2010-01-04: Return From Vacation


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Summary: Daisuke returns from vacation and visits Jared and Eddie with Christmas presents

Date: Date the log took place.

Log Title Return from Vacation

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Jared and Jordan's Room

Slightly bigger than the old room, the new rooms fit two students comfortably. Each room has off white walls with a dark brown carpet. There is one window in the middle of the wall that looks out over the grounds. Each room has two beds, two dressers, two desks and two closets, one for each student.

"Psycho! Groupie! CoCaine! Crazy! Psycho! Groupie! CoCaine! Crazy!" It is harder to tell which is louder, the music or Jared singing it as he trys to get rid of some of the anger built up inside of himself. "Psycho groupie cope, makes you high makes you hide makes you really want to go, Stop!" At the moment he is filled with anger at a few things he has learned in the last couple of days. At the moment he is thankful that his room mate is out so he can turn up his music as loud as he wants.

There's a knock on the door and then upon hearing the music, there's a louder knock on the door as Daisuke tries to balance a few boxes on his arm. "Hey Jared, there's someone whose gotten back from vacation and wants to see you!" He yells hoping his boyfriend can hear him. He's got a few boxes and bags with him as he has a few gifts for Jared and others.

Laying on the floor of his brother's room and idly poking at some homework, Eddie frowns. The combination of a nasty headache and Jared's song haven't got him in the best of moods either. Combined with other things, it's worse. When the door gets knocked, he blinks and looks up. Since he doesn't want to raise his voice, Eddie tries to wave Jared's attention over and then point to the door.

Jared is half exhausted from yelling out his frustrations at knowing someone that would actually think that getting the crap beat out of them is something they deserve, and having a problem that causes them physical pain he cant heal, which would be why he does not feel Daisuke comming. The waive from Eddie does get his attention, and if he knew his music that he was using to try and put himself in a better place was causing Eddie any distress he probably would not be screaming along with it. At the point to the door he gives a confused look, then stares at the door a moment before breaking into a huge grin. If there is one thing that can end a bad mood its whats on the other side of the door. Just as the song ends, and Jared's Ipod moves on to Big Red Rocket of Love by the Reverend Horten Heat the tall teen flings open his door and trys to grab Daisuke for one of those kisses that says he really should not go away for that long again not caring what happens to the things Dai is holding.

Daisuke drops everything he's carrying as Jared kisses him and wraps his arms around him and kisses him back. Then he spots Eddie behind him in the room and turns red and pulls away. "Uh..hey Eddie, I didn't know you were here too." He smiles at Jared and runs a hand through his hair. "I missed you, mind if I come in for a bit?"

Eddie smiles when he sees Jared grin and sits up. He blushes a little at the kiss but still watches. When Dai spots him, Eddie gets up and walks over to grab his friend in a tight hug. "I just came to do some homework with Jared," he says. Or atleast do homework around Jared. "I'll hit the road if you guys wanna be alone."

Jared takes a long moment as he looks at Daisuke when Eddie mentions the idea of going so they can be alone. After a second or two he shakes his head. "Naw bro, time enough for being alone later. He is your best friend as well as my boyfriend." That said Jared moves out of the door so Daisuke can come in, and stops to pick as much of the stuff he dropped up as he can before he goes and turns his music way down. "I wish I had known what flight you were comming in on, I would have snuck out and been there to meet you at the airport."

Daisuke picks up what he can and what Jared doesn't help him with and puts them on Jordan's bed. "Don't worry about it, I took a cab back here. I have some Chritmas presents for the two of you. And I have to tell you all about Japan, it was great." Daisuke does have a bit of a refreshed look about him. "I talked with my Grandmother about some things and I think it was a really good trip. In April she said you guys could visit."

Eddie shrugs a little and moves to sit back down. He packs up the homework as he watches Dai and Jared. "I've got some presents for you too, Dai. I'll bring 'em by your room later tonight," he says, noding slightly. "April? Cool."

Jared grins at Daisuke and nods. "I have a gift for you too." He says before moving over to his desc and digging out a small box wrapped in simple dark blue paper with light blue swirls and whirls. "April, awsome that is going to be so cool, getitng to see Japan in spring."

