Richard "Ricky/Flux" James
Ricky James
Portrayed By Johnny Simmons
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 1, 1992
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Aliases Zodiac (former codename), Flux
Place of Birth Sarasota, FL
Current Location Salem Center, NY
Occupation Housekeeper
Known Relatives Grandmother Opal and parents. Christopher (custody holder)
Significant Other Eddie
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Power Recombination (formerly Zodiac-defined alterations and elemental abilities)
First Appearance (in log) Melting Pot

*eyes glaze over* Power: Electrical Body. Previous Power: Portal Teleportation. Recombination: Electrical Teleportation.

Ok, what did I say? What's my power now?


Sometimes, children just aren't the best thing for a marriage. Unfortunately for Richard James, he was one of those that didn't quite help the relationship of his parents. When his mother found out she was pregnant, the relationship turned into a shotgun wedding, with each holding the child over the head of the other. Fights were a common thing in his home. Mother mad at father for not bringing home enough money. Father mad at mother for not working or even really doing much around the house. For all that he was an adorable child, that just didn't matter to them. It even got to the point where one of them was always sleeping in the living room. Needless to say, there weren't any other siblings.

He remained quiet throughout most of his childhood, choosing to spend what time he could outside, so as not to have to listen to his parents. If not outside with friends, he'd visit his paternal grandmother who lived in the town. His grandmother was an intelligent woman, who loved to take care of the neighborhood children. She was always baking treats and whatnot, and giving them out to those who helped her out with things like yardwork. (The older ones, however, got a little money instead). Unbeknownst to the family and friends, she was a practicing witch.

As he grew, Ricky showed a huge talent for the arts, being able to sketch and draw like very few others of his age group. Throughout his childhood, his art progressed to the point that when he became a teenager, his grandmother presented him with his first set of acrylics, just to see how well he could work with that.As he began toying with the Acrylics, he knew that artistry was what he wanted to do for a living. Sure, he'd probably need a day job, very few people are talented enough to actually make a subsistence off of it, but he knew that's something he would always enjoy. (Oddly, he is good enough to do that, once he matures a little more).

Between his grandmother's encouragement, and the school's promotion, he developed the skill quite nicely during his short stay. Finally, he worked up the nerve to tell his parents that that was what he wanted to do. Unfortunately, Dad came from the old and prejudiced school… i.e. If a boy's into art, he must be gay. Unfortunately for Ricky, he was. When confronted about it, he admitted the truth, having always believed it better to be honest with them, because it saved a lot of pain later. This time, it brought the pain on now. His father was not gentle as he tried to teach his son the error of his ways. When his grandmother saw the marks on him, she wasn't taking it lightly. Not only was she not taking in lightly, but she wasn't doing it properly. She chose to use her abilities to call forth power to throw a scare into his parents, to treat him right.

The candles were set, the ritual was going, Ricky came for a visit, unexpectedly. Having already begun the ritual, his grandmother was deep in concentration, not noticing that he had come in. His own eyes went wide as he watched her, in her attic. She sat in a circle, chanting and calling on power from the heavens to right the wrongs of her family. Creeping forward, he was amazed by the lights and sounds erupting around her, until he tripped… breaking the energy containment circle. This snapped his grandmother out of it. Eyes flying wide, she told him to back out of the circle. The gathering energies had already broken free, though.

A voice intoned, through the chaos of energy in her attic, "We choose this one to hold our power, faithful one. He will use it wisely." After this, Ricky freaked out. After all, wierd things like that don't just happen in small towns. He ran, not turning back. Feeling that he had somehow betrayed his grandmother, stolen something that belonged to her, and not having any clue as to what he had gained, he ran away. Not only did he run, but he didn't stop running until he was in a new place altogether, as his powers instinctively kicked in, carrying him across the miles with a side of their abilities.

Arriving in New York, he found himself picked up with a group of kids his own age, that overlooked something odd that they saw on him, deciding that he needed a place to go. Since then, he's been doing his share, trying to earn money to help keep them all fed.



December 25, 2009 Ricky finally opens his letter from Art School. Breaking The Seal


  • "I said it!"


  • Previously, every month, Ricky's body changes on the stroke of midnight, as the signs change. For a few days out of each month, he carries two powers.


Ricky's genetics are now in a constant state of flux. They latch onto the odd genetics of those he touches, taking bits and pieces of it for himself. What this does, in effect, is that it clones others genetics. However, it cannot take the power as it stands, because no power is perfect. It takes the power and splits it into two. The next person he touches with an ability, the same thing happens. THEN, his power will recombine them into something wholly new and different. Now, the actual limits of HIS unique powers will be based on the powers he borrows. If he were to copy Cyclops and Colossus to recombine into something, it would not be stronger than either of the above, only equal to at most.

Examples of power recombining: First Touch - Cyclops (Ruby Force, Eyebeam). Second Touch - Colossus (Organic Steel, Body). Ricky's power: Either Ruby Force Body, or Organic Steel Eyebeam. Third Touch - Angel (Feathered, Wings). Cyclops's power falls away. Either Feathered Body or Organic Steel Wings. Fourth Touch - Emma Frost (Diamond, Body or Mental, Manipulation). Either of the following, Feathered Body (again), Feather Manipulation, Flesh Wings, or Mental (telekinetic) wings. The result would depend on a die roll. If I cannot find something that would actually coalesce into something feasible, it simply won't work, and he'll be left temporarily with no active power until he touches someone else.


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