2011-06-27: Reporting In


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Summary: Vance tracks down Tony at the Avenger Mansion to tell him about the latest run in with Tabitha.

Date: June 27, 2011

Log Title: Reporting In

Rating: PG

NYC- Avenger Mansion War Room

The War Room holds the heart of the Avengers tech. Monitoring systems, computers, networks to SHIELD and their other allies, as well as holding their various devices when not in direct use, such as comm units and so forth.

Deep in the Avenger Mansion the War Room is alive with activity. Monitoring systems are scanning the grid of New York while other screens are scrolling reports from various agencies, sightings of Patches, and even an auction for a collectors item on Ebay. A continuous stream of data is running as Tony stands amongst it all possibly paying attention to the screens or not it can't be determined. It's a Terrible Tuesday indeed.

Entering into the War Room, Vance dressed in his Justice uniform flies in and telekinetically hovers by one of the monitors that Tony uses to scan for information on Patches. "Well, I can give you an update on your charge, Tony. She's nuts and more powerful than I expected." He hovers for a moment before resting on one of the seats in the War Room. "Encountered her last night in Mutant Town."

The screens in the room continue to cycle through information though the large map zooms in on Mutant Town for a moment where a light is applied then zooms back out again. "Did I miss the call or did you forget to summon the Avengers to the scene?" Tony is still looking impassively at the screens before him as a hologram pops up off to his right pulling up Taskmasters footage from the bank robbery plus several other small video feeds showing Tabitha's abnormal behavior caught on film by traffic camera's from around the city. "Technically she's no longer my charge but that's a minor thing. Right now she's a problem." Turning his head towards Vance, "What was said?"

Blinking a bit at Iron Man and shrugging, "Not sure." As the various screens zoom with information and the hologram showing Tabitha, Vance continues, "She seems to be possessed or something. Most likely from Mindbender, I guess. She was spouting off about people being infected and uninfected." Vance moves to one of the monitors and draws up a hologram of the incident to play before them. Tabitha is a stolen Dodge Charger crashing it into a record shop. Hurling fire blasts Vance an a Bistro. Vinny, Aiden, and Kai at the scene all engaged in battle. Justice and Vinny ptting out fires saving people. Aiden getting knocked out and Tabitha leaving the scene. "She also now has telekinesis among other demonstrated powers, those from Rashmi and those fire wielders she fought alongside Taskmaster."

Tony nods dispassionately. "Like I said the other night after her stint in Hells Kitchen, Mindbender and Upgrade are the root of the problem. Tabitha is merely a distraction as are the other teens caught up in this." Pulls up imagery of the two fire based individuals from the bank robbery to add to the collection of powers Tabitha is wielding at the moment. "Cause chaos over here, and individuals are far too busy protecting the people and putting out the fires to find the super villains."

"There were four people engaging her in battle and she knew the only way to turn the tide was to hurt innocents. And as a power mimic, she is difficult to beat when she is using your own powers and others simultaneously. She is like a human Super-Adaptoid." Vance goes to pull up old Avengers missions against Adaptoid. "Thankfully we've beaten him. So we can beat her. But… I fear our reticence to go all out makes it even more difficult to capture her."

"What is your definition of all out?" Tony asks curiously as files close and open simultaneously. Information is changing about at a rapid pace that no one will be able to keep up with save for the one screen that Justice is messing with which Tony's left in the Avengers control. "She can be taken down but there are those that are shall we say a bit overzealous."

"Well I think some of us may use more restraint due to her connection to you." Vance answers matter-of-factly as he continues to review how similar powered beings have been defeated. "And no one on the Avengers will be overzealous. We will follow and do what you say. I agree she can be taken down. But do you have any specific ideas on how?"

Tony turns away from the sea of moving video footage and scrolling data. "Use whatever is necessary to bring her down. Regardless of who she is or what connection she may have to me she is still an innocent kid whose been screwed around with. If it were another teenaged kid I'd expect the same action to be taken. If you recall Taskmaster was in the room at the time of this conversation. He showed considerable restraint, which is not his specialty by a long shot, and that is whom the comment was intended for. His idea of not being overzealous in stopping someone from getting away is akin to shooting someone in the thigh then the other to make a matching pair." Now taking up a lean against a metal table Tony peers over at Vance through the holographic projection. "Firstly, call in the team. Secondly, try and neutralize her chances of copying another mutant. Then work together to drop her. She can't handle multiple trained targets but a buncha untrained kids? One trained man? The odds are in her favor."

"Sorry about that, Tony" Vance offers as he turns away from the monitor to listen to Tony's plan and nods "You're right. She's not like Super Adaptoid or Dr. Doom or even Mindbender and Upgrade. She is a kid…" He tilts his head "… a dramatically powerful kid…" He continues, "but a kid, an innocent kid at that." Vance offers a smile to reinforce that he understands what Tony is saying.

Tony snickers, "Dramatically powerful kid? Sorry…I just imagined her turning her head with that look." Forgive him a moment as he has been at this for well over a day without recalling that he's still human and requires things such as sleep and food. Food other than a box of donuts, and a keg of coffee. "I have an Ace up my sleeve should we not be able to corner her and take her down soon. For now we need to keep watch and pounce upon her the next time she shows herself. I'll continue to search for the root of the problem before they go empowering more insanity amongst the mutant population."

Noticing Tony and laughing a bit at the imagined impression of Tabitha's head turning. "Alright. I know you need to work and be leader of Avengers and run Stark International and all that fun stuff, but why not take a break? Want to grab something to eat?" Vance offers the Ironed Avenger, "It'll even be my treat." Vance treating one of the richest men in the world, ha!

There is quite a lot of work to be done on many fronts and never enough time in a day to finish it all. When one issue is taken care of another arises to take it's place. Even on Stark-Time he's still behind between the company, the Avengers, the Department of Defense, and freeing up time to make the presentation at MIT over the weekend. "I appreciate the offer Vance but…" he trails off watching the young Avenger for a moment. "Your treat?" There's a smirk creeping across his facade. "I believe I'll accept!" The reply is cheerful as Tony's already heading out of the War Room. Poor Vance has no idea what he's just gotten himself into; hopefully the Avenger pay is good enough to cover the bill.

With that Vance follows Tony out to change into regular clothes and calls to see the balance on his credit card to be sure he can cover the tab without breaking the bank, so to speak. Vance has no idea what he has gotten himself into.

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