2011-06-11: River Walk


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Summary: Tony and Joan spend an afternoon walking along the waterfront.

Date: June 11, 2011

Log Title: River Walk

Rating: PG

NYC- Near the Brooklyn Bridge

It's another beautiful Saturday at the start of summer in the city that never sleeps. The environment had also been relatively quiet meaning no major disasters that needed Avenger assistance. After much debate Tony put in a call to Joan to see if she was free sometime over the weekend to perhaps take a walk, have a chat over some coffee, and watch a few films. If she has the time, which she might not given she has her own life and can't keep going out with him on a whim, he'll suggest taking the bikes out to a specific location and from there they could walk for a time.

What? Turn down a ride? Joan sends back 'All of the above? After bikes.' which means that you two can meet up somewhere and go for one hell of a nice drive. Joan owns a BMW in blues, something of a contrast to the green and yellow of her riding leathers. In those she meets Tony by the bridge that he had texted her during their initial discussion of this all. Unlike when she races, the woman is also wearing a backpack with her things. Wouldn't do not to have money and some water. Not to mention a light change of clothing just in case. Being on time, she parks her bike and pulls off her helmet. Short hair is easily ruffled back into proper, mussed place.

Fashionably late as always the sound of a bike is not present other than the shifting of debris on the street as a red and black bike scoots into place next to Joan. Sitting astride it in dark jeans, zipped up leather jacket and helmet is of course Tony. Not that the bike is a give away other than the lack of sound, but the shoes are a dead give away. He has nothing on him other than one of those bike backpacks that one can stuff a helmet into which he takes to doing now. "Hello Joan," he smiles over at her while futzing with his things. "The bike's nice. I saw you at the last light."

Joan laughs, helmet in her lap as she straddles the bike. "Your shoes are a dead give away, Tony." The bike is nice? "I certainly like it." There's a grin for that. "It's not the normal Harley or Yamaha everyone else seems to like. She's done me well for some years now." It's not her racing bike, which should be said. That one isn't street legal, so she doesn't ride it out here. "How've you been? Been a few days." Said more to explain why she's asking than chiding. Especially since there's a warm smile as the asking occurs. Tony is a busy guy and she doesn't mind not being a priority. "There hasn't been anything on the news. Quiet time of year for your super heroes?" Which is a good thing.

"Well, you had to tell it was me somehow otherwise you'd have had a strange helmeted guy looking at you." Red n'gold sneakers lift up then down again before he slips off his bike. "Harley is an American staple. It seems to be in good shape." Offers his hand to either take her helmet or help her off the bike, or simply just leaving it there for her to take when she wished to. "I've recuperated for the most part. I used to hate lulls in activity but I desperately needed one." Tony admitted something he normally wouldn't even upon pain of death. "I'm not sure quite yet but quiet normally means something is looming on the horizon." Hopefully that doesn't ruin the mood. "How's the gallery been holding up? And you as well. I know I didn't get back to that last email. It ended up in a mass delete on accident."

"You make it sound like that doesn't happen when I ride this bike." Tsk. Sadly it does. The helmet is handed over and she puts the kick stand down before climbing off the bike. "The bike has a very good mechanic." Joan claims with a smile. Unzippers her riding jacket, but doesn't take it off. "Thanks." For holding the helmet. That Tony has recuperated has the woman nodding and smiling. "I'm glad. About the rest part. The looming part I can do without." Then there's laughter, "Oh Tony, I hardly think my life is going to be over because you didn't return an email." Puts her hand to her heart and looks briefly devastated. "Woe! Honest, it was just charity options. I can send it again, or even to Miss Potts if you refer. Or not. No skin off my nose. I think I have my choice."

Tony chuckles, "You and me both. The upside is we're not do for an alien invasion for awhile so …" Shifting the helmet over to the far hand he seeks to guide her over to the stairs leading down instead of walking across the bridge. "I would suggest Pepper though I'm curious as to what decision you made." Down some stairs to the walking area where benches, trash cans and fancy looking lamp posts are lined up for as far as the eye can see in either direction. Beside the area is of course the water that in the direction they're going to be walking in spills out near the Statue of Liberty.

