2009-04-23: Rescue Mission


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Summary: Owen runs into a bit of trouble on the way home and needs some rescuing.

Date: April 23, 2009

Log Title: Rescue Mission

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.

"Now, Fellas. There's no need for this tah have tah get violent," Owen Folger, in his human form, and dressed rather plainly, seems to be in a bit of a pickle. He's already about fifteen minutes late for the curfew to get back to school, unaware that it only applies to students under eightteen. HAving called ahead to tell them he'd be late due to broken down bus, the mutant's run into a bit of trouble. Three thugs, two with knives and one with a chain, have surrounded the teen and seem to be demanding money. "This jus' isn' mah night…" he grumbles.

Cody's all but stopped jogging and working out at the gym proper. He has however been getting his workouts in more practical ways. The evenings are now full of others things, hanging out on rooftops, listening to police scanners via some of the Young Avengers frequencies. Now happens to be one of those times, and having just finished a small altercation not far from here. Hiding out in a tree as said thugs go past and towards the Mutant, there is a quick jump from one branch to the edge of a brick wall near the bridge that overlooks the scene. "Hey guys…" offers the masked teen, his visor blocking his eyes. "Yall havin' a party and not gettin' the invites out, huh?" He says, his hood up and covering his head.

Owen looks up at about the same time as the thugs. The mutant teen arches an eyebrow slowly, hands slipping out of his pockets just in case.

"Get lost, ya joker!" one of the knife wielding thugs yells up to Cody. The second knife-weilder picked up a chunk of broken brick and sends it flying up in the hooden teen's direction.

Rebound doesn't dodge. No….he's the type to do so, but not at the moment. The brick is whirled with accuracy and slams hard into the sternum of the young man who is crouched down, calf-high high-tops spread, body low, hand holding onto the edge. The moment the stone comes a hair from his skin. It rebounds and drops to the ground. There is a flare of blue like a squid inking, it cast a dull blue glow around him and he tilts his head to the side and hops down, landing straight legged on the ground, his aura brightening as he lands. "Anyone else? I mean…while yer at it…" He gives a soft nod to Owen, offering a small salute with a pair of fingers. "Be right with ya, man." comes the drawl.

Owen just shrugs. "Take yer time. Ah got all night," he replies idly. The teen steps back, quietly hoping he wouldn't have to use his own powers tonight.

The thugs all seem rather surprised at all the blue and how ineffective the brick was. They all look at one another before the one that threw the brick curses in another language before lunging forward and trying to stab Cody.

Cody blinks as he notes the knife. Knives are a different breed than bullets and fists. They still will fall under the kinetic umbrella, but they get closer and have the potential of cutting. Having taken some combat classes Cody backs up and reaches to his belt, holding onto the small rubber ball in his hand and while back peddling, he gives it a charge causing his aura to go darker, causing it to glow like some kind of beautiful jewel. It shines out like a small blue star and he holds it up. "Hey, do me a favor n' catch." he says, idly tossing it up into the air at an arching angle as if he were actually tossing it. Now, if caught, it will detonate and toss the kinetic charge of a brick flying at one's face out at the point of contact, if not, it will land on the ground and explode outward in the same way. Cody keeps his distance, hands up.

The thug that lunged reacts on instinct, hand reaching up to catch the glowing ball. Of course, he misses, the ball slipping right through his fingers and hitting the ground. The explosion sends the man off his feet with a yell of pain. Of course, the other two stumble back as well, slightly distracted. The second knife-wielder recovers quicker, slashing towards Cody.

Owen's a bit startled, knocked off his feet by the blast as well. "Woah…clumsy me," he mutters, slowly getting up.

Rebound has beginner combat skills, athletic prowess and a lot of luck. He dodges 2 of the swipes in very impressive remembrances of his TA training in the past couple of months. They are training him hard and from such he has manages to be better than a few thugs, but he's still a novice in the department. He lets out a sharp hiss of pain as his arm catches a swift shallow cut. The red fabric of his arm is ripped open showing a soft shine that comes from the small amount of body armor he wears under his clothes, shorts and a t-shirt made of the stuff. The blade travels down and his lower arm isn't so lucky, getting a small thin line from the blade. Cody reaches quickly to grab onto the man's arm with the knife in it. While doing so a swift leg comes up to plant a heal in the man's gut and push hard.

The knife-weilding arm is caught, much to the surprise of the thug. The boasting and confidence he'd been filled with upon actually seeing that he hit the hero was removed rather quickly as Rebound's boot connects with his gut. The air knocked out of him, the man falls back as his knife clatters to the pavement.

"Well. This is goin' pretty well so f-erk!" Owen's bemused comments get cut short as well. The thug with the chain is currently behind him, chain wrapped around the teen's neck. "Back off, Cape! Do it now or I'll snap this kid's neck!"

Rebound makes a quick roll towards the weapon, grabbing the knife and flinging it off into the distance so that it will not be used. He then grimaces when Owen is caught by the man with the chain. He puts his hands, up, the air around him swimming with the dull blue light. "Fine…backin' off. Just let him go and you and your friends are free to pick yer selves up and try again tommorrow…" He offers with a small grin.

