2010-06-03: Right and Wrong


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Summary: Taking to the rooftops after the Battery Park bombing Jakob and Domino go on a little mission despite their differences, and fix a problem.

Date: June 3 2010

Right and Wrong

Rating: R

NYC - Rooftops

Above the many high rises that border the streets of New York, one in particular was nondescript but had a perfect vantage point to watch into others where people had their apartments set up. One in particular was being watched from the top of the ten story building that looked like the top of nearly any other building, metal units and a small overhang over one edge made it the perfect place.

Disorientation is what she would blame for not immediately knowing Jakob was following, but as hearing and senses seemed to settle from being rattled she heard the echo of footsteps not her own up the fire escape and her body pivoted, her back pressed against the wall. One hand dropped and the Browning was pulled free of its shoulder holster to be held at range of head level for average height. When Jakob came around the corner though the breath that was held was released and the safety was clicked back on, the weapon aimed barrel to the sky. Looking up she turned and slipped across the rooftop towards an end covered by a metal overhang where she could be obscured and still watch the chaos below with disdain and something else edging in along the outer corners of her eyes. "You shouldn't follow me." Whether he heard or not was of no concern, but she had been seen by some, now if luck stuck with her this time she would be forgotten. Caleb was still being observed as he changed hands, curiosity driving its hand, but she did not move, simply observed and glanced back to Jakob, nothing being said as suspicion still loomed on him.
Jakob's hands came up palm flat until she places the gun away and moved to seat herself. He doesn't reply as he slides down to stretch his legs out and gather his bearings, quietly watching her as no response would arise from him, his chest rising and falling. Several reasons he didn't respond, number one being he still couldn't hear. For now though, he'd wait, maybe she could answer some questions…
Domino watched Jakob slump into a seat and her debate was to leave him here or remain…The latter was chosen, he was not the only one that had questions that needed answered. Until he spoke up though she would remain in her vigil, and silent.The stuff scattered around the roof that read it was a home at one point was layered in debris and untouched. She was not here to violate the abandoned home, likely the person that once lived her passed out drunk somewhere, never to be found again. No matter, she left it all be and had far more important things on her mind as she watched the post-explosion melee slowly come to a settle, and this was only being that camera crews were moving in and ambulances as well as coroners were shipping out. One hand still held the Browning with its safety in place while the other fished in a pocket for…sunglasses that were not there. A slow sigh escaped her lips as she glanced towards Jakob once more, a flicker of a moment and then gone again. She had patience…She just had to practice it before she barraged the guy with more ammo, just verbal. Waiting was the bigger pain.
" Some interesting makeup. " He'd comment towards Domino, his legs stretching out infront of him as he studied her. Wincing at the pain coursing through his body right now, something he was using his mutant abilities to mend as quickly as possible, even reaching behind him to peel a piece of shrapnel out of some part of a fleshy hip muscle. Jakob kept his eyes upon the woman the entire time, " You stood up for that idiot, I am abit surprised by that, why would you do that? "
Domino's lips parted and then snapped shut as he spoke. It was not the time to nit-pick the words of her makeup being permanent over the moment in itself and what was at stake amongst it all. Her mind was settling in a not-so-happy place, and her faceless employer would not like the outcome. It took a few moments of careful thought before she stepped back from the ledge but stayed in range enough to still watch. "Why so surprised?" But her question back to him came with the weight of a heavy shrug of her shoulders that shifted the fall of the leather coat, now bearing a tear where that piece of wood had gone through to strike her leg and find a home muscle deep. "Hate runs on both sides of the fence, but no one deserves to die on it just by words alone, especially all those others.." Her eyes trailed back to the place where the bomb had ignited, focusing on the black char that started deep, and fanned to show its main coarse. "I could ask the same of you. What was your motive?"
