Renate "Doll" 51571N3
Renate "Doll" Sistine
Portrayed By Mosh
Gender Female
Date of Birth 7/15/1995
Age 25
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases Doll
Place of Birth ???
Current Location New York
Occupation Learning
Known Relatives Doll2 through 12 (all deceased)
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance ???

My strings have been cut, now I wander to the dance of my own tune..Whatever that may be.


Names were given to people, when she was created she did not have a name. She was a different kind of test subject, one that had about twelve in all of creation and was a hope to be a shift in the plans HYDRA had for domination, but time after time bases were destroyed and like fleeing rats they had to move, hide and rebuild.

The base in New York worked underground, taking orders from von Strucker on this dozen creation of beings, a mixture of cloned from alien life forms and a build at their own hands. They had intelligent life, a real life but were built to the perfection of what was deemed to be the perfect weapon as well as the perfect being. Nazi influence had come with this whispered project that started in 1943 and it was no surprise it made through their many moves and rebuild divisions from their split with SHIELD to the one with AIM and the destruction from within.

She was DOLL 51571N3, otherwise known as Doll Sistine, named Renate Sistine to give it more of a human feel despite the fact that she was cloned, created, and built from the ground up to be everything HYDRA ever needed. Six females and five males sprung from the housing tubes that were finally drained May, 9th of 2000 and these life forms set bare feet upon the lab floors, looking about with opened eyes of the deepest blue.

Inside their brains, inserted within the cerebral cortex are electrodes and control chips that designated memories to them. Ones of childhoods they never had, but gave them the overall feel that this place, these workers were their “parents” this was their “home” and their undying loyalty was to the brand that marked the back of their necks of an encircled skull with six looped extensions from it. From their dates of birth to present day each one was put under grueling lessons of warfare, be it chemical, internal, guerilla, or silent.

Renate noticed slowly though, one by one her brothers and sisters were dwindling in numbers but was not knowing of the fact that the tests they were being put through, they were failing. The perfect weapons for HYDRA may have appeared perfect but through the years they were still nearly human, they began to formulate their own opinions, and when certain therapies did not turn them back to the ways of programming via electrodes they were disposed of. Free thinking was not allowed, it was a risk to the project and the group as a whole.

Renate remained ignorant of what exactly was going on, thinking the others were being dispersed to serve their purpose until she came across a room where the body of Gretel “Doll3” Sistine was found laid out upon a table in pieces and beside her head on a surgical tray was the small box with the electrodes that had once spanned into her brain and further down to the heart, now removed. Apparently Gretel’s fight to live was one that left her more than visible. Her joints were reinforced, pins driven through to solidify the hold at her left elbow, her muscles visible beneath another “plasticized” layer of flesh that was nearly solid but flexible enough to be almost unnoticed. The killing blow was not discovered amongst this exposed mess until Renate went to stroke through the white hair of Gretel’s in parting and her head rolled to the floor.

The scream that permeated the air of the empty lab was short lived, clapped off by Renate’s own hand as she picked up the head and set it back in place, leaving everything as it had been and fled the room, passing the file that hung on the door with a red stamp marking Gretel as: FAILED. Her dawn of awakening was then, and that was when free thinking took control. They were being culled, bit by bit their purpose was not pure any longer and the smallest sign had them erased.

Renate then realized her cards had to be played right, and another year passed that left only her within the labs of her home, the eyes of doubt cast upon her, some of worry that this was it – but she played well and calm under pressure, learning to keep her emotions in check. When there was no one around on the night of June 1st 2010 Renate accessed the data files of Project Doll and found that all of them had been eradicated, but not by missions or war, by the realization that they were not the perfect programmable species. All nine were marked as “FAILED” Renate’s marked as EXTERMINATE with the follow up document attached:

“Strucker had indeed the perfect idea formulated when he made these Dolls, but due to circumstances beyond our control they were unable to be used when needed the most. These models are out of date and will be replaced with Droids, fully programmable without the factor of humanity to play a role in their decisions; we now have the technology to program that into them as well to give the false facade of humanity without the need of a real brain or real body. As of this date I order that Doll1 (Renate) be destroyed.” —-Madame Hydra.

