2011-07-02: Riot On The Field

Players: Pounce and Xorn

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Summary: Pounce has her first Danger Room Session.

Date: July 2, 2011

Log Title: Riot on the Field

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Danger Room

A product of Shi'ar technology, the room generates apparently solid, realistic imagery by manipulation high-resolution force fields and holograms. The walls and floor appear as a steel room until a program is turned on. Overhanging the room in the center is a control Room managing the room's mechanisms to oversee the exercise while ensuring the subject's safety.

In the Control Room, Shen Xorn in his usual garb of the white robe turned X-Man costume with metallic mask sits at the controls and begins to enter a program for one of his newest advisees. Once it is set, he nods, “This should work.” His voice echoes in the hollow chamber as he leaves the Control Booth and literally floats down into the Danger Room. Hovering a few feet off the ground and taking a somewhat meditative pose, he telepathically summons Evelyn. <Pounce, please report to the Danger Room in your squad uniform. It is time for your first Danger Room Session.>

Shock horror! Evelyn is covered up for a change, well she's at least wearing her squad uniform which may well be the most modest thing she owns. "This isn't like one of those pop quizzes you always hear about in American Tv shows is it? Because I haven't really been studying…." she declares nervously when it becomes apparant she's there by herself. "And I don't have a pen and paper with me." She's not even sure her outfit has pockets…

Shaking his head as she enters, Xorn offers his student, “Welcome to the Danger Room. This room allows the students to train in a holographic virtual reality of sorts. The room can change into any environment and create realistic scenarios. This is where the powers training is done for the students. As your squad leader, you and the rest of the Alphans will be working together to work on exercises in teamwork. As your faculty advisor, I will be training with you individually in the development and use of your powers.” He scratches what would be considered a chin on his mask, “This is somewhat like a pop quiz, I suppose, but no worries. You will do fine. I have created a scenario for your first session, but I will be linked with you telepathically and monitoring your emotional state as well. And while things may appear dangerous in this room, there are safety measures put in place for your protection. Any questions?”

"Do I always have to wear the oversuit? Because threading my tail through two layers is quite a challenge," Evelyn asks, fidgeting with the aforementioned tail. "And erm.. Will it just be me in there? No-one else will be real?"

“Adjustments can be made to your uniform to account for your tail. And for today’s session, the only real people are you and I.” Xorn’s voice booms out loudly, “Run sequence!” It echoes through the room when suddenly the empty metallic chamber is replaced with what appears to be a giant sports field with Evelyn at one and Xorn completely gone. “The object of the course is to simply cross the field. Simple enough.” Seated in the stands are her alphan teammates dressed in their squad uniform, First row: Psyche, Mother, and Rush. Second row: Ashley, Fashionista, and Geo. “Go Evelyn!” “ Yeah Pounce!” Xorn’s disembodied voice also advises, “The field is 100 yards long to cross. Be warned though there will be obstacles.”

Evelyn scratches her head. "It already has a tail hole," she points out. "But it's just not very comfortable." Still looking quite bemused she beens slowly ambling across the field, glancing from side to side. "Are they there to make me feel nervous? Because having a pretend audience is doing a pretty good job."

“They are your teammates. They will be providing support.” With that as she ambles down the field. An American football player appears from the opposite end and starts charging towards her at a quick speed. Xorn monitors her thoughts and emotions as the football player rushes forward. Her teammates cheer, “You got this!” “You can take him!” “Beat his ass!”

"You're wanting me to beat /that/?!?" Evelyn exclaims, standing deer in the headlights until just before she's flattened then suddenly she shifts and leaps between the footballers legs. "Mroaw!" And then she's off, charging down the field at a full on kittysprint.

Her teammates go silent as the football player rushes forward. The lumbering football player is ready to grab hold of Evelyn when she shifts and goes through his legs. He makes a confused look and he wonders where she went. He looks back and forth and then sees the margay running down the field. He scratches his helmet and begins chasing after her. The Alpha squad stands up from their seats and begin cheering wildly. “YAY!” At the edges of the field more sportsmen appear, specifically footballers, both American and European. Each holding footballs and soccer balls. And suddenly, all these balls are aimed towards Evelyn as balls are thrown and kicked in her direction. <Nice timing on your shift to avoid the larger opponent. Now time to test your reaction speed.>

If there was a word for wanker in Margay Evelyn would be maowing it about now. Thankfully her innate instincts handle things like dodging when she's shifted and she's able to call upon all the grace of a feline that really doesn't want to get flattened. «Do I actually have to stay /on/ the field?» she muses, charging as fast as she can in a zigzag line.