" He looked like a mutant, acted like one. Was turning openly aggressive towards an entire swarm of anti-mutant activists, what do you think the reaction would have been? A debate. Nah, those never turn out that way, first hand knowledge says just that much. " Jakob pushes himself upright with a wince walking over to look at the ugly mess of what was once possibly a bums nest or home, his foot came out and he kicks a leaning makeshift tent post watching the chaotic and responsive crash down of parts not suspended by this strange webbing that was more than likely dissolving at this point as it were. " Gross. " Hearing her second question he looks back at her, " They were just there venting, there was no need for them to be attacked, was stupid of the mutants to attack them like that, now this shit's going to get worse. " He looks as though hes getting angry the more he speaks, " Trash will act like trash around the civilized, this is why that scum needs eradicated or at least controlled, for acts like this. It's fucking despicable and those freaks wonder why they're hated. "
Watching had lost its fanfare. It was only igniting something deeper within her, and an argument of thought on her actions that she was coming to justify. Though, it was apparent they were not speaking about the same idiot. The kid..Her eyes only spared a moments glance towards the ground level again and then she fully turned to face Jakob while his tangent prattled on towards a side she was not about to side with him on. "Who cast the first stone? Not the boy, but the crowd based off the venting that only incited rage and fear in both sides. No one can debate with a fist in their face." One hand rose and fell as if brushing off Jakob as she stepped around him with a puposeful avoidance to not brush or bump any part of him. "Yes, gross." Her eyes targeted him as she said that, lowering to a crouch to lift the tent post and seat it back in place, though what it had collapsed beneath in its fall she left alone. "What says the mutants attacked? Do you have proof?" Once the post was back in place she remained in her crouch, forearms resting on bent knees. Not because it was a better vantage point, but because to get up would hurt like hell right at this moment.
" Right, because if I came to your house wanting to talk I would do it with a visible loaded gun held out so everyone can see. People are not stupid, it's pretty common knowledge when someones turning into a glowbug infront of you that ain't natural and somethin' bad is about to happen. Who else would attack? For all I know you were in on it, is that even make up? Don't know many women who wake up in the morning and forget they have two eyes. " While speaking Jakob walked away from the post she'd just re-adjusted, his thoughts drifting away from that idea. " What proof is needed? A well-liked spokesman for the Friends of Humanity is assaulted broad daylight, this was something obviously planned out. "
"Oh, so someone is born with something and it is suddenly their fault and they need to die. Right, I forgot that no one has the right to try and live anymore. Next time a baby is born with one blue eye and one brown I will remember to put a bullet in it because it makes you uncomfortable, it's different after all. I'll name the bullet after you. What's your name kid?" As she spoke one hand pulled back to press palm to her knee and aid in her slow yet steady rise, biting back any sound or grimace that might come from doing so. "Oh it was planned out, but by who, and why is what you should be wondering, not pointing your finger so soon, it is stuff like that that causes this." As she straightened she watched Jakob now with a careful eye. His youth, his hatred, it wore an age on him beyond his years. Kid was a cheap shot but he was also not as old as the lines around his eyes said he was. Ahh what breeding hate does to the mind and body. "How are you holding up?" She had seen him pull the shrapnel free and the inquiry could have been genuine or wishing for it to be prematurely festering.
" I said, or controlled. Old age making your hearing go bad, lady? " He figured she wanted to throw out age taunts, not having been called a kid since he sprouted over six foot at fifteen. " Names not much concern to you, you never did say why you were there. " The post she'd righted he dislodged again with a nudge of his foot, turning away from the collapsed again nesting he wandered about looking what it contained at least what was visible. " I'm just a college student, I'm not the one lugging around a Browning Pro9, so - obviously easy suspect in a scenario like this would be you, and if that ain't make-up… well. " Jakob turned shrugging his shoulders out both hands shown, his dark eyes locking on her blues. Obviously ignoring her question on how he was holding up.
