2009-04-01: Requesting Permanence


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Summary: Addison takes a moment to find a place in this world, with Scott's help.

Date: April 1, 2009

Requesting Permanence

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Cerebra

// Only few people have access to Cerebra and even fewer know how to use her to her potential. Once inside it's like being inside a large silver globe, with silver panels lining ever bit of the spherical wall. There is only circular doorway in and out of here that only few personal have the ability to open. The X-Patterned door way leads to a narrow walkway with rails on either side to a circular platform directly in the middle. There's a control panel, chair and a helmet that allows for locating mutants, cataloguing mutants, and recreating an individual mutant's recent memories.//

With everything over, mostly, Addison has chosen to remain. That's not an unknown, as he's been planning it for a while. However, there are things that need to be discovered. At present, he's within Cerebra's chamber, preparing to locate any remaining AU folks that are staying behind. Of the telepaths, only two are remaining, while the others return. He's seated, but doesn't have the helmet on… he's just preparing at the moment.

The silver round doors open with the hiss and it appears Scott was going to do some light maintenance with the machine. He's holding a few tools and as he realizes that the machine is about to be used, he stops in his tracks. "Addison." He says, not perturbed that he can't do the maintenance. It was only maintenance, not repair. He approaches the console, looking at the helmet, remembering both Jean and the Professor. "Glad to see Cerebra actually getting some use."

"Someone has to make sure everything's going well." Addison says softly, letting the helmet rest where it belongs for the moment. "With the lack of telepaths here." Well, telepaths or Reed Richards. "Is it alright with you if I stay, Scott?" He asks, just being blunt. No sense beating around the bush. He takes a breath before pulling his hair back into a tail. "I'd really like the opportunity. And I can offer my services as an instructor in my own way." There's a little hopefulness as well as fear of rejection in his eyes, but that's normal for a young man actually applying for a 'job' for the first time.

The dead-pan look of Scott doesn't change during Addison's question. Nor can he really give an indicator of his eye emotions with those glasses on his face. He looks to Addison, looking him over. "I don't mind. I know we could use more experienced people, and the work you've done with Eddie and Daisuke is valuable." The headmaster looks down to the console again.

"Alright then." Addison says with a quick nod and a sigh of relief. Sure, he's a telepath and could have found out, but he's breaking himself of Shadow King's forced habits, slowly. "I simply saw how they envisioned them and offered another vision." He waits a moment as he taps the helmet. "I was scanning and found that there are actually quite a few mutants that have chosen to stay here, to make amends in their own ways. Oddly enough… they all seem to be listed in your files. At least, the ones I've found so far." He pauses for a moment. "They all seem to either not exist or no longer exist here."

"Mutants that have died?" He asks, giving a nod at the concept. He can understand one's desire for redemption. "How many are staying?" Scott asks idly, not asking on who all is staying. He'd want to ask about Jean, but knows that their world's Jean is not /his/ Jean.

"Some, yes." Addison nods softly as he pulls up a list of the ones he's noted. "Cristal Limieux, never existed. Angelo Espinosa, deceased. Douglas Ramsey, Deceased. Sister Joy, never existed. Everett Thomas, deceased. Jean Grey, deceased." Of course, he know the last. "Those are who I've discovered so far. There are probably more. Probably many non-mutants as well. I just… haven't been able to locate many. I'm still not used to this. It's so overpowering."

Scott gives a small sigh when it comes to Other-Jean staying here. Mainly because of her not being his Jean. To him, it could just be another Madelyne Pryor, and no real good came from that. "The Professor was good at using it. I'd offer to help, but I've never used it, just fixed it, maintained it."

"It just takes some getting used to. I'll learn, Scott. Thank you anyway." Addison says with a nod as he winces. "Sorry, I didn't mean to pick that up. But I can vouch for this Jean. She's… scared. But, when Farouk wasn't looking, she tried to be good to me. Even if we didn't know our genetic relationship. I trust her. The others, I don't really know. You might know more of them than I do."

Scott forgot that Addison doesn't have much blocking power, He dodges around the Jean thing, looking to the telekinetic. "I know of their counterparts from here, but that's the extent."

"Of course. And on different worlds, people can do things differently." Addison says with a nod. He looks down bashfully as he scratches his head. "Is… Is there anything else I should be doing?" He asks, still not sure what he'll be doing to earn his keep. Sure, powers training, but what else?

"Your help with Cerebra and the X-Men is good. And offering to help with powers is good as well. Other than that, what else are you able to do, teach?" Scott asks the new member to Xavier's. He's not exactly well-versed in Addison's abilities.

"I'm excellent at chess and strategies…" Addison says with a half grin before shaking his head. "I… only went through school until about ninth grade. That's when our world went to hell." He admits it lightly, shrugging. "That and things may be different here. Who knows if physics change between dimensions?"

The energy projector gives a nod. "Well, if you want to finish out your studies, you can. Chess was the Professor's game, I'd play him every now and again." And as strategies go, Scott's a great strategist, but as they say 'Many hands make labor light.'

"I was considering that. Though, admittedly, the basics required for your world's high school diploma equivalent are exceptionally basic." Addison chuckles, giving a hint of arrogance before he breaks into smile. "Though, collegiate studies would definately be welcome."

Well, it's not like Scott makes the education levels in this nation. "You're right. But we do offer some college level stuff too. So either way." Addison's already on X-Force, so there's no question in Scott's head that he's battle-worthy.

"Alright. Well, I'll do what I can. Thank you. For giving us a chance after the controlling. It's… a nice world you have here." Addison says, nodding lightly. "I know I'll do what I can to help. If there's anything in particular you can think of, just let me know." He says with a half-grin. "Since I'm not really going anywhere."

"Will do. Good luck with your search." Scott will do the maintenance later, not really worrying about it. "I'm sure things will come up, where your help will be needed." There's always stuff to help out on around the mansion.

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