2020-06-11: Recovery


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Summary: Chloe and Daisuke manage to get back to the base safely, with Theo in tow. Volk is there to help with injuries.

Date: June 11, 2020


Rating: PG-13

The Future - The Underground - Gathering Area

Hidden in the maze of tunnels is the open area that the mutants have turned into their haven, their home. Not wanting to risk electricity being detected down here, there are battery powered and gas powered lights leaving the place dark and damp. At least three mutants are always on guard down here at the entrance to the mutant camp and secret passwords and codes are needed to get into this room. Theres a large door with a large piece of wood barricading it as those down here dont take any chances.

After a dire run in with Deadpool, two Rebels and a new, but old, face arrive at the base. Daisuke found a piece of pipe and has used that to lean on to hobble back to the base, he's used his shirt to bandage his stabbed left leg and his throat and chest are sporting an impressive bruise. His right arm hangs limp at his side, the forearm broken and there are some small burn marks on his arms, legs and chest. He is pale and doesn't look good at all. He walks in and head straight towards one of the cots to sit down, catching his breath, before going to grab some med supplies. He puts Deadpool's Katana down and his glock.

Keeping to a postively crawling pace Chloe keeps alongside Daisuke, the unconcious form of Theo (complete with a rather nasty looking case of road rash and a couple of other wounds) slung over her shoulder. "Well that went well," she mutters. "Hopefully they're running lower on grenades than we are on medical supplies. Swords too. They don't make 'em like they used to after all." She pauses, flicking the energy blade of her spear on to light a cigar shipping all the way from South America on her last supply run.

Dressed back into his combat attire after nearly three days of recovery, Volk is taking a break from his current project to grab a bite to eat in the main gathering all. With the balaklava rolled up so he can spoon some Chicken Ala King into his mouth from an MRE, he seems to be inattentive to the guard positions, until the HUD unit over his eye beeps and signals movement. Looking up, the food goes down and the assault rifle comes up but he pauses from doing anything when he sees who it is. Chloe's actions do make him arch a brow, but he approaches without word and begins to help Daisuke move over to one of the beds, and then off to get some of the medical supplies.

At the appearance of the assault rifle Daisuke comments in a weak, whispery, gravaly voice. "Excellent, I haven't been shot yet today." It's an obvious struggle for him to talk. As Volk helps him move to one of the beds he explains a bit. "Deadpool….two hunters dead but Deadpool." He says as he winces, taking the shirt banadage off his leg and pulling up the pant leg that's stained with lots of blood. His entire calf is a bloody mess and there's a two inch long stab wound going through his entire leg. "Chloe….feel free…use blade when needed." He says as he waits for the med supplies.

"Thanks for the offer, but I already have more weapons than I know what to do with," Chloe says, forcing a smile and then smoking the entire cigar in a few moments. "Deadpool is, suffice to say, difficult to get rid of." She scowls. "I'm assuming you've both heard the Heather related bad news about Cam?"

Volk's head snaps up as the name is mentioned, and there's a narrowing of the eye. But to business, he takes a knife and cuts Dai's pants open to get to the wound. Once there, he takes a piece of cloth and a pipe and proceeds to tourniquet the leg. Once the blood flow has been lessened, he takes the knife and turns it over, presenting the grip to Dai… to bite. Waiting for him to take it so he can check the wound… But the man can see the merc's eye… and the mention that Chloe made seems to have him unusually disturbed.

The technopath opens his eyes groggily for a moment and coughs. He doesn't seem to be fully conscious, though. Theo reaches over to grab at the blade in his arm, but can't seem to reach it before he drifts off again.

"Killed one…called….Ed?" Daisuke really doesn't remember and who knows cause he didn't even have time to see what that hunter could do before he killed him. He takes the knife and bites it, it's not as though any alcohol he drinks will have an effect or any drugs or painkillers. He's got a decent pain tolerance because of this. "After…set..arm." He asks Volk as he he bites down on the knife handle, hard. He just shakes his to Chloe about hearing about Cam before reaching over and gripping the side of the bed with his good arm. This is gonna hurt.

"Ahab is using Heather to turn people in the past," Chloe says with grim certainty. "He made the first change yesterday when he went back for Cam. The only reason I remember what really happened is… I think being next to Dunstin… Anyway we need any intel on how he's doing it and stop it as fast as we can. Even if it means killing Heather."

About to pour some of Dingo's rotgut on the wound, Volk bolts upright for a moment and stares at Chloe… and there's a sickening recognition in his eyes to her words. Gulping once, he puts his hands up to stop her from speaking, and points to where the food is, and then to the empty bowl and cup next to Daisuke, giving her a pleading look. Done he returns to the field work. Using a cloth, he wipes both sides of the wound with alcohol to clean it, and then pours some to seep in and disinfect the wound, even spreading it slightly with no expression of distaste at all. Then comes a sewing kit, and a credible job on stitches on both sides. Finally. The arm is taken… and giving Dai a three count he touches the arm, feels the break… and there's a twist, a push, then a pull as he does a rough set.

Daisuke takes out the knife for a second and gives Chloe a look of disbelieve. "What?" So things can get worse they they already are, he puts the knife back in right before Volk does his thing, gritting his teeth and making almost no noise. Part because he's learned so much self control to not scream in pain or else his powers will go off, another because he's dealt with so much physical pain all his life and part because of the wound on his throat not letting him. At the setting of the arm once his leg is stitched, Daisuke goes white and breaks out into a light sweat as he feels faint. "Fuck….Deadpool." He whispers as he lies down trying to let the pain pass.

