2009-06-16: Recommended


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Summary: Miguel needs a haircut so he goes to a salon a friend told him about and meets its multitalented owner.

Date: June 16, 2009

Log Title: Recommended

Rating: PG-13

Westchester - David's Salon

For a small salon outside of the big city, it definitely has a New York feel to it. Lines of shampoos, conditioners, and other hair products for sale line the front walls. The salon is decorated in darker colours giving it a sheik feel. The waiting area has tons of books on the latest hairstyles and black leather couches for customers to relax while waiting for a hair cut.

Some soft rock plays through out the salon today as Christopher working the early shift. He has a few appointments lined up but right now he has time inbetween customers. He's still getting used to that dye smell that now permiates his salon. He's up at the front desk teasing his receptionist a bit as he's worked with her for a few years. "So, whose my next client 'Shell."

Dressed casually, containment device strapped around his arm under the button up shirt his wears, Miguel Santos has made his way down to the salon. His hair's gotten a bit shaggy and since he's an offical Avenger once again, the man from souther California has decided it's time for a bit of hair care. He's called ahead and made an appointment of course but doesn't know if he's early or just on time. "Hello," he greets as he steps into the salon.

Christopher looks at Miguel with a friendly smile. "Hello there, welcome to David's, how can we help you today?" He doesn't recognize Miguel as a reoccuring customer but then he could be regular with one of the other stylists here. Also when you're the owner, it pays to be friendly with the customers.

Miguel's smile grows just a bit wider and he walks over to the front desk. "Yes. I have an appointment," he says, glancing around the place. This is the first time he's been here but he seems to like it so far. "I'm Miguel," he introduces himself, giving the name he made the
appointment under.

"Hello Miguel, looks like you're my next scehduled appointment, I'm Christopher." He says offering Miguel a hand. "Come on, lets get you settled over here." He says leading Miguel towards his workspace towards one of the middle stations, he likes being in the middle of things. The salon is fairly open though with no dividers seperating the stations. There are a few pictures on the mirror though, one of a buff looking man with a sleeping teenage boy cuddling with him and one of him and what looks like a signifcant other and one of two teenages boys. He likes to keep his family pictures up at work. "So any hair ideas Miguel?"

Miguel shakes the offered hand with a firm grip. Following along, he resists the usual urge to put hands in pockets. Stopping just a moment to check out the pictures, the Avenger smiles at the shot of the sleeping cuddlers. Sitting down, he nods. "Nothing much. My hair has just been getting far too long for my liking lately. I got a bit too distracted and forgot to get it cut before moving to New York. A friend of mine reccomended this salon to me though," he replies.

Christopher starts to comb and run his hands through Miguel's hair, testing the lenght, thickness and texture. "Well how much shorter do you want to go Miguel?" He asks and then he hears the recommended word. Christopher breaks out into a pleased grin and raises his eyebrows. "Really? I was going to ask how you found out about David's later but who recommended you?"

Miguel's hair is about medium length right now hanging down slightly over his eyes. Pretty average texture and thickness too. "Nice and short," he says, beginning to describe his usual hair cut. It's nothing complicated. "Ms. Jen Walters said this would be a good place to come if I needed some hair-care."

"Jen?! How's she doing? I haven't talked to her in ages." Christopher says of the green haired and green skinned woman. "Her hair was quite tricky, I'll give you that, okay I think I know what to do. Let's go get your hair washed then." He says now that the consultation is done. He wrapa a towel around Miguel's neck and shoulders before leanding him to the stations to have his hair washed.

Miguel blinks a moment, surprised, but recovers. "She's well. She was busy with work but she said it was calming down," he replies. The towel gets a slight tug before Miguel follows. "Tricky? How was it tricky?"

"That's good to hear, you should tell her to get her butt down here sometime if you see her again." Christopher says as he sit Miguel and starts to shampoo and condition his hair, working his fingers through Miguel's hair so it's kind of light a slight massage too. Once he's done he leads Miguel back to the station and answers. "Tricky because she's got a unique head of hair."

Miguel nods slightly as he sits down. "I will tell her you're looking to see her again. I should see her soon," he says, figuring he'll find her around the mansion sometime. The hair washing brings that smile right back to the electrokinetic's face, Miguel rather enjoyin it. Lead back over, he blinks once more. "She does?" he asks, not thinking Jen would get her hair cut while green.

"So you said you just moved to New York? What brings you to the area?" Christopher asks as he starts to comb and cut Miguel's hair. He's a stylist, he's good at making idle chit chat while cutting someone's hair. "It's just that there's a lot of it I guess you could say. She has quite a thick head of hair." He says with a chuckle.

"Well, I just graduated college and came to New York for work," Miguel replies. "Yes, I suppose there is a lot of it," he muses. "Who's that in the pictures?" he asks after a few moments.

"What did you study in college Miguel?" Chrisotpher asks as he continues to cut. "I actually went to college in the city and now I live outside of it, and whose that in the pictures?" He stops cutting for points at each picture with the scissors. "That there is my husband and son, that is me and my husband, that's my family and those are my two boys."

