2009-03-10: Rescue


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Summary: Grey King, Mr. Faith, Hellion and Shadowcat go off to rescue Daisuke

Date: March 10, 2009

Log Title Resuce

Rating: PG-13 (mild language, mild violence)

Abandoned Subway Tunnel

After Dagger-Leo healded Cloak-Kenta, as per agreed, Cloak teleported them to where he knew they were keeping Daisuke. He teleports them into a tunnel which appears to be an old subway line that's never been in use. There's some track laid down on one side but it appears the other side was never completed. "Down the tunnel about one hundred yards, there's a station, that was never in use, you should find him, and those that hand a hand in replacing him there. Good luck." He says before vanishing, he figures they can get out on their own easily enough.

"Great. Leave us to deal with them on our own." Addison sighs softly, reaching out to the others mentally to bring their minds to his, if they agree. It's much better to stay connected in the minds than to risk being too loud and giving things away. ~~I'm assuming their Daisuke will be here as well. And maybe his brother. Beyond that, I have no idea.~~

Eddie, in his new white and light blue uniform, frowns as Other-Cloak and Dagger vanish. He gives a harsh look to where they were before looking to the others. Allowing the mind-link, he nods. ~~They might have some of the people that helped attack the mansion~~ he shrugs, looking around. ~~Wonder if this place is connected to my old tunnels…~~ he thinks idly.

~Great, another Daisuke, using sonics against me…~ Hellion rings out to the others in the raiding party. He's wearing his old Hellions training outfit, black and red, grippy boots and fingerless gloves. ~What do you expect? Just cause they invaded our place, doesn't mean they are going to be buddy buddy with us while we bop our way into one of their strongholds.~ He's ready to fight, after the lack of combat he had in the Mansion attack.

~~We can handle them,~~ Shadowcat projects, her mental tone even. She's got her hair pulled back and her contacts in, and her awful black and yellow uniform's on. She starts forward, then pauses and glances back. ~~Do you want me in reserve? They might expect us, but usually not from odd angles.~~

As they walk further, nothing attacks, and they can see a subway platform that's was once in construction but has long since been abandoned. Off the platform is a hallway with a faint light at the end.

~~OF course we can. Though, Eddie. When we see the native Daisuke… maybe you should boost him so you can gain his weakness detection to help us all. I can try to shut theirs down if I can spot him.~~ Grey King offers as he looks between the group. ~~Hmm. Since two of us are more forceful with our abilities, the undetectable… or undetectableS as the case may be, Faith, may have a better chance of checking things out and letting us know.~~

Eddie goes full stealth-mode, following every bit of training he's gotten in the area. Goggles get pulled down and bandana up to cover his nose and mouth. He pauses as he 'listens' to Grey King then smiles behind the bandana. ~~Since they don't know about my new power that's a pretty good idea…~~ he trails off, looking towards Shadowcat. Closing his eyes for a moment, the scar above his eye glows and Faith boosts Shadowcat's abilities to three times their normal levels. His costume starts to morph a little before settling right back into what it already is. ~~Alright. I'm Shadow-Faith right now. Good to go.~~

~Once recon is over, we start in on them?~ He asks to all, since he's not the leader anymore, Julian's having to act more… less vocal during missions. ~We are near silent after all, two of us can fly, and the others can phase.~

~~Remember to hold your breath while you're in the walls, Faith.~~ Stepping up on the air, Shadowcat makes herself literally noiseless. She starts forward again, trailing a hand idly through the wall, like someone holding a hand out a fast moving car's window to catch the air. ~~Yep, Hellion. Unless there're stragglers on the edges that can get taken out quick and quiet before anyone notices, hitting 'em hard and fast and keeping them confused is probably going to be our best option. Grey King, can you get a headcount without being detected?~~

It doesn't seem to be a well protected strong hold at all, it just seems like it could be nothing more than a hideout but then again looks can be deciving or they can just be exactly what it looks like.

Reaching out, Addison nods. ~~I am telekinetic, yes, but my telekinesis is quite visual. I don't have the luxury of invisibility with it.~~ He begins counting mentally. ~~Four. The two Daisukes, I'm going to assume his brother, and one I can't quite feel. I don't know, but I get a… feminine feeling from them.~~ He counts out, moving as quietly as he can, letting the others go ahead.

Faith nods and approaches one of the walls. ~~I'll go in and smoke 'em out?~~ he asks, looking towards ShadowCat and holding up a smokebomb.

~I have a green glow with mine. So it's not invisible either.~ After seeing Addison helping out around the mansion attack, Julian sees this one as a rival, or a good teammate, he's still not sure. The telekinetic awaits the go ahead for the attack, so no action quite yet.

~~Faith, go ahead with that on my mark. King, if you can make a point of confusing the Dai from your universe, that'd be favorite. Hellion, see if you can't separate our Dai from anyone who's holding him. Everything else, we deal with as it comes.~~ Shadowcat airwalks into the ceiling of the tunnel, then has herself a look inside the station. ~~Mark.~~

Looking inside the station she would see a hallway that goes off to a dimily lit room, and that's where Addision would sense the four. There are a few muffled voices that come from the room but it's hard to make out what they're saying.

