2011-08-27: Riding Out The Storm


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Summary: Hurricane Irene is about to hit New York. The Avengers are out in the storm for as long as they are able offering help as they can until the situation calls for them to head in to ride the storm out.

Date: August 27, 2011

Log Title: Riding out the Storm

Rating: PG

NYC- Financial District

The Financial District is an area at the southern tip of Manhattan. Major sights include South Street Seaport, Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange, Battery Park, and Federal Hall National Memorial where George Washington was sworn into office. The Financial District is lively during the day with businessmen and women scurrying about their affairs or visiting the many take out restaurants during their lunch breaks. At night the area is quiet due to barely anyone littering the streets and most shops and restaurants being closed.

It is late Saturday evening in New York City as sirens blare in the area and policemen have been stationed all along the tip of Manhattan to enforce a mandatory evacuation. To assist with the evacuation, the Avengers have been called out as well. Hurricane Irene whips into the area and is approaching fast as rain pounds the city and wind blows mightily. Stationed in the Financial District, Justice finds himself flying through the apparently empty streets, struggling to stay aloft with his telekinesis holding him in place. The wind batters as he searches for any stragglers or idiots who have remained behind.

Having made a pass through Long Island, where he's from, Tony has headed back through Times Square having seen a few idiots on the cameras down there though the woman spinning about with an umbrella was rather amusing. At least upon his arrival those remaining in the area head away hopefully to safety. Zipping between the buildings he's on the lookout for anyone tacking advantage of the storm to get in a few criminal activities. The winds are about 45mph at the moment as the rain is pounding the sidewalks instead of the normally busy pedestrian traffic. Once in the Financial District he spots Justice flying and heads that way.

Not having seen his team leader, Justice spots some young hurricane enthusiasts outside the Puck Building. "Oh you've got to be kidding me." He shakes his head exasperated and flies down close to them. The three college-aged kids starting taking rocks and hurl them at the building's windows however before the rocks get far. They are caught in midair. The youths look confused when Justice hovers above them, "Really now? 1. There is a hurricane. 2. Smashing rocks through windows is illegal. 3. You're stupid!" He scoops them up in a telekinetic field. And flies up higher, "Time to deposit you at the shelter." Flying up higher with the win batting him, he spots his team leader and waves.

Tony snaps a two fingered suit as he flies over towards his fellow Avenger. "Scraped up a few storm fools?" The rain pounds the armor adding to the noise pollution in the area. Winds pushing between the buildings howl loudly as time ticks away before the brunt of the storm hits in the wee hours of the morning. "Need a hand with them?"

Exerting more effort than usual, the young mutant Avenger shakes his head to Iron Man's question as the rain dripping down reveals the outline of a telekinetic bubble around the hero and another around the stragglers. "No…No." Looking down to the police waiting at the barricade, he lowers the youths to the awaiting police. Once they are safely in police custody, Justice speaks, "This is crazy! I don't think I've ever seen a storm this strong in New York City!"

"It's insane. Normally the storm systems die off before they get this far North." As the wind picks up around them Iron Man hovers far above the police stationed below at the shelter. "Bad timing for it to show up. Power has already gone down in areas. Hopefully we won't find anyone else out in the storm." Points a finger in the direction he came from. "There is a squad in that direction with a member of the Weather Channel crew. Other than that the streets appear clear towards Times Square." Swaying to the left a bit then back to center, "How're you holding up?"

“Well the winds are batting me to and fro, but I am surprised to fin my telekinesis is stronger than I thought So far I haven't been blown away… too far anyway." Justice offers a smile, "Hey, Iron Man. Do you think you can contact Thor? Maybe have him dispel this storm with Mjolnir?" Justice asks as he lowers himself a bit. He finds the higher he flies up the more difficult it is to keep from getting swept up in the hurricane winds.

The glow from Iron Man illuminates the rain falling around him in golden light. Lowering to the ground slowly the boots kill power leaving the Avenger grounded and in far better shape than the poor police officers at the shelter and those trickling into the shelter doors. "Sadly it doesn't work like that. Anyone in the area that can assist is doing so. The State of Emergency being called as early as it has was a very smart move." Peering up at the sky above him for a moment he turns a hand over to watch the rain fall sideways across his illuminated palm. "We should see what we can do elsewhere then take a break as we'll be needed in the near future for more than straggler roundup."

Nodding his head Justice offers, "I suppose this is supposed to be happening. Mother Nature can be one hell of a bitch!" Lowering himself to the ground too, Justice raises a telekinetic field around and over both Avengers, freeing them momentarily from the wind and rain. "I agree. Hopefully, the other Avengers and whoever else is out helping with these things." Taking a break for a moment and exhaling showing that he is tired, "How is Tabitha doing?"

Shrugs, "Not that I'm saying that I believe in Mother Nature, but should she be pissed I'm sure Pep could toss her a few Costco Warehouses full of Motrin." The constant beat of wind and rain against the suit stops the moment Justice extends his field. "Keep an ear on the comm. I know there are powerlines and trees down in Queens already. That's where I'm heading after I stop by the Towers." How is young Tabitha? Tony wasn't expecting that question at all. "As far as I know about as well as one would expect. I've not had a call from her, and she's at the school as far as I know."

Checking his com to be sure it is working and laughing a bit as Tony describes an alleviation for Mother Nature, Justice nods, "Ok. Well, just checking. It appears the kids I recruited for Barnes got admission there too." Justice frowns a bit "Thought it appears he may not have been a hundred percent truthful. But Jessica thinks we should he should be admitted anyway to keep an eye on him." The wind picks up enough that some trashbins and mailboxes seem to be picked up by the wind and are picked up and tossed about by the wind.

