2009-02-16: Reflecting Over Grilled Cheese


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Summary: Christopher makes lunch while Eddie tells him about his heroics.

Date: February 16, 2009

Log Title Reflecting over Grilled Cheese

Rating: G

Westchester - Parker-Mayfair Home - Kitchen

"Here ya go, Nova," Eddie Parker-Mayfair can be heard in the kitchen of the house around the lunch hour today. Dressed in jeans and a 'New Warriors' t-shirt, he's come by the house after being released from the medical bay at the mansion. Ribs all bandaged up and a few bandages on his face and hands, he seems happy enough. He's currently washing his hands after giving a treat to the puppy following him around the house. "Wonder where everyone is…" se says as he dries his hands off.

As if on cue, someone can be heard walking through the front door, keys jingling as they're put back in Christopher's pocket. "Hello?" He calls out as he hears someone in the kitchen. "Hey Kiddo, how you feeling?" He asks, hearing about Eddie's adventure in the city and knowing he was released. He has a few plastic grocery bags in his hands that he puts down on the counter. "Hey Nova." Christopher says reaching down to skritch the puppy's ears.

Eddie gives his hands a last little flick to dry them off and smiles. "Dad," he greets, heading over for a hug. Nova lets out a happy little bark after the scritching, apparently pleased to see Chris as well. "I'm doing okay. Just a little sore for now," Eddie replies. Ofcourse, he's still feeling the affects of the painkillers they gave him in the medical bay.

Christopher is careful to give Eddie a gentle hug back as he says he's still a little sore. "Well since I didn't see you on Valentines Day I have a little something for you, and I'm glad you're doing okay. How about the others?" Christopher asks curiously as he starts to unpack and put away what he picked up. "And how about some lunch?"

Eddie blinks. "Something for me?" he asks, surprised. "Julian's in pretty much the same shape as me, just a little less rouged up, Pallaton got off easy, and Dai's arm is broken…" he frowns deeply at that, hating how much his friend gets hurt. "Lunch sounds good. I was just gonna try and make something," he says with a little chuckle.

"Well I was just thinking something simple like Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup." Christopher says chuckling as he puts a can of soup on the counter. You can't make everything from scratch all the time. "And that's good to hear, sorry about Dai though, but if a broken arm is the worst of it, than that's not too bad." Christopher says as he steps out of the kitchen for bit and returns to hand Eddie a card and box of chocolates. It's one of those father to son Valentines Day cards.

Eddie nods. "That sounds nice," he says. "I just feel bad he keeps getting hurt so much…" the scarred mutant trails off, shaking his head. When Chris comes back, Eddie blinks a few more times and accepts the box and card. "Thanks, Dad," he gives another quick little hug before reading th card.

The card is mainly saying stuff like 'to a wonderful son' and in Christopher's neat writing it says how happy he is to have Eddie in his life and how he loves him. "It's unfortunate, but I'm sure he's fine. Is he out of the medbay yet?" Christopher asks as he gives Eddie a kiss on the forhead as he quickly hugs him, before starting to work on the sandwiches.

Eddie blushes furiously as he reads the card. He squeaks at the forehead kiss but smiles. "Me might be. He was napping when I left…" he trails off, setting the card and chocolates safely aside before moving to help prepare the sandwiches…or at least learn how to make them.

Christopher gets out a loaf of bread, butter, some cheese and stops to look up at Eddie. "Do you like bacon in your grilled cheese or tomato?" He gets out some bacon and a tomato anyway. "Well on the bright side you four were able to stop a bank robbery. Just tell me you're not going out and looking for things to fight and stop crimes because with the MGH lab that you ran into and now the bank robbery…" Christopher trails off hoping his son isn't running around looking for trouble.

Eddie just gives Christopher a blank look. "Umm…either?" he smiles and shrugs. "I've…never had either," he explains. When the subject of looking for trouble comes up, Eddie has a momentary flash of guilt but shakes his head. "I'm not looking for this stuff…it just happens while I'm around…"

Christopher takes out a frying pan and sets it on the stove to start cooking up some bacon for the sandwhiches. "Can you butter one side of four pieces of bread?" Christopher asks as he gives Eddie a smile. "Sorry, I just worry honey. I know you want to be a superhero but I guess I was just over thinking things." He says as he reaches over to ruffle Eddie's hair. "I'm just glad you don't ignore trouble when you see it."

Eddie nods, squeaking when ruffled and quickly getting to work. "I…I couldn't let them get away with all that money and hurt people. Even if we couldn't stop 'em…we could've distracted 'em till the Avengers showed up or something but we whooped 'em."

