2009-06-21: Reunion In Central Park


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Summary: Liam and Siegfried's paths cross in life an lead Siegfried to an unexpected reunion with Roy.

Date: June 21, 2009

Log Title Reunion in Central Park

Rating: PG

NYC - Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.

It's later in the evening already and Siegfried doesn't have much to do. He doesn't really know anyone outside of his job in the city and he's kind of been keeping to himself. Tongiht, he just didn't feel like being in his dingy apartment. Sitting on the ground right by the arch, is the blond ex-acrobat, Siegfried. He's wearing a pair of jeans and an open button down shirt over a tight fitting sleevless t-shirt. He is writing in what appears to be a journal.

It seems that it's a night for people of creative interests. Liam's footsteps are quiet on the walking path, only the soft jangling of Sasha's collar making any real noise. Despite the late hour, he is wearing a pair of thin, stylish sunglasses, perhaps prescription, and he is dressed quite casually in a loose fitting teeshirt and a pair of multi-pocketed black cargo pants. One would think him your average boheme were it not for the expensive camera that rests against his chest, a digital that's been fitted with a manual style and lens. It is important because he pauses near the arch where Sigfried is writing in order to take a step back and photograph something near the base of the arch itself. Part of this will likely catch the acrobat, at least his hair, but that doesn't appear to be his intent.

The flash of the camera going off causes Siegfried to look up at Liam and watch him for a bit. "I am sorry, am I in your way?" He asks of the photographer, not thinking that someone would be taking pictures of him writing in a journal late at night. After all he isn't known in the US like in Germany and his fame days are over.

The question apparently surprises Liam and he lowers the camera, staring at him through those dark glasses, the dog at his side peering curiously with big brown eyes. Eventually, he shakes his head slightly, smiling and looking a touch sheepish, "Ah, I'm sorry. No, you're fine. I was just… taking pictures. Do you mind if I happen to take a couple of you? …I promise I'm not a psychotic. Just a photographer."

Siegfried looks at Liam with surprise, it's been a long time since anyones asked to take pictures of him. He stands up slowly and looks at Liam. "I vosen't questioning if you vere psychotic, it's just vhy do you vant to take pictures of me?" His German accent very thick as he speaks. It's not that he minds posing he's just curious as to the reason why.

Liam shakes his head, lowering the camera back to his chest and moving towards Siegfried, offering his hand at the same time he shrugs, "I'm a photographer. I like to take pictures. The content doesn't need to be significant to attract my sense of aesthetic. You're sitting beside the arch, looking very invested in your writing, and your hair is catching some of the light from the street lamps. It's attractive." He says it all in the same mellow, friendly fashion, a faint smile on his lips; though his eyes are hidden, his personality seems fairly earnest.

Siegfried takes Liam's hand and brushes off his backside and shrugs. "I vas just writing in my journal, vas nothing." He says a bit flattered at the offer. "I don't mind posing for a few pictures, been a vile since I've done anything like this, thought it vas usually with my partner." He says with a chuckle, though he can't help but blush a bit at the attractive part.

"Liam. Liam Cross… Ah, partner? Are you a police officer?" Liam tilts his head to the side, looking amusingly similar to his dog for a few seconds, though as he backs up he quirks a fairly disarming smile, "I'm not asking you to pose. Just… sit and write, like you were. I was never much of one for models." That smile becomes more of a grin at this last, though there is a sudden whine from Sasha right before the photographer upends himself over a rock sticking rather blatantly out of the ground. Not blind, just scatterbrained. He lies on his back for a few seconds, then lifts his camera, and calmly snaps a shot of the sky above as seen through the trees. Only then will he roll back into a sitting position, idly rubbing his lower back.

"Siegfried, Siegfried das…I mean, Siegfried Werner." Sometimes old habbits are hard to break. "No, no. I am not a police officer, far from. I used to be an acrobat, and my partner vas my partner in the circus." He sits back down and nods. "So just sitting and writing?" He asks as it sounds kind of odd to him but he'll go with it. He does like the attention to a degree. "And that is a beautiful dog that you have."