"Why I was there is not a concern to you." He wanted to play she would, but only so far. When he announced weapon knowledge the corner of one dark brow twitched in a rise. "Just a college student, and moving about after all that so quickly…" Dark lips twitched and she rose the hand holding the Browning, slipping it back beneath her coat and into its shoulder rig. It's mate had rested untouched on the opposing side, and thus far, unrevealed. She held the locked gaze for several long heartbeats, this one was damn near a lost cause and it was likely his daddy on stage though there was no striking resemblance. Lucky for him. Turning then she walked to the edge of the building again, but opposing the wreckage and looked across the rooftops. If she moved quick enough she could beat him home. "You seem observant enough. Tell me, what did you see just before the explosion? Put your hate aside, as well as what happened with the disappearing, reappearing kid, and tell me what you saw."
" Yeah, just a college student and I served my country, I learned how to tuck and roll properly. " He replies to her question about moving around so quickly, right now still focused on mending the bit of wounds he'd taken from being in proximity of the blast. A sneer appeared on Jakob's features, " What I seen, you trying to play rescue on a lost cause, then some ass running high speed away from the podium, then well the rest is all a blur. But whose not to say you're not working with vanishing kid as some sort of distraction? That’s one possible. "
He missed so much, but she could not fully blame him. Hatred was a crippling…Blinding disease. But he caught one part that she would elaborate on, and pick at his memory for. Turning back to face him she took a few steps closer while she pressed the questions in. "And the one running away, was he doing so with any powers? Anything swifter than normal human? What'd he look like? What was he wearing?" Pausing just before him she shook her head slowly but never dropped her gaze from his own if he bothered to hold it as well. "If he was working with me, I would not have left him behind, it's not my way."
Jakob's sneer remained though only half it's earlier enthusiasm. " I look like Sherlock Holmes to you? Remembering that much detail during so much… right, see, this distraction thing. You're good at it, you still haven't much given our answers yourself. Why were you there? " He insisted again stepping closer. " Like I'd be willing to buy that from a terrorist, especially ones capable of killing innocents. " Referring to her last comment.
The laugh that passed her lips was one that remained in the back of her throat and never parted her lips. But the small smirk that was forming narrowed her eyes. "He stood five foot nine, weighing about 170, sandy blonde hair, glasses in a white button down shirt, black tie and black slacks. Ring a bell?" His step forward brought no further reaction, it froze what reaction she had on her face and kept it from wavering, but his final statement did do something, and it made one eye twitch at the corner. She would not break that stare down though, and she was not about to back down to him over a comment that was meant to strike her and bring her to her knees or lash out. Neither came from her though her hands balled into fists and released. "What's your rank?" She was answering his questions, or getting to it.
" Not sure how that is relevant. " Surprised she was able to recall so much from a brief glance, his chin uplifted abit and he stares down at her, " Awful good memory you have there. " She was being far too tightlipped and evasive in his eyes, but was it his place to push really? What was he getting out of this anyways, another person’s buttons to push? " Real reason on being there, you tell and I will. " Jakob wondered if he could take her, she'd be alot easier to question with a pistol to her forehead or a knife at her jugular, but really was it his place? " I really do not buy a person like you was just walking on by."
So he did see him. She rocked back on her heels then and looked up at the sky. So much time had passed in moments it seemed. Blurring by from widespread chaos to dealing with Jakob's own personal chaos. "I'll give you one better. I'll show you." Want to open someone's eyes without using a hammer and chisel on them, let them do it on their own. Why she was doing this was beyond even her own reasoning, she had 20 minutes to decide if she would really do this or leave him stranded on a rooftop off 59th street with his mind still full of questions. "Once you come to your own conclusion, whether you tell me or not what I have asked…I really don't care." Turning away from him she made her way to the edge of the building and leapt from it to the other. It was not an inhuman distance at all and this was the best way to travel for her…for now. She paused only once and didn;t look back. "But you have to keep up Private." More than one way to skin a cat.
