2009-07-29: Rescue Of A Robin


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Summary: Addison, Rob, Robyn and Skyler go off to rescue Robin.

Date: July 29, 2009

Log Title Rescue of a Robin

Rating: PG-13


The last three weeks or so have been horrible for Robin. They draged him to a different locale which wasn't as high tech as the last. In fact they aren't experiment on him but just using him as an MGH source along with three other mutants. He's been kept alive enough for them to take what they need for a continual supply of the drug. Robin's been kept in a room, strapped to a table still, with not much said to him.

With the information Skyler dug up and Addison being able to grab a quick location on Robin's mind before being shut out again. So a few have decided to head out into the city to find the location. Lucky for the group Skyler looks just like the lead woman from before. They find themselves in the Bronx by an old run down apartment complex that looks abaondoned, but then looks can be deciving.

Visual imagery is one of the easiest things to put in someone's mind. A change of clothing. To all intents and purposes, the world around sees Addison and whoever else is along dressed in business suits much like those of Skyler's current form's normal. Their faces are also altered to be much more bland and uncaring… and older in the case of some. Of course, he doesn't have to alter Skyler's. "This direction." He says, softly. "That's where I felt Robin's mind. I can't pinpoint it much better than that without being attached to Cerebra."

One thing is very clear once the group has entered the abandoned building is that Sklyer is very, very good at acting. Of course it helps that she looks just like the lady and that she's stolen some of her good business clothes and has done enough research about her to make a very passable impression. She nods to Addison and walks with an air of authority and derision to anybody below her station, leading the group of 'new hires' across the building.

Robyn follows along, as he insisted that he'd help out since they left Robin behind. "As soon as we get close I can try to posses one of them and get to Robin, you'll just have to protect my body." He says in a quiet voice. With the training he's been getting better with his possesion, it's the psychic weapondry he has the most trouble with and his astral projection is still not very well controlled.

Robin certainly can't pass for female at the moment and his androgyny is cut down by the unshaven face and the start of a scraggly beard. He stares up at the roof with his eyes half open, tugging against the restraints every once in awhile as if this is just routine, not as if the teen actually has any intent to escape. Every once in awhile he mumbles the name, "Blank" and then closes his eyes.

Right now, Rob's just greatful the spare training uniform he's got on under the illusion went invisible after adapting to him. Atleast now he doesn't need to be naked to be unseen. But for now, he's keeping quiet as he follows along. He wasn't going to sit this one out. "You're not going in alone, Robyn," he says, glancing at the student.

"Will you stop muttering that." One of the other mutants snaps at Robin as with barely and food and water along with being used as a drug sorce has some of them on edge. There's a voice from a nearby room that can be heard: "Yeah the big boss lady's stopping in with some new recruits, I just saw them on the way."

The disqueses get the group in easy enough as people seem to believe they're who they say they are. One of the guards walks right up to Skyler. "How's it going tonight ma'am?"

Grinning slightly, Addison knows they're in the right place. He reaches out mentally to tie the group together, unless there's something blocking things. He keeps his mouth shut for now, though, to let the 'boss lady' do her thing.

Robyn just watches Skyler as she approches the guard and asks them to take them to current sources. Robyn just takes a deep breath closes his eyes. There's something weird that he's feeling but he can't quite put a finger on it and he doesn't want to say anything. Though Rob and Addison get a concerned look.

Skyler looks down at the security guard with a disdainful look. "I take it our 'guests' haven't given you any problems," she asks, completely ignoring the Guard's question and asking one of her own.

Robin says passively to the other mutant, "M'sorry… don't mean to be a bother," and then pulls against the restraints again, releasing a bit of a squeak at the pain from the pull against his raw skin.

Rob is not a happy camper as it is so when Robyn looks over, his eyes narrow for a moment. He keeps quiet but takes a quick glance around as if expecting something. He's also making a point to not look at Skyler.

Robin and the three other mutants down the hall would hear a female's voice talking to one of the guards in the area. The guard nods. "They're doing fine ma'am, I think we have the buyer coming by tonight for the latest batches. You can look to see how they're doing. It's a shame that those others got away and the old place got wrecked. It's a good thing we were able to get some of the information out."

