2009-03-08: Remembering


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Summary: Addison remembers something that Eddie feels is important.

Date: March 8, 2009


Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

The day after. So much of the mansion has been damaged. He knows it's not his fault, but Addison is still upset that he couldn't do more to help last night. He was simply… pulled in too many directions because of his thoughts. He's not used to working with people that aren't telepaths. He's sitting in the rec room, looking at the undamaged areas as he decides how best he can help with the rebuilding as well as with getting the world back in order.

Eddie has wandered his way back to the mansion after spending the night at home. Dressed in jeans and an Iceman t-shirt, he's been drifting around in a miserable mood. As he makes his way into the Rec Room, Eddie is a little startled to see Addison. "Hello, Mr. Falk…" he trails off.

Raising his eyebrow, Addison turns to Eddie. "Mr. Falk was my father. I'm just Addison. I'm barely older than you are, Eddie." He says with a partial smile as he looks out the window, trying to see things and place things. He just doesn't know yet. Of course, he's missed the past few years of growing up normally.

Eddie shrugs. "Sorry…force of habit, sir…" he trails off. Squirming, he looks around. "Sorry if I'm distubing you or interrupting something…"

"You're not interrupting, Eddie. You're more than welcome here." Addison says, trying to sound pleasant. "Anything I can do for you?" He asks, turning away from the window, running a hand through his hair.

Eddie shrugs again, moving to take a seat. "I dunno…" he trails off quietly. "Just really not feeling right, sir."

After spending the night in his room, which was only slightly damaged, Max had taken an assessment of what had been damaged in his room. A few posters, a couple of statues. Nothing that can't be replaced, but the freezing unit has been going on and off. He woke up in a sweat which is unusual for him. After the mutant got showered and dressed he decides to hit the rec room. "Heya!" He chimes out to Eddie and Addison. He's taken the whole mansion damage thing pretty well.

"Is there anything I can help you with, Eddie?" Addison offers, trying to find some way to offer comfort. As Max bounds in, he offers a slight smile to the cold teenager. "Hey." He says, moving away from the window.

Eddie looks down at the floor for a moment. "I don't know," he replies. Taking a deep breath the teen is about to ask another question when Max enters. "Hello, Max," he says, tilting his head to the side.

The chilly nuisance takes a seat on the couch, pulling out a DS. Starting to hit up Super Mario Bros. "My room's got holes in it. I'm glad it wasn't really beaten up." Max's just trying to make conversation right now. Nothing much else to do.

"I'm willing to try, Eddie. But you have to tell me. It's not like I can read your mind." Addison offers a wink towards Eddie as he hears Max and chuckles. "Mine's gone. Completely. But then, I'v eonly been here for a week or so."

Giving Max a flat and slightly annoyed look, Eddie slumps in his seat again. Addison gets a half pout and a ~~Yes you can…~~ thought at him. "Just not right. Dai's still missing, my room's gone, glider's gone, and they got away…"

Max continues to play the handheld. "They got away? That sucks man. But don't you have a house with your folks?" He doesn't know what to think about the glider. But at least Eddie's not completely without.

~~Being polite.~~ Addison responds to Eddie's thoughts. "Ah, so much to be upset about. Yes, Dai's missing. We'll find him, or have you no faith in us? Room's gone, but you have a family and a home there. And it's not like your dads can't help you get back what you're missing. Glider's missing? It wasn't yours in the first place, was it? And what does the glider have to do with who you are on the inside? Got away, yes. I was there. I didn't think to hold them either. I feel bad about that, but what else could we do. If you hadn't strengthened us, we would have been crushed." He admits, nodding to Max. "See?"