Daisuke hands both Jared and Eddie matching long thin boxes wrapped up nice and Eddie gets another package that's longer and thinner and then something squishy and rolled. Jared also gets three boxes that are about shirt sized. "Then this is for both of you." He says putting a box on the floor. "I kind of went a bit nuts in Japan, I'll admit. And I have one other thing each for you and something for you guys to give to your Dad's."

Eddie smiles as he gets the packages, squeezing the squishy one a bit. "Thanks, Dai," he says, starting to open the squishy package first. "You're not crazy, you're notmal," he says with a nod.

Jared shrugs a little as he hands over his package and then takes the boxes he was given. "I don't know. Your willing to date, and that is not exactly speaking well for your sanity." Jared takes a seat on his bed, making sure there is plenty of room there with him in case Dai or even Eddie wants to join him.

As Eddie opens his presents he'd notice the squishy one is an Avengers tshirt with Japanese writing on it, the other is a wallscroll of bamboo on a mountain, it's all hand painted. Both Eddie and Jared get a set of little chibi Young Avengers. Jared gets a few shirts from Daisuke that are button up and colours that would match his complextion. They're almost more of a punkish fun style with designs on them than nice and classy. The box for the two of them is filled with assorted candy, from Pocky and Yan Yan to hard candy with salted plum in the middle. "I hope you guys like them. This is the last thing I got you guys, there is also one for Ricky and one for your Dads. I have one like it for myself too." He says handing them a nicely wrapped box which inside would be a Yutaka in their size. Once he's done handing them out, he sits down next to Jared and leans next to him, opening his present.

Eddie smiles when he sees what's in the packages then moves to hug Dai tightly. "Thank you, Dai," he says, giving another hug. "Wow," he says as he looks at all the candy and the Yutaka. "This stuff is cool."

Jared ooohs as he gets to his shirts, "These are awsome." The Chibi Young Avengers get a laugh and are deffently going to end up on his desk. Inside of Daisuke's wrapper is a box about 6 inches squar that looks almost like a jewlry box with silver letters across the top that read 'NYX'. Inside the box are 4 sexs of 3 individually wrapped and labled stamp sized chocolates. There is a little booklet inside describing the chocolates, amounts of Cacao,a nd the fact that each type is made entierly with ingrediants all from the same area, and all the chocolate beans came form the same farm giving each type a different distinct taste.

Daisuke looks through it and raises his eyebrows. "Wow this is neat…what is NYX?" He asks not sure what that means. "I hope you two like what I got you. I got Ricky and your Dad's Yutakas too, I thought they were neat. Finding one for Dr. Parker Mayfair wasn't easy cause he's so big. I hope it fits."

Eddie lets out a little 'ooh' when he sees then NYX. "They're a real fancy store," he says with a nod. "I wonder where Dad gets most of his clothes…" he trails off thoughtfully. THe guy is huge after all.

Jared nods as he slips an arm around Daisuke. "This is awsome, and Nyx is the Greek Goddes of the Night. Although, Godess is not quite the right word cause she predates even the Titans. They are a company that does the most awsome chocolate." Jared does not mention that they do the most expensive chocolates too, given the sampler he got was enough to make even someone that gets the kind of money as an allowence he does blink, repeatedly. "Big and tall stores, or special order."

Daisuke smiles at Eddie and Jared and leans against his boyfriend. "I love the both of you, you're great. Thanks for always being there for me." He says with a yawn. "May I'm still getting used to the time difference. Mind if I crash here for a bit?" He says kicking off his shoes and lying down with his head in Jared's lap. "I missed you two a lot."

Eddie smiles. "Love you too, Dai," he says, popping a piece of Pocky in his mouth. "Mm!" he's surprised by it tasting so good. "Missed you too."

Jared nods as he pops open a thing of YanYan and pets Dai's head a little as he lays it in his head. "Missed you lots, and love you. You know you can crash here anytime you want." Jared takes one of his cookie sticks and dips it into the icing to taste it before starting to eat falling silent there with Dai's head in his lap. Mostly ignored the Ipod keeps playing, this time the random function landing it on In Your Wildest Dreams by the Reverent Horten Heat.

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