2011-06-29: Resting At The Reservoir

Players: Cloud and Jordan Mayfair

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Summary: Jordan is working out at the Reservoir when Cloud appears with a little boy and Jordan assists them.

Date: Date the log took place.

Log Title: Resting At The Reservoir

Rating: PG

Westchester - Titicus Reservoir

Surrounded by trees and plenty of green, Titicus Reservoir is a peaceful spot. There is a fence surround the water to keep people out of the watershed. Sorry but there is no swimming in the drinking water. Before the fence is a small park with picnic tables, grills, and a large grassy area for recreational activity. The park is well maintained by the state of New York so it seems clean almost all the time.

It is evening and Jordan Mayfair has opted to use this time to get a workout without the overbearing heat overwhelming him. He has opted to use the Reservoir for a run and thinking it is better in the evening to avoid that annoying alien, Ahdi, whom he encountered on his last time here. But as usual, he is prepared as well. You never really know. He jogs along the fenced area dressed in dark blue short and black shorts.

After the events of earlier that evening Cloud is moving as fast a he can safely move using electricity as a boost, having been absorbing rapidly thoughout that evening he is almost at his limit and feeling close to collapse, he decides to stop and recover his strength at the resevoir, he's dressed in grey jeans, a black hoodie and black converse, stopping suddenly he sits down on the grass laying the kid down next to him.

Noticing Cloud on the ground with an unfamiliar little boy, Jordan makes his way towards the two. Noting how they have come to rest, Jordan holds out a bottled water, “Are you ok?” He asks Cloud as he peers at the boy, “And who are you?” He asks. Jordan does a mental link with the boy whose surface thoughts recount what happened in Mutant Town. “Oh, goodness, Charles.” Jordan may be a mean sonuvbitch, but when it comes to children. He becomes genuinely concerned. “Are you taking this child to the Institute?”

Cloud panics slightly at first when he spots the man fron the ice-cream shop the other night having gotten a weird vibe from him, still he takes the bottle of water, "Yeah, we're good", he raises an eyebrow as Mayfair suddenly knows the boy's name, then it hits him, he sighs, "Telepath?", when asked about the institute he nods, if the guy knows no point trying to hide it.

Linked with Cloud, “Yes, I am familiar with the Institute. I have a brother who works there and a nephew who attends.” Jordan offers dismissively as he attempts to lift the boy, “And yes, I am a telepath. Deal with it. I’d think at that school in particular you would be used to it.” Playfully saying to Charles, “My name is Jordan.” Charles smiles a little bit and giggles, “I’m tired.” As he is lifted, “Want to go home.” Jordan knowing what happened, “You are going to a good place with lots of friendly people like Cloud.” Charles gestures towards Cloud and Jordan puts him down, “Yet another parentless orphan for Jericho to adopt into his fold I presume.” As he looks to Cloud.

Cloud nods, that explains it, "I'm guessing you've known i was a student there since we met the other day?, and i am used to telepaths, i just don't like how easily they get inside my head", he smiles at the little boy a little supprised the kid can still laugh after what he's been though, "I don't know if Dr. Parker-Mayfair would take him in, i just wasn't gonna just leave him, things need explaining and he could end up anywhere if i just hand him over to child services, especially with there i found him".

Charles is rather resilient for a little boy as most young toddlers are. He reaches out to Cloud for a hug, “Tired and hungry.” Jordan looks at the boy and cannot help but smile, “So I see you and one other fought some weird creature, huh. Who is the man in the iron mask that the boy is thinking of that went to the authorities.” Jordan then offers, “Well, you traveled far and without a vehicle and must be tired. I can have a car come to send you both to the Institute if you like. And yes, I have known you were a student for a little bit. I conveniently have met a number of students there.”

Cloud smiles and gives Charles a hug, "You're hungry?, i'll see what i can do to fix that", he looks at Mayfair, "He's one of the X-Men and a teacher at the school, Xorn", he shakes his head at the offer of the car, "I'm gonna find Charles something to eat before i get him back to the mansion, otherwise he'll probably fall asleep without eating and from what i remember, that makes kids cranky", he stands up and picks up the boy, "Wanna go get something to eat", he looks to Mayfair, "Do you wanna come with?, you probably have some more questions".

Not one to have actually raised kids, Jordan would like to see how this plays out so he nods, “Sure. I will go with you. It’ll probably help to have an adult with all of you, since the X-Man apparently is dealing with things in Mutant Town.” He holds his finger out and summons a limo to the Reservoir. “It’ll be here within minutes. My home is literally down the road. Charles nods at being asked about being hungry and rests his head on Cloud’s shoulder.