"Electrical engineering," Miguel replies. "Challenging subject but one that gave me a nice job with Stark Industries," he adds. "What did you study?" he inquires. When he gets his answer about the pictures, Miguel seems surpirsed. "Wow."

"Nothing as respectable as Electrical Engineering." Christopher says with a chuckle as he continues to comb and cut. "Interrior design as a major and culinary as a minor. I should have just majored in culinary arts and said screw it with Interrior design. But things went their own ways in life and I own my own salon now." He says as he continues. "Wow what?"

Miguel looks sheepish for a second. "Well, it's not every day one finds a man that's not only married to another man but one that has two sons. I wasn't aware the legal system was so enlightened on this coast."

"It all depends on what state you're in." Christopher says. "Jared is Jeri's biological son and Eddie, well, we adopted him and had a good lawyer. And New York, while they don't allow gay marraige they recognize it if you get married in another state." He says not at all ashamed of his sexuality.

Miguel resists the urge to nod as he listens to all of this. "Oh. All good things to know for the future," he says. "Hopefully this state will legalize it soon," he sighs.

"Hopefully." Christopher says as he continues to cut and gives Miguel a wink so that he can see it in the mirror. "And for the future?" He asks catching onto that little part as he continues to cut Miguel's hair, just now putting the final touches, making sure it's even.

Miguel smiles slightly. "Yes. May one day find a husband of my own," he replies to the question of the future. "But that's a ways off," he adds. "Definitely not sure about adopting any children," he chuckles.

"The adopting just kind of happened but I'm happy it happened. And finding a husband, you'll know when it's right." Christopher says with a smile and a chuckle. "So Eletrical Engineering, how did you stumble upon that profession?

Miguel closes his eyes for a moment, making a mental note ton thank Jen for telling him about this place. "Sort of a…family profession. Just taking my father's job in a different direction," he says. Which is true in a way.

"Ah okay, yeah, I didn't really take any family professions." Christopher says as he starts to blow dry Miguel's hair, fluffing it a bit as it dries. Onces he's done he begins talking again as he starts to style it a bit. "I'm just using a simple hair pomade to give it texture. And yeah, my parents are great but neither are teachers, hairdressers or interrior designers."

Miguel remains quiet during the blow drying. He blinks a few times when it finishes. "Alright," he replies to the pomade remark. "You have three jobs? Do you teach hairdressing or interior design?"

"No, no, no. I only have two jobs." Christopher says laughing. "Three if you count being a parent but I'm a culinary teacher and a hair stylist." He just majored in Interior Design but does nothing witht he major.

"Oh," Miguel lets out. A bit over curiosity hits him. "Where do you teach?" he asks.

"Oh I teach at a little private school for exceptional students." Christopher says and if Miguel knows Jennifer not as a lawyer, he might
know what he's talking about. "I like it and the kids are good."

Miguel pauses a moment. "The Xavier Institute?" he asks in a bit of quieter tone. Jen had told him about the school and what kind of student goes there.

"Yup, I figure that's how you know Jen, not doing eletrical work at her law firm." Christopher says chuckling. "Yup, I'm the culinary teacher there. I was a student there and now I'm teacher. And new time you come in, I'll throw some highlights in your hair for no extra charge."

Miguel smiles. "Yes. We're both part of another team," he says. He blinks at the news. "Really? Well, thank you. I have never had highlights before."

Christopher leans in and says something quietly to Miguel. "Well my normal power is colouration, I have a special…touch…with colours. So it's no hassle and hair always takes on nice tones with highlights."

Miguel blinks and glances at Christopher in the mirror. "Normal power? The…Green Being?" he asks, guessing Chris is one of those affected by it.

"Yup, that green being. So let me guess, you're an Electrical Engineer for not just Stark Enterprises but also the Avengers?" Christopher says and he knows to keep his voice down so he can't be heard by his coworkers and customers.

Miguel smiles. "Well, I'm an electrical engineer without an electrical engineering job. I'm one of the Avengers. The Living Lightning," he says, keeping his voice down as well. "Are you…one of the X-men?"
"No, I'm not an X-Men." Christopher says as he starts to brush any loose hair off of Miguel's face, ears and back of his neck. "I'm just a teacher who happens to have super powers."

Miguel can't hold in the slight laugh at the brushing. It tickles! "Oh. Well, rest assured, the Avengers are doing all we can to resolve the matter," he says, silently contemplating how strange that sounds coming from himself.

"Well several of the students and teachers were effected so I know the X-Men are going after it as well." Christopher says as he doesn't sound worried or anything. "Just a day in the life of a mutant I guess."

Miguel smiles and nods. "Atleast life is never boring," he offers.

"You can say that again Miguel." Christopher says as he takes the towel off. "There you go, you're all set Miguel. It was great meeting you come back when you need another hair cut. Unfortunately I have to go get ready for my next customer."

Miguel takes a moment to examine himself in the mirror and grins. "Thanks. It looks great. And it was nice meeting you too, Christopher," he says. "Alright, I suppose I will," he says, heading up to pay his bill, leave a tip for Chris, and then head on back to the city.

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