Summary: 4 minds meet: Six like flying, Robyn likes normalcy, Lucas like Rashmi, James likes Blow Pops

Date: February 20, 2010

Log Title: Rec Room Randomness

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

On the couch, wings spread out and very obvious, is a teenager playing video games. Wearing a modified tshirt and tattered jeans, Six motions with those wings as he works the controller with his normal hands. He's totally engrossed in the thing, and it's one of those fighting games. (Player doesn't know them, so can't name any.) Really, Six looks thrilled at getting to do this. Doesn't get to play these things often. "Shit.. Ah.." Tongue out of mouth a little as he leans to one side. "Arg!" No, he's not very good at them yet, but he's having fun!

James meanders into the room from the hallway, sniffing about, his ears panning forwards as if he's on the prowl for something. He walks behind Six a couple times before stopping near one of the other chairs. He emits a low 'ah-ha' sound, and excavates a book bag from under a fallen couch pillow. He picks his bag up and slings it over his shoulder before turning his attention to the noise; eyes on the screen, "Hey."

Six is scared with that sound, but only because he was so focused on the game that he didn't notice anyone enter. It means he jumps in his seat, fumbling with the controller as he stares for a moment. Blink blink. Wings shiver, but then that fright disappears. "…Wow!" Sudden recognition as he drops the controller and turns himself around to grin at you. Uses all four arms in doing so. "You have got to be James." Never seen anyone like you!

"That'd be me," he says as he crosses his arms and watches the screen as he 'tries' not to pay Six any attention. Though, curiosity wins out again, and the beast boy slowly turns his head to give Six a thorough once-over, "Who are you?" His tail twitches as he asks—nothing near a wag cause he'll so never be caught doing that— "Mind if I sit?"

"I keep getting told about you." Six admits. If he's afraid, he's not showing it. Curiosity is winning over everything. Then again he finds nearly everything at the school awesome. "..Sorry." Sheepish that and he lifts himself up to turn himself around. Stands to offer his hand. "I'm Six. Been here just a few days. Newly enrolled. And please do." Sit. "You ever play this thing? I really such at it." A wing thumb is motioned to the tv, for the game is showing him dead. Again. Still, he doesn't seem upset over this.

James gives Six a sideways smile—what qualifies as a smile for the hyena anyways—the right side of his mouth pulling into an amused expression. "I bet you do," he says, the tone more about amusement than it is annoyance. He knows the score with everyone else. He looks at the student’s hand, gives him sniff as if searching for something then offers his, "Hi Six." The hand probably somewhat outsized the other students, but he gives it a friendly enough shake before taking a seat with a 'thump!' "Naaa…I'm not so good at these things," he responds, "But watching is the next best thing."

Yeah, Six is smiling for the info about James too. The sniff has him startled, but he soon recovers. Hey, if he has four times, other people can smell, right? Sadly he doesn't get as good a look at that hand as he would have liked, but there are no complaints. Instead all he does is sit down. This time though wings are tucked around him thanks to the fact that he takes up a lot of space. "Just don't mock me too badly?" Amused with the idea as he leans forward to scoop up the controller. "We couldn't afford one of these at home, so I don't have much practice."

James nods, admitting, "Me too," about the game. The hyena isn't exactly small on space either, to, between the two of them there's probably not much room left. He grins, "Ehh, I'll go easy on you today. You're already embarrassing yourself with your gaming skills." The tone is far from serious, but given his rep it may be hard to tell where friendliness ends and the hyena bitey-ness begins. He watches Six, eyes narrow just a little as the student scoops up the controller and begin again.

Ever the adult, Six sticks his tongue for the comments of his gaming skill. "Says the man who isn't playing." Harumph! Not that he's a bit upset. No, this one is actually glad to have met you. Shifting in his seat by simply using his wing arms to lift and move himself, Six resets the game. "Mind if I ask some questions? I've never met anyone like you before." Bold too, this one.

