2009-03-03: Rest Stop


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Summary: Two tired young heroes chat while resting

Date: March 3, 2009

Log Title Rest Stop

Rating: PG-13

Sweet Cafe - Central Park, New York City


Hulkling's fist sends what appears to be a robot into the scrap heap. Big, green, and in a pretty torn up costume, Hulkling had run into one of the invaders. Sure the dome was down but the bad guys were still about. And this one was trying to rob the Sweet Cafe. He wasn't even interested in talking, just attacking. And it was a pretty tough battle, Hulkling mostly getting laser blasted until he finally got a hold of the guy and pummeled him. THen the guy had the nerve to leave an attack bot behind and run for it. Now, tossing the defeated robot outside, Hulking slumps into the only non-destroyed chair in the place. He's just got his gloves, boots, and pants left as the rest of his uniform was blasted away. He'll heal, just needs some rest. "Man…"


If Hulkling things he is having one of those days, he should try flying ten blocks in Wave's white leather boots. The invaders have been bad enough, despite the fact that they tend to carry lasers making Wave's job that much easier, but the normal criminals have taken to the emergancy as a reason to work over time, and every time the
photokenetic dons his costume someone seems to take a pot shot at him. Worst of all, he has had almost no time to recharge the way he really and truely needs too. The white clad teen lands, or at least crashes feet first, just outside the coffee shop with peices of the last robot to attack him just starting to rain around him. Dropping to his knees he hopes to hell no one is about to attack him before he can get out of the public eye. "Gods, I need a latte and a nap…

"No latte…shop's closed even if the front wall is mostly missing," Hulkling speaks up on impulse, Wiccan's snark rubbing off on him more and more. Looking up, the shapeshifter squints at Wave. "And that's not the best place for a nap," he says, hoping he's not going to have to get into another fight.

Wave lets out a single mirthless laugh at Hulkling's comment. "No man, this is just the perfect place. Nice bit of sunshine here, and if I wait long enough I may get hit by a truck to put the finish on my day." After a second the young man takes a deep breath and hauls himself to his feet and stumbles in the general direction of the coffee shop to find an empty chair like the one the green guy is in. "Dude, your shirt…it looks about like I feel. Is every invason of the city like this?"

Hulkling frowns. "My shirt is gone," he mutters. "And you're still there," he yawns. "First one I've fought in really so I guess yeah," he says. "They don't usually put up stupid barriers though," he shrugs and glances around before offering a tired hand. "Hulkling, one of the Young Avengers."

Wave nods and after a second holds his hand in the general direction of Hulkling. "Wave, master of light and fairly new to this hero thing. Hmm, Young Avengers? Like that cute Wiccen guy? You know I have been trying to find a way to contact you guys since before the barrier went up around Manhatten. Heh, and the little info I had is probably all old hat by now."

Hulkling nods and shakes the offered hand. "Yeah, my boyfriend's a cute guy," he says. "Could'ved called the Avengers Hotline. Wait till the end…we're fifth on the list of options," he say, somewhat amused by this. "What did ya have?"

Wave grins and nods, "Dang, two of the best looking guys on your team are taken, just my luck." After a second he holds up a hand and puts up fingers as he counts off the info, "The inside of the Memphis dome was pitch black, no light at all. Bad guys are from another reallity, found that out when I met thier version of Dr Otto Octavious and some teleporter guy that was with him. And apprently the big boss is called the shadow, or something like that. Really, there is an Avengers hotline? There really should be a circular or something with info like that for those of us that just moved into the area."

Hulkling lets out a laugh. "Don't worry, Wiccan's got a twin," he half-teases, healing factor doing wonders for him. "No light in the Memphis dome. Right. That's new," he yawns again. "Yeah, there's a hotline. You can pick up a pamphlet at your local post office."

Wave seems to perk up at the thought. "Twin? Really? Well then things are looking up." The blond boy gives Hulkling his best brightest smile. "Yeah, even when the X-men managed to break a small hole in the thing the only photons that I could feel in there were the ones comming from the hole. Buncha people inside that looked about like the guys that have been around here were inside and fixed up the hole. At least they did not block out light here when the dome went up, would have made me a bigger target than I apparently am to start with."

Hulkling laughs again, smiling back. Oh if only Wave were a telepath. "The X-men went to check it out? Huh. Would've gone myself but I had stuff to worry about here and I couldn't get the Avengers to let me take a QuinJet," he rolls a shoulder as he speaks. "So ya think they're teleporting from Memphis and LA to here?"

Wave is alas no teep, but he is perverted enough on his own to imagine things that Hulkling is probably thinking without help. "Not sure, but it makes a good staging area, get people to this world with all the hard work there and then pop them a few miles east into New York. If I had a better idea of the math behind how they got from their world to this one I could probably take a stab ant figuring out why they choose those palces…but even I get a little wooly headed going that far into M-Theory. I jsut flew there sans jet, fun but a little boring after the first ten or fifteen seconds."

Hulkling nods. "I'll ask Vision to look into it. He's gonna go talk to the X-men anyway. Got out before the barrier went down," he says, nudging a destroyed table with his foot. "So you can fly at super sonic speeds? Must be useful."