" Show me? The hell are you talking about? " Jakob's teeth crushed together as he watched her. Seriously, was this his place? Friends of Humanity were attacked, innocents were killed and he… well he saved someone. That part felt good, some part of him was proud of that but in running to snare up the man in the blue tie, he did see a childs face, was that child alive still? Did he save the spokesman instead of that kid. Anger broiled through him and he snarls at Domino, " Enough games, just tell me what the fuck your deal is! "
Domino stopped at the opposing ledge of the other roof and lowered her head. It was nearly a look of defeat but it was proven wrong by the slight shake of her head in its positioning. "I am not playing games, you are. I dont have time to stand here and play footsie with you, so either you come, or you don't and you can wonder your night away." With that she dropped off the edge of the building onto a fire escape that was on the other side, but it left her out of view. Taking that moment she pulled a bit of fabric she had taken from that makeshift home free of her pocket and wrapped her upper thigh. She had years to hone the ability to not show pain and endure it, but that ki— him. Her brows forrowed as she gave a few moments for him to either join her or not, but she wasn't waiting forever, she was racing time.
Before response the woman was in motion. Jakob stood there several heartbeats before he leapt across as well, his powers sorting themselves from one attribute to another no longer accelerating his healing he was using it for a physical boosting, whereas right now strength seemed to be key in getting from this building to the other, agility following in the landing and use of the fire-escape with the timely speed she was using. He had nothing else to be doing right now, may as well see where this leads… besides, some part of him was enjoying this.
When he landed beside her she was already in motion by pushing from the wall and descending the fire escape, only to duck down alleys and ascend once again. A bob and weave motion that would push any physically, but a well planned course she had time to set and map out in her mind to get from one point to another without being seen. The final roof was a leap of faith, 5 foot across, and straight drop - ten stories down, but at least the angle of the jump was from a higher building to a lower. Using the elevator in the building? Big no. When she landed this one she did as he said he had learned to do. She tucked and rolled to keep the weight from the injured leg, rolling back to a stand and only walking a few feet across the rooftop to another overhang, beneath it was her belongings all wrapped tight in an orderly bundle with a sleeping bag rolled up over the top of a large duffle bag. Only when she reached her things and was done taking visual inventory did she look back to see if Jakob made the jump, assuming if he didn’t she'd hear the ACME plummeting noise, or a yell.
Keeping up with the woman sounded easier than it looked, she was agile and it was pushing Jakob to do so but a tweak here and there in his physiology to adapt and he was able to keep up, that was until he came to a complete stop near that sudden drop, a leap required that made him grit his teeth and put caution to the wind. Landing in a tumbling roll he sprung up to his feet and began dusting off quickly, finding a torn rip in his jacket along with the others he let out a sound of disgust, " Favorite jacket…" Exhilaration burning through Jakob it slowly began to bleed away as he looked at this makeshift, 'camp' she'd set up for herself. " Never heard of hotels? Not quite sure what this is proving other than the fact you like to hang out on rooftops. "
Lowering to a crouch now she pushed the sleeping bag away from over top the duffel and paused. His words, he seemed to like to get that rise out of people, it made her wonder quite a bit more than was truly any of her business. But he made the leap and they made it here. Yes she didn't abandon him along the alleys around the plaza so her decision had been made. But then, he was not running his mouth. It started once he got a moment to breathe and she only closed her eyes to it to gather her thoughts before they went the way of bumping him off the roof top. Her eyes were still closed as she spoke in timed breaths that told she was also counting to ten inwardly. "Look around you, this time *look*. What do you see?" Around the building they were on top of were…Other buildings. But if he followed a light trail where footsteps had apparently taken the woman frequently there was a vantage point and a purpose, facing another building that apparently bore high rises and apartments.
