2010-03-17: Reconnecting


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Summary: Addison undoes some of the mental re-wiring.

Date: March 17, 2010


Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Holding Cells

Three cells line each wall each with an energy barrier that can be switched on and off with those with the security codes. The tech here is advanced and not something an average person can figure out. Inside the cells there are degrees of powers suppression, depending on who it's holding. There are cameras monitoring those held in here so there isn't much privacy. Each cell has a bed and a toilet in it and those held in here would be feed regularly. The door leading to the rest of the mansion is made of a thick, heavy steel, and is locked securely by advanced electronic means.

With Everything gone to hell in a handbasket and Addison himself having stepped to a higher plane of existence, he's chosen to wander the halls. He's still dressed in his new attire… white body-suit with gold gloves and boots, with a golden bird high on his chest. He's heading to the Holding Cells. He knows who is there. He knows what he needs to do.

Beyond getting a shower and a change of clothes, Jonothon has had a great deal of time on his hands. So he's been sleeping. Really, the Brit has badly needed it. Under Sinister's influence he'd been pushing himself to the brink. Powers dimmed thanks to the cell, the man none the less opens his eyes at Addison's approach. Felt that the other day, even in here. It brings a fear too, for the phoenix had touched his mind with a completeness that terrified him. Yet as the white and gold clad man nears, Jono rises to his feet. Black to Addison's white, he has his body turned somewhat as if to protect himself, and he watches warily. The programming makes this so.

"Jonothon." Addison states, his voice coming out somewhat altered. As if there's a deeper, cosmic voice beneath his own. "Would you like me to see what I can do about fixing what he caused?" He asks. Not that Jono's opinion will matter in the slightest to him. He knows the deeper feelings in there. The inner Jonothon wouldn't want anything like this. At least, the way he remembers him. "What made you let him? You could have stopped him."

No immediate answer, for the man is struggling with himself. The programming and his own self war to give answer. It's Jonothon who looks away though. Looks ashamed. What made him let Sinister? «I didn't know how.» And that's his own fault. His mental voice is mutted in here, barely carrying. Takes him a little longer to get the other answer out, but in being able to look back, the man nods, «Please. This is tearing me apart.» Pleading that please.

There's a nod from Addison as he reaches out and surrounds Jono's mind with his own. "Right now, I'm just going to bring you back to yourself fully. Anything else, I'll have to wait until later on. There are too many minds to fix right now." He says, as he drags Jono inside with him, showing him the mess made of the man's mind. "Sinister can not create. He can only mar and destroy. Fortunately, Phoenix can heal." He smiles, looking for the worst of the damage.

While Jonothon is quite happy for the help, his programming kicks in the moment his mind is surrounded. Of course he can't handle Phoenix, much less a trained telepath, so the struggle he puts up is in vain. «AHHH!» The created personality screams in fear and protest as Addison pulls Jono in, but Jono himself helps as much as he's able. «He's a hack.» Firm that, and he told Sinister it more than once. Would have while controlled too, but didn't have the chance. Sinister removed many of the blocks Jono put inside his own mind, then re-shaped his personality to where the Brit would enjoy the power use, not fear it. Didn't have to do much to get a full powered Chamber to be honest.

The blocks, Addison isn't going to mess with. He'll let Jono limit himself. "That right there…" He says, as he sees the redirected pleasure centers. "Is a problem. A flaming mental hand reaches out and severs the tie, to reconnect it where it belongs. "I'll let you choose your own level of strength." He says with a nod. "You know what you can handle. Ooooh… father." He sighs. "Always tampering with things you shouldn't." The created personality? Well, it's not real, is it? So why should Phoenix care?

A great deal of relief as the tie is reestablished. He feels he has good reason to limit himself and didn't like the addictive feel of his powers. «Father?» Jonothon asks, but without fear of Addison. Well, he's uncomfortable with the phoenix idea to be sure, but knows that being shaped by Sinister doesn't mean you want to agree with him. «..As long as I'm not attacking people, or the bollocks of robbing banks, I don't care.» What power level he's left at.

"He created me. Not your Sinister. The one of my world. A combination of the genetics of Jean Grey… Magneto… and Sebastian Shaw. He spliced them all together and implanted me in a woman who wanted a child." Addison states, not minding the fact of the truth being out to Jono. As the tie is severed and reconnected he feels for any other small things he can take care of. The touch issue… well… he'll get to that later. "It's in your hands. You can impose your own strength limits. You know where you're comfortable."

«I'm sorry.» For asking, for the hell that must have brought Addison. «Sinister said he'd been watching me for years. Don't know how to feel about that.» Not that it's the same, but he shares it in kind. As the mental shaping goes on, Jonothon's struggle eases to the point of disappearing. In the end he's kind of hurting for it all, but in good ways. «Thank you.» Heart felt that. With it, Jono moves to the door and places his hands against it. «Think I could get out of here too?» Reaching in mentally isn't opening a locked door.

"When this is complete, you'll be fine. Just be careful when people are near you. I… don't trust myself to fix that yet. Too much stronger than I'm used to. Coupled with being overpowered myself." Addison laughs as he eases out of the mind, bringing Jono back to himself as he does so.

Be careful? A nod, for Jonothon tries to be. «As long as I'm not outright attacking, I can live with the rest.» He's gotten used to living without a lot of things. What's one more? A blink as he's alone in his mind again, stomping what remains of that fake personality firmly into the mental ground. He'd have beaten it eventually on his own, but couldn't undo the reconnections. «Are you going to be alright, Addison?» Knowing some of the stories of Phoenix. Many of the bad stories.

"I'll be… me." Addison says with a firm nod. "I have more willpower than people realize. I'll manage. Alright is simply a state of mind. And my mind… well…" He waves a hand with a laugh as he starts to walk back towards the doorway. He's done his job. He has another to fix, though, today.

Quiet, albeit briefly, for that. Jonothon follows out into the hall, grateful to be done with the cell. Lips thin, and yet he keeps his thoughts to himself. That answer had warning bells going off, and yet all he says is, «Thanks.» Another pause. «Cheers.»

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