James shoots an eye towards Six, barely turning his head. He shrugs, after a final sniff, and says, "Sure." Not much for words tonight! He pushes back into the couch, settling in with a wiggle of his shoulders. One leg goes over the chair arm, another ends up under his butt. After a bunch of fidgeting he finds the right spot, "And yes it's true they only gave me Lucas as a roommate because they knew even I have my limits on what I'll eat."

Yay! He gets to ask questions! "Were you born that way?" Six asks. He pauses then and shakes his head. Puts the controller on the table. Would rather talk than play. "I'm sorry to ask such personal things, but I've never gotten to meet anyone who wasn't human looking." Lifting his wings he suggests he too isn't. "I've always had these, and they've always set me apart. This school has been amazing in all the people here." Does eye you for the Lucas comment. "Lucas? The idiot who drinks coffee and threatens to kill people? Would adding garlic help?"

Robyn has arrived.

James sits on the couch next to Six. He's pressed into the cushions about as deep as he can go; one leg over the chair arm, the other under his butt. The beast's eye twitches at the mention of the word 'idiot,' "Lucas is my teammate. I'd take a bullet for him." His arms cross, mood slightly tainted, "No…I used to be human. I could even shift back and forth. Now I can't, so I'm here." With eyes narrow and straight ahead he asks, "Is that why you call yourself Six? Six limbs?" The question is curious, non aggressive.

Wandering into the Rec Room is Robyn, dressed in an Edward Scissorhands t-shirt over a pair of black skinny jeans, looking every bit the part of 'emo-kid'. He's tired, it was a…unnerving night last night. He walks in just in time to hear Six's comment on Lucas and sighs. "Is Lucas being an ass to someone again?" He really doesn't get that guy. One day he's decent and kind of nice the next day he's a royal toolbox. "Sorry, how's it going here tonight, mind a little company?"

Six does pick up on the twitches. "That doesn't make him any less rude." He points out with a smile for being told about teammates. There's curious surprise for switching back. "Why can't you?" Asking of his name has him grimacing, but the teen nods. "Yeah. Started as hazing from these kids I know, and it stuck. Can't say I mind though, for it sure beats my given name." For the moment he's spared telling that name as Robyn enters. "Hi." A bright smile for Robyn too. "He was an ass this morning. Made some poorly veiled threats about having killed people, and doing so again." A shrug and a helpless spread of hands. "Claimed he had reason, but really.. he was just a jerk."

James' ears twitch over towards Robyn, doing the radar thing as the boy enters. Answering with an unseen shrug, he follows it up with, "Nope," that's directed at the newcomer. To answer the first of Six's question, James says, "Dunno. I suppose if I did I wouldn't be here and things would be much more quiet and boring." He sighs deeply, listening to the anti-roommate banter going on around him. By the time Six has finished, his posture has become one of granite, eyes narrow.

Robyn walks over to a chair and plops down. "Lucas has been going through something kinda rough, it…affects his moods. It all depends on when you catch him. When he's in a good mood, he's not a bad guy. And I know he wouldn't do it again cause the first time it wasn't really him." About the killing people. Robyn then shrugs and moves off the topic. "We met really briefly the other night, I'm Robyn." He says to James. "I think I'd rather have things quiet and boring, sometimes too much happens here."

The posture change and narrowing of eyes isn't lost on the winged one. Those wings settle down as he drops both pairs of arms into his lap and watches James. "I'm sorry if he's your friend." Six apologizes easily, "He didn't have to to what he did today though." So not standing up for Lucas, but he can at least apologize for saying bad things. "Maybe the next time I see him it will be better." Shrugs and leaves it there. "Oh, do lots of exciting things happen here?" Isn't this already awesomely exciting enough?

James turns his head to greet Robyn, "Hey. Yeah, I think you were with Rashmi the other night, right? Jade…Grimm Reaper…the like?" He gives Robyn the unconscious sniff, checking the smell against his mental database, "Pretty sure that was you." He looks over to Six, "I'm not either,” on the standing up part, "But my opinion differs over the popular. We all have our reasons for what we do. Sometimes it just takes an ear to find out why." He lets Robyn do the talking for a moment.