Eddie makes a little face. "It's not about the stuff…" he mutters. "That room was the first place I ever called home. First place I ever really felt safe to just be…me. First place I realized how I felt about Ricky…realized how much my Dads care about me…" he trails off. Going quiet for another moment, he looks up. "Unless Hobgoblin wanted to come looking for it…it was mine once I found it," he says, sticking his tongue out slightly. "Besides, without that I'm pretty uselss in a fight. And I -liked- flying," he bites his lip. "What? I didn't see their me there? It's all Leo that saved the day with his explosion…"

Hearing the various reasons why his room was important to him, Max kinda gets a little teary eyed. "It will be fixed. The room I mean, they always get fixed. Seen it happen three times. All the kids in the shelter want to see when they get out is to see if their room's trashed, the ones that do, get fixed real good." The business about the glider gets him thinking. "Out of all the mutants here, you can't tell me there isn't at least one who could help fix it."

"A falling statue. Ms. Clara's hair isn't that strong. Or wasn't, until you gave her your faith. Your dad's speed. He can't run that fast or be that strong without your belief. Your other Dad's sheer force and brilliance. He's not a third of that without you. I can't tie that many people together, one by one, without your help. Leo's explosion, you've seen it before. Is it normally that big or that strong? I think not. You were the key factor that held them all together. Held US all together." Addison says, grinning at Eddie. "Then find a way to learn to fly. Who knows, it may be in your system to do what your dad does. I'm actually really good with powers. Maybe I can help." He turns to Max. "It got swallowed."

Eddie frowns. "I wanna have some words with that Cloak wanna-be. Freakin' coward jumpin' me from behind when he has the strength to face someone face to face…just being a jerk picking on me," he grumbles. Of course he wants a lot more than to just grumble at an enemy. "I know it'll be fixed but it still hurts," he says to Max. Then Addison's got him staring. His mind's a little 'huh?' too. "Wh-what?"

Max's eyes go wide at the swallowed bit. "WHat do you mean swallowed, someone ate it?" He's more than perplexed at that statement.

"I mean your power boosting, your faith in people is what boosted them. Maybe when you link to people, you have something more." Addison says with a slight shrug to Eddie. "I don't really know." Turning to Max, Addison shakes his head. "It was devoured by Cloak. The Dark Force ate it."

Eddie nods. "All the trouble I went through to get it and maintain it and now it's floating around the DarkForce dimension," this really annoys him. "I dunno…I've never gotten anything back when I boost people…"

"Gotten anything back? You want an ice paper crane? I've been working on those for my fine power control!" He says, starting to try and make one in his hand. Max's brown eyes look down and stare at his two hands clasped together.

"That's not what he meant, Max." Addison snickers under his breath. ~~Does he have ADD or ADHD?~~ He thinks to Eddie. "Maybe instead of focussing on what you can't do, Eddie, you should start playing with different feelings on the inside. See if you can find out what else you CAN do. I'd be more than willing to work with you, if you'd like."

James walks into the room a novel in hand. He looks around and nods to his fellow students, "Hello."

Max's hard work pays off with… something that looks nothing like an origami crane, or even something that looks like one. More like a rubber duck, without detail. "Umm, well. It's a bird?" He says smiling and holding it up. "Heya, person I don't know." He says to the incoming student.

Eddie blinks. "Ice paper?" he asks, confused. There's a pause. ~~ADHD I think,~~ he replies, remembering from the work with Dr. Reyes. He stares at the ice bird for a moment. "Cool…" he trails off. "Hello, James…" he trails off. Attention returns to Addison. "Different feelings?" he asks. "How?"

"When you boost someone, do you feel something inside?" Addison asks, tilting his head to the side as he looks at the iceduck. "Not bad." He admits. Hey, for someone his age, it's not bad. But then, Addison has a heaping helping of control. "Try using different feelings and see what happens. I'm sorry. Just an idea." He offers, looking up at James. "Hello." The non-student answers.

James sits down near the others and begins reading his book.

