2010-01-20: Rejoining the Team


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Jonothon talks to Scott and rejoins the X-men.

January 20, 2010 :

Rejoining the Team

Rating: PG.

Xavier Mansion - War Room

A large table sits in the middle of this room for the X-Men to plan their latest missions. Global information is collect by computer-based expert systems, which scan for specific data that may be important to the X-Men. The information can be displayed anywhere by verbal or other commands.

It's been a long time since he's been in this room, or even an earlier version of it, so Jonothon hesitates slightly on the threshold. It's nothing more than a pause before he's in completely and approaching where you are. A thin Englishman in black. Really, no matter the years, he doesn't look all that much different than he did before disappearing. Not even really any older, but that's just masked by face cover and hair. «It's been a while.» Said simply, for lack of anything else to say in way of hello. As much as he hopes to remain here, he's not entirely sure that will happen.

With all of this business with the demons, Scott has had his hands full down here. If the Headmaster did not keep such a high standard of his outward appearance, he would look just like Addison with the beard and greasy hair. "It's been a while, since I've heard that voice." Scott says, while he is happy to see Jono here at the mansion again, his face shows little than a small smile. "Welcome back." Scott says, finally looking up from the computer terminal, the holographic display shows many newsfeeds relevant to the demons around New York City.

«Thanks.» For the welcome back. And in knowing you, albeit a little, Jonothon relaxes some with that small smile. He's British. Being reserved is something he's well used to. «I.. uh.. ran into some trouble. That's why I've been gone. Not sure if any of it is really relevant any more, so we can skip that if you want. Anything I can do here at the school? I've been helping the kids where I can, but I've no official access to most the systems.» It really limits what he can give.

The Headmaster gives a nod. "We'll take all the help we can get. Students becoming…things, causing violence in the streets. And then the ones who did not even get affected, run out and try to fight the ones that did." Scott gives a sigh, obviously he's used to it, but it's still tiring on the nerves. "At least some of them have the sense to just stay put." A moment passes, before he types back on the terminal. "The system still recognizes you, I've just given you full access like the rest of the professors." He hesitates for a second. "I don't suppose you want to jump back into the field?"

Eyes narrow in a smile, sending laughter wrinkles spreading. Mostly due to that weary sound. Jonothon's been thinking that very sound more than once due to these kids. It isn't lost on him that he used to be one of them himself a short time ago. «I'm just glad they came back alive.» Commiserating with you. More or less. There's a pause after that though. Access of a professor. That's a little daunting, but Jono doesn't hesitate when asked if he wants to jump back in. «This is my home. I've been a prat about that more times than I can count, but I finally got my head on straight. You need me, I'll do everything I can.»

Scott says, "Good, cause like with the kids, we are going to need all the help we can get in the X-Men." Cyclops quips, experience is like gold to him. Especially people he can trust. "Your access is now on X-Man level. Just like always, it gives us access to the Danger Room safety protocols, and full access everywhere else." Although Scott probably didn't have to say that, he does like to be thorough."

A simple nod about his access levels. «Thanks.» It was kind of hard knowing there were places he couldn't go, yet could have some years ago. Jonothon just didn't want to make a fuss. «There anything I can do for now? Mostly been keeping an eye on the kids, saying hello to Magneto when he came calling.. but you probably have a better idea of what's going on than I.» Content with helping out here, he still asks.

Cyclops did nod when it came to Magneto. "I know about him alright. Interesting fair-weather friend we have, hmm?" Cyclops asks before moving on. "I'm working on a plan to get into their stronghold, when that is done we will go on the offensive. Until then, keep the kids calmed. Maybe try and get their minds off it." He would do so much more himself, but he's always been a 'rally up the troops' kind of leader rather than comforting. "Anything you want to contribute to the X-Men, and X-Force, participate in training, let the teams get used to you in the Danger Room, will let them transition better on the field."

Fairweather indeed. The description hits home and there's the shake of a head for it. You are so right. Jonothon doesn't linger on that topic however. You've moved on and so has he. «Sounds good.» Not that he enjoys practice, but he did say he would, so he will. Mostly. «I'll see about making contact with the others. Not even sure who's around right now.» With full access though, he can change that. «Thanks again. Unless there's anything else I'm going to go deal with a few things I can now.» Doesn't mean to rush off, and he lingers in case you want to add anything.

"Go for it." Cyclops adds in. "The sooner we get this over with the better. I'm going to try and see if there is anyone else who has information, or even an idea of what these things are." Scott's answers are short, he's working so hard as usual. "If you need anything, feel free to come back, I'm going to be in here a while." That's an understatement, he will be in there until he comes up with a plan.

Jonothon nods, turning away, but only to pause moments later. «The red-haired bloke, Addison. He's in Cerebra. Said he was monitoring.» Odds are you already know about this, but just in case, the Englishman gives you a heads up. Another pause after that and he adds, «Don't forget to eat.» A wrinkled nose, and Jono takes his leave of you.

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