2009-03-11: Recovering


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Summary: Daisuke wakes up and Eddie and Addison check up on Dai and spend some time with him.

Date: March 11, 2009

Log Title Recovering

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

Daisuke has been out since they brought him back last night, at least they cleaned him up a bit as he was pretty dirty. He's got a few bandages, mainly on his wrists and ankles from the ropes digging in and one on his head. He's hooked up to an IV due to dehydration. Over all though, he's going to be fine, there's no seroius injuries and most of the cuts and bruises were just minor. He groans and shifts slightly as if indicating he's going to be waking up shortly.

Eddie has been at Daisuke's bedside since the moment he was allowed back into the medbay last night. Still in jeans and his Iron Man t-shirt, he's actually asleep in the chair next to the bed. Leaning down so his head's on the the bed near Dai, he lets out a little mumble as Dai shifts. Seems Dai's got a surprise for when he wakes up.

Daisuke lets out another groan as he opens his eyes and then quickly shuts his eyes and mutters "Too bright.." He hasn't been allowed to see for two weeks so the light is hurting his eyes. He shuts them quickly but with enough time to spot Eddie resting his head next to him. "Eddie?" He asks sounding confused.

Eddie stirs a bit more until he hears his name. "Huh? Wha?" THUD. He falls right off the chair. "Ow," is mumbled before Eddie's brain catches up. "Dai? DAI!" he hops back up, quickly moving to dim the lights slightly then returning to Dai's bedside with a worried expression on his face.

Daisuke opens his eyes, and blinks a few times, but the light still bothers him. "Eddie…" He says sounding confused yet relieved. "How did..where am I..what happened?" He asks as he goes to run a hand through his hair with a groan. His body's still a bit stiff.

"Dai," Eddie smiles, actually starting to cry as he leans down to give his friend a light hug. "We got you back from those jerks…" he trails off with a sniffle.

Moving his way into the Med bay is the new resident telepath/kinet/whatever. Addison is mainly checking up on his own people, Charles and Elizabeth. They're still asleep, for now, so he turns to the other two wakeful ones. "Hi Eddie." He looks to the other. "Welcome back, Daisuke."

It's hard to tell if Eddie crying triggers Daisuke crying or if he was about to anyway but he hugs Eddie tight and cries into his shoulder. He doesn't know what to say but he's relieved he's back. "Eddie…" He says trailing off before look up at the new visitor, blinking a few times. "Hi…" He says confused at who the red-head is.

Eddie keeps his hold on Dai for several minutes, still crying. When he hears Addison, the boosting teen sits up and wipes his eyes. "H-hi, Mr. Falk…I mean Addison-sir…I mean Addison…"

"Just Addison, Eddie." He laughs, shaking his head as he moves to sit near Eddie and Daisuke. He extends a hand to Daisuke. "Addison Falk. I'm one of the 'invaders'" He uses finger-quotes. "You feeling alright?" He asks, not being a doctor, but mildly checking the younger man's mind just to see if there's any damage or just basic psychological stuff that he's not an expert at.

Daisuke wipes his eyes when Eddie sits up and takes a few sniffling breaths before taking Addison's hand. "I'm Daisuke..or just Dai..and I guess, just hungry." He says to the question, not really alright but he says he is. Daisuke's got a few cuts and bruises, nothing major and he's dehydrated but he's hooked up to an IV to help. Metally he's still a bit spooked but relieved. "What happened?" He asks not sure how he got from there to here.

Eddie nods a little and looks at Dai with concern. "We rescued you. Julian, Addison, Ms. Pryde…and umm…me," he says, a little embarassed. "Hungry? I can get you something to eat in a little bit…"

"After my world's Cloak and Dagger led us to you. After they were broken free." Addison explains, adding onto it. He grins sheepishly. "I can see if there's anyone in the kitchen that wouldn't mind making something real quick. Trust me. You don't want me cooking."

"Can be anything worse than what I cook." Daisuke says forcing a smile as he reaches over to grab a hold of Eddie's hand. "They attacked here, didn't they?" He asks not really sure what happened since he hasn't seen the school since getting back. There's an edge of worry to his voice ask he asks.

Eddie nods as he squeezes Dai's hand. "Y-yeah…" he trails off. "They attacked…we beat them though," he says. "Dad should be upstairs with one of his cooking classes. I'm sure he'll make something," he tells Addison.

Addison nods softly, reaching out to call for Mr. Parker-Mayfair to see if he can have something sent down for the newly awakened injured party. A mild corona of fire appears around his head while he does so. "Yes. Half of them were controlled. Some of them were just sadistic bastards." He admits. "I have pity on the controlled. I was one."

Daisuke nods to Addison. "I'm sorry to hear that, I know what it's like to do something because someones controlling you against your will. Thank you, for helping rescue me." Daisuke says looking down with a frown. He stays quiet, afraid that if he says anything he's just going to start crying again.