"Yeah that was me." Robyn says but he thinks it's a really awkward moment to call a 'first meeting'. "That was a…I dunno, but I though the Grimm Reaper, Death, thing was cool." Of course Robyn would, he loves things that lean towards the macabre nature. "Hopefully Six. And yeah, exciting things happen a lot, even if it's good or bad. Just last night Magneto was out at the cove, scared the living hell out of me."

Well, Six is assuming that he's alienated someone. Not fear, but he's certainly sad for having made James react so. "…Magneto?!" Shocked as he looks to Robyn, and those wings lift and spread. Uh, sorry, James! Magneto is a name even he knows. "What's he doing here?" Wide-eyed over it.

James goes quiet at the mention of Magneto, eyes wide, "HERE?" Ears perk straight up! "Rashmi said he just zapped everything in a room and instantly created some device to make Mike spe…*WHAP* "…." He shoots a semi-irritated look at Six, "Careful…or Magneto's going to be the least of your worries." They do call me Tooth for a reason. He pulls himself a little tighter into the couch, "Why was he here?"

Robyn reaches over and pulls a pillow to his chest. "He dredged something out of the lake, it looked like a piece of a sentinel, like what we learned about in class." Robyn's never been up against one in the Danger Room, but in Mutant Ethics they learned a bit about what they are and why they were created. "As much as it sucks, we're mutants, we're targets. He didn't do anything to harm anyone, but it was still just….scary. "I like Rashmi, a lot, she's a great friend but she also sees the world through rose coloured glasses so you can't always rely on her opinion. She's say a serial killer could be redeemable and have hope for him, and try on that hope." He's not saying it to be mean or make fun of her, it's just the way Rashmi is.

Six throws up his hands on a gesture of peace. "Geez, sorry.. you and Lucas are made for one another." Wondering just what the hell he did that was so bad he gets threatened over. Rises from the couch and leaves James there by himself. It's not fear that gets him to move either. Six isn't defenseless, and doesn't think himself so. "That's so weird, Robyn." Perches on the table, wings spreading out around him. "I'd never have imagined someone like him here." Sentinels? Well, that kind of stands to reason, doesn't it? Sentinels hunt mutants. Has Six looking sad though.

James literally SPRINGS out of his seat, toes digging deeply into the cushion as he hears the news, "OhMyGod.WhereIsIt?IsItStillOutThere?INeedToGoSeeThisThingRightNoooow!" His hackles raise up and his head starts darting around the room as if there were dozens of tiny little unseen things floating about. Distracted, as Six moves, the hyena looses his balance and he tumbles over the back, hitting the ground with a rather solid, loud, *KLUD!* In less time than it took for him to fall, he's already back on his feet, "I need to see this thing!!"

Robyn tenses at James's reaction and is completely shocked by it. "Magneto took it with him. It's not here anymore. And /why/ would you want to see something that once hunted us and killed us? It was…damaged looking but it's Magneto, who the hell knows what he's gonna do with it. Did you also know that he was once the Headmaster here?" Robyn just found that out last night from him. "I dunno, things just get too crazy around here."

Uh… Wings lift and Six looks shocked at James' flailing around. All he can do is stare at James for a moment, and then he looks to Robyn, "That isn't crazy enough?" A thumb is motioned to James, but the smile that spreads says he isn't serious. Does shift back to standing, for he doesn't want to either get hit, or do the hitting, as a certain hyena flailing around.

James catches a scent and darts his head towards Robyn, ears turning sideways, "Oh…sorry. I didn't mean to freak you out." An honest apologetic, reaction. He lowers down into his knees, couching slightly behind the couch, only his eyes, ears and finger claw showing, "You guys haven't seen crazy yet." There's a tone of humor in that statement.

"REally, I haven't seen crazy yet?" Robyn says almost viewing it as a challenge from James. "I've been turned into a frog, and stuck like that for over a month. My boyfriend was turned into one of the demons. I've been kidnapped by MGH dealers, and oh, my powers got stolen and swapped and I had Cyclops powers for a few weeks. That's all in less than a year." Thus why half the time Robyn wishes he was at home, cause it's less crazy there.