Christopher continues cooking as he nods. "I understand, and from what I read in the paper three out of four of them were apprehended. Though they just mentioned four teenaged superpowered heroes nothing else much that would identify you." Christopher says a degree of relief in his voice. Once the bacon is done cooking, he puts it on some paper towels to drain the grease and washes the frying pan before using it for the sandwiches.

Eddie frowns slightly. "Yeah…we got the lobster guy, the guy in the robot, and the size changing woman but the bug guy got away," he sighs. "We made sure to use our codenames and stuff so they wouldn't know who we were," he says. There's a pause. "The…the paper actually called us super heroes?"

"It didn't say super heroes but it did say four young super powered heroes." Christopher says as he starts to make the grilled cheese sandwiches with cheese, bacon and tomato. "Do you mind heating up the soup?" Christopher asks. "I have the article somewhere and I'm sure you can find it online."

Eddie pouts a little. "Oh…" he trails off. "Umm, sure, Dad," he says, moving to heat that soup up.

Christopher looks at Eddie with a bit of confusion. "You okay?" He says noticing the pout. He's not sure why Eddie is pouting.

Eddie jumps a little, placing the can in the sink once it's empty. "I'm okay," he says. "Just…wondering what everyone's thinking about it all. The people who saw the fight…Mr. Summers…the people online…" he trails off with a shrug. (re)

"Well I have the article in my bag, I have to get it later." Christopher says since he's in the middle of cooking. He flips the sandwhiches and shrugs. "Well you have a laptop, you can always look around to see what was said. You can also ask Scott what he thinks. I'm proud that you did the right thing."

Eddie nods, smiling a little. "I know…just kinda nervous," he admits sheepishly. He goes quiet for a few moments. "You're proud of me?" he asks. He'd been a little worried about getting in trouble even still.

Christopher turns off the burner and just looks at Eddie with an almost indignant look. "Why wouldn't I be Eddie? I'm your father, I love you and I am proud of you." Christopher says going to get a pair of plates and putting the sandwiches on them, cutting them in half diagonally before handing one to Eddie. "And what are you nervous about?"

Eddie squeaks at the look, trying to shrink down a little. "Because I'm not supposed to be fighting bad guys yet?" he squeaks. "Love you too, Dad. Thanks," he says as he takes the plate and moves to sit down. "Everything really," he answers. "Like if Mr. Summers is mad at us and if the news thought we messed up or if the Avengers said anything."

"No you're not supposed to be going out fighting crime yet, but as long as you're honesty with me, and I believe that you are, that you're not going around looking to be the hero and to fight crime, I am proud that you choose to do the right thing when it presents itself." Christopher says ladling a bowl of soup for both Eddie and himself and moving to the table. "And do you feel proud of what you did?"

Eddie blushes, mumbling a thanks as the soup is given. "We weren't looking for it. We were just gonna get some lunch, Dad," he says, being honest. He blushes and squirms. "Well, yeah."

Christopher smiles as he sits down next to Eddie. "Good, because that's what matters. You being happy with what you did. Who cares what anyone else thinks. Just as long as you're true to yourself and follow what you want to do."

Eddie leans towards Chris slightly as he starts to eat. "Yeah but I still wanna know," he says with a pout. "And maybe someone noticed something we did wrong. Don't wanna make the same mistake again if we made any."

"Well see if someone took some crappy footage with a camera phone, you can analyze it yourself. Or even try to write out what happened, who did what and see where you can improve." Christopher says taking a bite of his sandwich. He'd ruffle Eddie's hair but his hands are kind of greasy from the grilled cheese. "And that's what your father and I got you the laptop for." Even though Christopher knows what Eddie also uses it for.

Eddie nods, eating his sandwich as well. "This is really good," he says. "I…noticed a couple things we did wrong. We matched up with the wrong opponents right off the bat…and Pallaton can't seem to stick to one opponent…and I think I used too much smoke…"

Christopher nods and swallows his bite before speaking. "I'm glad you like it. Here's an idea, how about you tell me what happened and what you can remember, see if the other three will talk to me, I can try to program a replica of the scenario into the danger room and you can try to go at it again."

Eddie jumps in surprise, finishing off half of his sandwich. He swallows and a grin spreads across his face. "Really? That's great, Dad! I'll ask the guys later!"

"Was there a kind of surogate leader amongst you when fighting?" Christopher asks. "That was one thing I learned helped when training in the danger room with a group of people, having a leader to call out orders and just make sure everyone is not doing their own thing and working as a team. I know sometimes it's hard when you're a kid though to follow orders when you think you have a better idea."

Eddie squirms on the spot a bit. "Well…I kinda thought Hellion…err…Julian would be in charge. He's the oldest and has the most experience so," he shrugs.

Christopher raises his eyebrows at Eddie. "You kinda thought Julian would be in charge? I'm sensing a but in there kiddo." Christopher says finishing off his soup before going to the second half of his sandwich.