Max looks at the ice duck. "I can never actually get the crane…" Before he looks to James with an inquisitive look. He opts out of saying anything but his thoughts are just as scattered as they are normally. ~What's he reading? Who is he? Oh hey, I wonder if Bobby wants a rematch on Street Fighter? I wonder how he makes those ice slides, that looks so fun.~

Eddie glances to James and rolls his eyes. He then turns back to Addison. "I feel…something. It's hard to describe. Like a…fire but not painful," he says. "Stuff other than faith? Like…anger? Confusion?" he asks, getting some strange mental pictures of Hulked out X-men and people covered in puple question marks. "I'd…appreciate help if I could get it…"

"I'd be happy to. After all, with all of this going on, it's not like I know a lot of what I'm doing even." Addison says with a half a shrug as he winces lightly. "Max? Could you… maybe… not think so loudly? Sometimes I have trouble keeping the thoughts out." He admits. He's still new to blocking and shielding. As James sits down, Addi assumes he's just wanting to be left alone.

Max looks over to Addison. "I thought you said that you couldn't read minds." The boy says with a mischievous smirk. He'll try and calm his thoughts but thats really hard for the kid when he's not taking his medicine.
The ice mutant winces though as he thinks he made Addison hurt.

James turns toward Max and similes slightly "Sorry my name is James. Oh and the book I'm reading is called Battlefield Earth."

Eddie frowns at Max for a moment. "Have you been taking your medicine, Max?" he asks, trying to get that 'Dr. Reyes' tone down. James just gets a -look-. "-Really-. Of all times to be reading something called that…"

"You can hear me think?" He asks, since Max didn't say a word. When the question comes up about his medicine, Max sinks into his chair. "No." A tone of defeat takes over Max's voice. "It makes me a zombie, and I don't like it." A zombie meaning that all he does is focus, rarely talking.

James looks to Eddie and shrugs "Stories like this are a hobby of mine, movies, books, and video games. Let's just hope that things never get as bad as they are in the beginning of the book."

Eddie shakes his head. "No. You mentioned before that when you don't take your medicine, you gave Ms. Frost a headache so I took a guess…" he explains. He then shrugs. "Okay, James."

"Yeah, that and then the time Logan gave me an espresso, and then that one time in the pool and that nice professor brought out lemonade for us. Sometimes I think that Logan gave it to me so that she did get a headache or something." Max has definitely perked up. "I take it during school days, cause that's what they told me to. But since we don't have classes right now, I haven't been taking it." It's not so bad though, you get to really love the weekends that way.

James nods grimly "I still question why we're still in lockdown when the defenses have been at least partially comprimised."

Eddie looks to James. "Because if we scatter now they'll just pick us off one by one," he explains to James. The tten just blinks at Max then. "Mr. Logan's using you to give Ms. Frost headaches…oh boy…" he trails off. "Alright. Just don't let Dr. Reyes hear you haven't been taking them."

"Cause the school is responsible for our safety, if one of us dies out in the city, they could sue the pants off of the school, and then people'd know that Xavier's is a mutant school." Max offers his own explanation. "Well at least that one time, next time he tried it, she found out and told me not to have any more espresso."

James says, "You would think that they would have a fallback postition set up in case of things like this though.""

He's been zoned out for a few moments, but Addison has snapped out of it. "Sorry. I was speaking with a few of the others." He rubs his forehead. "Yes. I can read minds. I try not to." Turning to James, Addison raises an eyebrow. "Because it's hell ou there. Someone with little control or little power would be smashed in a heartbeat by people who simply don't care, people who are being controlled by someone who could control the minds of the greatest telepaths in existence. Would you like to try your mind against the Shadow King's?" He asks, genial and cordial. "They do have a fallback position. We're in it. That's why you're locked down."

Eddie nods to Max then mutters something about not minding a shot at the Shadow King. "And if you get caught out in the city with a teacher on emergency, I'm sure the Avengers and Young Avengers would help you if you really needed it but there's no reason to scatter right now.

"You mean the indestructible shelter built up in the sub-basement?" Max offers to James again. "Oh hey, welcome back." The cold teenager says to Addison. He closes the DS for now, Mario's not jumping right.