Six leans forward, wing arms supporting his weight on table and couch, as he peers at James. "You okay?" Concerned even in spite of why he moved away. After that though, he settles into a couch, the table between him and James. All he can do is stare at Robyn about all those things happening. "…Okay, I think I'd prefer quiet." Wow.

James' ears perk forward, arms coming back into view, "Okay….that's pretty crazy." He lays his head on said arms, the rest of his body still behind the couch. As Six takes a new spot, James oozes over the top of 'his' couch and flops onto the cushions, "So…Magneto was here, took a robot, and left. That's can't be good." Feeling a little awkward, he tries to restart the conversation, "What? Me? Never better."
Robyn nods at Six. "I prefer the quiet, and yeah, Magneto was here, took a part of a robot, and left." He thinks the 'part' is important cause that gives hope that it's not the whole thing. "I sometimes think there's no such thing as being normal for a mutant." Then he can't help but look at James, and like the other night, when he looks at him, there's an odd sort of interest in his eyes. Between Six and James in the room, he thinks they're both so cool looking.

Giving James a look for that never better, Six turns his attention to Robyn. "I really know very little. Was the only mutant I knew back home, and nothing strange happened until I was portaled here." Weird is still very new to the teen, no matter what he looks. Robyn's expression has him a bit curious though. Can't quite read it right. "And that portal was made by my sister. We didn't even know she was a mutant too." A shrug with four arms. He simply doesn't know what else to say.

James turns over on his back, form slowly sliding off the couch headfirst. He grins at Robyn—well…somethings…at Robyn. It's hard to tell what his expression is upside down, "So, there 'might' be more of one out there?" There's obviously 'something' going on in his mind. He darts his eyes over to Six, "Where are you from?" He listens to the story about portals with interest, "Wow…"

"I..I don't know if there is anything left. It's at the bottom of the lake if there is." And why would anyone want to know that, Robyn isn't sure at all. "How's your family handling you being here? Are they gonna send your sister too?" He asks since he was there the day that Six crash landed. "I had NO clue what to do when you feel out of that portal Six. I swear Cam and I were the blind leading the blind."

Not going to worry about the stuff in the lake. Six already has too much going on in his head. So he answers about where he's from. A shrug and he admits, Lubec, Maine. It's a tiny coastal spot near the Canadian boarder. Has the northern most light house, but that's really all." Yes, Six lived under a rock. There's a confirmation nod about the wow concerning his sister. "All out of no where she makes this huge portal and I get sucked through." Even makes the sound of a vacuum sucking
something up, then getting stuck. Fthump! "It's okay." Laughed to Robyn. "I wouldn't have known either." A grin. "My parents are okay. I think anyway. They were a little reluctant to let me stay, but they changed their tune after talking to the headmaster. Liz I still don't know about. If anyone should be here, it's her."

James gives Six a look of sympathy, or his best attempt, "That sucks. At least you landed in the right place." He's not going to interrupt the two talking about the boy's life, so makes 'other' sorts of plans in his head—easily read by the strange smile

Lucas has arrived.

"I've never been to Maine but then, I've never really been outside of New York or New Jersey." Really exciting in regards to that for Robyn, being stuck in the same area of the country. "I've never seen a Lighthouse." He says before looking to James. "Where abouts are you from?" He's just trying to get to know the Hyena-Teen a bit better outside of just knowing he finds Sentinels eerily fascinating.

Six laughs and nods about the sympathy. He so agrees. "I did." Went from a nothing town to the neatest place ever! "Really, you haven't missed anything. They only run them for the tourists now. The ships just don't need a light house with radar and GPS." Not to mention everything else on those ships. He says no more though, for he's curious about James too.