Helmet in one hand as well, Joan walks with Tony. "Don't jinx us now." About alien invasions. "I'm sure this time they will make sure to send you suitable warning." Teasing about how some people blame Tony for such things. "Maybe even a gift basket since they plan to move in next door." As for charities she says, "I'm going with the music one. The economy hasn't been all that great, and with that the school programs have been suffering. We can hit a school or two and make sure the poor schools can reach kids music for another few years." That's normally one of the first things to go if the school is poor. "I've never been down here." The woman admits with a smile. The view is nice. Water and all.

"Portals, jump gates, all of that is cheating." Tony insists only because Terran's do not do such things to other alien races. Bwoop! We've come to take over your planet with this here fleet that just poured out of nothingness. There's a laugh for the gift basket because honestly what would you give the Skrulls? That's a scary thought. "I think you've picked a worthy cause and we can see which schools are in the worst shape. I'm familiar with New York, not by profession though that helps, but I was born here. Lived here off and on over the years." A pair of shades are pulled out of a pocket and slipped on before he seeks Joan's hand. "Well, down here we're walking towards Liberty Island. There's a nice coffee shop near there."

"It's only cheating if you can't do it." Joan has lived through some invasions, albeit from the perspective of hiding in her basement while it was going on, and she hopes there isn't another. Isn't holding her breath however. "That was my next step." Finding which schools might need stuff. "I doubt your shoes will get another for two schools, but that's what I'm working on next. Finding out which schools might need it best. You learn anything let me know?" Certainly not a priority. She swings that hand, enjoying the walk. "I could use a coffee." A tiny pause before Joan remembers, "Oh! My friend got really excited about making you some sparkly shoes. I'm not sure she slept that night." Which amused Joan to no end.

Tony gives Joan's hand an affectionate squeeze, "I'll help you with figuring out which schools." What he's not saying is that he's sneaky and is going to blind bid on a few shoes to raise the money that is made. "Oh! I'm looking forward to meeting your friend and working on the shoes. Do you want to hang out when that happens to steer me away from making another fashion challenged decision?" The shop is a bit of a walk but he figured that they had a good way to be able to talk and there were a few things he'd rather not be overheard by pastry consuming citizens.

"I think she'd faint, but I'll see what I can do." Joan's her friend will entirely freak out over this. "Not sure you want to be working on shoes, Tony. It involves a lot of sewing." Which is boring, tedious work. The woman gives the man a look at the idea of stopping some fashion decision. "Oh please. Do I honestly have any chance at all of being able to stop you from buying something? It's not like it's my money." And she's seen a little of how stubborn Tony is. "She doesn't exactly have a shop either. Just a cluttered house. There's not a whole lot of shopping there. Unless you like shiny art." No, Joan doesn't. Except the shoes.

"Not physically. I'm more of a design guy." From weapons, to armored suits, space stations and shoes! "Slim chance of knocking some sense into me but yeah, wouldn't get my hopes up." Does mention that he likes shiny things but not as bad as one might think. For now he enjoys walking with her and pondering how to bring up a few things. Aha! Help in the form of a bench facing the water under the shade of a tree. "Want to sit down?"

"I'll give her a call." Shouldn't be too difficult to arrange. Joan is grinning about not getting her hopes up. "That was pretty obvious, Tony." Stubborn, brilliant, frustrating, attractive.. sigh. She's feeling doomed and not sure she cares. As the bench arrives there's a look of surprise. What, no coffee? Doesn't ask that however. Instead, the woman nods and takes a seat on that bench. The backpack prevents her from resting too comfortably, but that's not really a worry. Not taking it off. Someone might steal it out here. No matter she's wandering around with Iron Man.

Tony takes off his pack to hold across his lap while settling down on the bench. The coffee will still happen just not right at this minute. There's a nice breeze, a few boats sailing past and a little bit of foot traffic. "I thought you and I could talk about this and that." Reaching over to take her hand again if she'll let him. "We're pretty good friends I think. The thing is, I know there's more to it than that, and whereas I am not mentioning the 'R' word for it would doom everything I'm wondering if you might want to consider erm no…if you feel that you and I could….really I'm wondering if you might like me a little bit…" using fingers to emphasize an inch.