Cloud raises an eyebrow, "I am an adult but thanks", he's not really sure about going to Mayfair's home but there'll be food for Charles and it'll give him time to think about how he's gonna explain the situation back at the mansion, they're really not gonna like this, "You sure you're alright with this?", he hopes the boy doesn't fall asleep cos he really should eat first.

“I am fine. I was thinking a drive-through or something, but there will be more options at my home.” Just as Jordan finishes the statement, a limo literally pulls up onto the grass next to the three. A driver steps out, “Wilford I will be taking them back with us to the estate and then you will be taking them to Graymalkin Lane afterwards.” WIlford opens the door as they enter, “He is sleepy, but I will keep him awake long enough until we get to my estate.”

Cloud grins, "Thanks", he leans unto the limo to sits Charles down and put his seatbelt on before climbing in himself, his first thought after climbing in is 'wow, this guy is loaded, i wonder how he affords all this?', "This is really nice of you, i owe you one".

“I am a lawyer. A good one at that. So that’s how I afford this stuff. And you’re welcome. And I’ll figure out a way you can repay me.” A sinister smile forms across Jordan’s face as the limo drives quickly along the road. On his cellphone Jordan calls ahead to his chef, “Lola, please prepare something quickly. I have a toddler and a teen coming so something appropriate and quick.” She lists off kid foods and Jordan has no idea what any of those are, “Sandwiches should be fine.” He looks to Cloud with a question on his face, “Will that be ok?” Charles says, “I want ice-cream.” Jordan shakes his head and is glad that Jericho is the one with kids. “Ice-Cream too.” He speaks to Lola on the phone.

Cloud is slightly worried by the look of that smile but dismisses it as him just being paranoid, he nods when Mayfair asks about the sandwiches, "Thats cool, sandwiches are pretty much the only thing i know kids will eat other than sweets", he has to supress a laugh when Charles demands ice-cream.

Westchester - Jordan Mayfair's House (Living Room) (#79)

You see nothing special.

The limo pulls up to the estate and Wilford opens the door for them as they enter the home. “Oh my ward is not here. He would have liked to have met you and Charles.” Jordan makes a mental note to have Shifter followed from now on as they enter the home. In the living room on a coffee table, sandwiches are laid out a variety of tuna, turkey, ham, cheese, salami, bologna, etc. Jordan walks in and lifts a turkey sandwich and begins munching away.

Cloud carries Charles in absent mindedly wondering what a ward is, when they enter the living room he puts the boy down and lets him help himself to whatever kind of sandwiches it is he likes, taking a ham one himself, "Wow, whoever makes your food works quick".

“My staff answers to me on a 24 hour basis. They get paid well and when they mess up, well. They should be afraid.” Jordan reclines back on a sofa and kicks his feet up and munches on the sandwich. Soda, water, and milks are brought out on trays as well as some ice cream for the boys. “Charles, you can’t drink the soda.” Charles looks at Jordan, “I want soda.” Jordan looks back and hisses, “No soda.” He looks to Cloud, “It’ll keep him up.”

Ok, another thing said by Mayfair sets off alarm bells in Cloud's head, he puts a hand on Charles' shoulder, "No today Charles, it's pretty late and soda will keep you up all night, if you're good you can have one tomorrow though", he nods at Mayfair, "Thanks for the warning, him being up all night will make things more difficult back at the mansion, also he really needs the sleep".

Nodding his head as he sips the soda in place of Charles “Wow that mansion sounds kinda hard to live at if you have to be so careful and tip toe around there. Jericho makes things unbearable, huh?” Jordan laughs a bit,”Well, if you all need to spend the night here. There is plenty of space. You can each have your own rooms, warm sheets, and a place to clean up before heading to the mansion tomorrow morning.”

Jordan takes a moment, “Brother sister mutants at the school. That must be difficult. Jericho made my life hell.” He shakes his head, “Is your sister the same way?” Jordan notices Charles starting to fall asleep and he wakes up, “Charles you must stay up.” He lifts the boy up as the limo starts to pull back up, “Alright, the limo is here.” Jordan heads to open the door, “Good luck, and if you need any assistance, you know where to reach me.”

Cloud sighs, "It's usually alright, but she does tend to think she has more say in my descisions than i do, which really gets annoying", he takes Charles from Mayfair as they head towards the front door, "thanks alot for this, you've been a really big help, i really do owe you one", with that he walks over and gets into the limo.

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