2010-04-05: Repeat Offender


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Summary: Lucas learns Dallas has returned. Marshall and Mikhail have to watch.

Date: April 5, 2010

Repeat Offender

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Boathouse on the Dock

A wooden dock stretches fifteen feet out into the water. Students can fish from the dock, or dive off if they like. A few rowboats, canoes, and paddle boats are tied to the docks for the students to use. A boat house where students can find paddles and life jackets sits at the edge of the water.

The bright afternoon sun is beginning to turn the sky orange as the warm day comes to an end. On the dock is a shirt and a wet life preserver that is clearly his own, not one from the boathouse. Lucas is in the water, his hair stringy and wet. The water glistens across his lean chest as he handles his kayake, lifting it up onto the dock. His hands are wet and human, the white spandex gloves he normally wears sitting on top of his shirt on the dock. A kayak paddle floats beside him in the water as he hefts the fiberglass boat up over his head to sit it on the pier.

Dallas had the urge to see his handiwork and how it weathered the winter first thing. He slipped back onto campus, checked in with the staff and back out to here without being noticed for the most part. He runs a hand over smooth planks that are already beginning to show a little weathering and smiles faintly. Hearing the sound of someone moving around on the dock, he looks what and then takes a few steps onto the pier. He nods and says, gravely, "Lucas." Which serves more or less as a greeting.

After spending some time at the Cove, Marshall is on his way back, walking past the boathouse. As he spies the dock, he offers a wave to Lucas, since they are on the same team. Sure, he hasn't taken the time to get to know him. Of course, he hasn't met Dallas before, the former having been away since he's arrived. "Halloooo." He calls out to the others. The grave voice goes unheard. As usual. He, if no one else does, seems to be in a happy mood.

Lucas pauses in the water, the boat still up over his head, dripping down on him. He stares at Dallas a long moment. "Huh," he says as he watches the other boy, not noticing Marshall. "You get lost?" He slowly moves the boat over his head and sits it on the wooden pier. "Thought ya'll moved to New York what with your new man an' all…"

Dallas nods to Marshall and says, "Hey." When Lucas speaks, he shrugs faintly and says, "My grandfather was having medical problems. Wyatt has resources that most doctors don't. So he went home with me and did what he could." He pauses a moment and then adds, "How have things been around here?" Which is close enough to 'how have you been?' to be at least polite.

Getting a greeting from (to him) the new guy, Marshall walks over and offers another wave to Lucas. "Hey." He says, brightly, moving to a position where he can watch both sets of faces, unless they're turned from him, of course. He offers a sheepish grin. "I try find skill new for next danger room, Lucas. Sorry, not skill good yet." Despite his lack of skill in the danger room, Marshall has definitely been showing resourcefulness and a go-get-em attitude. He's just not got it down yet. And he's still keeping one of his learned skills a secret.

Lucas puts his hands back in the water and they sizzle. He looks from Dallas to Marshal. "What up, New Guy?" he asks him with a nod, and then looks back at Dallas. "So… Are we still fighting?"

Dallas quirks an eyebrow at Marshall's speech patterns, but all things considered, that really is a minor difference at a place like Xavier's. He looks back to Lucas and shrugs, "Doesn't seem as important to me as it did before I left. Whatever opinions of you I might have I can keep to myself. Especially since that's the way the teachers seem to want it. And I thought we'd reached an agreement, more or less, before I left. Or at least a truce." He looks out over the water for a second and then back to Lucas.

Marshall sticks out his lower lip and looks at Lucas. "I remember you name. You remember mine. Dozens kid -I- remember. ONE you remember. Marshall." He says, winking. He offers a hand to Dallas. "Marshall. Paragon. Two week. New. Deaf. Read lips. If not looking, can't understand or hear." He explains. Which also explains his weird speech pattern, but not the fact that his actual pronunciations are perfect.

Lucas tilts his head a bit at Dallas, "Well… Ah reckon Ah'd much rather you like me and really mean it then be keepin' it hidden and what all…" He shrugs, "Ah guess Ah'll take what Ah can get." He looks at Marshall, "Ah know your name, New Guy."