James shrugs and returns to reading. "I don't know, that would work depending on the nature of the security."

"At this moment, nothing is truly secure. Not until we get my people back to my world and lock down their technology that transports people here." Addison says, succinctly. He doesn't hide that he was born over there, he never has, but he's proven himself.

Eddie pauses a moment. "Wait, it's technology and not someone's power?" he asks, a few ideas flashing to mind. "Who made it?"

Max looks intently as Eddie asks about the technology, maybe this is the big break, and he gets to witness it firsthand?

James adds "And roughly how many units exist? Also who or what is this Usuper that some of your people mentioned?"

"Technology, of course. Nobody ever said it was anyone's power. Uhm… I think his name was Maker." Addison says. "I can't recall. I was being controlled." He looks at James. "Usurper? That's not a person, it was a race of aliens that took over our world and then led our people here, thinking they were here."

Eddie looks down thoughtfully. "Maker…did you ever see him? What he looks like?" he asks. "What can you tell me about those aliens? What were they called? What did they look like?"

"Wasn't there an X-Man with that nickname or something?" Max does like to spend time looking at the archives on missions. Being he is who he is. the cold teen pipes down again for now.

James winces "Ok now I'm even more confused, do your people think they'll find the aliens here or do the aliens think that they'll find the aliens here?"

"No, and there's not much to tell. The images burned in my brain are enough. I just know they're not here and that's enough for me." Addison says, apparently getting a sore spot touched. And with the annoyance of someone who's just plain not listening… "No. My people are under the control of someone controlling their minds, like I stated. Though there are some insane people that go along with it willingly."

Eddie looks down. "James, be quiet, please," he murmurs. "Anyone know where Mr. Summers is? I need to ask him about something and if I can borrow an X-man and a some kinda transport away from the school…" he trails off, getting an idea.

James shrugs and returns to his reading.

"He's around here somewhere." Addison says with a bit of a shrug. "I'm sorry, I just never thought it important that they were arriving by technology. Just that they were arriving." He says, looking at the other people with a sigh.

Eddie frowns, shaking his head at the older mutant for a moment. "If you know -anything- else, please tell us even if you don't think it's important…" he trails off. "Wonder if Ms. Pryde will be free to come with me. She's really smart…"

James nods but remains silent since he has no clue exactly what Eddie is planning, then turns a page in his book.

"Eddie, what are you planning?" Addison asks, raising an eyebrow. "And I just didn't think about that until now. It's rather hard to remember some things ooccasionally."

Eddie rolls his neck, still sore from tumbling yesterday. "A trip to see someone that should be able to help," he says. "Even if my guess isn't right he still should be able to help."

James just continues reading turns another page in his book.

"Trip to find who?" Addison asks as he rises to move out of the room and try to find something to help Eddie.
Eddie glances at James and Max and considers for a moment. Taking a deep breath, he nods. "To find the guy who I think is this Universe's 'Maker'. Forge."

Max lifts up from his seat. "Was I right Eddie?" He's more than excited at this point. "It was him, well, another him. YESS!"
Addison nods slightly, thinking. "Perhaps you could call him? If he's a friend of people here, though, they may have a way to get a hold of him."

Eddie nods. "I was gonna ask Mr. Summers for this number," he explains. He jumps when Max get sall enthusiastic, blinking. "I think so, Max. I hope so."

GIving a large smile as Eddie agrees with him. "I'll see you guys later!" He's all happy, but he just cannot stay in the room without moving anymore. He's gonna go run off some energy.

"Well, let's see if we can find someone, Eddie. Then I'm gonna do a little work out." Addison says, nodding softly. "We'll see what we can find out."

Eddie nods. "See you later Max, Mr. Falk, James…" he trails off. Getting up, Eddie dusts off and heads for an exit.

"Addison." He corrects. "Not Mr. Falk."

Eddie winces. "Sorry…sorry…" he trails off.

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