2011-07-15: Repercussions


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Summary: Vinny isn’t too happy with how Dingo was acting when he was on Kick. He decides to tell this to Bruce. Kalindi, David, & Annabeth try to calm him down.

Date: July 15, 2011

Log Title: Repercussions

Rating: R (L)

NYC - Mutant Town (Avenue A)

Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture.


Early evening in Mutant town, people walk the streets in the illumination of the storefronts and street lights. In an alley across from the Nowhere Bar Vinny leans against the wall watching the establishment. He's known of Bruce's escape the minute it hit the news and knows he'll come back here eventually. He's already washed the area around the bar clean making sure there's no sand to tip Bruce off to his presence. The two have some unfinished business tonight.

For the first time in a long time Bruce has decided to return home to his beloved Nowhere. He had seen Lil the previous evening when he picked up Tiberius from her place. The two had managed to make up after several hours of Bruce apologizing to the woman. The man is wearing a pair of tight blue jeans, a tan tank top, and a camo army hat. He's wearing sunglasses even though it's night, perhaps trying to disguise himself. The tattoos on his arms are pretty good giveaways though, but Bruce is not terribly concerned.

Mutant Town is Bruce's territory. The people here would not harm him. As he approaches the bar he does notice a distinct decrease in the amount of particulate matter. Strange. He'll need to hit up the beach to beef up his arsenal around the bar.

Kalindi sits on her gold disc, flying low to the ground a bit slowly as she passes through Mutant Town, looking at the establishments in the area as she passes them, or perhaps looking at her reflection in the mirror-like glass. Her disk slows once again as she comes across the alley Vinny is in, and she looks at him for a moment before offering a silent nod.

Kalindi sits on her gold disc, flying low to the ground an a bit slowly as she passes through Mutant Town, looking at the establishments in the area as she passes them, or perhaps looking at her reflection in the mirrorlike glass. Her disk slows once again as she comes across the alley Vinny is in, and she looks at him for a moment before offering a silent nod.

Exiting Nowhere, David dressed an orange shirt and black shorts and red cybershades, he notes the time and realizes he should head back to the Institute before lockdown. As he makes his way out of the bar, he ponders grabbing some food at the corner vendor. The food at Nowhere is good but he has a craving for a falafel and so he heads in the direction of the vendor, not really paying attention to people in the area.

Vinny sensed Kalindi's approach but doesn't react, his gaze focused on the bar and those coming and going. He perks up as a very familiar bioelectric signature trips on his electrolocation ability. Soon after he spots Bruce approaching the establishment and pushes off the wall to step out into the street. "G'day Mate…" the words more spit out than spoken. The street literally shakes as the two manhole covers closest to the bar blow out of the street to land spinning on the asphalt as the Hybrid's eyes begin to glow an ice blue color. Two large spires of water raise from the open manholes, dotted with trash and debris from the storm drains. "We got a lot ta talk about you an' I.. and some business that need's finishin'" Anyone who knows Vinny can see the change in him, the way he stands, the way he moves. The once naive mutant has become hardened by his recent trials.. and his control of his powers has increased at least threefold.

Bruce hesitates for a moment as he spots David. He waves to the other mutant and begins heading toward him, wanting to see if Lil had given him any information. Bruce had given the photos of the Xavier's students to her the night before so that she could ask around during her shift today. He stops abruptly as he hears the familiar voice of Vinny, turning a bit slowly and giving the other mutant a sheepish grin. "Oy, Vinny…Yeah I did go a bit crazy on that Kick. Can we catch up over a beer? Actually I could use your…Help?" He stops talking as he notices the less than friendly demeanor in the platypus.

Bruce frowns and jumps back a bit when the manhole covers pop off. "Hey buddy, no need to get all pissy. What yer gonna attack me in front of Nowhere? Is that such a good idea?" Is it? Bruce doesn't remember much from his last week on Kick. Who knows how many regulars he pissed off. The man does a quick scan for useable material, not finding much nearby. Not nearly enough to fight a hydrokinetic. Bruce's fingers turn to sand, the effect spreading up his hands to his mid forearm. He would rather avoid a fight if he can, but he's ready just in case.