Dallas takes Marshall's hand and shakes it. He nods and smiles faintly, "Dallas. Pleased to meet you, Marshall." He speaks clearly and slowly, perhaps thinking that will help Marshall read his lips and then then looks back to Lucas. "Maybe. One of these days. But even if you discount all that demon stuff … you did a lot to make sure that our being friends would be difficult. You're going to have to cut me a break if I take a while deciding if I want to put in the extra effort."

Marshall blinks as he has to pay attention to Dallas. Going slowly actually makes it harder. "Speak normal. Don't take slow for me. Read just fine." He waves a hand after the shake. He catches a bit of the conversation and winces a bit. "Sorry. Didn't know bad time. I step back." He says, making sure his eyes are seen to be looking in another direction.

Lucas sighs, "Fuck, Dallas. Just… Nevermind." He sighs, and seems genuinely disappointed at the answer. He instead just begins climbing out of the water.

Mikhail is currently looking for Marshall, which has led him down to the dock, hes also caught the scent of Lucas and… oh!, Dallas. Hes dressed in dark grey jeans, a dark green t-shirt, a light brown jacket with two darker brown strips on the elbows and shoulders, a wood bead necklace (like the ones surfers wear) and white and green sneakers, he walks over and stops next to Marshall, "Heya Marshall, hey Dallas", he looks over at Lucas and turns to Marshall, "They arguing?"

Dallas actually grins at Marshall and says in a more normal time. "No, this is about as good as it gets with me and Lucas. Nobody's being punched or blasted. That's progress." He looks back to Lucas and his expression isn't exactly hard, but it is weighing and dubious, "Yea, I know. It sucks. But for once, if you want somebody to be your friend, you're actually going to have to work for it and make up for being a jerk. Sorry. Consider it another kind of training, if you care." He smiles at Mikhail and nods, "Hey, Mik. I see you settled on a look."

Marshall smiles and reaches a hand out for Mik, as a beaming grin crosses his face. "Don't know. Saw weird discussion. Looked away. Not intrude." He says, shaking his head cleanly. He's still not looking at Lucas or Dallas. After all, it seemed private. And, hey, it's as good as private! Though at Dallas's pointed words that he sees, he grins, moving to lean against Mikhail. "OH! This Dallas. Dur. Two plus two. Not six, Marshall." He says to himself, rolling his eyes. He's heard… well… whatever. He knows of Dallas.

Lucas finishes getting up onto the dock, standing there dripping. His board shorts hang loose and low on his hips as the water drains off him. He reaches down and picks up the white gloves, which he begins to put on his hands. He looks back at Dallas, "Ah don't need your trainin'…" he mumbles. He looks Mikhail, "What up, Mik. You meet the new guy yet?" he asks, gesturing at Marshal.

Mikhail takes Marshall's hand and smiles, "Yeah Dallas, I've had this look for a while, where have you been?", he grins at Lucas, "Yeah, Me and Marshall have met".

Dallas glances aside at Lucas and then back to Marshall and Mikhail as the new student leans on Mikhail. There is a moment of surprise and then his smile is faint and amused. He says, dryly, "I think they may have met." His smile fades a bit and he says, "Back home. Family stuff with my granddad. It's handled now."

Marshall pokes at Mikhail. "Silly talk." He looks at Dallas, "We met as roommate. Not roommate soon. Work too well." He nods softly. "Understand Mikhail. Understand Marshall." He shrugs. "Mikhail teach. Marshall teach." That's basically the explanation.
Lucas furrows his brow a little,and then sighs. "The triple X gene strikes again," he mumbles as he roles his eyes. He leans against one of the dock poles, folding his arms over his bare chest. "Is your granpaw okay?" he asks Dallas.

Mikhail knows Dallas well enough by know not to press the granddad subject as Dallas will just say everythings ok, he'll talk to him later, he rolls his eyes at Marshall at the "silly talk" comment then puts and arm around him, and conferms, "Work too well", Lucas gets a raised eyebrow, "Triple X gene?"