There's a sigh from Addison. He nods softly to Robyn, understanding the problem of being unable to mentally feel anything. However, there are other things he can do. He reaches out just to see if his telekinetics still work, to untie a guard's shoes and slide the lace under his other foot, if he can. Just to see. If not, well, he'll know something is really wrong.

Robyn walks back a bit and looks at Rob for a second before saying something to him quietly. "Be ready to grab me." He's a kid, he can be brash at times but his plan is as soon as they reach the other room he's going to try to posses the guard that's talking to them. After all he might be able to do more in a guards body for the few minutes he has.

Robin tries to look over towards the sounds of the voices, but gives up due to the trouble provided by his blind eye, instead resigning to staring some more at the roof. Yay, roof. He bites his bottom lip contemplatively, trying to 'overhear' everything that's being said. The conversations of the surrounding guards are usually more interesting than lying down in silence, after all.

Rob gives a slight nod to Robyn when the teen comes close. Fingers twitch a moment and the invisible mutant stands at the ready. He's got nothing to say so he keeps quiet as well.

After some converation with Skyler the guard is joined by two more before he leads them down a hall, past a few offices and rooms before unlocking a gate that leads them into the room with Robin and three other mutants strapped to tables being used as a sorce for MGH. They don't look like they're being treated great. "I think we've got a few more weeks we can pull out of these three before we go hunting for more. Do you want to check on our protection as well while you're here?"

"Are these all of them?" Addison asks as he looks up. "And yes, I'd like to make sure these collars are working right. After all, from what I hear, the last batch broke rather easily." He says, moving towards Robin first. After all, he knows who Robin is. That, and he knows Robin's power. Using his telekinesis is like moving through jello. It's slow and tough, but he can do it. If it comes down to it, he's going to try to break the collars in a moment. For now, he wants an answer though.

Robyn looks around and takes a few steps back so he's leaning against a wall. His eyes flash purple and he finds he's in the mind of one of the guards that followed the lead one. The guard that is now Robyn looks around hoping noone saw it and walks over to another one, putting a hand on the collar. "These collars should be pretty good, after all well took procautions after the last time." He says finding the voice that isn't his kind of odd.

Robin glances towards Addison, now that he is close enough to take a look at. The teen doesn't say anything, instead choosing to just stare at Addison. It doesn't seem like Robin is in the most aware state of mind, which probably makes sense, given the small amount of food served to the already emaciated looking teen. Once he's done staring at Addison, he just turns his eyes towards the roof again.

Rob keeps his mouth shut, figuring someone or something might recognize his voice. He moves to lean with Robyn, making sure the body doesn't fall. The mention of protection gets an arched eyebrow and Rob gives a slight nod towards Skyler. He wants to know who or what this protection is.

Both Addison and Robyn would find that they are able to take off the collar, especially Robyn since one of the keys is on the guards and belt and Addison with telekinesis, though one of the guards seems to notice the flash of purple from Robyn's eyes and he just looks at Rob. "What's going on here." He says hand starting to go towards the gun on his hip. The other guard doesn't react yet.

Protections? Hearing that, Addison surrounds the individual collars with a telekinetic field, so if it's explosive, it won't hurt anyone. He reaches out mentally, sweat beading on his brow, as he separates each one, opening it to allow the other people to have their powers. "Going on? Nothing." He says, waving a hand in a gesture similar to the Jedi Mind Trick but without the mental manipulation.

Robyn is able to unlock the collar, trying to be sneaky but he doesn't know how good he's being. He knows he only has a few minutes to get this done before he's back to his own body. Looking up at the guard as he tries to move his hand slowly to unlock the collar while speaking. "What are you talking about, you're just being paranoid again." He doesn't know if it's happend before, he's just hoping.

Skyler puts her hand on the suspicious guard in a reassuring manner. "I didn't see anything…." she says, pausing to peer at his badge, "Frank." She doesn't get a chance to be more reassuring as the glowing featureless blue ragdoll that is Robin's Blank suddenly pops into existence. Thinking quick, she acts like she's suddenly stuck to Frank and yells, "My god! What are you doing!" She turns the other security guard and yells, "Quick! Shoot him! We always suspected he was… nnnngggghhh!" She falls to her knees, making sure to get good contact with Frank, and begins her transformation process, deliberately trying to slow it down so the transition is slow and visually unappealing.