Terry nods and grins again, "Very, almost as much as the laser blasts, holograms, and invisability. right now though, I could do with a healing factor or some way to recharge without a tanning bed. So, how did you end up with the Young Avengers? Is it an open invitation thing or do you have to be invited in?"

"Healing factors are helpful," Hulkling remarks as a scratch on his big green arm just shrinks away. "So you need to absorb light to recharge yourself?" he guesses. "Teenager from the future in shiny pants showed up and said he needed my help. Next thing I know I'm teaming up with him and two other guys as the Young Avengers."

Wave nods, "Shiney pants are good, knew a guy in a club once that would only wear those and a fish net shirt. Well I don't need to absorb light, but it hurrys things up. Of course it does not help with a few other problems my powers lead too but… thats neither here or there now is it?"

Hulkling laughs again, picturing Iron Lad in tight pants and mesh shirt. Shaking his head to clear the amusing and appealing image and making a note to try and talk Jonas into such an outfit at some point, the shapeshifter nods. "Yeah, sounds like an interesting power you have. How long you been doing the hero thing?"

Wave shrugs, looks up at the sky as if he is expecting it to tell him something, and then answers. "One month, two weeks, three days, four hour, seventeen minuets, fourty two seconds and a few dozen nano seconds since my first time in costume to save a person." After a moment he adds without looking at Hulkling, "And that is not a joke, if you really want I can give you the exact timeing with measurments so fine they mean nothing to most people…hell they mean next to nothing to anyone that is not in the field of particle physics."

Hulkling just stares for a moment then facepalms. "No, no…that's okay," he says. Reaching into his pocket and taking a moment to be thankful he still had a pocket, Hulkling pulls out a business card. Just says 'Young Avengers' and has a phone number and E-mail adress on it. He holds it out to Wave. "Give us a call or send an e-mail sometime."

Terry nods and reaches out to take the card. "Thanks here…" He reaches down into a pocket and pulls out a card like Hulklings, but with just a number for a throw away cell phone. "Here take mine in case you need some back up."

Teddy's surprised for a moment but takes the card with a smile. "Thanks. We'll call if we need help," he says, cracking his neck. "Should introduce you to Wiccan, Speed, Vision, and Silent Image sometime."

Terry nods and hmmms for a long moment. "Speed, Wave and vision…working together would put us half way to a halfway decent physics joke. Wiccan I have actually met once, before the whole invasion thing started. Can;t remember if I gave him a card too or not…right after some strange kid in a purple Spiderman like costume helped me save some green kid from a group of bullies."

"No physics jokes, please," Hulkling requests, holding up a hand. "Wait…kid in a purple spider-…oh you have got to be kidding me," he sighs. "That kid is -always- getting into trouble and then running for the hills and…" he pauses, looking at Wave strangely for a few moments. Slowly, he smirks as a theory forms. "Green you say?"

Wave nods at Hulkling. "Yeah, cute too, hid in the tree for a bit then after the jerks were gone I bought him and the Spider kid a hot chocolate. Your right about the spider kid, seems like a magnet for chaos, but nice at least."

Hulkling nods. "He's a friend of a friend of mine," he says. "Ya know…this seems weird but it really feels like we've met before."

Wave cants his head to the side a second humming a little under his breath. "You know…I normaly have a good ear for voices and yourse is kind of familier. Heh, you know the rents would say we probably have met in a past life at some point. Souls do travel in the same circles from one life to the next after all."

Hulkling makes a quick mental note to shift his vocal chords a bit more from that point onward, giving himself a deeper voice. "Yeah, maybe…" he trails off, waving a hand vaguely. He's not into much of any of that stuff.

Terry grins again and then laughs, "Sorry if any of that bothers you. I tend to flip back and forth from math boy, master of numbers, and the half baked spiritualist. Kind of a danger with me all things concerned. Still, now that you mentioned it … naw probably just had this conversation with other people before."

Hulkling shrugs. "Doesn't bother me," he shrugs. There's a slight pause. "You did, did ya?"

Terry shrugs, "Maybe. I have a picture perfect memory but not very good at remembering conversations."

Hulkling nods and chuckles. "Alright, Wave," he says. "I'll see ya later. I gotta get back to Young Avengers HQ before the others do," he says, stretching.

Terry nods and grins as he stands up. "And I have got to get off the streets before I have another angery robot start shooting at me." His voice is…slightly strained instead of the perfectly normal happy tone he normaly uses. Part of him is thinking about the risk of actually flying in the state he is in. Taking a deep breath the boy starts to glow as he lifts off the ground, "See you around big green and sexy…"

Hulkling arches an eyebrow then shrugs and grins. "See you around, small, glowing, and good looking," he says. He waits before shifting a pair of wings out of his back. They flap a few times before Hulkling takes to the air.

Wave laughs and, while it is impossible to tell that he is winking at hulkling there is something in his body language that does sudjest it. "As much as you or your boy friend want, anytime, just ask." With another laugh the boy seems to rocket off in a blaze of light.

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