2010-02-14: Repair Work


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Summary: Repairs, both metaphorical and actual.

Date: February 14, 2010.

Log Title Repair Work

Rating: PG.

Xavier Mansion - Boathouse on the Dock

A wooden dock stretches fifteen feet out into the water. Students can fish from the dock, or dive off if they like. A few rowboats, canoes, and paddle boats are tied to the docks for the students to use. A boat house where students can find paddles and life jackets sits at the edge of the water.

Lucas has arrived early this morning. The more they get done the sooner he can leave. He's wearing a pair of jeans and a heavy flannel shirt. His giant burgundy gloves are gone, replaced by thin white gloves that look to be made of spandex. He's hammering a 2x4 onto the broken door frame.

Dallas arrives with Robyn, as they've also decided to get a jump on things. He's dressed in jeans, boots and a heavy sweater, rather than a jacket, since he knows they'll be working. As they arrive he's saying, "Yea, he seems like a good enough guy but that shyness is going to have to go. Should be very useful on a team, too." Apparently, they are discussing Dallas's new squad-mate, Cam.

Robyn has defiantly been more of a weak link when it comes to repairing things as Robyn doesn't know much about repairing anything like this. He's dressed in an Xavier's sweater and in jeans and boots, trying to dress as warm as possible for this. "Yeah, he was with me when Six kind of crash landed through a portal into the coffee shop. He's not really a leader type but I'm not either." He stops a bit when he sees Lucas there and waves. "I guess all three of us are going for an early start."

Lucas finishes hammering the nail, and looks at the two approaching students. He drops his hands to his sides, and nods at each of them. "Hey," he says, rather neutrally, with a little bit of a nervous upturn of the sides of his mouth. "Sorry Ah started without ya'll… Ah, um… Ah kinda got a… date… tonight…"

Dallas gives the gloves a arched eyebrow and nods. "Yea. I can understand that." He nods towards the new handgear and says, "Everything okay?" Which is politest way he can think of to ask, 'Hey, you aren't going to randomly blast people with radioactivity, are you?' He shadows up, suddenly dark against their snowy backdrop and hefts a roll of tar paper for roofing on one shoulder.

"New Gloves?" Robyn asks trying to make some conversation as he walks up and looks at the boat house. "So what needs to be done today?" He says as he doesn't know where to jump into. He's been very much needing direction in doing something like this and at least he's learned 'measure twice cut once'.

Lucas furrows his brow for just a moment when Dallas implies he has a date too, but he doesn't ask. He gives a slight nod, "Um… yeah. Everythin's right fine, Ah reckon." He glances at Robyn, and then does something perhaps unexpected. He smiles, widely, a large, toothy, dimple laden grin that could light up a room. "Yeah. Got 'em Friday." He wiggles his fingers like a giddy child. "Ah hammered those nails in all by myself," he brags, with a goofy chuckle.

Dallas nods, looking a little perplexed at the idea of a happy Lucas but says, "Well, cool. And we're making progress. I figured I'd tack down some paper over the leaks and then we can shingle it. And maybe take care of a few more holes in the sides." He shrugs and hefts a tool box and then leaps up to the roof, landing fairly lightly but still making the timbers creak a bit. He puts down the roll of tar paper and looks over the edge. "Either of you want a hand up here or are you good down there?"

Robyn picks up a crowbar and looks around the door frame. "I think I can patch a few things down here." He says feeling a few of the boards around the door to see which ones are loose and need to be replaced. "That's good that you got better gloves Lucas. Maybe we can get this done faster now." He says giving a small smile.
Lucas nods, and then he moves over to where he can look up at the roof and see Dallas. To Robyn, he notes, "Ah got the one side of that door frame replaced this mornin', so it should just be the other side." He looks up at Dallas and shrugs, "So… Ah sorta… need help…" he says, his tone making the statement a hesitant question.

Dallas drops his shadow and stretches out on the roof on his stomach, head sticking over the side to look at Lucas for a moment. Thanks to the inclination of the roof and the amount of sun it gets, its snow free. His expression is still a bit neutral and guarded. He says, "Ok, what do you need?" His tone suggests that he's not promising anything but he's listening.

Robyn nods and walks to the other side and starts tearing away some of the broken pieces of siding from when it the door was torn off his hinges. He's made sure to wear a pair of workers gloves so that he doesn't tear up his hands to much. "What's up Lucas?" Robyn asks not really sure what he'd need help with, let alone asking him and Dallas in regards to it.

Lucas shuffles his feet, and then says, "Look, Ah know Ah been a dick an' all, but Ah ain't really got no one else to ask…" He sighs, pauses, and continues, "Ah need money- not a lot… just… Ah'd like to look nice tonight, and… Ah don't have…" He purses his lips, not pleased he even has to ask this, so he just quickly adds, with a bit of annoyance, "Ah'd like to go buy a nice outfit."