That hand can easily be had, but the woman starts looking confused over this. To start she thinks Tony is going to tell him he doesn't want to see her again, but in short order it turns into something else. All in all Joan looks baffled. "..I'm sorry, I left my Tony to English dictionary at home. Exactly what are you asking me?" Not that she lets the man say anything. "Of course I like you. I like you quite a lot. I wouldn't be here holding hands if I didn't." Call the poor woman confused. She's not sure what this is all about.

Tony fails at expressing what he's been thinking mainly as his thoughts are a jumble of many separate thoughts. Pressing lips together his cheeks puff up as he's frustrated with himself. "That was terrible even for me," he shrugs off. "I suppose we've been dating haven't we? I was wondering if you'd maybe consider it that way or you'd rather not get closer. I'd like to get closer. I'm not certain that you'd want to get tangled up in the craziness."

Joan nods about that they've been dating. "I thought we had." She doesn't look too sure now. Also looks a little pained. "You haven't dated much, have you?" Almost bemused over that, but if anything she seems sad. "The craziness is something I've been thinking about a lot since the first time you called me. I can't make promises, Tony, as I have no idea how I'm going to deal with it when the shit truly hits. I do know that I find you utterly fascinating and I love spending time with you." Her look slowly warms to a smile for that. "The question I have to ask is are you ready to get closer. I'm not talking the physical. Will you be able to share parts of your life that you normally hide from others? I'll never ask for them all, but if you want me in your life like I won't take learning what you've done from the news. That's one of my prices."

Tony shakes his head sadly. "I don't even think I can count what I thought was dating as dating. I'm beginning to think it was more of woman calls me up, tells me we're going somewhere, I went." That is the truth of things and even that is rare. That she finds him fascinating and loves spending time with him brings a smile to his face erasing thoughts of the failures of the past. "It's not a steep price to pay at all. I may struggle with telling you but I would never lie or intentionally shut you out." She could get shut out though he wouldn't be conscious of it and if he did shut her out knowingly it would pretty much be him punting her away from him. "If you mean a message saying I've gone off to take down a weapons cartel I can do that. The super secret stuff? I'd have to keep that to myself."
A firm look for not telling Joan super secret stuff. "That's a given. You work with the government, and other nations. I automatically assume you are going to have things you can't tell me, and times you are simply not going to be around. Can't say I'll enjoy waiting in horror for you to return from week long space adventures, but I've been thinking about this a lot." Almost sheepish. "I still can't believe you were surprised that I was terrified. How could anyone thinking about this not me. Some days my head would spin.. and yet every time you call I'm thrilled. We hold hands and it makes me happy. Oh, and I love your voice. I think I could sit and happily listen to you read the phone book. I'm not sure I could say no, and that scares me too." Bit of an eye roll at that.

Tony nods in understanding though worried that his lifestyle might be too much for the attractive, intelligent and quite funny young woman who likes getting slurpee's with him. "Given that you know I have no idea what dating is like can you imagine what I'm used to? That's how I didn't know you would be terrified of me, or what comes with me, that. I really liked being able to talk with you, enjoy a walk through a market, laugh at foolish people ice skating in the square." He smiles rubbing his thumb over her fingers. "I love being close to you, and I've been happy which is a rare thing." Almost forgotten what happy is. "Read the book in English or Italian?" He teases and further with, "Or French. Japanese?" On a serious note, "Do you want to say no?" That's really where his worry is placed.

The future is still going to shock the hell out of Joan as she's no idea of much of the weirdness that truly happens. She's trying to keep a positive aspect about it all. "If the news is true some woman throws herself at you and you have a one night stand." There's a smile for that instead of anger. "That isn't dating." The grin that spreads says she doesn't think he believed it to be so. "Tony, we don't have to decide whether or not to be closer. It'll just happen when we want it to." Ask what language to read and the woman makes a face at you. "You are cruel. It'd have to be Italian or French of course. Can't beat a romance language for sounding sexy in." There's a pause and Joan eyes the man a moment before asking, "You've been nervous about this, haven't you?" Poor thing! "And no, I don't want to say no. Can't say I'll be able to deal once Iron Man's life comes calling, but I'm willing to try."