Eddie makes a face and gives Chris a little pout before going on. "But…he sort of just went in and did his thing. Didn't give any kinda orders. And I don't think Pallaton would've listened anyway…he seemed too all over the place," he pauses to have some soup. "And Dai and I aren't leaders."

Christopher nods slowly and puts an arm around Eddie. "What doesn't make you and Dai leaders? Huh? You know more about superheroes than any other teenager, you know their powers, how they fight, their birthdays." He adds with a chuckles. "Dai was also one of the smartest kids in his class last year so what is it that makes you two, not leaders? Maybe it's just Pallaton needs someone he can believe in so he'll listen to them and Julian, well, he always seemed to be very much into himself."

Eddie jumps slightly then leans against Chris. "I dunno…just never thought we could be," he says. "I know I'm too small and squeaky and…" he bites his lip. He's got those confidence issues.

"Well you're the one thinking about the fight afterwards and what to improve, try being a leader and calling out orders and see what people do." Christopher suggests to Eddie thinking that with some confidence, Eddie could be a good leader.

Eddie blinks a few times. "R-r-really?" he seems surprised. "I …should just try taking charge?" he's skeptical. "You think people will actually listen to me?"

Christopher shrugs. "You never know until you try. See what happens. Just do it. You gave your father and I hell for not listening to you that one time? Didn't you?" Christopher says to Eddie raising his eyebrows with a smile.

Eddie blushes and squirms some more. "Th-that was different…" he trails off. "I…I guess I'll give it a shot next time then."

Christopher tilts his head curiously. "What was different about it? You thought you could be a leader then but when the time comes when you really probably should have acted like a leader, you didn't? Was that just you being a rebellious teenager not wanting to listen to your parents that day?" Christopher teases Eddie has he ruffles his hair.

Eddie pouts and squeaks. "It just was," he says, sticking his tongue out at Chris and then laughing a bit. Reaching over, he tries to hug Chris.

Christopher can't help but laugh as he hugs Eddie back, forgetting he's injured so he hugs a bit tight. "I love you kiddo. Next time, humour me and just try it. Try it in the danger room and see if people listen. You might surprise yourself."

Eddie yelps as he's hugged too tight. "Dad…too tight…" he squeaks.

Christopher immediately lets go of Eddie. "Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot, I didn't hurt you more did I?" He asks slighty worried.

Eddie sits back, breathing a bit heavily. "No…just squeezed a bit too m-much," he says. "I'm okay."

"I'm sorry honey, I forgot." Christopher says honestly sounding sorry. "So do you have any plans for the rest of the afternoon since there's no school today? I closed the salon for the day, annoyed a few customers but my girls appreciated it. It's nice to have a day off once in a while."

Eddie shakes his head. "It's okay, Dad," he says. "Errr…not really," he says. "I was gonna take Nova out for a walk and then that's it. I'm supposed to take it easy for awhile after all," he chuckles.

Christopher nods and collects the empty plates from the table to start cleaning up. "Well we should do something tonight, get Jeri, and just go out and have a family night." Christopher says as he puts the dishes in the dishwasher. "I've been so busy with the school and work that I feel like I haven't gotten a chance to just relax in a while."

Eddie nods, bringing the empty bowls over to the sink. "All four of us?" he asks, hoping Ricky can come along too. "What should we all do?"

"Sure, we can discuss what to do later." Christopher says sitting back down. "We can see a movie, go out to dinner, rent a movie, go into the city and see if we can get last minute tickets to a play, anything." Christopher says with a chuckle. "And yes, all four of us."

Eddie moves to sit down as well, scritching Nova along the way. "That sounds great," he says. "I wonder what's playing…movies and plays…" he trails off, looking up thoughtfully. "Oh yeah…can we avoid Central Park? That demon chick might still be around…"

"Well we will have to go down to Broadway and see what we can get tickets too and if there isn't anything, we can walk over to the theatres right there in Times Square and see what's playing. How does that sound?" Christopher says putting an arm around Eddie. "And there's a pub I know of in the area called The Pig and Whistle we can go and get some dinner."

Eddie grins. "It sounds great, Dad," he says. Leaning against Chris, Eddie closes his eyes. "Will they let me and Ricky in the pub? I thought you had to be twenty-one to go in those…"

Christopher puts an arm around Eddie and chuckles. "That's if you're sitting at the bar. Pubs also have areas where you can go to eat that don't require you to be twenty one. It's nothing fancy but mostly burgers, sandwiches, bangers and mash, things like that. We're not going to be eating at the bar." Christopher says ruffling Eddie's hair.

Eddie squeaks as he's ruffled. "That all sounds good…" he pauses. "Wait…bangers and mash? What are those?"