Hopping off of her disc as soon as the jets of water pop up, and spinning it into a gold staff, Kalindi furrows her brows slightly. She slams the staff down on the ground to make a sound louder than one might expect given her small frame, in order to draw attention towards herself. "You are seeking a fight?" says Kalindi, looking towards Vinny, "What is the purpose? Be calm."

Noting the sudden spring of sewer water popping up in Mutant Town, David stops in his walk as he looks to see Vinny walking along towards Bruce. Shaking his head, David mumbles to himself, "He's out like a week. I gotta admit. I thought he would get into trouble much sooner." David remains where he is as he knows Vinny is not the type to just attack someone, but he eyes both people. He has yet to notice Kalindi. He smiles when Bruce recommends that civility takes over in place of violence. David nods to Bruce and decides to approach when Kalindi makes her presence known. David grabs his head whenever near a demon presence, his powers go bit wonky. The last time he saw her, she got beat down by Hosea and David saw something he regretted seeing. He pauses from walking and just leans against a wall for a moment as he exhales and adjusts. She is stopping a potential fight, so she has to be good, right?

Vinny grits his teeth and brings his hands together in a single swift motion, the waterspouts on either side of the Nowhere fire out with geyser-like force and slam into bruce on either side forming a sphere of water with only Bruce's head sticking out, keeping him trapped since he'd just turn to mud in the watery prison. "Cork it wanker, yer gonna hear me out." He doesn't even look toward's Kalindi's display "Anyone sticks a nose in this gets a quick lesson in exotic organic Nuerotoxins.. and it won't be pleasent." Long spurs of bone extend from the backs of his hands to about eight inchs over his knuckles, a single drop of green venom on the tips to accent his point. "Now I promised a few people I wouldn't turn yer backside into adobe just yet. But yer gonna sit tight and listen.. or I'll flush you so far down the new York sewers you'll be halfway ta Jersey before ya can pull yourself together."

Bruce takes a wide stance to brace himself and holds out his hands in an apparent attempt to block the jets of water coming toward him. Surprisingly, the water doesn't seem to affect the parts of his body that he turned into sand. He has much more control over his own body than he does external sands, and he is capable of hardening himselt to the density of cement, which is what he did here.

Bruce shakes his head, "Kalindi, stay back. I've got this. You too David. No need getting involved. He's got good reason to be mad at me." He gives the platypus a fierce look. "Granted, I don't know what he's trying to prove here. The drugs are gone, I'm back to my old self. He's the one that's dangerous now it seems. Eh Vinny? You'd attack civilians so that you could get your revenge on someone? Before you yell at me for causing trouble, take a look at the fact you're doing exactly what I did. And I had an excuse, I was on drugs. What's yours?"

Kalindi shakes her head and dips her staff into her backpack, gold seeming to crawl up her arms as she does so, and creating a closely fitting body armour, where only her eyes are visible, and those flash black, seeming to draw the light out of the air. She brings the staff forward again to rest on the ground, and tosses her backpack off now that it is emptied of content. "Do not try to intimidate me." She glances over towards Bruce and says, "If you are sure that you do not want me to intervene. But just say the word. You are in a dangerous position." She takes a couple of steps back, and watches, resting on her staff lightly.

Still adjusting, David looks up at Vinny's attack and imprisonment of Bruce. Apparently he and Bruce have issues and need to talk. Upon hearing Bruce's words and Kalindi stand down, David smiles. Having adjusted to all of the skillsets of those present, he exhales, "Vinny, he's agreeing to listen to what you have to say. So I believe the power display isn't necessary." Admittedly David does not know Vinny well. Having gotten the chance to know him when they assisted in rebuilding Mutant Town, but from he remembers this was not how the platypus acted. Whatever Bruce did, must have been something big.

Vinny sneers "Civilians? Ya wanna talk Civilians? Ok mate.. let's talk. Let's start with tha NMO, the blokes ya sided with even before ya got on kick. Turns out they were workin' for the same guy that had people kidnapping the civilians in this town to make MGH. They were 'deliberatly' gettin' mutants hooked on kick cause tha boosted blood made a stronger product. Tha rally where you sided with them was staged.. they hid behind their force field while dozens of 'civilians' got hauled away and ya left me to fight for my life! Only ta turn a blind eye when one of yer new buds blasted me in the back for tryin' ta talk sense inta you!" Even through the blue glow in his eyes the anger shows, the betrayal. "Oh but that isn't even tha begining ya sonuva bitch."