James lays across a couch, on his back, and almost upside down as his head and shoulders hang over the edge. One of his feet sorta randomly digs at the air, toes and claws spread, "'ndiana." he glances over at Robyn then Six, "Middle of no where. Under 600 people. Parents are farmers." He thinks a little about that, "This place is a riot compared to home. Glad I ended up here—well some days."

Lucas wanders in to the rec room, still wearing the jeans and wifebeater with the blue flannel he had on yesterday. He is carrying a half eaten pop tart, and he's chewing his latest bite. When he enters, he nods at James, "Hey Jim," he says, swallowing his bite. "What up, yo?" He walks over and flops onto the floor, leaning against the couch James is laying across.

Robyn is sitting in one of the chairs and he nods as James' says he's from Indiana. "I'm from Brooklyn myself, so it's not like I'm that far from home here. I grew up with superhero fights all around, it sucked." Imagine being late for school because IronMan had to fight Villain of the week a block down from where the subway entrance is. "You say that's nothing interesting Six but to me, I think it'd be neat." Lucas gets a wave as he walks in. "Oh Lucas, we don't have to worry about the Boat house anymore."

Sounds like he and James have that in common. Born in small towns. Never mind that Lubec is quite a bit bigger than 500 people. The teen is crouching near the table, and he leaves it as Lucas sits on the couch. Wings half spread, leaving him standing in an open spot. "Hey." Not that he wants to be too social, but he's polite. "Well, Robyn, if you want to see it, and we get there, I'll make sure you can. My family tends it." A shrug to show that he doesn't think it's all that special. "Boat house?"

James smiles at his roommate, head inverted, "I'm fiiiine. You?" His big, black, alien eyes regard his friend, but no words ever reach his lips. He nods over at Six, "I kinda liked it. Small…but not the type of town you want a were-hyena running around it"

Lucas glances at James, "Don't ask," he says, with a smirk. He looks at Robyn, "Why not? Ah was just startin' to actually understand how to use a plumb bob." He gives Six a short nod of greeting, but nothing more.

"There was a tidal wave down there last night, kind of wrecked some of what we fixed." Robyn says with a bit of shrug. "Magneto showed up, grabbed a piece of a giant robot and caused a bit wave over the cove and yeah, so we're done. Why, are you gonna miss working with Dallas?" There's a little bit of teasing at that but he looks back at Six. "That'd be cool, getting to go up there. And yeah, Boat House. Lucas, Dallas and I had to repair it."

Standing because he takes up too much space. Six is kind of used to it, and he's smiling thanks to James. "I can't say I liked it, but that had nothing to do with the size of the town. And I don't know. Were-hyenas seem pretty cool to me." So far anyway. "And Magneto ruined it?" Asked of the boat house. "That sucks!" All that work for nothing. "Glad you guys don't have to totally rebuild it. ..Why are you working on it anyway?"

James starts grinnin' at the thought of a giant robot again but it fades, "I'd like the idea a whole lot better if I could control what I am." It's not a negative statement, or an emotional one. Just pure, hard fact, "But, I'm here and blah-bla-bla. So…someday." He smirks at Lucas, "You get into a fight you need to rebuild the boat house I try to bite someone and I get probation. I think they like me better."

Lucas looks a little confused at Robyn, "Why would Ah be mad about Dallas?" He shakes his head, and shrugs, "We were workin' on it because we had detention," he answers to Six. "When Ah first got here, Dallas said somethin' to me what really pissed me off, and Ah attacked him with my powers, which is against the rules. Dallas used his powers to hit me back, and Robyn used his to stop the fight." He shrugs, "So, they punished all of us, even though it was just my fault." He looks at James, "Prolly. Ah know it's surprisin', but Ah ain't easy to like.

Robyn is kind of grateful that Lucas left out the part where Robyn punched Lucas. "What Lucas said Six, detention. We got into a bit of a fight." He says and then throws the pillow he's holding at Lucas. Robyn smiles though to let him know it's in good humour. "Oh quit it Lucas, we all faught, it was all of our faults. We all deserved what we got." And that's what Robyn believes. "I dunno James, I think you looking like that is kind of cool. Just like Jade, and you Six. I don't know but I've always thought anything psychical with a mutation was just…neat." It's the artist point of view.

