2011-12-12: Rhapsody In Orange


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Summary: Art class is significantly less boring when property damage is involved.

Date: December 12, 2011

Log Title: Rhapsody in Orange

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Art Room

The Art Room has pictures of classic artists and small sculptures of famous pieces of art around the room. Any art supply you need may be found in this room, a large variety of paints, charcoals, markers, pencils, clays, canvases, easels, paper, and much more are accessible for the students. A large kelm is in one of the far corners of the room as well. On one side of the art room are a few sewing machines with a large variety of fabrics and sewing supplies for the students as well.

Introduction to Painting occupies the last period before lunch and has most of the dozen students in it grumbling and eager to head to the cafeteria already. The clock just won't seem to move any faster. Having already made the lesson for today clear, the teacher has stepped back to let the young, creative geniuses get to work. Jill's easel is set with a medium-sized blank canvas that has remained blank for the last fifteen minutes. She's unsure how to make a picture using only a single color mixed with black or white to create variations, especially when that color is orange. Sighing and rolling her eyes, she looks around at the other students' work to see how far behind she might be.

Warlock has never been much of an arty person but he is one to try and give anything a go, not really sure what to do he spent most of the time so far trying to make a decent colour from the three they're allowed, but about five minutes a go he got the beginnings of an idea, though all that’s come of it so far is he's turned his canvas on it's side and painted the bottom third of it black, having put the paintbrush down for a minute he's looking round to make sure he's not done it wrong, but everyone’s is different…

Jill wipes her hands on her paint-stained smock, huffing a breath through her nose. Her eyes flick sideways to the easel next to hers and Lock's unusual technique. With a burst of manic energy, she dips her brush in a glob of orange and draws a rough circle in the middle of the empty plane of white, zig-zagging to fill it in. "There," she says gloomily. "It's an orange."

Warlock hears the tone of Jill's voice and looks over at the circle she's painted, "You know, if you take that to the right art gallery someone will probably pay for it, I mean they paid millions for that maroon picture with the two black stripes", picking up his brush again he starts using the black again to paint a male figure with spiked hair standing on the black portion he'd painted.

"Nobody in their right mind would pay for this. I guess I could throw up on it and call it a Jackson Pollock," the blue girl grumbles. Still, she mixes orange with black to produce an almost-brown to add a stem to the top of the orange. "How are we supposed to paint a picture with just one color? Why do you mock me, cadmium orange?" She leans back from the canvas to watch Lock for a moment. "What did you decide to do?" she asks curiously.

Warlock nods, "One person's vomit is another person's art I guess", he frowns at her question about the colours, "I think the teacher may have run outta ideas either that or she secretly hates us", he starts putting some touches to the figure trying to make it look decent, "Errm trying to do a person looking at a sunset, I think I did it wrong though".

"Well, no, I don't think she hates us. It's just this seems kinda… tricky for beginners." Dipping a much thinner brush in the pseudo-brown, Jill starts to make long curly shapes at the edges of her canvas, turning (or attempting to turn) them into a decorative border. "I don't think you can do it 'wrong' exactly. There really isn't a wrong way, is there? Just whatever you're happy with, I guess."

Warlock starts trying to paint a skateboard under the figure's arm, he's doing ok but nothing special and smudges here and there, "I'm not sure if I like it, art isn't really my thing, not really sure how to even pass this class", he starts mixing orange into different shades, "Reckon I can take a nap and claim it's performance art?"

Jill mixes paint with water to make a soft wash and starts brushing it over the lower half of her canvas. "I think it's pretty hard to fail unless you don't even try." Her deepening frown shows displeasure with her own work. "Paint yourself orange first. Then you could be the first member of the Orange Man Group. Open a show on Broadway and rake in the big bucks."

Warlock hmms, "Interesting idea", he puts his hand in a pot of orange paint and holds his hand out, "Don't think it has quite the same effect…", he turns a little red as he points out to himself mentally that he's just stuck his hand into a pot of paint, "I shouldn't have done that".