Bruce offers a nod to Kalindi. "Lucky for me I'm pretty hard to kill. I just don't want you to get hurt…Also I'd prefer you not to hurt Vinny…" He stops talking and turns his attention to the hydrokinetic when he starts speaking. Bruce's expression is hard to read. It seems to be a mixture of annoyance and true regret. He shakes his head when Vinny stops speaking, "I had no idea that was all staged. When did you figure that all out? After I was arrested? And you were in a present state of mind, how was I supposed to figure that out back then?"

Bruce drops his head a bit. "Of course I'd never intentionally allow you to get hurt. I just…" The man shakes his head and sighs. "I don't know what kind of a life you've lived, but I've seen some terrible things. Sometimes it feels like I'm the only one fighting to protect the people here…I know that's not true, but it feels that way. I saw them and they…Convinced me they were like me. That they had the same goals, shared the same pain. I got caught up and I'm sorry."

Still standing by, Kalindi does comment, "Not everyone is as they seem, I am sad to say." Her eyes continue to watch, her expression inscrutable but probably as passive as her gaze and posture. "I have learned as well that it is not always smart to trust people."

Letting Bruce and Vinny continue their heart to heart, David moves forward and speaks to Kalindi in Hindi, <It has been some time since I last saw you. I hope things are well considering.> David gulps a bit but offers a sympathetic apology for what Hosea did, <He was not in the right state of mind at the time.> Watching all the participants, he remains defensive but not acting on anything at the moment.

Vinny shakes his head "Don't give me that crap ya Drongo, tha town had been tryin' ta drive off the NMO for weeks before that rally, if ya were truly tha defender ya claimed ya'd have sided with the people ya keep sayin' ya were tryin' ta protect! Ya saw a chance at power, pure and simple.. ya wanted tha NMO for yer own ends. While ya made yer damn plans for takin' over the rest of tha city this town went ta hell. I'd get up every mornin, hear folks talkin' about who disappeared the previous night. See parents postin' fliers lookin' for their child who didn't come home. Tha town needed protectin' and dammit I did what I could. I gathered help and took down the MGH labs.. resuced whoever I could, god only know how many folks this town lost becasue I wasn't strong enough. I stood by ya when tha cops were blackmailin' you and alot of good people will never forgive me for that, the avengers wanted me tossed in jail for it if Iron man hadn't vouched for me. So where were you when I needed ya?" The glow in Vinny's eyes increased and the water bubble seems to compress on itself, even Bruce's concrete form can feel the pressure as Vinny increases the water's density.. a new trick it seems.

Bruce lets out a quiet pained noise as the water pressure increases around his chest. The cement form climbs up his arms and protects the rest of his exposed body from being constricted further. "Yes, I saw power and I wanted it. Power to protect this city. Just like the power you just said you lacked. If you'd had more maybe you could have done more. But no, we're all quite lucky in that you saw what that shit did to me. You were able to resist using Kick, I wasn't strong enough."

The front door to Nowhere opens and a few people poke their heads out. Apparently the scene is starting to get some attention from the people inside. A few moments later a woman with light blue hair and a white dress steps out. She looks from Bruce to Vinny and places her hands on her hips. "God-motherfucking-damn it! What the hell is wrong with you Bruce!? Out for one damn week and already starting shit?" She menaces a finger at Vinny, "And YOU. If one chip of paint is out of place on the outside of this building, I swear I'll turn you into boots." She turns quickly and yells at her patrons. "Everybody inside! Now!" Lil takes one look back at the two and slams the door to the bar.

There's something to be said about living in Mutant Town. One of those things is that it never really gets boring here. The twins that make up Annabeth stop to watch the ruckus that's happening out in the middle of town. They pause and blink at the spectacle and ask the closest person (Kalindi), "What's going on now?"

