2012-09-28: Relative Threats



Summary: Warlock gets pulled into the interrogation room for some one on one time.

Date: September 28, 2012

Log Title: Relative Threats

Rating: R

Small Church - Interrogation Room

The very first thing anyone will seen entering this room is that someone spraypainted on the wall 'DEATH TO MUTIES' and then someone else tried to clean it off, but it's clung to the concrete. This place looks like what it was meant to be. A torture chamber. Wooden chairs are bolted to the floor with leather restraint straps visible. Tables holding various implements are on rollers to be moved around at will, some looking like they came out of the medieval period. A sickly sanitary smell does little to cover the scent of blood, sweat and more. There are stains on the floor… some recent, some old, all with a coppery brown color to them…

Not to long ago Warlock was grabbed by two purifiers, dragged out of the holding cell and a cloth placed over his nose in mouth, forcing him to breath in the chloroform to knock him out. Now he'd be waking up in the interrogation room, hanging by his arms tied above his head and his feet on a small block of wood, just big enough to stand on. Sitting in a chair a few feet in front of Warlock is a purifier who seems occupied in picking out dirt from under his nails with a pocket knife as he waits for Warlock to wake.

As Lock comes round the first thing he's aware of is the ache in his right shoulder and a much worse pain coming from his already damaged left one, struggling to get some footing he's able to stand on the block as he opens his eyes, and yes, again he's waking up in his new least favorite room, the dark room coming a close second.

"Well well well, look whose awake." The purifier says as he stands up, running the flat of the blade across Warlock's chest. "You've been one of our longest guests down here." He says in a falsely cheerful manner. "So Warlock, are you feeling social today?" The purifier asks, stopping the blade then jabbing it back to poke the tip into Warlock's skin.

Warlock tenses up as the flat of the blade is run across his chest, "That depends, we having a party?", he tries to match the false cheer and attempts to crack a smile dispite the pain from his brused face and cut lip. As the tip if the blade goes into his skin he bites back a gasp of pain, if Nick can hide it, he can try harder too.

The Purifier pulls the blade away, shakes off any blood and then folds it before putting inside his jacket. "I'm going to ask you one question tonight, that's all. I just want to see what it takes to get you to answer it." He pats one of Warlock's cheeks, a bit to hard, and smiles. "Okay? The rules are simple tonight, if you answer it, that's it, you're free to go back into the cell for tonight." He paces around Warlock, making one full turn before he asks his question when he's face to face with him. "What are the defenses at Xavier's School?"

Warlock clenches his fists when the Purifier touches him finding himself again suddenly more angry than he is scared, "I'll give it a go". Watching the Purifier pace he thinks about the question for a moment before answering, "Are we talking the football team or soccer here?"

Walking over to a crank, the Purifier turns it once, which causes Warlock's arms to pull up even further. "You just love being a smart ass don't you. This is how it works, every time you don't answer the question, I'll turn the crank. Since this was the first time, it was once, the next will be twice and so forth. Understand?" He walks around to the front of Warlock and looks at him. "What are the defenses at Xavier's?"

Warlock grunts in pain as his arms are stretched further increasing the pain on his injured arm, "Nope, don't love it, just have a natural talent for it" is responded though gritted teeth. He tries to steady himself on the balls of his feet, "Not quite, can you repeat it? I have trouble understanding f***witt".

The crank is turned twice this time, stretching Warlock even further so he has to stand even more on the fronts of his feet. "Your father and brother are both musicians, am I right? I'd almost find it a shame if their careers were to end so horribly, wouldn't you? At least with your father he has a bit of fame behind him but with your brother, well it would be a shame to have anything happen to him before he got anywhere." He opens up the knife again and starts opening and closing it. "So what about that question?"

Warlock can't help but let out a yell of pain this time as the crank is turned, again pain and fear are pushed slightly out of the way for a surge of anger, "Anything happens to them and I will find you and make you pay, powers or not I swear on it". What Nick said would happen seems to be, he can't let… not 'cause of him… "I don't know. I've never had the need to break into the place before so they've not sicked the security on me".

There's one last half of a turn before the Purifier lets go of the crank and walks over to Warlock, dragging the blade up and down his chest, but not cutting him yet. "Yes, I'm sure your threats would be scary, if you weren't in the situation you're currently in. Here's another question for you.." He pauses as he lets the blade cut into the skin on Warlock's shoulder. "Are they…" He drags the blade down. "still okay?"

Warlock bites his lip to stop himself letting out another cry of pain as the knife cuts into him, "Who?, Stop cutting me and word your fucking questions right!", he tries to twist away from the blade, 'Are they still ok?' what the fuck does that mean?!

The purifier doesn't move the knife any further down, but he does put pressure on it as he moves in closer. "Your family." He says stepping away and grabbing a cloth to wipe off the blood before putting the blade away. "Okay, I'll stop cutting you." Instead he grabs what looks like a cattle prod and turns it on. "Do you really think I'm stupid enough to believe that you don't know the defenses just because you're not a trouble maker?"

Warlock's eyes widen in fear at the sight of the cattle prod, he can only hope that his family knows he's missing and have thought to find some way to keep themselves safe. "Yeah I do, do you really think you people are the only ones who could think of kidnapping a few students and making them talk? They don't tell us the defences because they saw this coming".

The Purifer walks behind Warlock and waits a few moments before hitting him in the side with it. "You can go to your grave telling yourself they're okay but it'll be at the back of your mind, eating at you. And it's not about kidnapping a few students, you four…" He stops himself before he says to much but the spite in his voice shows he holds much hatred for Warlock. "You've had your chances to answer." He hits Warlock again with the cattle prod in his back.

Warlock might be terrified but he's been that way since he got here so he still catches the slight slip, them four? was tha… his chain of thought is cut off by the incredibly painfull voltage surging into him causing him to yell in pain. After a few moments as he recovers enough to talk, "You're threatening the people I care about the most, if I could tell you anything I would have. So do whatever the fuck you want with me now, I'm done with this".

The Purifier walks around to Warlock's front and stands a few inches from him, staring right into Warlock's eyes. "The problem is I don't believe you. I think you're telling me what I want to hear. Anyway, I really don't care about the answer anyway." He says as he prods Warlock again. "All I care about is seeing you suffer." He says through clenched teeth. "You and your kind is a stain on humanity."

Warlock lets out another yell of pain before making eye contact with the Purifier again, "Pot, kettle motherfucker", he spits some blood onto the floor from where the shock made him bite his lip opening the cut again, "You and the rest of your group here have no fucking idea what humanity is".

"Keep telling yourself that mutie. You and all of your kind deserve this, and worse." The Purifier spits out as he hits Warlock with the prod, holding it there for a few seconds. He doesn't say anything else as he continues to hit Warlock over and over, giving him only a small bit of time between shocks before doing it again. There's a hate that radiates off of the Purifier, like he's enjoying taking out all his hate on the young mutant.

The constant shocks has Lock spent, he's too weak to hold himself up properly let alone keep talking back, between yelling out in pain he puts all his focus into keeping eye contact with the Purifier even if he's barely able to keep his eyes open, seems the Purifier is exausing him mentally as well as torturing him physicly.

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