"As usual I really have no clue what you mean Volk," Chloe laments, filling the cup and bringing it over. "You either want water or you're telling me to shut up and eat something. So I'll do both." She leaves the water near Volk and then helps herself to some food.

Watching Chloe move off, the merc exhales once and under the mask he frowns, but continues to work on Daisuke, using the pipe and cloth from the tourniquet to make a splint for the arm, locking it straight and wrapping it tight for the meantime. Taking the knife back, he retrieves some hot water and put it close to Dai, fishing in his pockets, until he finds a small packet. Pouring it in, he stirs it, and offers it to the man. It smells a bit on the foul side, but then he shows the package cover to Dai. Air Force issue antibiotics and vitamins supplements. Patting the man's shoulder he props himself against the wall, shifting his assault rifle to rest against his chest, and pulls out his notepad, writing down, -Chloe's right. Reality is different. I had my usual dream of another world last night, only when I woke, that dream was a memory. Or the memory was a dream. All I know is that I saw something that I think didn't happen, but now has.-

Drinking the water, Daisuke frowns. "You shouldn't have waisted that on me." He whispers but it was too late to stop him. "It won't work, I'm immunte to drugs, toxings, disesese, stuff like that." He whispers to Connor as he continues to drink, the water just feeling nice. He reads Connor's words and nods. "So we're really up shit creak with out a paddle?" He says as he finishes off the water and lies back down. "What was this that has now happened? Heather and Cam….but Cam's been a Hound for 10 years."

"Exactly. Ahab went back and turned him /before/ things got bad," Chloe explains sullenly, picking some food at random and disappearing it. "You never thought it was strange how Cam became a Hound before we even knew things were going to get bad?"

Giving Daisuke a rather flat look, the merc pushes off the wall and shakes his head, pacing a moment as he looks at the page, tapping it a few times, and then he looks back to Dai once more. Grabbing a chair from the guard area he walks it over and sits down on it, looking back and forth before he writes out -Back before I left Xavier Academy, Doctor McCoy had postulated a theory that the reason I have the dreams I do is due to my connection to a zero point in time and space. A nexus. I think it may have made me somewhat resistant to the affects of this. I was THERE. I saw two people taken by Ahab in Central part about a decade ago. I also saw James… Tooth… impaled with a harpoon. But I don't think I remember it like that. Or I know I should remember something, but I can't. We need intelligence. We need to find out the repurcussions of this action and compare them to what you remember, Chloe.-

Daisuke just shakes his head as it's hard for him to process the information as well. "Begining…always thought…begining." Meaning Cam getting taken. He's just always known that was what happened, Cam was always a hound and there is no fuzz in his memory about that. "So…you don't remember Ahab taking…Cam…but you do?" It's just hard for him to process the information. "So…Ahab…Heather…fucking with time…this not good." He sits himself up and starts to walk over to get himself another glass of water and a MRE for himself before sitting back down, it's a slow walk but he is also trying to figure out what the two of them are talking about as he does believe them just, he doesn't remember.

"Talk with Betsy, she has both versions and can fill you in better than I could," Chloe suggests with a lazy shrug, her meal already finished. "I've done a check already. We've lost safehouses, supplies and hell we even lost a ton of people. Things looked a hell of a lot better in my memory and god knows how many others are now captured that I don't know to check. The only good side is… well… if he can cheat maybe we can? Your ability Volk, maybe you can 'port across time?"

The look pretty much says it all 'What are you, nuts?' But then Volk sighs and shakes his head, turning the page to start writing once more, -Temporal Mechanics is only theoretical, no matter how much this situation would prove it wrong. People forget I spent all four years I had with Xavier's studying physics, and graduated with a minor in it. I've tried already. I can only establish a gravity lens event horizon in a fixed point of time and space, which means that it can only re-establish within the same point. What you're asking would mean… in theory… that my past and my present self would have to establish a gate to the same fixed point at the same exact time, and even then, there would have to be a solar flare, or some other huge surge of power to affect the wormhole.-

"So how to we…now..stop the past?" Daisuke asks as he eats his food slowly wincing a lot. His throat and bruised chest hurt when he swallows. "Fuck Deadpool" He says again as he finishes eatting his Chicken and Noodle MRE. "Alright…I'll talk to Betsy…" He says as he lies down and just drifts off into a sleep, either passing out or actually falling a sleep, it's hard to tell but his body isn't doing so well right now.

Chloe returns Volks stare with a 'and the rest of the world isn't?' sort of glare. "Then try harder? You forget my high school roomie controls time," she points out. "How less theoretical can you get? All we really need to do is get a telepath to deep scan your memory. Find a point you 'ported in the past and the exact time. Then energy is the only real worry and we can probably get that by blowing up something…." She pouts. "I'm going to find someone to look after Theo, maybe stick a guard on him so he doesn't wander off. At least until we know he can be trusted."

The sigh that comes from Volk is one learned from the tutelage of the afrementioned Beast. The sigh of those who don't undertand the burden of science. However, the merc does another check over Daisuke, and adds some medical tape over the bruised ribs to keep them together, before walking over and patting Chloe on the shoulder, and pointing her to an empty bunk close to where he's set up his little corner of operations. Another pat, and the merc turns and heads back towards where he left his newest student in the proper arts of war… Robin… unslinging his rifle and then balancing it on his shoulders with an almost casual step to his walk.

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