Dallas considers things for a second and then finally says, "I have another gift card from Christmas I haven't used. You can have it. It's not much but yea, maybe enough for a good shirt or something." His expression is still fairly neutral, though he seems to be trying to make an effort to bury the animosity. "When we head back I'll get it from my room." He gets up and starts to work, saying over the edge, "You know, she doesn't care. When somebody cares about you, they just want to be with you. The rest is just extra points."

"I don't really have much money, I mean, my parents aren't well off or anything." Robyn says trying to think how much money he has in his room, not much. Then Dallas mentions gift card and he looks at Dallas. "You mind if I give him the one from American Outfitters you gave me, I…don't think I'll really use it, I mean, if he needs it?" Robyn feels a bit bad about asking but then he's not really an American Outfitters type of guy.

Lucas furrows his brow, and sort of lifts his hands, "Whoah, guys… Ah mean… Ah appreciate it, but… really, don't give up a Christmas gift to me. That's supposed to be yours, so… Ah just…" He shrugs a little, "Ah just didn't know if maybe you'd have some extra or whatever…" He sighs, and nods at Dallas, "Ah know she doesn't. But Ah care. And," he makes an exaggerated face that's almost a little funny, "frankly, Ah NEED the extra points."

Dallas leans over the roof to look at Robyn. "Dude, when I gave it to you, it became yours. Not like I earned it in the first place." His grin is amused at the idea that Robyn would ask. He looks back to Lucas and shrugs and says, "It's not different than cash. And … yea, I'm not going to argue about that. But yea, it sounds like we have you covered." He shrugs, "Not that we're expecting that to mean that you stop being a jerk. But hey, at least you'll be a well-dressed jerk."

Robyn can't help but smirk at Dallas's words and he does agree with the 'jerk' part. "Lucas, what am /I/ going to do with a gift card to American Outfitters besides get an outfit for…I don't know what." He might be able to find a nice button down black shirt or something but he's a teen, he doesn't know what diversity in clothing really is yet. You have your 'image' you have to keep with in regards to dressing, if one realizes it or not. "I really don't have much spare money Lucas, that's why I'm offering, or I might have like ten bucks?"

Lucas rolls his eyes a bit at Dallas' jerk comment, responding, "Look, Ah'm TRYING here. This ain't easy for me to ask. Ah don't get help." He sighs, and shrugs a bit at Robyn, "If you really ain't gonna use it, then… okay… cool." He looks over at the pile of wood and says, not real loudly, "Thanks…"

Dallas looks distinctly amused at that mumbled 'thanks' and briefly considers making a big deal over it but finally he just says, "Don't worry about it. At least not my part. Just, you know, pass it on, when you can." And then he starts tacking down the paper. After a few whacks of the hammer, he sticks his head back over the edge. "By the way, what's so special about tonight?"

Robyn finishes pulling away the broken board with a grunt of effort before tossing it in the 'hopefully we can have a bonfire later' pile. "Well you can always get help, you just have to ask for it." Robyn says to Lucas but then he's not exactly the number one example for asking for help when you need it. "Yeah, where are you taking Rashmi?" Assuming that's who he has a date with.

Lucas glances up at Dallas, and smirks, "Tonight's Valentine's Day, ya big lug." He moves over to a pile of 2x4's and begins using a tape measure to mark out the next board Robyn will need. "Ah ain't really sure yet," he says to Robyn. "Ah don't have a lot of money, but Ah sold a couple of CD's Ah had at the used record store in town. Ah think Ah have enough for Olive Garden." He tilts his head a bit, glancing between them, "Ya'll takin' your boys out?"

Dallas blinks at that. "Hh." He glances at Robyn. "Ah, do we do that?" What he means by 'we' is obscure even to him. His eyebrows lift inquiringly and a little worried. And then Lucas's words sink in and his brows lift as he looks back at the other student and asks, "Our boys?" There is a little hint of defensive warning in his tone.

Robyn shrugs at Dallas, he's never celebrated Valentines Day with anyone before. "I don't think I'm doing anything, I mean I'm fine with just hanging out with Jordan tonight, I don't really expect anything special." Hell he didn't even get Jordan a card or anything. He didn't think of it at all. "I didn't think of anything."

Lucas glances up at Dallas, "Forget it, D. Ah don't wanna fight." He picks up the saw and begins lining it up to the board he just measured. "Well, there ain't a lot of things Ah'd offer advice on, but…" He begins to saw. "…if you love Jordan, a little card, flower or candy to show him so on Valentine's Day is a really nice gesture. It ain't necessary, but it'll make 'em happy." He gives Robyn a quick flash of a smile, and then he leans down a bit closer, stopping his sawing and looking at the line compared to where he has the saw, squinting a bit.

Dallas shakes his head at Lucas and says, "I'm not looking to fight but I just didn't think we have that kind of closeness. To talk about that kind of stuff. Especially given … stuff." He goes back to his own work, digesting that information handed out to Robyn, though. The thud and whack of the hammer can be heard a few times before he says, "I don't know … it all seems pretty …girly." And then more hammering.