Jakob turned and looked one way to another, Domino had herself a nice little OP here but beyond that he failed to see what she was trying to get him to see. " This isn't helping your case any, so you have a great roost for terrorist operations. I imagine you're even shielded from helicopter and possibly satellite surveillance here, bravo. "
Domino smiled, but it held her own knowing stare at Jakob, something was working in her mind and it finally got voiced. "I am the terrorist and you know all this? How long did you serve for? For all you know this could just be my home. A little hide away with no mirrors so I can't do my makeup properly." One hand rose and a finger smudged over her left eye, but nothing ran, nothing smeared, it remained etched in its permanence on her face. She looked back at her duffel and rose to a stand, making her way to the edge of the building, still beneath the eave and looked across to the building that rose several stories above this one, but her gaze was cast slightly down, not straight across. Looking up as if searching for something she nodded to herself and pressed her back against the old brick. Five minutes to kill; let's hope Jakob doesn’t change her mind.
" Doesn't take much to recognize most of this crap, an every-day fat slob who watches too much tv could discern as much as I have. " Seeing the obvious finger smudge at her cheek he releases a "Tch" his head turning as he spit. " A mutant? " Jakob more questioned than accused. His eyes flowing after hers towards the duffel bag, then around them perhaps seeking out some form of possible weaponry.
"An everyday fat slob wouldn't have made it this far, they would have stopped trying after 4 city blocks of that. Couch potatoes don't get anywhere in life, you should try hating them." His questioning accusation of her when he saw the marking was not paint in the way of being a wanna-be mime, as well as the apparent disgust had her looking at him now nearly dumbfounded. But it was her own mockery in retort. "It's my mark to bare, a tattoo. What mutants like tattoo's too? For shame. Sad lot those." But in those words her eyes levelled back on Jakob's, the sinking signs of dusk approaching in rapidity giving it an unnatural silence to the streets around them How quick things went from bustling life to a moment of still.
" No, they wouldn't, I'm obviously not a fat slob though and I don't recall ever saying I hated anything to you. " Jakob tossed back at her, " You're wasting both of our time here, you said you would 'show' me, you have yet to do that. If anything you're just making it look worse off on your end. " He reaches down into his pocket and pulled out a cellphone, flipping it open. Keeping her gaze as he does so.
"You don't have to say it, it's your own branding." Did he not even relaize his own faults? He was too busy picking them out of other people to do so. Why she bothered asking herself that brought a wavering expression on her face that was gone in a matter of a second. Her eyes did not break from his until what she was waiting for got her attention. On the eight floor in the building across from them a light came on and illuminated the apartment. Did she even see him flip open his cell phone? Nope, but at the same time she pointed. "Now look. What do you see?" Through the window that same sandy blonde haired man took off his glasses and set them on the desk as well as keys, reaching up to loosen his tie and undo it from around his neck. Just getting home from a hard days work.
She ignores the cell phone obviously enough, his eyes flickered over it briefly to check the time and any recent messaging. Half a thought to mesh some buttons and reach out SHIELD and see what their take would be, or at least one of the faculty for Barnes. His gaze drifted in that line with her own to narrow in on the target she's pointing out, the bomber. " Thats him! It’s that son of a bitch! And you've just been watching him!? " Jakob snarls as his fists curl up, spinning around to face her. " That fucker needs killed, he murdered people today, I seen a kids face in that crowd… "
Jakob's reaction was just what she expected it to be. Bit by bit she was answering his questions and more were to come in a swift flurry he would have to keep up on. He spun to face her just in time to see her back turned to him and she was lowering down to the duffel, unzipping it and pulling out a long metal case. Setting it in front of her carefully she pulled out a SIG, holding it to the side as the scope was also withdrawn and being put in place. "He was my ward, I was hired to make sure he gets on a plane to Japan in two days. After today, my employer can go on a manhunt for him, this was not part of the deal. To think I was getting used to simply watching a simple human's day to day life." Well, as far as she ever knew Macnamara was human, and of interest to someone, this being likely why. Mutant sympathizer or not.."There were more than just kids there.." Picking up a clip she paused and looked back at Jakob, seeing how well all of this had sunken in since she had his undivided attention.