Tony pulls a face, "In the past yes. Sure they throw themselves still but I apply a non stick coating and they slip right back off." No, that wasn't dating nor was the few serious relationships he's had in the last five or so years. "I had to ask since the situation isn't as simple as I want to spend time with you and you with me." The joke about languages went over well and he lets your hand loose to wrap an arm about her shoulders to hold her to his side while looking out at the water as a boat sails past. "I was certain you would shoot me down and tell me that the friendship was even too much."

That arm has Joan leaning against Tony without hesitation. She likes that. "I'll talk about it, perhaps tease you, but how could I really hold past lovers against you when I have my own?" Really, the woman is glad you asked. Better ask than leave things assumed. That normally gets things wrong. "That's funny." About her calling it off. "My first thought when we sat down was that you were going to tell me exactly that." As foolish as she now feels for that it's offered so that you know. "I've been nervous too. You aren't alone in that." Trying to assure. "I've been seeing the man behind the stories, and I like who I see. You don't have to worry about that."

"I'm glad you understand and heavens no! I bet I appeared to be walking with a storm cloud hanging over my head. I didn't mean to be that way. First thing you might notice is that I tend to turn down a negative path before the positive." Tony's fingers move from side to side against the outside of her arm. "I think we've both been equally stressing ourselves over nothing. We've got to stop doing that." He chuckles though in his mind he can't help but think about how she likes the man behind the mask and there are days where he really doesn't. It's been getting better over time but he's still not quite at a point where he can fully like the man he is. Getting there, slowly. "I promised you a coffee even though I find I'd rather sit here with you than move. Did you manage a stack of films for us to watch?"

"There was a little gloom, yeah." She forgives that you mangled the words. "Oh, I wouldn't say I've been stressing over nothing. I just agreed to date Iron Man. That has a lot of weight to it, and most of it stressful." Clearly Joan hasn't changed her mind about it though. No coffee yet? "I can wait a little for it. Get the feeling you don't get quiet a lot." A pause before she adds, "Your shoes are particularly awful today, I must say." And yet she says it like that's a good thing.

Tony shakes his head with amusement. "I meant that we wouldn't like each other and be going our separate ways stressing." There's a nod for not getting a lot of quiet time but for now he's enjoying the feeling of having her at his side. Lifting a shoe up he looks at his other pair of red n' gold sneakers that are a bit crazier than his favorite pair. "Aww, c'mon. Ok..it's yellow and not gold but still!" Bending his arm at the elbow he rests a hand atop her head and runs his fingers slowly through her short hair. "It really is nice down here." Not certain he wants to get too close to Liberty Island. Too many people may spot him.

Oh. "I think that sounds like de-stressing." To part ways with someone you don't like. Joan gives off a breathy laugh for that the shoes are yellow, but doesn't tease him further. No, there are fingers in her
hair and she's sighing with pleasure. This really is nice. "I think that's more company than location. Oh, and movies. Sorry." She's a little distracted. "Not really. I figured we could rent something if you wanted to watch something in particular. Like the Pirates series. I'd rather not buy things I won't likely watch again." No point in wasting that money. "We could start with those today if you wanted. I
could go rent them and spare you the crowds. We could make somepopcorn and lounge for hours. I have a very comfortable couch."

“You've a point.” About de-stressing. In this particular case it would have hurt though as he cared for Joan and the possibility of being shut out would have furthered the point that he was doomed when it came to women. He's smiling about the company being what makes this nice and not so much the location. It sure felt nice to hold someone you care for close and simply enjoy this quiet moment. They didn't need to be anywhere, do anything, etc. “I would have brought movies along though mine are all digital. I would have to burn them to a disk for you to be able to play them. I could do that next time or next movie night you can come be eaten alive by my man eating couch.” Turns a kiss to the top of her head. “We could definitely watch the Pirates movies, eat popcorn and sack out on your comfy couch. I'll order pizza when we get sick of popcorn.”

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