Remy "Gambit" LeBeau
Remy LeBeau
Portrayed By Scott Speedman
Gender Male
Date of Birth April 1
Age 32
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases Gambit
Place of Birth New Orleans
Current Location Westchester
Occupation Thief
Known Relatives Father: Jean-Luc LeBeau
Significant Other Rogue
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Kinetic Charging, Empathic Charm, Psionic Shielding, Spatial Awareness, Gambling
First Appearance Uncanny X-Men #266

Thief, adventurer, Patron Saint of the Little Guy, X-Man.


Born in New Orleans, left to wander the streets an urchin, raised a thief. Remy's adventures are many and varied but one thing is certain, he never double deals on a friend no matter what it may look like.


Having been out of the country for a while, Remy has just recently returned to the Mansion.


"After all dis time — Remy still manage t' impress himself."
"Y'know it's a bad sign when I'm de voice of reason…"
"Alors! Remy thought he'd joined de X-Men, not de Brady Bunch! There are some t'ings Remy prefer not t'do in a group."


  • Amazing thing!
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  • Amazing thing!


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