"Not so truthful hmm? Could be nothing, could be something, only time will tell. Never judge a book by it's cover is my advice. Congrats though." The weather is starting to get nastier as the hurricane's outer bands pass through the city. "I need to get to Queens. You're more than welcome to come with.”

Catching the mailboxes and trash bins with his telekinesis. He is able to move them into towards the police shelter and away from flying out of control. "Sure. I'll head with you. Should probably hit all the boroughs before the night is done. Looks like we will be busy all night and probably the whole weekend." Justice lowers the main telekinetic around both and generates a smaller aura around himself and lifts off from the ground.

Anything along the coast will flood which means there will be a lot of residence's and businesses that will suffer from the storms. Iron Man lifts into the air scanning the areas they are flying over on the way towards Queens. A quick check in with his AI and such is easily enough done rather than heading over to the Towers directly. Thankfully the streets are fairly clear as most people have heeded the storm warnings. Queens looks a mess by the time they get there. Downed trees and power lines litter the streets. Live lines spark atop crushed cars, broken fences, and in about a foot of water. "The power is down nearby. This appears to be residuals. I'll siphon off the power from here so you can work your magic!" If that's the plan he zips down towards the ground scanning the ground for the main line. Once located a few closed fist punches to the street break up chunks allowing him access to what he needs. The energy is drained then converted to store in the armor's power cells. Over the comm, "There's no juice left in the lines.”

Flying from Manhattan to Queens is typically no problem for the mutant Avenger however in a hurricane it is not so easy. A few hurricane wind gusts bat Justice about, but he is able to keep up with Iron Man for the most part. Arriving in Queens, when Iron Man works his magic and absorbs the power into his armor, Justice hovers up high for a bird's eye view. Hold his hand out, the telekinetic wields his power in a mighty display and like a conductor waving a baton to create a symphony of music, Justice waves his hands this way an that as he wields enough power to simultaneous move powers lines away from where they can cause danger, clear streets of downed trees and flying debris and even create telekinetic containers lifting pockets of water and dumping them into the East River. His eyes glow blue as he pushes himself to stay aloft in the winds and clear as much of the damage that Irene has wrought on this city.

As the Avengers work to clear the streets the storm seeks to disrupt their efforts by bringing down more debris. Justice will notice things whipping about heading his way as down below Iron Man deals with various objects that have become deadly projectiles upon the arm of the wind. Across the comm, "We're going to have to head in. The windspeed is climbing and neither of us will be much use getting tossed about." A rather large piece of metal sails through the air which he brings down to bend around a wavering tree so it doesn't fly up into the air again.

"Well Gaea one. Avengers zero." Justice actually manages a laugh as he winces a bit and starts to get a nosebleed as his efforts are starting to get to him, "Yeah probably best to head back to headquarters." As more debris flies around, Justice tries his best to catch some and dump them into the East River, but spends more time dodging as he follows Tony back to the HQ.

The flight over to the mansion is rough going as the storm is bearing down on the city. Anything not bolted down, or having ripped off of something is in the air to add to the danger of flying through the over seventy mile an hour winds. Instead of heading to the Avenger Mansion they find themselves at the Stark Towers. Inside there are a great many people who have taken shelter. Security is seeing that everyone is kept safe. Generators are running, blankets are in abundance, and as the howling wind streaks past the reinforced windows a great many shiver in response. Follow and Tony will show Vance into a room where a map of the city is projected three dimensionally. Taking off his helm he drops it off in a chair while peering over the map that illuminates the flooding, power outages, and quite a list of other things that need to be kept track of. "Tony?" Bambi pops her head into the room when he calls back. She's brought coffee for two. It'll be a long night, and then to helping with the aftermath.

Beaten and battered as he follows Iron Man, Justice finds himself trying to deflect any of the flying debris that comes their way and dodging what he can. When finally arriving at the Stark Towers, Vance takes a rest as he follows Tony into the main room. Viewing the map and receiving the coffee from Bambi, Vance offers a smile and a nod of thanks. He pants a bit as he holds the cup of coffee up telekineticall and stands up doing a stretch and cracking can be heard coming from his neck and back. "Damn. Irene beat the crap out of us." Finally taking hold of the coffee he sips it slowly and offers verbally a very grateful, "Thank You." to Bambi.

Still clad in the armor Tony keeps his eyes on the projected map moving various bits of it about to see the hardest hit areas according to cameras, calls, and chatter along police/fire/and military lines. "Thank you," he tells Bambi when she sets his coffee down on the table in front of him. She smiles at the gentlemen then leaves them be. Pulling a glove off he sets it down upon the table then picks up the coffee to sip at while images continue to flutter about in front of him. "I have an unfair advantage," peering over at Vance through the map then casting his eyes at his gear. "The interior meeting rooms have been set up as resting places. If you'd like to sack out there for a bit be my guest. There's not much we could do out there at the moment. It's down to riding the storm out then getting back out there to help with the damages."

Nodding his head, "Yeah I'll take you up on the offer." Yawning a bit, Vance starts to walk over towards the doors to the interior rooms. "Wake me up if I'm needed. But I'll try to get a little shut eye." Stretching his arms out, "Thanks, Tony." He walks out and into the interior room and as soon as head hits a pillow, he is out like a light.

A nod is sent Vance's way as Stark continues to sip at his coffee watching the ever changing map. He'll be up keeping in contact with various organizations through the night, and waiting until the time where the storm has died down to that of a tropical storm. Those capable of weathering the storm with him will head back out again.

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