Eddie squeezes Dai's hand again, sniffling a little once more. "We still kicked their butts and then got you back, Dai," he says, happy he's got his friend back.

"They're locked up, waiting for this war to be over, so I can turn them over to my people to take care of them when they go back." Addison says with a nod. "I've decided fully, Eddie. I'm not going. I have much to help my world atone for over here."

Daisuke clenches his jaw and nods. "I don't ever want to see them again." He says, especailly the one whose the alternate version of his brother. "Thanks Eddie." He says sounding a bit choked up even if he's smiling. "You're staying here?" He asks Addison and it's just apparent to him that he's missed quite a few things.

Eddie squeezes Dai's hand again. "You don't have to thank me, Dai. Brothers in arms, remember?" he asks with a smile. Addison surprises Eddie a bit and he jumps. "Y-you'tr noy going back? Wh-what are you going to do? Stay here at the school?"

"Yes." Addison nods quickly. "If Scott will allow me. There's reconstruction to be done over there, and they can do that without me. I don't exist here. I need to make amends for what my people have done. I think… I think Jean may stay as well, along with a few others here and there." He nods, softly. "I… like this world. The people are good people. And I've made friends." He shrugs a bit.

Daisuke just listens to Addison and Eddie talk and he looks confused. "What happened here, how long was I gone?" He asks as the last Daisuke knew there was the two domes in Memphis and Los Angeles that popped up.

Eddie sighs. "Two weeks, Dai…" he trails off, holding onto his friend's hand. "They attacked the school and their Storm and Nightcrawler wrecked parts of the mansion when they all attacked," he sighs.

"They used myself and my friends to take over Manhattan. But, your X-Men freed us. All of my group are here, most in other beds around here." Addison waves roughly to the others. "And yes, the mansion was attcked, but it's being rebuilt."

Daisuke looks at Eddie a bit wide-eyed. "Two weeks…" He had lost all track of time and didn't know how long. "And take over Manhattan?" He looks around realizing he doesn't really recognize most of them. "What was wrecked?" It was only two weeks but it feels like he missed a signifcant two weeks.

Eddie shakes his head. "They sealed it off with a telekinetic barrier and started attacking but we took it down," he explains. "Mr. Falk…I mean Addison was one of the people they were mind controlling to do it. So are all of them…" he gestures around. "They're on our side now though," he says. "Lightning wrecked the boys' wing and the professors' wing…"

"Those of us there, yes. Some of them are just sadistic bastards." Addison nods. Now that they've dropped the subject of what he's going to do, he doesn't have to think about it anymore. That works for him. "Storm was destroying while the others distracted."

Daisuke nods as he listens to all this. "I only knew about the attack because I heard…them talking about it. I tried to see if I could escape to warn you guys but I couldn't." Which would explain why his wrists are bandaged from where the rope rubbed the skin raw and bloody. "And I know some of them are sadistic bastards, your worlds me and your worlds Shuya are."

Eddie tesnes as Daisuke mentions though two. "Would've knocked that jerk's block off if Mr. Pryde didn't stop me…" he grumbles. "And don't worry, Dai. None of it's your fault. They fooled me too…" he sighs. He plans on sticking up for Addison when he asks Scott for a room if he can. Apparently the psion's earned a lot of trust from Eddie. "I have good news though, Dai…" he says, thinking a quick subject change might help.

"We had them on the ropes. They were outclassed. No point in pushing them farther. Not to mention, how fair is it to hurt someone who can't hurt you back?" Addison asks. "I had their powers blocked." He nods, chuckling. "Oh yes, Eddie has news. The thing that really got rid of his recent… upset." He is happy he was able to help with that anyway.

Daisuke shakes his head. "Thanks Eddie but yeah, that other me, was just stronger and used his powers in ways I'd never think of." He wouldn't ever use his powers to kill anyone like how his alter-self did. "Good news? What's that?"

Eddie frowns. "He was being a jerk and insulting the best friend I have in the world. He's lucky I just punched him," he says with a pout. Smiling, he turns to Dai and nods. "I got new powers!" he declares happily.

Addison chuckles. "No, you developed more of your OWN powers." He shakes his head. "Nothing you couldn't do, you just didn't know How."

At Eddie's words Daisuke sniffs and smiles. "You're my best friend too Eddie, and new powers? What kind of new powers do you have?" He asks with a curious expresion trying to push himself up to a sitting position.

Eddie makes a little face at Addison. "Well…they're new to me so," he sticks his tongue out at Addison and chuckles a little. "Watch," he says, taking a step back. Focusing on Addison, Eddie boosts his powers to three times their normal levles. Then suddenly…his clothes transform into a white and light-blue version of Gray King's costume. A bird-shaped aura flars up around Eddie and he lifts into the air. ~~Cool, huh?~~ he speaks telepathically to Dai.