Dallas nods at Marshall and says, "Ah." That about sums it up for him. He arches his eyebrows at Mikhail at that possessive gesture, trying not to grin and then at Lucas's question, genuinely smiles, "Better than ever. I had to hold Wyatt back from working on 'improvements'." He turns to Lucas inquiringly, as though curious about Mikhail's question as well.

Marshall blinks, and tries to figure it out. "Vin Diesel?" He asks, completely lost on the whole conversation. The arm evokes another grin as Marshall considers. "Oh, the quantity mutant gay teenagers?" He asks, holding up a finger. "No… not necessarily gay. Had girlfriend. Had boyfriend. Currently… have boyfriend. Not gay. Just like people."

Lucas smirks at Marshall, "Right," he says, though its hard to tell if he means Marshall got the Xgene joke correct, or that he disbelieves him about being not gay. "So… Wyatt… He's, um… good with medicine then?"

Mikhail nods at Marshall's statment, labels don't make any sense to him, and they don't seem to bother Marshall either, "Why does gay mean triple x?"

Dallas rolls his eyes at Marshall and says, "I like baseball. Won't catch me molesting the pitcher's mound." His tone amused and a little caustic. Not that Marshall will catch it. He nods at Lucas. "Yea. It's kind of what he does. Biochemistry and stuff." He glances aside to Mikhail and says, "I think he's trying to make some kind of link between X-rated stuff and being into guys. The usual baiting crap."

Noting what Dallas says, Marshall nods softly. "Ah, he bait people. Like master." He says with a nod before grinning impishly. "Think may watch kung fu movie tonight. What think, Mikhail?" He asks, with a grin. Mikhail will know what it means. Maybe Lucas.

Lucas sighs, unfolding his arms. "Ah ain't baitin' y'all…" He looks at Dallas, "Whatever." He bends over, picking up his life jacket, shirt and oar. Then he lifts the kayak with his other hand, a feat that clearly indicates he has some amount of inhuman strength. He pushes past Dallas and begins to walk towards the boathouse, a little annoyed.

Mikhail turns and grins at Marshall, "Yes watching a kung fu movie sounds like a very good idea", he know exactly what Marshall means, he rolls his eyes as Lucas goes to walk off, "Lucas, you've been baiting people since you got here, the first time i met you, you bugged me enough i threw you into the pool, you gotta be prepaired to take some crap for things like that".

Dallas grunts as he's pushed and just shakes his head as Lucas goes. "Nice to know some things don't change." His tone and expression are a melange of faint irritation and resignation at that. He looks between Mikhail and Marshall, completely missing the significance of talk about kung fu movies. He nods at what Mikhail and then says, "Well, you guys have fun. I have a man-high stack of class work to catch up on."

Marshall missed that entire conversation and shrugs slightly. "Ok… strangeness." He says with a nod. He looks up to Mik. "We see what have in there." He nods. Not much more he can put on with right now.

Lucas deposits the kayak into the middle of the boathouse, as if that's where the kayak goes. He hangs his preserver on a hook, and then walks back out, carrying his shirt and oar. "Ah'm headin' back to the mansion. Should Ah wait so you don't have to walk with me, Quarterback?"

Mikhail nods at Marshall then sighs, he takes his arm off from round him, "One sec", he runs forwards a couple of steps then jumps, turns in mid-air and lands in front of Lucas, "Quarterback?, his name is Dallas, a quarterback is what he is, and the tone you used, was baiting, i suggest you behave".

Dallas arches an eyebrow at Lucas. "I don't have anything against you Lucas. I just don't have anything /for/ you, at this point." He starts walking himself. "Go or go, I don't care." He turns back to give Mikhail and Marshall a wave, "Enjoy your movie, guys. And don't mind him, Mik. He's just kind of, well … he's what he is." With that he heads out.

As he sees Mikhail go do his thing and everyone start to leave, Marshall nods with a shrug. "Going back. SEe soon." He knows Mikhail will be fine, whatever he goes to do. He trusts him. "See you in bit. Maybe Bruce Lee." He says with a bright grin, thinking about Kung Fu. He will be able to pull a Keanu tonight.

Lucas tilts his head at Mikhail, and then rolls his eyes, "Ah ain't fightin'." He walks around Mikhail and heads off towards the mansion as well.

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