" You're going to shoot him? " Jakob asks, his hands rubbing against one another. Silence followed him as he glares off towards the man who was carrying on in his own selfless manner, his deeds of this day were something rotten and soul staining yet without a conscience he seemed to be undisturbed or even shedding a thought he'd just killed at least four people and who knows what the fallback may host, how many more from that bloody act alone would follow, " Let me do it. " He blurted out towards Domino. " I was a soldier, I was trained to do this…. " Though, he'd never done it.
Domino looked at Jakob as she snapped the clip in place and began checking the adjustments on the SIG that had it set to fit her, making sure all was in perfect place. Slowly she rose back to a stand and leveled and unblinking stare upon Jakob as he spoke up his desires. "Now, before I even fathom letting you do such a thing I want your name and rank. No more games, I have little time for them." Moving towards the ledge, back in place before Jakob she looked down to the window, watching Mr. Macnamara finally undo his tie completely and step away from the window and the desk that bore a mirror, leaving view for now. She knew he would want to do it, but it was up to her now to let him, he was dancing the dance, but would he sweep in for the finale she would weigh in upon him?
" Again not sure how thats relevant but whatever, Jakob Kincaid, Specialist E-4 with the U.S. Army. Happy now? Let me kill this fuck already. " He looked the weapon over, " SIG SG-550? " Beginning to look impatient as he watched Macnamara leave view, their vantage was nice enough, a clean shot if the man would come back into view again at least enough to get a good bead in on him.
"It's relevant because it is who you really are, not what you are displaying to me. Let's kill this fuck is right." She was waiting, she knew the man's routine, and there was a reason she was not so edgy anymore, she got here on time and it would all fall into place. "Yes SIG SG-550, Starlight scope. Know how to use it? Because you are about to get a crash course." She began then to loosen the adjustments ever so slightly before handing it to him, but not yet releasing, the one visible brow rising. "You so much as hesitate I will finish the job Jakob." Her grip eased now so if he wanted he could take the weapon from her and get started pending his reaction. "I am Tamara." The one alias that came to mind, one a little less attached, but if he decided to give her description it was all downhill anyway. She was chancing something, but proving all the more, and somehow in her mind, the odds weighed out.
" Would have pegged you for a Sheila or a Vicky. " He replies while accepting the sniper rifle, pushing the butt of it back into his bicep he turns and crouches down before dropping into a prone position not mindful in the least right now this woman could be an enemy, more than fully exposed at this point. His cheek rested just behind the scope, his left hand came up and he adjusted it abit, it was zero'd for her, there was no way he could change that now but if he played his cards right he wouldn't have to. Instantly training fell in place and his breathing shallowed out, became timed. " I won't hesitate… I promise. " No, he wouldn't, not after seeing with this terrorist would and could do, mutant extremist or not… they were dead. His eye closed and opened, doing so several times as he made sure he was ready, the wind he wouldn't have a clue about at this range or height but figured he'd try his best to compensate for it. His fingertip hovered over the trigger, sliding down over it to wait, forcing himself to slow his heartbeat and eagerness, to calm and watch.
Domino watched Jakob settle into the weapon and his positioning. Stepping up behind him she lowered down enough to lean a bit and angle her own gaze to follow his as well as the aim. One hand lifted and gingerly pushed the end of the barrel, a hair fraction but it would make a difference. Jakob was surprising her in this, but it was not worn over complacency. She stepped back and gave him room once again, but if she had to move in she could do so in enough time in case he had a change in heart. The lights in the apartment dimmed but did not die, it would make Macnamara just a bit harder to target without a perfect silhouette - but he was back at the desk in his white and blue striped boxers, a wife beater covering his torso and nothing more. Long days work, long night of idling before bed and enjoying his life. What was left of it now that was narrowed down to seconds. "It's all you." And the creeping silence was left save for both of their measured breaths.