That explains a lot. Six frowns at Lucas, but in a speculative manner, not an angry one. "That makes sense though. Punishing everyone I mean. Even if it sucks for everyone." Does grasp the why. Discourages people from abusing the 'he hit me first' idea. "Just be glad you don't have to rebuild it again." He shrugs at Robyn after that. "It's not quite as neat being the one who stands out, Robyn, but I still wouldn't trade it. Then I wouldn't get to fly."

James flaunts a little at Robyn, putting his hands under his head and showing off those arms of his, "Yeah…it's kinda cool." There's a shit-eatin' grin that follows, all his teeth exposed. He looks over at Six, "I wish I could fly. But…hey, you can't mess with perfection like this!" Okay, enough of that, he thinks as he looks at Lucas, feeling self conscious about a recent gift, "I just…you know…been getting used to the idea of being like this recently."

Lucas knocks the pillow off to his side when Robyn throws it at him. "Easy, tiger," he jokes. He listens to Robyn talk about mutations, and he offers, "Physical mutations may be 'neat,' but they aren't easy. It's difficult comin' to grips with never really bein' 'normal' again. Or at least, bein' able to PASS as normal, anyways." He glances at James, and then furrows his brow a little as he looks at his roommate. Did the hyena just…flirt… with Robyn? He opens his mouth to say something, and then just lets it go. He looks down at the floor, "Ah think Ah can fly."

"I can't fly, well I can if I leave my body behind." It sounds weird, Robyn knows, but he can Astrally Project himself. "I can pass for normal to a degree, but I was told that powers can change and alter so who knows what your powers might evolve into. I just hope that I won't be dependant on others forever."

Shaking his head with a laugh at James, Six resists the urge to flex to further the joke. Still, his wings spread with it. They rustle as they do so, their membranes transparent. "I never was normal, so I'm not sure I can relate. I was born with four arms. They turned fully into wings years ago." A shrug and he looks to one of them. "Really, it's all I can do." That he knows about anyway. Six has several abilities, but they are all subtle things. "Kind of doubt I'll change."

James, the classically uninterested in anything, feels a little self conscious at the brow furrow, assuming something wholly different, "I'm not…like saying I won't use it. I just…you know…should do it on my own." He shrugs, "I just…I'll tell you about it later." He gives his roommate a long look, "Fly? Like in, leave the ground unassisted and not thrown?" the latter being something the hyena seems to experience on a regular basis. He glances over to Six, listening but not responding.

Lucas nods, "Yeah. Ah mean… Ah can't FLY fly… Not yet… But…" He sighs, as if this is something that's been frustrating him. "Ah can levitate. You know, float? Ah know if Ah could control my hands better, Ah could actually propel myself…" He shrugs, "Ah dunnow. Maybe it's stupid and Ah'll just fall and die." He looks at James again, "Have you and Zack worked things out yet?"

Robyn nods to Six and wonders what that would feel like. "I was normal, then one day I feel into a coma, woke up and realized I'm a mutant. Well the blood test revealed that. With in a week of waking up I was sent here." It was quick for Robyn since his powers are dependant on other people. He opens his mouth to say something to Six but then closes it, thinking what he wants to say will come out /really/ weird.

Not really understanding what James and Lucas are going on about, Six motions with a wind hand towards the window. "Want me to take you up? I can carry people easy." Said with a smile, and complete assurance. "What made you realize you were a mutant? I mean, if I went into a coma I'm pretty sure I'd have no clue." A grin there. Mr obvious mutant is used to be obvious.

James crosses his eyes at Lucas and smiles, "We all fall. It's having someone there to pick us up that matters." He snorts, making some reference to something some motivational nonsense he heard in class this last week, "You'll do fine…that's what this place is for. No way you're going to break your neck." He falls quiet at the mention of Zack, "Haven't seen him, don't care to. I got everything out of him I wanted and if he cares to take it up with me, I'll show him what an unsupervised-by-adults hyena is 'really' about."