"A german acrobat, hm?" Liam says, rising to his feet and smiling again as he nods, "Yes. Just sit and write." He blinks when Sasha is mentioned, looking down at her curiously before reaching down to ruffle the fur on top of her head, "Thanks. Her name is Sasha. I've had her for… a long time. I can't actually remember." He looks back to Siegfried, that faint grin back, "Nice to meet you, Siegfried… your name sounds familiar. You and your partner, were you famous?" He'll wait until Siegfried is seated before he'll snap a shot or two, establishing as much as just trigger happy. The joys of having a good digital camera cannot be spoken of enough.

"Yus." Siegfried says with a smilea s the question is asked. "It is a pleasure to meet you Sasha." He says to the dog to reach out and try to pet her a bit. He starts to write a bit, or at least pretends to as it's difficult to actually write when you feel like you're under pressure. At the question, Siegfried closes his eyes and nods. "Yus, we were known." He says as a look of sadness crosses his face.

Sasha is a friendly enough animal and tilts her head so that she can be petted, trotting forward so that Siegfried doesn't have to lean to do it. She'll then return to Liam's side, lying down quietly behind him to keep him from tripping over his own stupidity again. He takes a picture of Siegfried pretending, and then ultimately a picture of that sadness, before he lowers the camera again, staring at the poor man. Eventually, he says, voice a touch quieter, "I do remember. You were part of Wundervoll Wunders… They used to call it the circus of the damned." Strange accidents all occuring in a centralized place as classic as a circus? Yeah, likely to draw all kinds of interesting names.

Siegfried stops and puts down his pen and brushes some of his hair back. "Ja." He says staying quiet for a bit. Circus of the Damned, he hadn't heard that one. "How do you know of Vundervoll Vunders, ve vere never famous in here in America?" He says as it does bring up a lot of painful and confusing memories. He probably won't be sleeping well tonight.

"I used to work for National Geographic… and a few others. I've been to Germany a few times," Liam says, frowning slightly as he moves towards Siegfried again, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. It was just startling to realize who you were." He crouches down and smiles again at Siegfried, albeit more easygoing than particularly happy, pointing at his eyes, "I used to have a problem with my sight. Akinetopsia - I couldn't see things move. I wanted to come see the Wunders, but when you can't see things moving, the last thing you want to do is sit in a group of people who can." He folds his arms on his knees, Sasha meandering over to peer at Siegfried over his shoulder in the process.

"I am sorry to hear that." Siegfried says to Liam bringing up his knees to rest his arms ontop of them. "I came here to just get away from the circus so I'm sorry if you took me by surprise. I've never heard of Akinetosia. And unfortunate Vundervoll Vunders has permenantly shut it's doors, the Vunders of that circus are long since gone."

That inner feeling. The one that Rojani has learned to listen to, has told him that tonight is a good night to play in Central Park. Carrying his guitar strapped over his back, he's following that intuitive desire. As he crosses the park, he's not quite looking at anyone in particular. Slowly, he pulls the guitar over his shoulder and begins to play, singing gently in a very familiar voice to certain people. He sings and plays one of the classic songs from their troupe, because that always causes people to look at him… as if his voice wouldn't do that anyway.

Liam nods his head slightly, "Yeah, I know, I read about it. If you're trying to get away from it, then I had better stop talking about it, huh?" His smile returns, another aimless grin, as he rises to his feet and stretches his arms over his head, "I think I've upset your night more than once so far. It's a running record." He's distracted by the sound of that voice, of course, Sasha's ears perking up in accordance while he turns his head slightly. His brow furrows and he drops his arms to his sides, trying to locate just who seems to be playing. It's not abnormal to find people playing in the park, even at night, but it seems worth listening to.