~~I'll try to go ahead and get a lock on him.~~ Grey King nods as he waits for the smoke bomb to take affect. While doing so, he's going to attempt to latch onto other-Dai's mind and psionically block his powers. Hopefully, he won't notice at first. It's best that way.

~~Yes, Ma'am,~~ Faith replies quickly. Doing just as told and holding his breath, he enters the wall. ~~This is so cool,~~ he thinks, working his way around to slip a hand into the lit room and toss his smoke bomb that'll go off on impact.

~Sure.~ As the action goes down, Julian flies into the room, busting down the door with a telekinetic slam. He looks for the one that looks like he's not part of the group, and tries to grab him to protect Daisuke.

Shadowcat hangs back, watching from above: Ceiling Kitty is watching you get attacked. She's waiting on the scene getting *wildly* confused before jumping in, and when she does, she's dropping straight down on the 'feminine feeling' one, if such a one is in fact visible.

The smoke bomb goes off in the room and then voices can be heard. "Shit! We're under attack, Suresh-*coughcoughcough*" A male voice yells and another voice swears loudly. "I'll fix this." Says a voice that sounds like Daisuke's and then a scream, but it's just that, a scream as his sonics are psionically blocked. "FUCK! What the fuck is this shit?" He asks just lucky that he has his metabolism to be able to deal with the smoke. "Let's just kill the fucker and get it over with." Says the voice that sounds like Daisuke's and then Julian flies into the room to be met with an arrow fired straight at him with surprising accuracy. It looks like the gas didn't get everyone in the room as a woman wearing purple stands off to the back and the gas looks like it just got the two in front. The second Daisuke, or this world's Daisuke, isn't seen at the moment.

His telepathy is pointed towards the crew inside, as long as they're able to receive telepathics, ~~Stand Down. Surrender the native Daisuke and you will not be harmed. Please do not force this to progress into something it does not have to be.~~ Grey King's voice turns back to the teammates, quickly. His body flames as he begins to fly towards the room. ~~Just the three… Can anyone see Daisuke?~~ "Oh, is your scream not working? Well, neither is your weakness detection." He smiles softly, covering himself in telekinetic flames and planes.

Faith slips into the and drops Shadowcat's powers and the boost on her. Moving quickly, he looks around for his Dai adreniline running high. Seeing the woman in purple escaping the smoke, he moves to try and find a place to get to cover hopefully without being seen and start looking around for Daisuke from his hiding spot.

Julian manages to raise a telekinetic shield in front of him before the arrow could reach his chest. "Nice try bitch!" He lashes out to the woman's bow, trying to disarm her even if it's smokey in here. ~Some Hawkeye wannabe is trying to put holes in me. Watch out as you enter.~ Hellion tries to find his Daisuke here, but isn't really getting far with the smoke cloud.

Since Julian's on the chick Hawkeye, Shadowcat ghosts through the smoke toward Daisuke's doppelganger's brother- or at least, where he was last seen. Or heard. She does her level best to drop him silently: a careful blow, aimed at the usual ninja-spot on the back and side of the neck. ~~I think Faith's gone after him, I'm not boosted anymore. Hellion, I can't see, is she trying to run off?~~

Inside the room isn't much, a two battery operated camping lights since electricty has long since been routed out here, a black locked trunk, a few chairs, a make shift bed, and fast food wrappers all around the place. The arrow Hellion deflects just rebounds to the floor, nothing else fired at him. Other-Daisuke just glares at Addison. "You." He growls out. "Fuck you." He spits out but then he doesn't do anything becaue he's lacking his powers, that and combinded with the fact that a ninja of a ShadowCat drops down to knock him out and he falls to the floor. Other-Shuya on the other hand, stands up once he's done coughing and glares up. "You know what, as much as I'd love to kill you, it's better to live and just give you back the piece of shit. He's not worth our lives. Sureshot, stand down. I know when we're out numbered." He says to Other World's Kate Bishop steps out and looks at the brothers, looking not to happy. "How do you know you'll let us go once we hand him over?" Other-Shuya asks. They're selfish people who only look out for themselves.

"I didn't say I'd let you go. I said you wouldn't be harmed. There is a difference. You will be held until the war is over, then returned to your people with an admission of your willingness to do these crimes. Some people are being forced, some are doing it for sheer sadistic fun. I already know that Farouk is not controlling you. So, we'll save you for their tender mercies." ADdison admits, blocking off the entrances and exits he can see, so that they can't escape. ~~I've got them blocked. Find our Daisuke and we'll get out of here. But I'm keeping his powers off. Should I shut down his brothers? Hers? I can't do all three. Two and I'm barely mobile.~~

Ducking behind the trunk, it takes Faith a few moments to realise it's a trunk. He knocks lightly on the side of it. "Dai? Dai?" he tries to get a response out of the trunk. ~~Shadowcat, I think Dai might be in the trunk here,~~ he transmits. Standing and making his presence known, he glances around. ~~Hellion, keep an eye on the girl but don't worry. No powers. Just an excellent archer and martial artist like our universe's. Block the brother's if he has any please, Mr. Falk…~~ of course, then Other-Shuya says something he -really- shouldn't have. Faith walks over and swings a hard punch at his face. "Shut your mouth you stupid bastard!" he growls. "Don't you -ever- say anything about Dai -ever- again!" he yells, rather angry and ready to fling another few punch. "Now tell me where he is!" Uh oh…angry-Eddie.