Lucas shakes his head at James, "Or, you could try to let me work it out between you two so Rash doesn't have an aneurism." He shrugs, "We can kill him AFTER graduation." He looks over at Robyn, "Ah burned my house down when Ah got my powers. Ah think Ah'd rather have had a coma."

"Well it was the blood work, they did tests and they found out I had the X-Gene. Also when the nurse touched me it triggered my psychic vampirisim, I drained here and she went into a coma for a few days and I woke up. Now if I don't drain psychic energy from someone on a daily basis, it effects me." Robyn knows he's lucky that he has both Addison and Jono around to help him with that. "Well I think I'm gonna head up to my room now. I'll see ya later Six, and maybe take you up on the flying thing." THough Jordan does hover with him sometimes. He looks at Lucas and James and waves. "G'night guys, I'll tell Zack you both said hi." He jokes. as Zack is his roommate, as he leaves the room.

"Be careful, James, they might make you rebuild the boat house." Six warns with a laugh. Would have sympathy for Lucas, and honestly Six does, but that comment about killing keeps him from saying anything. The laughter doesn't make a reappearance for Robyn's story either. So many painful histories. It has wings drooping down and he nods. "Night, Robyn." Lifting a normal had for that. "I think I'm going to. Good night, you two." Not waiting for replies, he exits after Robyn.

James watches the others get up and leave, making little complaints about the sudden emptiness—give him a chance to broach a topic. He turns his head towards Lucas, ignoring the whole 'working it out' thingeee, "So…" He sorta falls out of the couch and onto the floor, before sitting upright and next to his roommate, "I tried the image inducer."

Lucas sighs, nodding. He looks at James, "And…?" he asks.

"Saw parts of me I didn't like," he says a little more quietly than he was talking earlier. He leans back against the couch, putting his head back far enough it's on the cushions. He stares straight up at the ceiling for a moment, "I got poessed because, among other things, I wanted to be human again—and they gave it to me. What me, the human me, looks like is something I just can't live with this soon. Maybe later, but, not right now."

Lucas nods, and bumps his shoulder against James' shoulder. "Ah got possessed because they promised me they'd heal my maw." He sighs, remaining leaned against the hyena. "Ah understand." He looks over at his roommate, "Don't use it then." He says it with no guilt or strings attatched. "One day, when you're ready, then go for it. It's supposed to be a good thing. Don't use it if it's not, man."

James nods, raising his head up just enough to see his roommate. He sets it back down and nods—then elbows the 'smaller' man, a smile creeping over his face. After a moment, he asks, "How's…'things?'"

Lucas shrugs, "Same as always. Ah'm coming to grips with the fact that my life will just always suck ass, ya know?" He sighs. "Tonight Ah tried to do more with Rash. You know… MORE." He leans his head back onto the couch to look up at the ceiling. "Nothing but kisses until she's eighteen, she says."

James glances over, trying to work out what 'more' is. More…reading? More…studying. More…danger room? Hey…why are they hitting the DR with out him?! Kissing… About then his mind gives up and starts thinking about hamsters. He nods as if he understands, "Dude…" He shakes his head and shrugs, "That kinda sucks." He sighs, "Well, at least she's still like, hanging out with you and stuff?"

Lucas rolls his eyes, not realizing James didn't get it, and he mumbles, "Blow jobs would be better." He sighs, and folds his arms over his chest, defeated.

James nods, stating loudly, "No kidding!" He LOVES Blow Pops, "Though, those things never last long enough." He shrugs, "One of my neighbors used to give them out during Halloween. Her house was a Popular one—let me tell you." He sighs, "So…you tell her about…you know…what wee talked about?"

Lucas furrows his brow, looking at James. "…Ah wanna move to your neighborhood." He shrugs then, "Yeah. Ah did. Ah figured, Ah better, because if'n Ah didn't, you would, and then she'd kick my ass for not tellin' her."

