2009-04-01: Risen


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Summary: Drew rises from the dead, in his own bedroom.

Date: April 1, 2009


Rating: R

NYC - The Marc (Keith's Penthouse)

It's not that much a surprise that Kaden's been waiting inside Drew's room for the spirit to wake back up from the dead. He's gotten over the initally shock and forgetting of 'we can't die'. He's slept a bit and hasn't eatten much anxious to either hug, or smack, Drew when he gets up. He's still wearing the same pants he was wearing last night but his t-shirt was discarded on the way. He is sitting in a chair next to Drew's bed at the moment, head back, eyes closed.

He's been still the entire night. The last thing he remembers, as he comes to, is looking down to see blood flowing into the water, and claws sticking out through his chest. With a cough, he jerks… bolt upright, breathing heavily as water comes to his call, writhing around his arms. He looks around quickly. "Wha? Is… Did we win?"

As Drew finally awakens, Kaden's eyes open at his voice and he immediately embrasses Drew in a tight hug. "Yes we did win." He says as he just holds onto Drew for a bit. After a while he pulls back and gets an angry look on his face before smacking Drew in the arm lightly. Not enough to hurt him. "You asshole, don't you ever die in front of me again." He grumps out.

Blinking, Drew just stares. "I'm… sorry? I didn't MEAN to die. I mean, it's not like I looked behind me and said, 'OH NEAT! CLAWS!' and backed into them." He says, reaching down to check his chest. Perfectly healed. wow. "so… they're gone?"

Kaden grabs Drew in a hug again and holds him there tight. "I forgot we couldn't die and I thought I lost you." He says sounding a bit scared of the thought that it might happen someday. "I know you didn't Drew, and yeah, they're gone. We won. And I'm happy we can't die, mainly you can't." He says as he kisses the top of Drew's head.

"I wouldn't leave you alone, Kaden." Drew whispers, leaning into the hug, still a little weak from the death as he snuggles in. "I promised you that I'd never leave you behind." He meant it when he said it, too. "Good. We can actually walk the streets again without being afraid of being attacked."

Kaden doesn't mention he lost control after seeing Drew take a claw in the chest and then pretty much leave Wolverine as an adimantium skeletion. "Yup, we can go out all we want now Drew. Tomorrow, you and me should go to your island for the day." He says still holding onto the water spirit. "And even if you did try to leave me behind, I'd still follow you." He teases. "We're stuck with eachother."

"You say that like I didn't know." Drew chuckles softly, brushing a hand through Kaden's hair. "What did I miss, anyway?" He's at least taking his death in stride. After all, it IS just a fact of life for them.

"We won shortly after you were stabbed. I kind of lost control and…I was just so angry that I hit the guy with fire, lots of it." Kaden says cuddling with Drew, he doesn't plan on leaving his side anytime soon. "I'm just lucky I saw him start to regenerate." He looks down at his pants, well Keith's pants. "I kind of burned all my clothes off too.."

"And I missed it?" Drew says, looking down at the pants with a chuckle. "Darn. I'll bet you were dead sexy, too. All rage and fire and naked." He teases, wrinkling his nose as he leans in to place a kiss on Kaden's chest. "You still smell like smoke." He chuckles softly.

Kaden looks down at Drew and brushes his blue and blond hair back. "I love you Drew, so much." He says looking at the water spirit with quite the affection. "Well if we get to a safe spot I can burn off my pants again and you can see me all on fire and tell me if it's sexy. After all, these are Keith's pants, I don't mind burning them off."

"Of course it is. Because your anger won't be with me. You were angry that they killed me." Drew says, tracing a finger down Kaden's nose. "I love you too, silly. And I know you do. I'm actually surprised at how well I was doing. I've… never been so violent."

"And I know you do me too, but I just like telling you I love you." Kaden says as Drew knows he's the first person the fire spirit's allowed himself to open up too. "You were doing awesome Drew, I still have to learn control, I was starting to lose it before you got killed and when you did, I really lost it."

"But you were controlling. That's the important thing. And I was doing fine manipulation, rather than just flows." After all, Drew was waterwhipping around the place. "You're fine. And, you kicked the guys ass, didn't you?" he laughs.

"I almost killed the guy, and I would have if he didn't regenerate." Kaden says a bit upset he lost control like that. He leans into Drew and kisses him. "And you and I are both getting better without becoming or pansey or asshole counter parts. I'm kind of glad we didn't see them there."