Robyn looks at Lucas for a bit, kind of frozen in place, like he can't believe what he just said. Then he just bursts out laughing. "Lucas, have you met Jordan, have you met me? We're guys, guys don't give other guys flowers and girl junk. Girls might like flowers but…I might be gay but I'm not a girl." He says, okay maybe now he's thinking he maybe should get Jordan a card but no flowers or candy. "And Jordan's…well he's Jordan." Meaning, he's a 'guy' guy.

Lucas looks up at Dallas, chewing the inside of his cheek a moment when Dallas mentins the 'stuff.' He looks back at the cut and the mark and mutters, "…damn…" and puts the saw down, moving to get the tape measure once more. He sighs, smiling at Robyn, "Ah like flowers." He chuckles, and then shrugs, "Look… Ah'm just sayin', if'n you really like them, this is a day to do a little something nice to say so." He looks up a Dallas, "Ah mean, think about it. If your…" He reconsiders, "Let's say whoever you're with got you a new football today or somethin', and said, 'hey. Happy Valentine's Day. Thanks for bein' with me.' It'd be nice." He looks at Robyn, "My last girlfriend bought me new a new kayaking helmet. It wasn't girly, it was actually pretty awesome." He tosses the ruined piece of wood aside, and gets another.

Dallas stops hammer and then sticks his head over the edge of the roof just give Lucas a very dubious look. "That's just … gay." He shakes his head in bafflement and then goes back to working on the roof.

Robyn looks at Dallas and just shakes his head at his comment, amused by it. "Well aren't you mister experience in the relationships. This is my first one and I really don't see why a day should determine that you should show someone that you love them, I mean Jordan knows I do, and I know he cares about me so, why does he or I have to prove it?" Typical thinking of a teenager. No sense of romance. "Though maybe I should get him a card…"

Lucas laughs at Dallas, "Yeah. So is datin' guys, Dallas." He smiles, and begins measuring the new board. He glances over at Dallas as he talks and measures. "It ain't bein' determined by a day. Sure he knows. Sure, you show it some every day. But Valentine's Day is for takin' it up just a little notch. You wouldn't buy him a card every day. Or maybe make him dinner? Just… do a little EXTRA today is really all." He shrugs, "Or don't do anythin'. Hell, maybe Ah'm the one what has it all wrong, ya know?" He sighs, and leans a little closer to see the tape measure numbers and marks a new line in pencil. "Forget Ah said anything."

Dallas keeps working as he says, "No, dating guys is something different. I've been, um, researching. Stuff. And dating. And … things." Whack, thud, whack goes the hammer. And then a pause to look over the side and say, "But maybe a card. You know, just in case." He shrugs and says, "Well, it's not like Wyatt is going to care about stuff like that. He's probably too busy brewing up a monster or something in his basement to even know what day it is."

Robyn looks up at Dallas for a bit before going back to measuring the area he needs too. "How do you research this stuff?" He always thought it was just a kind of 'figure out as it goes' kinda thing. "Yeah, I wouldn't make him dinner cause I don't really cook. My specialty is ramen soup." He should have made something though, he's not sure, it's just too much unknown territory stuff.

Lucas picks the saw back up, putting the tape measure down. He pauses for a just a moment, repeating quietly, "Wyatt." There's a short crease of his brow, and then he lines up the saw on his line, leaning down close to see to his accuracy. He looks up at Dallas' head hanging over the side. "That makes it mean even more, D. YOU remembered, even if he didn't." He grins, "It might even win you enough points to further your research," he teases, with a waggle of his eyebrows. Looking at Robyn, he smiles, "Ah don't think it would matter WHAT you made. It's that you cared enough to make the effort." He sighs, standing up more straight. "Anyway, look guys, ya'll can do or not do whatever ya'll want. Ah wasn't tryin' to convince ya'll to celebrate this just because Rash and Ah are gonna. So…" He shrugs again, and sincerely offers, "sorry if'n Ah got ya'll worried an' shit."

Dallas grins widely at Robyn and says, "The Internet! Seriously. Lots of good advice on stuff." And then Lucas's repetition of the name causes him to nod. That next comment about furthering research gets a /serious/ blush and he pulls his head back over the side and goes back to hammering but not before an expression of mixed amusement, embarrassment and a certain wry self-satisfaction can be read. He doesn't comment on that topic. And back to working on the roof he goes, whistling off key.

"I dunno, I don't have any experience with this sort of thing. I'll be fine with just cuddling up and watching a movie or something." He walks over to the boards of new wood and starts to measure and mark of what needs to be cut. "So did you get her flowers or candy or anything or just the dinner at Olive Garden?" He figures he should also call his parents to say something as well.

Lucas laughs a bit at Dallas, but doesn't push it. He looks over at Robyn and then says, "Ah got her somethin' else…" He then shrugs, and turns his back to Robyn, walking down the length of the board, and moving it a bit. Kind of evasive. "You're flat," he calls up to Dallas. And then he sings a note, the correct key Dallas' whistle should be in, "Ahhhhhhh." His voice is exquisite, perhaps surprisingly powerful, but he doesn't make a big deal of it. "Like that." He keeps moving the wood.

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