~No, she's right in front of me. I'll put up a wall if any of them try and make a break for it.~ Hellion looks over to Shuya, his cobalt blue eyes pierce him. "Watch your fucking mouth asswipe, I know what a piece of shit looks like, and it's definitely not that kid." The telekinetic sends out to his team. ~I'm lookin right at the archer, if she pulls anything off, I'll kick some ass. She'll be nothing without her bow.~ The telekinetic knows he will be exposed if he looks around for Daisuke, so he lets Eddie grab his best friend. Standing his ground in front of SureShot.

Shadowcat was in the process of picking up one of the camping lamps, about to ask Shuya to *please* give her an excuse to harm them, when Eddie came up with his theory and then proceeded to go spare. She lets out a tiny little sigh. "FAITH," she says sharply, quick and loud, "STOP. Boost me *right now*." Hopefully his copying her will keep him from getting attacked with more than he can handle- and in the meantime, she's put down the lamp and reached to phase the lid off of the trunk.The punch to Other-Shuya's jaw cause Kate to react but Shuya just stops her. "Sureshot, we're out numbered, it's this or death. I swear, one of these days we will kill you." He spits out to the Gray King as he rubs his jaw and glares at Eddie before smiling. "You're just as pathetic as he is." When Shadowcat phases the lid of the trunk, it's apparent that Eddie was right, tied up, blindfolded and gagged to not be able to use his powers, is Daisuke. He's breathing but unconscious. He's got a few cuts and bruises but nothing that looks like serious injuries.

"War crimes are never taken lightly." Addison says simply. "Once the Shadow King's reign is over, you will serve in prison. My friends will see to it." He states, blocking Shuya as well, just in case. Though that leaves him with bare mobility. He didn't say he would be doing anything… he's not planning to go back. There's no need for him to say more, he'll simply keep the two de-powered while they get them to a holding location.

Faith is prepared to throw another punch right up until Shadowcat speaks up. "Yes, Ma'am…sorry…" he trails off, He does as ordered, boosting Shadowcat again and mimicking her powers. "Calling me pathetic? You don't know the meaning of the word, jerk. You want pathetic, take a look in the mirror," he says, glaring at other-Shuya. ~~Should I gas them? Knock them out?~~ he asks. Ofcourse, once Dai's revealed, Eddie tenses up. He wants to go over but he's waiting for Shadowcat to say he can move.

~I've got them covered while King has them de-powered. So clear on my front.~ Hellion's got his eyes glancing back from SureShot and Shuya quite frequently, just itching to rough 'em up just a little bit.

"Ignore him, he's just baiting us," Shadowcat says shortly, reaching to remove the gag and the bindings with a couple of swift motions. "Faith, get your friend. Do whatever you need to to make getting him out of here easy for you. Grey King, Hellion, let's get these guys topside and go home." And then she rounds on Shuya, and there's no fire in her words, just a cold irritation. "And you keep your bloody mouth shut, or I'll shut it for you." Then she's focusing on helping Eddie get Dai out of the box.

The two aren't happy to go but there comes a point when you know that there is a fight you can't win and this is one of those times. Shuya grins and is about to say something but his companion, Kate, stops him. "Don't get us into any more trouble, we should have killed him earlier like I said instead of waiting." She says shaking her head. Daisuke stirs but doesn't wake up, and from the dried and matted blood in his hair on the back of his head, it looks like someone knocked him out good. If they would have gotten there a day later Daisuke would probably have ended up in the Hudson.

Shooting a glare at Sureshot, Faith looks like he wishes he had Cyclops' powers right now. "Yes, Ma'am," he repeats as he drops the boost on Shadowcat. He glances at Hellion and applies the boost to him now, his uniform morphing into a blue and white version of Hellion's now. Using the telekinesis to help him, he takes Dai from Shadowcat with a concerned expression. "Dai…" he murmurs, resisting the urge to just hug his friend. Escape now, hugs later. Pausing, he uses his new telekinesis to try and separate Sureshot from any visible weapons and arrows to bring them with him in case he runs into trouble and to keep her from having them. Once he's sure he's got Dai stable, he starts to float towards the nearest exit with Dai held tight.

"Doesn't matter, if you'd have killed him we would have hunted you down and found you all the same." The other telekinetic binds the hands of the three baddies with telekinesis. Looks like they are gonna be staring at the business end of a cell pretty soon. ~As long as their Daisuke is silenced, I can fly them wherever we need to drop their asses off.~

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