"They probably ran away after they got their asses kicked. And… the other you wasn't a total pansy. He was stronger than I was, and was the one who took them down. He just made it look like me." Drew snickers, leaning up into the kiss as he slides out of the cover a bit, blinking. Wow, Kaden actually took the time to undress him before he put him in the bed.

Kaden was out before he saw the other him do anything. "Well I'd wouldn't bother with a leash, for either of us. I couldn't contain you in anyway since I know you love to be free." Kaden says smiling as he snuggles in with Drew and kisses him again. He'll shower Drew in kisses now that he's alive agian. "I know you like being naked." He says as Drew blinks.

"Well, yeah. I just didn't realize at first. It was so warm under the blanket." Drew chuckles as he moves to rise and stretch. Gotta get all the kinks out after that death. "No leash needed. We already have leashes there." He says, placing a hand on Kaden's chest and winking.

Kaden lays down on the bed and just watches Drew stretch with a smile on his face. "Well if I was under there with you I could show you just how warm it could get." He says with a mischevious grin. Is that a fire joke or something sexual, probably the later of the two.

"Oh, you're gonna learn enough of that later. Now that the world is safe, I promised you something." Drew chuckles, winking. "Course, with Keith and his cameras, you know he's gonna be recording it." He laughs.

Kaden laughs and he isn't asking Drew what it is, he figure he will later. "Tease, and I we've done enough in front of Keith's cameras that I really don't care. And it's not like I've never done anything with Keith…" He says with a slight blush. "I think he's just jealous he doesn't get to join."

"He doesn't? Why not?" Drew says, tilting his head to the side as he waits for a response. "The more the merrier." Yeah, Drew's getting back to himself, obviously.

Kaden turns red and chuckles. "I didn't mean doesn't just…didn't. And if you want Keith to be involved in this..surprise I don't mind. I like having fun with Keith." The fire spirit admits as he reaches out to pull Drew into his arms and holds him there. "Man now this this war is over and you're getting back to your normalself…." he doesn't finish his sentance but his thoughts are a bit dirty.

Drew simply laughs. What else could he do? "Well, after the surprise." He grins. "THEN we'll let Keith share with us." He winks, leaning in to lick at Kaden's neck softly before sitting back upright and moving towards the door. Well, after a few seconds of snuggling. "I'm starving."

Kaden smiles and stands up, following Drew. "I can cook box mac and cheese for us or we can find what leftovers Xane has around here." He says as he goes with Drew to get food too, now realizing how hungry he is as well.

"I can make a little. And when did you learn to cook that?" Drew says with a bit of a laugh, remembering Kaden's lack of culinary skills. Drew may not have them, but he can follow instructions. "See if anyone else's awake, too. To let them know I'm alive."

"I asked Jon how to teach me how to cook a few things, I can manage any thing in a can, box mac and cheese and next he said would be grilled cheese." Kaden says with a big grin. "See I can learn shit, and yes. You missed another guy offering me his pants last night Leo. He kind of had a body like Fancy Pants." He says teasing Drew that he missed it.

Chuckling, Drew nods. "I never said you couldn't learn. I just asked when." He sticks his tongue out as he goes into the kitchen and browses the fridge. "Leftovers sound quick and easy enough for now, though." He says, getting a glass of juice first.

"I don't remember exactly when, a week ago?" Kaden says slipping an around Drew after grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge. "Okay left overs it is, and it looks like chicken with mystery sauce." Kaden says taking out a glass container with some left overs in it. "Smells pretty good."

Looking over Kaden's shoulder after he pours his juice, Drew nods. "Looks good, too." He says, pouring a couple of glasses for them and taking it to the table. He'll let K heat it up.

Kaden shoves the food in the microwave and lets it heat up as he starts to get out two plates. "So what's the first thing you want to do, to go outside that means. Wanna spend the night on the roof top just enjoying the air and looking at the sky and just relaxing?"

"I don't know. I'm alive. I have you. I have Keith and Dmitri and Xane. What more could I want?" Drew says, with a lopsided grin. "I don't need more than that."

"I could always give you something you want." Kaden says as he stands behind Drew and can't help but wrap his hands around his waist and let his hand rest on his croch. He kisses Drew on the neck just as the microwave beeps. "I guess I should grab food." He says as he pulls away to put the chicken with mystery sause on the too plates.

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