With the deactivating of the collar and the appearance of Blank, Robin's eyes go wide. He wastes no time at all in closing his eyes and taking control of the puppet. The blue featureless humanoid rubs its wrists lightly and then doesn't hesitate for longer before running at the guard who is not Frank to try and tackle him to the ground. The puppet runs silently, not making the sounds of footsteps or anything as it moves.

Rob quirks an eyebrow at Frank and looks to Robyn's Body as if trying to figure out what's being spoken of. Shrugging, he takes a deep breath and right before he can, Blank appears and Skyler acts. Reaching out to pull Robyn's body out of harm's way, Rob keeps ready to get into a fight if need be.

Robin's free with his powers and so is another one of the mutants, which leaves two left but the cat is out of the bag as soon as blank appears and Skyler starts to shift. "HELP!" The guard that isn't Frank yells as he takes out a gun and tries to figure out who to aim it at, and it ends up being Addison. "Don't move, any of you!" He yells. Frank is too busy freaking out but he'll recover in a moment.

Looking at the gun, Addison drops all of his illusions. Spreading his arms out, telekinetic armor surrounds his body in a flaming aura, reminiscent of a certain dead X-Woman. "Looks like they've figured it out. Which means I don't have to hold back anymore." He takes a simple plug of telekinesis into the barrel of the gun. "Free the others. I'll keep him occupied."

As the guard, Robyn throws the keys at Rob to free the other two mutants before reaching for the gun to toss it aside. He feels his control is slipping so he's trying to act fast. Just as the handgun leaves his fingers his consciousness returns to his body and it takes him a few moments to get reorientated again. "Unlock the other two." He says to Rob.

As soon as Blank hears that Addison will take care of not-Frank, she instantly changes her trajectory to tackle Frank, leaping through the air to knock him off his feet. After all, otherwise he would eventually recover and become a possible threat. Robin's eyes remain closed and his fingers twitch slightly as he manipulates the puppets and accesses Blank's senses.

Rob catches the keys as he fades away from visibility. He's already moving to unlock the first collar when Robyn speaks. Nodding, he moves to the second collar. Once both mutants are freed of their collars, Rob moves to peek out the door to see who or what is coming.

Frank is easily overcome and knocked over by Puppet and the telekinetically pluged gun flys out of his hands and he falls back, banging his head on the wall and falling unconcious. The guard that Robyn was possing is now back to his normal self to notice the chaos. "What the…Oh crap!" He says as he goes for the gun that isn't there. As for the guy Skyler copied, he reaches in his pocket to try to grab a pill of some short. As for Rob, as he looks out the door, he'll see two more guards coming.

"Let's just get these people free and get out of here." Addison says, reaching out to stop the guy from popping or doing anything with the pill if he can. "We've got what we came for, we can come back later and take the whole place down. For now, let's get the injured free so they can recouperate." He says. Of course, others may have other ideas, but that's it for him.

Robyn nods to Addison and runs over to help one of the mutants up that Rob unlocked before heading to the door. "Anyone out there?" He asks standing behind Rob, letting the mutant lean against him, even if he isn't that strong.

Blank nods her head and then teleports next to Robin, whose eyes open again in short order. Robin says tiredly at the puppet, "Oh, Blank, I'm so glad to see you again…" before using her as a prop to get uprighted. "Are we… are we going? Leaving?" Robin asks hopefully to the others.

Rob glances at Robyn. "Two," is all he says. The older mutant then quickly moves out into the hall. Sticking low while invisible, he moves to try to knock the legs out from under both incoming guards and give them a very hard landing. He also makes a quick mental count of the doors in the hall.

Skyler is quick to react, and punches the guard he's copying square in the nose, before he can take whatever pill it is he's trying to take. He doesn't bother to slow down his transmogrification anymore.

The two gurads are overcome by the rescuers and rescuees as they charge out of the place quickly. Not only is Robin rescued and reunited with Puppet but three other mutants are rescued as well. As they're running down the hall a weird feeling pulls at Addison and they'll find another mutant to rescue, the 'protection' they were talking about. A mutant whose power blocks mentailts. Once free from the play the group is able to make it back to Xavier's with the rescued mutants.

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