As the balls fly past Evelyn’s face a few come close, but she is able to dodge and zigzag her way through. Xorn offers, <The only instructions were to cross the field. Creativity is encouraged.> Suddenly an onslaught of soccer and footballs are being hurled at her at nearly superhuman speeds and more football players appear on the field ready to block her and keep her from the goal. Her teammates wince and react facially and verbally to the onslaught of balls being flung at Evelyn. More fans appear in the stand. A mixture of verbally abusive New York fans and rowdy English fans as they aggressively cheer her own.

«Oh! Well then sod this for a game of soldiers.» Evelyn thinks, turning sideways and leaping through the gaps in the stands. Perhaps she'll get lucky and some of the English fans will be of the rioting soccer sort and will kick off a pitch invasion. The sprint is replaced with a slow trot now she's hiddin from attack by the metal and wooden framework (and indeed the crowd).

The footballers seem stumped as Evelyn disappears into the bleachers. <Very good tactic, using your size for stealth, but what would happen if the fans turned on you?> The fans who were at first cheering for Evelyn seem to indeed shift their affections and then turn riotous. The English versus the American fans. As they literally begin to tear apart the stands using whatever they can to strike at each other. A group of fans suddenly reach into the area where Evelyn is and starting reaching for her and hurling things in her direction. Mostly food, hot dogs popcorn, beer cans, and whatever English people eat at sporting events. The Alphans join in the fray mostly handling themselves against the fans in creative powered ways though not actually harming the audience.

Evelyn very nearly pauses to eat hotdogs, before all the noise snaps her back into focus. « I panic? » She ventures, keeping to the very lowest step and speeding up. Pausing to swipe at any hands that get too close with her very very sharp claws.

Food continues to be pelted in her direction, but when Evelyn’s claws are unsheathed and scratch a few of the fans. They back up but still continue their rioting as the stands are all but torn apart. They all try to reach for the cat, trying to grab at her as she speeds up zipping through them. Police and stadium security now appear and armed with batons, shields, and tasers begin to move through the crowd and towards Evelyn. Batons are thrown and swung at her and those armed with tasers attempt to shock her.

« Did I do something to upset you? » Evelyn wonders as a full scale riot kicks off. Ironically the bigger crowd simply opens up a new route. She leaps up, landing on a pretend persons shoulders and begins using the crush of people as a highway away from danger. « Because this seems a little drastic. I could get crushed in here! »

<I would not permit you getting crushed. You are doing very well and have been able to handle whatever is thrown at you. Part of this exercise is to test your limits and so far you are doing well.> As Pounce pounces from audience member to sports afficiando, they try to reach up and grasp at her, but find themselves unable too. As she reaches near the edge of the stands one manages a good smack to whack at the cat. Which causes the fans to finally and seemingly calm down and all but disappear except for her Alphan teammates who continue to sit and cheer.

Evelyn takes the blow, letting it launch her onto the field once more and landing with easy grace. It's barely even a drop by Margay standards. « Not far left now! » She thinks, having got a fair bit of distance during her time off pitch. « Next time can you dim the lights a little? This time of day makes me sleepy »

As the margay is smacked back onto the field, Xorn responds telepathically, <Dully noted, daytime makes you sleepy.> As she lands on the field, the entire football team is present and on the sidelines cheerleaders appear in rather skimpy tops and short skirts. Their boots however appear a bit odd the stiletto heels are seemingly replaced with sharp blades as they run onto the field now and attempt to stab at Evelyn. The football players are lined by the end of the touchdown area an stand unified and in tackle position with blades atop their helmets.

Eep! On the plus side those blades will probably collect a lot of the litter off the pitch… « You have a very messed up mind! » Evelyn informs solemnly, heading off almost parallel to the touchdown area. « You also never said I had to cross it from one long end to the other… » She notes slyly.

As Evelyn makes her way parallel to the field, the cheerleaders and football players are confused and begin to chase after her, but when she finally makes it across the intended goal area. The simulated Alphans let out a loud scream in victory for their squad mate. When suddenly the room goes completely dark and then appears in its typically empty metallic chamber with Xorn standing a few feet from the margay. His voice echoing, “Excellent job, Evelyn. You combined stealth with your natural grace and thought outside the box to cross the field.” Xorn nods approvingly, “For your first solo effort, you get an A. + for creativity.”

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