2010-08-22: Return To Xaviers


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Summary: Lucas teaches Robyn to throw a punch.

Date: August 22, 2010

Log Title: Return To Xaviers

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Front Gates

Large Iron gates standing twelve feet tall in front of you with an elaborate letter X designed on each of the gates. An Iron Gate stretches around both sides of the school. The gates are usually found closed and open to those who know the correct code to enter in the keypad on the left. Beyond the gates a large statue can be seen in a courtyard and a building in the shape of an X.

Lucas is sitting on the grass in front of the gate. He's leaning against the large granite post that holds the iron hinges for the driveway gate. Barefoot, Lucas is wearing only a pair of khaki cargo pants and his white gloves. Shirtless in the warm evening air, he's playing a guitar.

A yellow cab pulls up to the mansion and getting out is an older man with long dark hair pulled back into a ponytail and has a bit of a 'geekish' look to him. Following him is Robyn with his duffel bag. There's a good bye to the man whose obviously his Dad before he goes to head into the gates. He's wearing a sleeveless shirt, something he normally doesn't wear, over black jeans as he passes through the gates. Spotting Lucas playing, he gives a wave and heads over there. "Hey Lucas, how's it going here?"

Lucas stops playing, watching the cab pull away. He sighs. "Like shit." He nods at his shirt, "What's with the new look, Riff?" He smirks, "Facin' off with the Sharks tonight?"

"Nah, I just have to leave my back as little covered as possible." Robyn says as he turns around to show off his newest tattoo of Jack Skellington that he got on his back right shoulder while on vacation. "It's almost healed but I just gotta keep putting too much lotion on it." He says adjusting his duffel on his other arm. "So, I probably shouldn't have come back like I figured?

Lucas furrows his brow, "Jack? Heh… fag…" He's clearly teasing by his tone. He strums the guitar once, and then sets about tuning the G. "Things aren't BAD… Ah just…" He shrugs, "Ah dunnow… James is gone. Jinx left an' didn't even say bye… You…" He shakes his head, "Like the Enterprise with everyone on shore leave…"

"I thought I told you I was leaving…and James will be back." Robyn says as he takes a seat in grass by Lucas. "I dunno, after my fight with Connor on top of everything else I needed to get away and just the last few weeks I wasn't doing so well. I just needed to get away from here and I just hope that my mind is cleared enough for me to stop being such a downer. I really hate being so depressed." He the shrugs a shoulder and nods. "Sorry if I didn't tell you though. Really, I am."

Lucas shakes his head, "Don't sweat it. Not a big deal." He sighs, plucking the G string as it increases in tone, tuning a bit higher. "It's just weird for me is all. Everyone grew all close together an' then all needed space an' ran. Me?" He shrugs, "Ah feel like Ah just found all of you an you left." He looks up at Robyn, "A fragile ego, Ah have."

Robyn looks at Lucas and sighs. "I needed a lot, I dunno why everything hit me so hard but it just seemed like the shit wouldn't stop hitting the fan and I was putting off coming home as long as I could. And well, I'm back now for at least the next year." He says with a smile. "And how come I don't believe you have that fragile of an ego."

Lucas smirks, "It's a little fragile…" He smiles, and begins to finger-pick a slow, relaxing melody. "Was that your paw?"

"Yeah, that's my Dad. He's a musician." Robyn says looking back to where the cab was with a kind of smile on his face. He cares a lot about his family. "He's cool. But sorry to damage your ego. I'm just really hoping to put all that drama past and just have a clearer head. I just have to go approach Connor and hope he doesn't bite my head off this time."

Lucas shrugs, "Or if he does, punch him." He smiles at Robyn, "Didn't do us too shabby. It's a sound strategy."

"No it didn't, I be you feel honoured that you're the first person who pissed me off that much." Robyn says with a chuckle as he looks down at his hand. "I didn't think punching someone would hurt so much. So hopefully things will be back to normal soon, just Jinx leaving too kinda surprises me. I wonder where she went, maybe back home to California for a bit?"