Jakob almost pushed the barrel back from where she had nudged it, annoyance he let give way figuring she might know what she was doing. His teeth gritted and he lost focus before he was staring again, his pulse pounding in his ears as the target moved back into sight. " Terrorist pile shit… " He hissed against the weapon. Almost instantly with those words he targeted the man's center mass aimed around the ribcage and everything slowed, he waited for the apex of his breathing where it was exhaled entirely, his finger squeezed down on the trigger and the round chambered only to explode down the barrel erupting out the tip, window would first shatter followed by a mist of fine blood, in rapid succession Jakob fired another quick round, this one sloppy compared to the first hitting higher, woodchunks burst off window frame where it separated top pane from bottom and half the man's skull above his left ear fragmented like thrown confetti. Jakob stared, unmoving, his mouth suddenly unnaturally dry as his tongue h
eld tight against the back of his teeth staring down the scope, almost in awe of his own handiwork, whether in admiration or shock it was unable to tell at this point.
Domino's eyes remained unflinching. It was habit, even though the SIG was not in her hands her own body had reacted as if it were. Her own breaths had timed out to slow her heart rate, and right before the trigger was pulled she had exhaled, long and slow. The second shot fired got a small "hmph.." passing her lips, but what was left of the window, as well as Macnamara would have to be puzzle pieced back together again. Poor Humpy Dumpty. Her eyes dropped from the job to Jakob, letting him have his moment to regroup instead of reaching for her weapon and possessively taking it back. Stepping back to her duffel she withdrew a kit, opening it as she slid down the wall with her back pressed firmly against it, unwrapping her upper thigh and sliding a syringe from the now obvious medical pack. She had nothing to say to Jakob, she would not ruin his moment and would let him speak first. In the meantime she worked hastily to numb the wound, and begin cleaning, using tweezers to pick out remaining splinters.
Straightening up he drew the weapon with him, it was held in his hands now, relaxed while he turned around to face her. " So, why were you following him around and watching him, are you a mercenary or something? " He felt more comfortable rifle in hand, his mind was still peeling away from what he'd just done. In the past, he had killed someone but that was an accident, this wasn't this time it was intentional and premeditated, some part of him wanted to feel wrong about all of this but he couldn't fathom it up, this man, he had seen murder and kill people, he got what he deserved.
"Or something.." It was murmur'd as she worked at the deep gash in her leg, putting the tweezers in her mouth as a small bottle was withdrawn from the kit and dumped over it. Her features tensed for a brief moment and then went back to placid and intent as she waited for the medication to sink in. The wait was murder and she lifted her gaze back to Jakob and pointed to her case that was set and lined for the SIG silently requesting he put it away. "To answer all of your question or implications. Yes, I am a mutant - that was Jace Macnamara and I was supposed to keep him alive. Pity I have some morals and overall value life, be it human or mutant. What I was doing at that rally was watching him go from reading a book in the park to suddenly planting a bomb. I stopped defending your glowbug to try and diffuse it before ignition, but timing was not on my side with trying to push through a hateful mob and all." She took a slow breath and shook her head, looking back down to her current handiwork, picking o
out a few more splinters of wood and cleaning again before threading a hooked needle and pushing it through her skin. "This doesn’t fix what happened, but it keeps it from happening again."