Kalindi turns her gaze towards David and replies, <It seemed like he was in quite a normal state of mind. The only reason he was not is because of what he thinks I am, and that is not a matter of states of mind. And that hatred and attack seemed to be a part of who he is. So be it. I understand he is your friend, but understand he nearly killed me. For no reason other than my being.> Her gaze returns to the exchange between Vinny and Bruce, which she continues to calmly oversee. She turns her armored head towards Annabeth, the only part of her body visible the eyes that glow black. "These two are sorting out their differences. Should one go too far, I will intervene," she says in her thick accent.

David realizes Kalindi is set in her mind and realizes she and her 'father' were 'gracious' for not killing Hosea. He nods and when Annabeth appears to ask David confirms, "Yeah, this is how the heroes of Mutant Town work out their differences." When Lil walks out David nods his head impressed. "I should have brought popcorn and a soda. But yes, between Bruce, Vinny, and Kalindi. I don’t see this getting too out of hand." He blinks a moment and rethinks that last statement.

Vinny glances to Lil as she leaves "Somone remind me ta reverse tha waterflow on her sewer line later. Mabye a few hours having to clean crap off her ceilings will teach her ta keep the animal threats to herself." His gaze focuses back on Bruce "Oh but it gets better.. ya see I finally managed ta find tha bastard responsible and take him down. After he'd killed Kyle and tha rest of the NMO leadership tryin' ta cover his tracks. After all tha fightin and tha pain the truly bad part is that it wasn't some human tryin' ta wipe us out. It was another damn Mutant. Some wanker named Chemicalo that saw us all as just raw materials so he could become rich and powerfull. That's what it all comes doan ta isn't it? Power.. Magneto.. Chemicalo.. and you. More power.. more control.. who cares who gets hurt in the process eh? I'd have killed that bastard if SHIELD hadn't gotten involved.. I hope he can never walk again after what I did ta him. So I just wanted ta make sure you knew the whole story of what happened, an I saved the best for last." He walks over a bit closer to look bruce in the eyes. "Kick.. was made from Mutants. While you were gettin' high an plannin' ta 'protect' us all, ya were really just drainin' the life outta this town, feedin' on it's people. Yer a parasite.. an overgorged tick fat on the life's blood of this town and it's people."

Bruce smirks slightly. "Yeah…Messing with Lil's not such a great idea…" But he's quiet again as the Platypus continues on his rant. He does feel bad for David and Kalindi, having to stand around and make sure Vinny doesn't go off the deep end. When Vinny's done with this portion of the rant Bruce shrugs. "I knew that already. You forget Vinny, I was being held in a SHIELD prison. They didn't treat me so bad their once I was sober. They kept me updated on what was going on…" His eyes narrow a bit when Vinny tries to rip on Magneto, though they're still behind sunglasses so it's not terribly apparent. "You done yet? I can appreciate that you're pissed. And I know I wasn't a very good friend, but you're bordering on shit you don't know anything about. You can't understand people like me or Magneto. You haven't felt the pain we have. We do what we have to for the greater good. You can believe what you want, I don't much care."

One half of Annabeth snorts derisively while the other rolls her eyes, saying, "Heroes of Mutant Town." The first half continues, "It's because of heroes like I have yearly spikes in my rent because my landlady can't afford the insurance." Two pairs of arms fold as she watches the two argue with a disapproving scowl that only a teacher can wield with such effectiveness.

Kalindi glances over to Annabeth and nods her head slightly. "This is more of a grudge match than any kind of thing I would even dare to call heroic. But it is not even a match, it is all one way so far." She shrugs and says, "I do not think such things are necessary, but I do not understand completely the way that some men choose to talk to each other."

Leaving the women be for a moment, David walks towards Vinny slowly with his arms out showing that he has no intention to attack or interfere. "Vinny, bloke, he's apologized. He was on Kick. He really had no idea what he was doing. What more do you want from him? There's not much more he can do." David looks towards Bruce, "He does not know your pain and what you and the residents here went through directly by that ordeal, but he has had his own ordeals. His own pain. His own suffering. What more can be done here?"

Vinny hmphs "Yer Greater good seems ta get more people killed than it protects. So I said my peice and will end it on this note. Keep your head down, this ain't tha town ya left and I doubt yer gonna find many friendly faces here anymore. Ya start causin' trouble and this time it'll be you answering ta me. I wasn't strong enough ta deal with you when the MGH mess first started.. but I've had to push my abilities ta their limits so many times in the past months that I sure as hell am now." He motions with one hand and the sphere around bruce splashes to the ground and flows under Vinny's feet, lifting him about a foot off the ground. "I was forced ta take up the mantle of defender when ya turned yer back on this town. But I'll stand against anyone or anything that threatens this place and the people in it, even you."