The file was closed with a blink of the computer screen and one hand rose to Renate’s face, wiping the fall of a tear from her eye in a smudge down her cheek. I am not just an object to be destroyed, I am alive, I am no better or no less than they are.

Renate had minutes to think, and think fast. Her silent warfare training and all they had taught her came into play down to the technological abilities they gave her to be able to crash systems, giving time for infiltration – but this time it was for escape. Slipping through the halls of the labs she made her way to the mainframe, getting through the door by rewiring the keypad that only gave her two minutes before the alarm would sound. With that small window she used the main computer data base to shut down their security, power, and automated weapons systems, leaving her ten minutes to escape before the backup would power on.

Using that time she raided what she could on exit, the few guards on the night shift left slumped by the doors with necks snapped and bodies propped upright. Sleeping some would think until they registered there was no pulse. They made the perfect weapon, one that was smart enough to be used against them as well, one that had turned against them, she may be a Doll but she had a mind of her own and when she came out to surface on the shores of New York, sputtering for air and every joint aching she realized one thing. I am better than them.


Sup3rb l3arning c4p4city: She can read a book, watch programs, or be taught methods in a matter of a few days to a few years (depending on how strenuous it may be) in comparison to the average person. This can be anything from life skills, to academics, martial arts, munitions etc. (How much she currently knows will be noted in Skills and Talents.)

4b0v3 4v3rag3 4gi1ity/5tr3ngth: The box that was inserted into her that has electrodes to her cerebral cortex also goes down to the heart, this lets off pulses that pretty much nullify the brains shut down or shut off mode when it would typically say ‘enough is enough’. She still has to work into how much she can handle through training though, she may be able to handle more than the average bear to start, but training is a necessity – she is not a machine bones break and muscles strain still.

1if3 10ng3vity: The box that has electrodes to her brain also runs a path to her heart. If it is read that the heart has stopped, or the breathing has stopped it will send off a fire that is meant to ‘jump start’ her back into life. Also due to the plasticized layer beneath the real skin holds her youth and appearance as is, while her insides may age, the outside does not.

Dur4bi1i7y: The plasticized layer is also a form of protection to underneath, like a body covering of Kevlar, but not impenetrable, explosive rounds will deal damage, and under too much extreme heat (around 500+ degrees) for over 5 minutes this layer will begin to soften, as any plastic is wont to do. Her joints are alloy reinforced with pins, like a doll where the limbs bend, making them harder to break, this is only done in the joints however, you want to snap her ulna, it will happen.


Languag35: She has a German accent as it is, knows German, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Russian, Japanese.

Hand t0 Hand C0mba7: In this field she has extensive knowledge in the arts Jujitsu and Krav Maga.

W3ap0n5: She has extensive training in side arms as well as long distance ranged weapons. Marksmanship is near perfect, but she is after all almost human to err is human. She also has knowledge of explosives to the point of being able to create her own from household chemicals, as well as gasses that are fatal/toxic.

73chn010gy: Hacking or cross-wiring is also well known, enough to get her into hard to access places and files, though as shown in her history is not perfect and if the place has a backup it limits her time she has to be in and out.


  • Current day - Picked up by SHIELD/MIA


  • "I said it!"


  • Renate is not a droid, she is an alien clone (that has yet to figure out what species of alien), that has not yet matured into her alien powers.
  • Renate is a weapon and knows nothing of life outside of that, but can learn quickly by watching.
  • Renate has a new infatuation with Jackie Chan movies. She likes his style, and can often be seen watching them through shop windows if they are playing.
  • Renate will often quote back songs, books, or movie quotes that she has learned to get her point across if her own words fail her.



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