"Bangers are basically sausage, and mash is mashed potatoes. It's just sausage and mashed potatoes with gravey. It's good." Christopher says forgetting sometimes how much Eddie doesn't know about food. He is really happy that Eddie is his son now. "And I'll have to make Shepherds Pie sometime soon then. That's good too."

Eddie nods slowly, listening carefully. "Oh…that sounds like a silly name for something so simple," he concludes. "Shephard's pie?" he asks, tilting his head to the side.

Christopher laughs as Eddie tilts his head. "Shepherd's pie is ground meat, it can be beef, lamb, veal, traditionally it was anything you had around the house, mixed with vegetables and topped with mashed potatoes. They're all simple dishes. And I guess it's a silly name but the Irish called that type of sausage a 'banger'.

Eddie blinks. "Oh…so it's just like…leftover pie?" he asks. "I thought pie was a dessert though," he looks down. "That's confusing."

Christopher nods. "Exactly, and no pie can be more than a dessert. There's steak and kidney pie, pot pie, Shepherd's pie and other types of meat pies that were designed for dinners or using left overs to make a meal. Then a pizza is also sometimes called a pizza pie."

Eddie looks back up at Chris. "Well it's still silly," he says. "At least it's not Pizza Cake or something. That'd be weirder."

Christopher can't help but chuckle again. "That would be but it's just what they were called. Speaking of pie, I should make a nice apple cranberry pie sometime soon. You know Jeri and cranberry." Christopher just likes to spoil his husband with baking things with cranberry in it for him.

Eddie smiles and nods. "Apple and cranberry? Wonder how that'll taste…" he trails off. "Oh yeah!" he says, getting up and scrambling off. He comes back with a paper bag and sits back down. "I bought something for you and Dad," he says, taking two scented candles out of the bag, one cranberry scented and the other 'fresh cookies'.

"I've had it before, it's good. Kind of like cranapple juice, the two flavours mix well." Christopher explains ans as Eddie takes the candles out of the back. "Thank you kiddo." Christopher says with a big smile as he smells the 'fresh cookies' candle. "Let me guess, cranberry is for Jeri?" He says giving him a big hug, but careful this time, and a big kiss on the cheek.

Eddie tilts his head to the other side this time. "Cranapple juice? I've never had that before…" he trails off. He nods when asked about the candles, a blush spreading across his face from the kiss. "Aw, Daaad…" he chuckles. "Yep. I know he likes cranberries so I got that one when I saw it."

"Aw Dad what?" Christopher says tapping Eddie's nose as he blushes. "I know he'll love it, and cranapple juice is great." He's about to say something when there's something earlier that Eddie said that finally catches up with him. "Wait, wait, wait, what was that you said earlier, about a demon in the park?" It's just now sunk in.

Eddie lets out a little eep at the nose-tap, leaning up to give Chris a kiss on the cheek. He seems confused when Chris pauses and then nods quickly. "Yep! I ran into this demon girl in the park named Kali. She can control gold and tried to get me to make some evil deal with her but I chased her away," he says with a smile.

"And you say all this with a big smile on your face." Christopher says shaking his head with a faint smile. "Are you sure you don't go looking for trouble?" He teases. "Well I'm glad that turned out for the best. Man, I'm going to have to start shadowing you to make sure you stay out of trouble soon. So what kind of deal did she want you to make?"

Eddie pouts. "I don't go looking for it. I was just tying my shoe when she started talking about the Young Avengers with me and then she revealed she was all from some evil alternated demon dimension and tried to get me to give her something in exchange for becoming a superhero," he says. "But I know not to make deals with demons and chased her off with the Goblin Gauntlets and my powers," he says, smiling again. "I don't need to be shadowed…"

Christopher laughs. "I'm just teasing you again honey, about shadowing you and the trouble. Besides, I don't have time to shadow you." Christopher jokes again. "Good and you don't need to make any deals with anyone because someday, you will be a superhero. I know it." Christopher says with a firm nod.

Eddie blushes but keeps smiling. "Right. And I'm gonna work hard to do it! Give it one hundred and ten percent until I'm strong enough and even more after!" he declares, pumping a fist in the air.

Christopher grins and nods. "I know honey, you always seem to give one hundred and ten percent when you believe in it. Also when you take the short cuts, you always miss something." Christopher says standing up. "Well I think I'm going to go take a shower and then give Jeri a call about tonight. You go see if Ricky's up for coming along okay?"

Eddie nod quickly. "Right! I'll ask Ricky and then bring Nova for a quick walk out and it'll be great," he says, scars flaring up white for a moment. Eddie blinks and glances at himself. "Huh. That was weird…" he shrugs, hugging Chris and then heading for the door, Nova following along with a bark.

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