"That's right, ya little prick. Stupid capes always gettin' in the way. We ain' goin' anywhere. You're gonna stand right there and take the ass-kicking that's coming to you," the thug with the chain rants, tightening his grip as Owen starts struggling. "Get up, ya damn lazy fucks!" he yells to his friends as they groan in pain on the ground. Owen meanwhile continues to struggle for breath until rather suddenly…he's just gone. The man with the chain stumbles forward, not quite sure what just happened.

Cody gives a nod of his head as Owen disappears. He hasn't expected it, but his visor masks the look of surprise on it's face. Cody keeps his hands where they are and walks forward. "Look, yer friends are busy. How about this….I'll give you three hits…how's that?" He says moving on of his hands to touch his chin. "Go ahead man…here…." He offers leaning in, putting his hand back up. "Just take a swing….Just so ya can go back and tell yer friends you got beat fair and square and I didn't pull no tricks on ya…" He taps his jaw once more, getting closer still. "C'mon…pop me one."

The thug recoils from Rebound, dropping his chain so that it only hangs from one hand. When what Rebound offers actually registers, the man grins. He starts wrapping his hand in the chain only for a sudden 'CRACK' to sound. Seconds later, the man slumps to the side and falls over unconscious. Standing behind him and holding a branch is Owen. For just a moment it looks like his eyes are glowing and he's covered in something dark. That fades quickly though, the normal looking teenager reappearing. "Sorry, had tah pay that guy back," he remarks.

Cody grunts a little as the man goes down, letting out an "Awww…C'mon now. That was gonna be fun…" He offers, idly reaching for a pair of balls, giving them a light charge and then tossing them over his shoulders to find the other two men that are still unconscious. Perhaps they are only there to help the two sleep like their other friend. Rebound, rid of his glow now extends his hand to Owen, smirking a little. "Nice job there, partner." he offers in his texan drawl. "Yer from the Delta." He notes, knowing the southern dialects rather well.

Owen tosses the branch away as the balls detonate on the two thugs, ensuring they stay out cold for a nice long while. He shrugs, reaching out to shake the offered hand. "Partner? Naw, Ah played the helpless bystander gettin' rescued by the handsome knight," he says. "Tennessee," he states with a nod.

Cody lets his smile spread into a dopey grin when he is called handsome. "Er…yeah…" He offers with a slight blush to his cheek. "Nice ta meet ya Tennessee. I'm Rebound…." He says giving your hand a pump and pulling it back. He idly moves over to a downed guy, pulling out a set of zip-ties from a pouch on his belt, planting a knee in the back of one, pulling his arms back and ziptieing his wrists together and then moving to the next. "Long way from home, huh?" He asks, going about the clean-up.

Owen laughs. "That's where Ah'm from, not mah name," he chimes. "If ya'll lookin' for mah name…" he trails off. "Jus' call me Lurker," the teen finishes, watching Rebound work. "And Ah live in the city these days."

Cody gives a nod. "Lurker, then." He says with a soft smile, finishing up his work and pushing a button on his cellphone to call everything in. He then turns his attention back to Lurker and tilts his head as he approaches. "I take it that party trick I saw was you not really needin' my help?"

Owen shakes his head. "On the contrary…Ah definitely needed the help. Can' do that too often right now," he remarks. "So Ah appreciate the rescue quite a lot there," he smiles. "Ain' got much cash or anythin' valuable so Ah imagine they woulda jus' kicked the daylights outta me."

Cody grunts at the image that enters his head. He sucks in a breath and lets it out and then offers, "Well, I'm more than glad they didn't. But you look like you got some power in there." he offers indicating your torso. "Looks like you could throw a harder punch than me…" He stretches a bit and idly looks down to check his cellphone for something before letting out a soft yawn. "If I wasn't in costume I'd probably ask to see if you wanted to hang out…"

Owen smiles a bit, shrugging. "Ah dunno 'bout punchin' harder than the superhero but Ah do work out a lot," he admits. "Well…go get outta costume if ya'll want. Home knows Ah'm gonna be late but Ah didn' say how late," he says with a chuckle.

Cody gives a nod of his head. "Mmm…Don't know protocal about that sort of thing." He offers, scratching the back of his head and idly texting something quickly on his phone. "hang on for a sec….let me see what's goin' on…" He says as he texts, speaking while his focus is on the phone. "So, where you wanna go?"

Owen blinks, tilting his head to the side. "Protocal?" he asks, a bit confused. "Uh. Well, Ah dunno. That way?" he asks, pointing in the direction he'd been walking before getting attacked.

Cody gives a nod of his head as he walks with you and slips away the phone into a pocket. "Mind makin' a detour….just need to change real quick…unless you wanna wait here?" He asks, making a soft sprint towards the treeline.

Owen blinks, glancing at the restrained men and then following. "Ah don' min' a detour. Feel a little safer gettin' away from this park anyway," he says, slightly nervous chuckle following.

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