Bruce nods to David, "Thanks, mate." He turns his attention back to Vinny, "Oh dear, I'm sorry protecting people is such a burden for you. I'll do what I have to to keep our entire race safe. If you become an obstacle to the advancement of mutant kind? You can expect some resistance." Bruce takes a moment to shake off his arms a bit before he returns his body to flesh, wincing up instantly and making a face. "Ah…Ya soaked me to the boxers buddy." He pulls out his phone and sighs, "And…Yup. Need a new one of those. How annoying."

Annabeth expresses a dual sigh of exasperation as she listens to the two banter. "God," says one while the other says, "Boys. I've got teenagers in my classes that are more mature than those two." One turns to Kalindi, "And the irony is that the two self proclaimed saviors of Mutant Town aren't even from here." The other winces and then apologizes. "Sorry. I've been having something of a rough day. You don't need to hear me snark."

"Well… I am not from here either, but I hold some affection for the place, and I will also defend it if I can. I do not even /live/ here though," replies Kalindi, glancing over towards Annabeth. At this point the glow in her eyes has faded, so the area around her eyes is visible under the armour. She glances between the twins and says, as one seems to apologize for the other, "Are you two, ah, I do not know the word. Copies?"

As the issues seem to have been dealt with, David breathes a sigh of relief. David looks at all present, "Since we are all ready to defend Mutant Town and are friends now. Why not a drink or something?" He points to Nowhere, "I am sure Lil wouldn't mind some patronage, no?" He asks al present as he walks and opens the door for them all to head inside.

Vinny hmphs "Yeah keep making jokes.. I've said my peace and we'll just have to see what happens. Have fun with you adoring public, I have work to do." The wave under his feet carries him away from the bar. The water splits in two and flows back down the manholes it came from even pulling the covers shut behind it. Without another word Vinny heads away from the area towards the park, likely headed to his usual practice spot.

Bruce shakes his head and sighs. "Eh, see ya around I guess." And then when he's out of earshot, he adds "You mongrel." Bruce turns to Kalindi and David. "Sorry about that. It was…Not expected. Thanks for helping talk some sense into him though. And yea, a drink sounds good. Drinks on me tonight. Your friend is welcome to join us, Kalindi." He motions to Annabeth, who he has not met yet." He waves an arm for them to follow and heads in after David.

"Twins," answers the two together. "Well. Kind of," amends one, while the other continues the thought. "I'm just one person, but I've got two bodies." She licks her lips thoughtfully at the mention of free booze. This kind of spending is usually outside her budget. "What the hell," she says, shrugging half of her moving towards the bar, while the other half walks away towards the apartment. "I've got a light load of papers to grade tonight. I should be able to get them done."

"Oh, yes, twins. That is the word," says Kalindi, nodding slightly, "I am sorry, English is my, ah, I think it is my fourth language. If I do not use words many times I sometimes forget." She looks towards Bruce and then nods at him, "I am always worried when there is so much aggressiveness between people here. I will also come for a short time, I think." She walks over to pick up the backpack she removed earlier, putting her hand into it to shed all of the gold back into the pack and hefting it up.

"Wow, that is an interesting mutation. Never seen it before." David smiles, "Well, I need to get back to the school at some point soon, but I have time before the last train." David walks into the bar holding the door for the ladies and looks to Bruce, "I see you have a great way of making friends. But Vinny is a good guy, so don't go too rough on him next time you encounter him."

Bruce laughs at David. "Don't go so rough on HIM? Yeah. I'll keep that in mind the next time he tries to drown me." He walks into the bar and is immediately swarmed by about a dozen people. Lil appears to be in a better mood now that the drama outside has quelled. Bruce fights his way to the bar and hands a card to Lil. "Their drinks are on me tonight." He points to the group and is pulled off by a man with antlers who apparently has something important to discuss with him. Bruce will spend the night table hopping, visiting with various people in the bar and stopping by to check up on the group occasionally.

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