2013-03-30: Return Of Wolverine


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Summary: After a few months of being away, Wolverine returns to the X-Mansion.

Date: March 30, 2013

Log Title: Return of Wolverine

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Courtyard

Surrounded on three sides by the school, a large courtyard forms the front yard. The courtyard leads right up to the door of the mansion. Yellow square stone slabs cover the ground where the grass would be. The most noticeable thing about the courtyard is the large statue of Jean Gray, aka Phoenix, in the middle as a memorial. Benches surround the outside of the statue so students can sit and hang out in the courtyard. There are two paths leading off the courtyard, one to the left and the other to the right.

The sound of a motorcycle rings loud though the air announcing the arrival of Logan even before he pulls through the gates. He doesn't bother with a helmet or any particular protective clothing while riding, just the brown leather jacket over his jeans and white shirt. He stops the bike in front of the stairs leading up to the front door and gets off of it. He looks around the school and gets a perplexed look on his face. "Something's different…." He mutters to himself noticing that the schools gone through some renovations since the last time he was here.

"Si, professor Logan," cojmes the murmured reply of a blond haired girl, sitting on the mansion steps. Sophie has a somewhat abused, leather-bound book in hand, and is busy running her fingers over hte braille on the pages. "The school was attacked by sentinels. They had to renovate, and rebuild the dormitories entirely." She sits up a little straighter, pausing in her reading and taking a moment to straighten her blindfold. "Did you have a good trip?"

Sitting at one of the benches, poking idly at her laptop, Shane whiles away the hours doing nothing particularly productive, headphones clamped on… but the bone-throbbing roar of a muscle bike cares not for little things like noise-cancelling earcups, and by the time the bike pulls up to the stairs, her eyes are peeking over the laptop screen, behind a shaggy fringe of electric-blue hair. Matching eyebrows rise, and the tiny young woman watches carefully, silently… Though one hand does move to shut off her music, just in case. This is, after all, not only a Rough and Tumble Character, but one of the more intimidating 'professors' ever to come through the Academy's doors.

"Good lord kid, still with the professor Logan crap." Logan says glancing over towards Sophie, raising his eyebrows at the news of the attack. "Figures I go away for a bit and I miss all the fun." He unstraps a duffel bag from the back of his bike and slings it over his shoulder. "It was quiet." Is all he responds in regards to his trip. "So what it this whole mutant registration I heard about that brought about the party?"

The blind girl blushes heatedly. "Well… si, professor Logan," she replies. "I, it, well, you *are* a professor here, it would be improper of me not to respect your position and authority, si?" She shifts uncomfortably, and takes a moment to bokmark her spot before setting her Bible off to the side. "The Church of Humanity pushed an act through the government requiring all mutants to register and be relocated into various ghettos. It was not a fun experience. …I was not here for the attack, but I was with the group that broke out of Mutant Town."

"…I was," comes a sullen voice from the benches, as Shane pulls her headphones down around her neck. "S'gone now, heard. THe law thing. …But yeah. Half a fu—um. Ton of like, cyborg Sentinel things tried t'either takes us all away, 'r kill us. Still ain't sure which. Wanted a couple of m'friends real bad, cos I guess they wanted'm unrescued so they could get back t'torturin'm, prolly."

"Whatever kid, it's just Logan." Logan says in his gruff voice. "Broke out of mutant town, good for you guys. And cyborg Sentinels…" He thinks about it for a bit. "Musta been Sentinel Primes. They use to be people then the got turned into those things. Did anyone get hurt?"

"Yes," Sophie replies. "I spent most of my stay in Mutant Town healing people. A couple other healers and I were using the Genoshan Embassy as a makeshift clinic. I think it was Sentinel Primes that we had to fight on the way out of Mutant Town. Rashmi would know more." She nods in Shane's direction, "I'm told a lot of people here got hurt when the Sentinels attacked the school, but Shane can tell you about that much better than I can."

"Nobody got killed, 'least," Shane says, lifting a shoulder. "Nick got hurt s'more, Taylor'n'Ahmed got fucked up pretty good, buncha others on t'other side, 'n they blew up mosta th'dorms. Kids were down in th'basement, though, 'cept th'ones too stupid'n'pissed t'hide." Her eyes flicker as she hears of the origins of the Primes, and her eyes fall. "…Kinda hopin' they wasn't people," she murmurs, just loud enough to be heard.

Logan scratches the back of his head as the two girls talk, he's not really sure who a good portion of the names belong to. "Any wound you can heal from ain't nothing to worry to much about." He looks over at Shane and sighs. "The ain't people half-pint. They once were but they weren't anymore, you can't think of them as people once they go through that. There ain't no turnin' 'em back once they've been changed."

Sophie sighs softly. "I have prayed for them," she mumbles, mostly to herself. "It is a great shame when someone chooses to become a monster, si?" The blind girl stands up, and snaps her cane out to full length, giving it a quick sweep around her feet. "Still. The dormitory is rebuilt, the laws are being changed, and we are not being caged like animals. All will soon be better, si?"