Jakob stared, a mutant. One who seemed wrapped in cloak and dagger style intrigues, one who just let him shoot a man and one whose story so far matched up with what she'd told him, but still a mutant, he lifted up the rifle and turned it so the barrel was pointed at her, aimed for her skull. " Thats all you’re here for… maybe you should elaborate on something? Something could be anything. And Tamara is your real name? "
Domino did not stop working on her leg when she heard the tell tale movements and the readying of her weapon he now pointed at her. She did not seem to be spooked by it in the slightest. "If you are going to threaten someone's life, do it with your own weapon, not theirs. Have some honor Jakob." The threading continued small stitches that slowly pulled the gaping sides of pale skin together and back in place. "My favorite outfit too.." Her eyes never lifted to him as she commenced her work, seeing it through until it was finished. "I am what I am paid to be, but I think you of all people should know what that is by now seeing as you have seen a part of my weapons and hold one of them. Now would you be so kind as to properly put it back?" The final bit was done and she snipped the thread after tying it off at the end, rocking her foot back and forth to ensure there was no loss in range of motion. "Tamara, Neena, Beatrice, hell you can call me Vicky if it floats your boat and seems more fitting to you Jakob. Otherwise I am known in my mutant world as Domino."
Several seconds Jakob stood there the safety clicked and he was turning it around, out of respect for the weapon itself he was dismantling it, piece by piece pulled away, cleaned off (repeatedly) and shoved into the box she had indicated. " Domino. Goes with the birthmark I guess. " He said quietly before snapping the case closed and standing up. " I should get going… the uh… " He hesitated, " This case, what are you going to do with it? " Knowing even if he had cleaned it off as thoroughly as he could it was still a murder weapon and one small botch could bring it back to him.
"Maybe it does." It was a name given to her and it stuck in permanence, unlike her other names she had given to him. Defining her mark and the how's of it was something she was not going to do with Jakob. They weren't bosom buddies, they just did a job and righted a wrong..As right as it could be. She watched how thorough he was with the weapon and care was taken with it. While his back was turned some semblance of a smile formed, but it more bordered on some odd feeling of pride for him. Sliding back up to a stand she held her hand out for the case as everything else was put away and the sleeping back was slung over one of her shoulders, simply waiting to be on the move herself. She just needed her SIG back. "It's mine, I'm keeping it." As if it was as simple as that… Turning to look at the window and what lay behind in wreckage thought seemed to momentarily edge into her vision and a slow nod confirmed it. "Nice city here, think I'll stay." She was intending on leaving after this job was done, but everything took a different turn - she was just going to go with it.
Jakob " Funny, I think its a cesspool. " He replies after standing and shoving his hands into his pockets, taking on a very non-militant almost slouching posture as he stood there, very unlike his normal demeanor. " Anyways, it's late. I'm overdue and already missed a few classes… I should really be going. " How bizarre, to end off on that note. Like he'd just played at a very intense game of DDR and was finding time was up. " If you're staying no doubt I'll see you again, you don't seem like the type who keeps her nose out of trouble. Mutants tend to attract or make it anyways, half the problem right there…" Jakob rambles off as he made his way towards the fire-escape, wanting to be out of here as quickly and efficiently as possible.
" Funny, I think its a cesspool. " He replies after standing and shoving his hands into his pockets, taking on a very non-militant almost slouching posture as he stood there, very unlike his normal demeanor. " Anyways, it's late. I'm overdue and already missed a few classes… I should really be going. " How bizarre, to end off on that note. Like he'd just played at a very intense game of DDR and was finding time was up. " If you're staying no doubt I'll see you again, you don't seem like the type who keeps her nose out of trouble. Mutants tend to attract or make it anyways, half the problem right there…" Jakob rambles off as he made his way towards the fire-escape, wanting to be out of here as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Domino just laughed as he turned and made his way away. Tucking the case into her duffel and slinging that over her shoulder as well. It was apparent she was abandoning camp, and that was the best thing to do. Time to make another one with a bit more temporary permanence in mind. "I doubt you'll be seeing me again." Big city, many corners, and without reason she would not be attending the hate rallies he seemed to enjoy. The words were said to his back and when he turned (if he turned) she would be dropping off another ledge, an opposing exit. If anyone was watching or was questioned later once the body was discovered Jakob would be less describable, especially if he lacked a mutant at his back. No ties.

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