James clenches his jaw a little, "Well…yeah, I probably would have But you didn't expressly tell me no when I asked." He gives you a glance, "If you had, it wouldn't have left my lips. Honest." He sticks his arms under his head and keeps his eyes on the ceiling, "So…when's the half-assed attempt to 'leave the school in order to help in order to do something think is a good idea' happen? Because, you know, all you gotta do is ask."

Lucas turns and looks at James, "What? You mean, you want to go to Chattanooga with me?" He shakes his head, "No." The tone of the 'no' is rather final, and he returns his gaze to the ceiling as well. "So, were you flirting with Robyn?"

"Okay," James says, an ear going sideways, "Because I'd wear the image thingee if it would help." There's a shrug at the idea, like it's suddenly no big deal. He leans up a little bit, ears turning sideways, "What?" He tilts his head, giving Lucas a look like his face just split open to reveal a clown, "With Robyn?" The look fades a little, his head going back to the couch, "Sorry, you almost had me." He laughs a little, "Flirting with Robyn…!" He snorts.

Lucas shakes his head, "Ah'd rather none of you see her like she is," he says, explaining the no about the trip. He smirks, "Ah'm just sayin'. When he expressed interest in physical mutations, you were totally flexin' your guns, big guy." He smiles, "It's cool, but you should know, he's got a boyfriend."

James phhhts, "Everyone has boyfriends here. Not that it's a bad thing…" He stops and gives Lucas a look, head darting up, "You 'did' think I was, didn't you?" He narrows his eyes and hmpphs before crossing his arms and sticking out his chin.

Lucas shrugs, "Yeah. Ah did." He smiles, "Ah mean, he's not MY type. But Ah could see the appeal. There's somethin' sexy about an artist…" He shrugs, "Honestly, though? He ain't on my fuckable list here." He sighs, "Forget it. Ah didn't mean to embarass ya, brosef."

James naaaaaasss and gives his roommate a playful shove with a paw. He goes a little quiet, saying, "Well you know…I'm just…I dunno. Not…human anymore?" He shrugs, "And don't give me that 'Dr.McCoy does it' stuff. I keep hearing." There's a sigh, "I'm just…not human."

Lucas looks over at James, and he shrugs, "No. You're not. None of us are, really. But that doesn't mean you can't still fall in love. Or at least fool around, if'n that's all you want." He smiles, "Ah'm tellin' you, there's whole conventions for folk what would KILL to mess around with a hyena man." He shrugs, "You just have to be okay foolin' around the way you are now." He laughs, "Hell, at least snugglin' with you would be fun. You'd be warm," he jokes, giving the hyena a shove.

James laughs, falling over a little, "And they call me crazy." He gives Lucas a look of fondness and shakes his head, "Anyways…" He stretches, feet folding out to their full length, toes splaying. There's a sudden blink, "Hey…can your powers do anything to water….like blow it up?"

Lucas sighs, "No. Actually, it's kinda the opposite. It's my kryptonite. You get me out in the rain, my hands go out." He shrugs, "It sucks, but it also lets me go swimming and not boil the other simmers." He smiles, and then pushes himself to his feet.
"Okay, Jimmy. Ah'm off to bed. Ah didn't sleep last night really, an' Ah reckon it's catchin' up to me." He scratches the back of his neck, "So… tomorow, we can talk about you and Zack, okay?"

James hmmmms, making a disappointed sigh, "Scuba it is."He puts his fingers to his chin and runs a claw over his canine, "Oh, that's perfect. Not sure why I didn't think about doing that before!" He nods to Lucas, "Sure, sure!" There's a lot of nodding to an idea he should be opposed to—like maybe he's not actually hearing him?? "Night roomie. I'll be up soon."

Lucas furrows his brow, "Ah don't know what you're up to, but it sounds like it's gonna piss me off." He moves to the door, and looks back at James, teasing him one final time. "Robyn? Seriously?" He rolls his eyes, "Ah'd do Owen or Dallas if'n ah had to choose. Robyn's just… whiny." He smiles, "Night."

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