Shane's eyes narrow at the back of Sophie's head, and a sneer threatens to pull up her lip. For a few breaths, it's plain to any sighted person what Shane thinks of Sophie's blithe reassurances, but to her credit, at least, she tamps down the nasty look, and clears her throat. "Hope that's true, Mr. Logan. Don't wanna feel guilty 'bout splode-kicking one of'm inna junk. Ain't got much else I ever liked braggin' 'bout."

Logan shrugs a shoulder and looks around the grounds, almost seeming like he's half bored of the conversation. "If you want to believe that kid, then good for you. There will always be a fight." Logan has seen to much to believe that all will be better any time soon. "And Halfpint, don't you start with the Mister stuff, it's just Logan. No Professor, No Mister, just Logan. All I am is your Danger Room instructor."

"Si, and I pray that there will always be peace and reconciliation afterwards," Sophie murmurs. "It is good to hear you return, prof… err… Logan." She feels about for her Bible, and tucks it under her free arm. "I'm going to go get something to eat, I think. Have a pleasant evening, both of you." She smiles softly, before she turns to make her way back through the main doors and into the mansion.

An electric-blue eyebrow rises at the term 'halfpint,' but Logan's reputation is such that it goes unchallenged, beyond a slightly defiant upward tilt to her chin. "…Fine," she says. "You in charge o' th' X-Men tryouts too?"

A hand is raised to Sophie in a good bye before she walks through the doors. "X-Men tryouts, they're holding X-Men tryouts? How come I hadn't heard of this?" Wolverine asks Shane as the idea of trying out for the X-Men seems to be odd to him.

Shane closes her eyes for a moment, letting out a breath. "…Guess not. Jus' figured there was, cos I ain't got no idea how else they figure out who's on an' who ain't. Ain't got much time left t'figure out either, so…" She lifts a shoulder. "Down t'askin' stupid questions t'teachers that roll up after bein' gone awhile, looks like."

"Far as I know it just kind of happens. One day you get sucked into something, someone needs help and ya find you're goin' on all sorts of missions. You get sucked into it." Logan says glancing at Shane. "Talk to Scott or whoevers leading the X-Men right now. Pretty sure it's still Scott."

"Yeah, well I got sucked into enough," Shane says, grinding the toe of an armored boot into the pavement, "an' personally? S'gettin' old. 'F I'm'a have t'deal with it, may's well learn how t'deal with it fightin'."

"Never a bad thing, learnin' to defend yourself. Now that I'm back, I'll be running a regular basic martial arts class. Ain't gonna be easy." Logan says indicating an invitation and warning in the same phrase. "You say it's gettin' old, how ya gonna feel in about five years even if you're on the team?"

"Ask me in five years," Shane shoots back. "Right now I've jus' had enough, an' stewin' ain't countin' f'r jack. An' I ain't some jackass thinks it'd be better t'jus' go out an' put boot t'neck however I feel like it. Seen way more'n enough 'a people actin' like that."

"Sometimes putting your boot to their neck is good way to get it through to them." Logan says gruffly. He looks Shane up and down, taking in her small frame. "So whatdya plan on doing to show that you're ready to join the X-Men?"

Shane's eyes narrow a bit, lips pressing into a thin line. "…What. Kickin' Sentinel ass, fightin' off Purifier cock-goblins, an' gettin' m'brains scrambled an' blowin' up that big-ass computer down there ain't enough?"

"Oh yeah, you were the one who blew up Cerbra." Logan says in the casual manner as if remembering what he had for lunch the other day. "You've got an interesting vocabulary, surprised Emma hasn't erased that foul language from your mind. But that's you tellin' me you can take care of yourself, which is a start."

"'F she tried, I'd walk," Shane mutters, her belligerence fading like air let out of a balloon. "Don't got a problem with Ms. Frost, but screwin' around in my head's a total deal-breaker." Of course, now it's occurred to the slight young mutant that if her head *was* screwed with, she probably wouldn't notice, and the resultant back-of-the-brain worried nattering does a lot to make it evident, to Logan's heightened senses and long experience, that this isn't a girl to whom taking life by the teeth comes easily. "…So what else I gotta do, then?"

Logan grunts along with a small nod of approval. "Good, I don't take to kindly with people messin' around in my head either. Smart." He looks at her a bit closely and sniffs a few times. "What else do you gotta do, listen I ain't exactly the one to tell you how to get on the X-Men. I got asked by Chuck many years ago, things have changed and Chunk ain't really around much right now." He looks Shane up and down a second time. "You're nervous, is it me or is the questions I'm asking ya?"

"…S'jus' me," Shane murmurs. "'S part'a why I wanna get on th'team. Th'advanced combat stuff helped, but it ain't workin' alla way."

"Like I said earlier, I'll be running some combat classes, you're welcome to join." Logan says then adjusts the duffel back on his shoulder. "I gotta head inside and let Emma know I'm back. Get that over with. Think about why you think you got what it takes to be an X-Man Half-Pint." He says and starts to walk into the building leaving his bike in the middle of the courtyard.

The nickname, used a bit too often for tolerance, earns a dry snort from Shane, but she says nothing as Logan heads into the Academy. Pulling up her headphones, she glares at her laptop screen… though now with a good deal more contemplation in her eyes, than before.

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