"When he boosts, he has something like his father's power." Addison chuckles, thanking the student that brings down the soup. He passes it over to Daisuke.

Daisuke looks surprised as Eddie's clothes transform and he speaks telepathically in his head. "Woah…" He says not really sure what to think. "So…you can absorb other peoples powers temporarily?" He asks and then smiles at Eddie. He's about to say something then the soup is brought down and Daisuke starts to eat it a bit to fast. To him, it's one of the best things he's eatten in a long time.

Eddie chuckles, spinning in the air. ~~Not absorb…just mimic. It doesn't work the same way as my Dad's power but sorta the same thing…~~ he trails off without realizing he was using the telepathy. "Whoops," he says as he lands. He drops the boost and mimicking and returns to normal. "Dad's soup is great."

"A little bit of what they have." Addison chuckles, nodding. "He figured it out the other day. I kept telling him there was more to his powers than he realized. He just didn't see how they worked."

Daisuke nods to both of them in regards to the soup and the powers. "See Eddie, if you figured that out earlier it would have saved a lot time with you claiming to be worthless, which you never were." Daisuke says teasing his friend. "Eddie….when I get out of here, do you mind me crashing in your room for a bit, I just..you know how I hate being alone." He says biting his lip, he doesn't know about his room yet/

Eddie makes a face at both of the others and crosses his eyes. "Gangin' up on me…" he mutters. He takes a deep breath when Dai brings up the rooms. "I've…got some bad news, Dai…" he trails off. "When the lightning hit…both our rooms got totaled. You're welcome to come stay at…my house…" he -still- feels weird saying that. "For a while. I'm sure my Dads wouldn't mind."

"Mine was destroyed as well. but I wasn't really attached to it yet, so it doesn't bother me all that much." ADdison says with a mild shrug as he looks at Daisuke, sympathetically.

Daisuke just looks blankly at Eddie like it doesn't register at first. "My room…totatled…no…no.." He says shaking his head not believing that everything he owned is gone. "I..I have to go up there." He says as he starts to try to tear the tape off the IV. It seems like he's in a bit of shock.

Eddie squeaks and quickly moves to stop Daisuke. "Dai! Please don't…you've gotta stay down here and rest. Please!" he says, very worried.

"Until the doctor releases you, you're not going anywhere." Addison says firmly, holding Daisuke in place. "I apologize, but it's important. If you'll tell me which room is yours, I can check to see how damaged it was. It may not have been totally lost."

It's a good thing Daisuke's stopped cause he probably would have rushed rigth up there. As he's held in place he starts to cry. "Everything…my Mother and Shuya…everything I have of them is..was up there." He doesn't care about his clothes or replacable belongings it's the only memories he has of his family that was in his room that's quite possibly lost. "My room? It was.." And he tells Addision which room was his.

Eddie starts to cry to, sad for his friend. He offers him a hug and shoulder to cry on, nodding to Addison quickly but not saying anything. He pauses and his eyes go wide. ~~Aunt Katherine!~~ he thinks a bit loudly as he gets an idea. It's nothing big but he's planning to ask his dad for his Aunt's number to ask for a quick favor after a little legwork.

Addison nods, and rises, moving towards the room that Dai mentioned. "I'll be back shortly. I'll see what I can find. I promise."

Daisuke continues to cry for a bit as he hugs Eddie. "I'm sorry, I just think too much is going on." He says giving Addison a nod. "I'm sorry Eddie, I got into trouble again. Don't cry, one cry baby at a time between us is enough." He says trying to give him a smile but it can be seen that he's off.

Eddie shakes his head and squeezes Daisuke. "No one's being a cry baby here," he says, sniffling a bit. "Don't worry. A lot

Eddie shakes his head and squeezes Daisuke. "No one's being a cry baby here," he says, sniffling a bit. "Don't worry. A lot's going on but it's gonna stop. We're working on stopping it all and saving the day, okay?"

"I'll probably be stuck down here for a bit. I hate being stuck in the medbay, and I'm so lost at what's going on." Daisuke says as he's going to have to get caught up pretty quick. He's had a few blank spots filled in. "Thanks Eddie, for coming for me."

Eddie smiles, wiping his eyes then looking for some tissues for Daisuke. "You don't have to thank me, Dai. I'll always come for ya when you're in trouble," he says. "Even if Galactus is in my way, I'll come help. And don't worry about being down here. I'll call Leo and have him come heal you up."

Coming down shortly afterwards, Addison carries a box. "This box was fine, as well as some of your art. Your clothing, though…" He winces softly as he looks to Dai, holding the box out. He didn't open it.