"Shouldn't have done wh-… Oh." Jill's expression turns blank with surprise as she looks over at Lock and his now paint-dripping hand. Two full seconds of a blank stare follow. The silence breaks when she chokes back a laugh, a raspy sound in the back of her throat, then the full-on giggles. "I'm sorry," she excuses herself and clamps a hand over her mouth but can't stop laughing. "Hang on, I'll go get some paper towels. Or something."

Warlock goes redder as Jill starts laughing, "You shouldn't put ideas in my head, I get my dad's impulse control from time to time", he holds his hand over the pot so it doesn't drip too much, "Thanks", he waits for Jill to come back with the paper towels.

"Just a… little paint spillage," Jill explains to the increasingly suspicious teacher at the massive wad of paper towels she's gathering. "Don't drip on the floor, then you can go wash it off in the sink," she advises in a quieter voice, taking Lock's arm and fairly smothering it in absorbent goodness. "And you shouldn't do stuff like that," she chides with good humor. "Unless you were trying to finger paint. It was pretty funny, though." She seems like she's laughing with him, not at him, even though Lock isn't actually laughing.

Warlock smiles a little now as he pats the wet paint off his hands, "Thanks, it was your idea though, but yeah I should've thought that though a little", he walks over to the sink to start washing his hands, and right on cue his on/off superstrength kicks in and he breaks the tap as he turns it on.

"Oh sure, try to spread the blame around," Jill says, shaking her head in mild exasperation and wiping her hands on her smock. The sharp metallic 'kink!' sound of the tap breaking off catches the attention of everyone in the room just as water starts to fountain majestically into the air. A mild panic erupts of kids trying to get away from the impromptu sprinkler, though it's small enough that they're in no danger. The teacher waves her arms and calls for calm, though it doesn't seem to do much good.

"Bugger!", Warlock quickly grabs the broken part of the tap and starts trying to use it to try and stop the water somehow, the result being mostly him redirecting the flow into his face, spluttering he drops the not only broken but now rather dented piece of tap into the sink as he backs away trying to shake the water out of his eyes.

"Class! Class!" the teacher calls ineffectually. Looking more flustered than ever, she just points to the door. "In the hall, everyone! NOW!" Jill looks like she's desperately trying not to laugh now, but she still tries to save Lock by putting a hand on his shoulder and guiding him toward the door with everyone else.

Warlock groans as they head towards the door, "Been here two weeks and I’ve broken the art room", he moves his wet hair off his forehead, "At least you don't have to worry about the orange colour thing", he makes very sure not to touch anything else as they leave the room, bright red with a partially orange hand.

The class mills around in the hallway outside the art room while the teacher uses an intercom to call for an emergency janitor and repairman. The response is quick for the school is rather used to this sort of thing. Jill unties her smock and offers the clean inner side to Lock to wipe off with. "Well," she says appreciatively, trying to find the humor in it. "That's one way to get out of class early." The blue girl folds her hands behind her back and leans against the wall.

"Thanks", Warlock grins as he dries off, he carefully touches the wall and finds that his strength has left the building again, "You didn't get splashed did you?", he looks over at the teacher and tries to give an apologetic look, "Do you reckon we'll have to go back in or will they just let us head to lunch?, seems pointless continuing".

"No, I'm fine. I don't even think any of the paintings got wet either. I'm betting she just panicked," Jill confides in a low voice. When a janitor arrives from the central elevator with a mop and rolling bucket, the blue girl nods a little. "I'm also betting we're gonna have a longer lunch than usual." With a slightly more serious air, she adds, "I wouldn't worry about it too much. Not a day goes by that something around here doesn't get broken. Though… you might wanna go put on a dry shirt. I'll save you a seat downstairs, mmkay?" She smiles at Lock reassuringly.

Warlock nods, "Yeah, a dry shirt is very good idea, don't think I can rock the wet shirt look", he runs a hand though his wet hair, "Thanks, I’ll meet you in the cafeteria then", trying to avoid eye contact with the teacher he heads down the corridor to find his dorm and change.

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