"Just..a lot of memories." Siegfried says and leaves it at that. "You didn't know Liam." He says as he hears the melody that Roy plays as well and starts to sing quietly along, looking over at the direction it's coming from. Siegfried just stares with a strange look on his face, one of shock, elation and disbeilefe as he stands up. "Rojani…" He says under his breath. "Roy."

He hasn't looked over yet. He's intent on his playing as he moves closer towards the trio. After all, Sasha is there, too! Roy's voice gets a little bit louder as he steps along, glancing from face to face. His hair is done, he's in some of his shabbier clothes, but he still has that aura as he sings.

Liam isn't an idiot and, fresh on the heels of remembering Siegfried, he remembers Roy - or Rojani, as Siggy so verily points out - but he doesn't burst out the whole 'circus of the damned' thing again, considering how well it worked before. He only stares at the guitar playing man with his unseen eyes while Sasha barks lightly, then bumps against his hip; either she's trying to tell him to pet her or trying to push him out of the park. It's hard to tell.

Siegfried starts to take a few steps away from Liam and turns back and looks. "I'm sorry Liam…" He says as he heads towards Roy, a bit of a cautious but yet impatient. "Roy!" He calls out not sure if seeing his friend from the circus is a blessing or impeding doom. He doesn't know but right now, he just realizes how much he misses his friend.

He doesn't hear his name that often. Roy, actually, doesn't have that many friends around here. He stills his strings, looking around. Then… he sees the face. "Siggy?!? You're… You're alive!" He says, wonder and happiness tinting his voice. He's not known yet whether anyone still lived other than himself. He… he has figured out what's going on, after all.

Liam only shrugs a shoulder, glancing at Siegfried with mild confusion before watching him walk over to Roy. Sorry for what? He lingers only a few moments longer, lifting his camera to take a few quick snapshots of Roy seeing Siegfried. He then coils Sasha's leash around his arm and rubs behind her ears, glancing down with a smile, "Come on, Sasha. Let's go home and get something to eat." The dog leads the way with the practice of any prior seeing eye dog, Liam wandering away from the happy scene.

"Ja! And so are you!" Siegfired says and he hasn't been called Siggy in a long time. He has a big smile on his face as he runs over to grab his friend in a tight hug, not enough to crush the guitar though. "Vat are you doin' in New York?!" He says sounding surprised. "Vat's even veirder is that gentleman over there, Liam, vas just talking about Vundervull Vunders." He says as he points over to Liam.

The hug squeezes Roy and he makes an odd sound, but seems quite happy. "He knows the circus?" Roy looks towards the man with a bit of a quirked eyebrow. "What are you doing here?" He asks, moving the guitar back to his back, not wanting to play anymore right now. "You know of us?" He calls towards the man.

Liam is stopped somewhat awkwardly when he is pointed out, then called to, turning back towards the pair while lifting his hand to ruffle the hair at the back of his head, blushing faintly, "Y-yes. Don't let me interrupt, though. It sounds like it's been a while since you two last saw each other." Taking photographs is easy, and he is friendly, but regular socializing isn't really his forte and it shows.

"I live here now Roy." Siegfried says. "I moved here six months ago." He explains and then nods. "Ja, he vas photographer for magazines and such. It vasn't bad meeting you Liam, and ja, it has been a long time since I have seen Roy." He says keeping an arm around his friend.

"I live here, too… And… I knew I needed to be here today." Roy says, hoping Siggy catches the significance. "Well, he kept you here long enough for me to run into you." He says, looking to Liam. "Find me here later sometime. I owe you lunch. You reunite us." He says, offering a smile to the man before looking back at Siggy. "We should go eat. See where life has led you."

"I'm just a photographer," Liam says yet again with an idle shrug, waving to them both before he continues on his way out of the park, his hands now tucked comfortably in his pockets.

"Ja I'm glad fate has brought you here today." Siegfried says knowing the significance of what Roy is talking about. "Many thanks Liam." He says in agreement as he looks to Roy. "Food ez good Roy, and yes, ve shall talk." He says with a smile on his face as he goes off to catch up with his reunited friend.

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