Lucas stops playing, and leans the guitar against the iron, standing. He ignores the Jinx comment, reaching his hand out, "Give me your hand. Lemme show you…" He waves a bit, to encourage him to give him his hand, "Come on…"

Robyn doesn't hesitate and gives Lucas his right hand, since that's his dominant hand. "What, are you gonna show me how to punch someone who pisses me off without hurting my hand?"

Lucas takes Robyn's hand, and pushes it into a fist. "Yeah, Ah am. You need to know." He is very much in Robyn's personal space, but isn't at all weird about it. He forms Robyn's fist, then makes sure Robyn's thumb is outside the fingers. "First thing, is never punch with the thumb inside. You'll break it." He takes Robyn's fist then, and lays it against his cheek. He lays it so the first section of fingers is flat against his stubbly cheek. "You feel that?" He removes and relays the fist a few times. "That contact's flat. You hit me like this…" He turns Robyn's fist a hair, so the impact is on the knuckle. "It does a little more damage like you did it, but you'll break your knuckle, too." He turns it flat again, "You wanna land flat, like this. Got it?"

Robyn listens closely to what Lucas says and lets him take control of his hand. "Okay so thumb on the outside, hit with the flat and don't break my knuckles. I think I got it. Not that I really plan on punching anyone soon." But then you never know when it's gonna be needed or someone is gonna needed a punch to the face. "So hows the guitar playing and new teacher duties going?"

Lucas shakes his head, "Shut it. There's more, Robear." He smiles, and moves around to Robyn's back. "When you throw," he says, taking Robyn's right arm, "Bend to here," he says, cocking his arm back only to about the middle of his back. "No farther. Just here. Any farther back, you're waisting energy and broadcastin' your punch. They'll have time to dodge it." He moves to Robyn's side, "When you throw it, twist your waist," he says as he pushes Robyn, twisting him slightly. "This lets you throw your weight into it…" He pauses, looking Robyn over. "Okay, all like, eight pounds an' shit of you… still…" He shrugs. "And don't lock your wrist. When you throw, you aim either for the cheek or the nose. NOT the head. Too many bones, you'll break your hand." He steps back. "You punch the cheek or chin if you just need to pummel someone. The nose bleeds a shit ton, it always stuns them a sec, so aim for the nose if you need a sec or just have to distract to get away or past them. Got it?"

Robyn nods again. "Yeah, I got it. I'll have to go to the weight room and start practicing against the punching bag in there." And he is serious about it too, not just one of those things he's saying he's gonna do and doesn't. "I know I need to build up some muscle, I think most the girls have more than I do." Says the skinny teen.

Lucas laughs, "Yeah. It's okay. You aren't our muscle. We all have roles. Which is why you need to know this next thing." He smiles, "Keep your chin down," he shows Robyn how. "Like this. If someone punches at you, you can hunch your shoulders to bring your face, their target, down just enough quickly enough so they strike your head, not your cheek. You have more bone there, it's where you want to take the punch. If you get a cheek punch, try to turn your head and roll with it to take it." He lets go of Robyn's arm, and walks back into the grass to pick up his guitar. "You'll be okay."

With a smile on his face, Robyn nods. "Thanks, and no, I'm not the muscle of the group, I'm the mind person but if I end up possessing someone whose got even a bit more muscle than I have it'll do good to know how to punch. I have been learning self defense with Forge though and that's been going well."

Lucas swings the guitar over his shoulder. "Good." He gives Robyn a little nod, and then types the code to open the gate. "You should get unpacked." He turns, and begins to walk towards the mansion.

"Yeah, I was just about to go do that." Robyn says bending down to pick up his bag. "And see if I can find Connor. I also need to find Addison, I'm kinda 'hungry'." He says not sure what other words he can use to say he's low on psychic energy. Mmmm Brain Juice. "Have a good night Lucas, I'll catch ya later."

Lucas nods, there's something kind of lonely to it, "Sure. Night, bro." And he heads inside.

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