Daisuke smiles at Eddie. "I know, I'd do the same for you." He says as Addision comes back. He looks at the red-head and takes the box carefully and opens it. With a shaking hand, Dai starts to look through, it's mostly pictures and a few other things. "They're all okay…." He says smiling. "This is all I have left of my family." Daisuke explains to Addison.

Eddie nods, smiling a bit wider when Addison returns. "We can hit the mall when this is all done, Dai. Go shopping," he says, offering to help his friend shop. "That's awesome, Dai."

"Oh, good. The important things made it." Addison smiles softly. "Now, you rest here and get better. Then you can go shopping later." He looks at the pictures and stuff that Dai lifts up. Of course, he has nothing like that of his family. His parents… they're gone. Everyone he was close to, other than the other telepaths and telekinetics… are gone.

Daisuke nods and lays back. "I know, and not the mall, we'll go to the East Village when this is over." Daisuke says and that's one of his vices, he's a clothing whore, he loves clothes. "Thanks Addison, this means a lot to me." He says with a smile.

Eddie blinks a few times. "East Village…oh!" he says, remembering what's there. "Sure. It'll be great," he says, giving his friend another little hug. Looking at the pictures as Dai does, Eddie pauses for a moment. He doesn't have anything like that from his past…but he's making similar memories and mementos in the now with his current family.

"Hmm. Maybe I'll come along with you. Just out of boredom. When this is over." Addison grins, tugging his hair back over his shoulder. He leans against the wall, smiling softly at the other two. This is their moment.

Obviously there's nothing of his father, but there's a few pictures of him as a baby and as a young toddler with his mother and several pictures of him with Shuya including a folded up note that he doesn't open. "Sure you can come along Addison. You said your room was destroyed and there are a lot of cool second hand clothing stores and such down there if you need anything." He smiles at a picture and laughs. "Shuya and I were about 10 and 12 here." It's one of those strips of four pictures you get out of a photo booth.

Eddie smiles as he looks at the photos with Dai. "Aww…" he trails off, gently teasing his friend. "You made a cute little kid," he says. He then nods. "Sure, Addison. Just umm…careful. The two of us tend to attract bad guys. But don't worry about it, we kick their butts each time," he says. He also laughs quietly at the picture. "Cool…"

"Please. With a little bit more training, I bet Dai would be a hell of a powerhouse himself. And if I'm there, Eddie, you've got my own powers to draw on." Addison grins, tossing a wink. He looks over Dai as he begins to see things about how powers could play out. He knows about the weakness detection, but the sound,, he guessed because of shutting down the alternate Dai.

"Yeah but only when we're together, alone…" Daisuke shaks his head. "Why me…forget it I know why, cause I have weakness detection." He sighs and shrugs. "A powerhouse? Me, no, I'm not strong at all." And that's more his lack of self confidence talking than fact. At the wink though, Daisuke does blush a bit. "I dunno, I'm trying to learn how to fly."

Eddie blinks then makes a face. "You are too strong, Dai. You're one of the strongest people I know and you'll definitely be even stronger when we train."

"Sonic abilities. Much like Banshee and Siryn. I've worked with both of them. I know how their powers work. I'll bet I could show you, in your mind, how they did it, and see how it works for you." Addison offers shrugging. "I have a wierd knack for powers training."

"Eddie.." Daisuke says shaking his head. "Your Dads are really strong as are the teachers here, there's plently of people above me on that list." He says but Addison's words cause him to look up curious. "You can train me? Not that I don't get traning here but, thanks."

Eddie shakes his head. "You're not he Hulk, I know. But I didn't mean that kinda strength. I meant the kind in here," he says, placing a gentle hand on Dai's chest. "It's true. Mr. Falk…I mean Addison's the one that helped me figure out my new powers."

"I just saw how it worked was all. How the bond's connected to Eddie's mind's eye and showed him. He took the steps to make it work the rest of the way." ADdison says with a bit of a blush as he scratches the back of his head.

"Well as soon as I'm allowed out of here, and after I get a big meal, I'm going to have to accept your offer to help me train. I just don't want to be caught off guard like that again." Daisuke says firmly. "As soon as I saw Shuya…not my brother but the one from your world Addison, I knew somethign was wrong."

Eddie shakes his head and moves to hug Dai again. He's still feeling annoyed towards those others. He's also a little worried about how mad Shadowcat was near the end of that mission. He remains quiet, just being there for Dai.

"And I'll definately help. As long as Scott allows me to stay." Addison nods. "We'll get through all of this. I really hope he will. I… I just feel a need. And I've learned to trust my instincts."

"I just met you but if Eddie vouches for you I do too." Daisuke says as he's gotten a good feeling off of Addision. Sure he's not as open around him yet but eventually he might. He returns Eddie's hug and yawns. "I'm not a student here, I graduated last year, and he allows me to stay. I help with tutoring and such." He says as he's actually extremely book smart.

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