Robert "Rob" Weyrin
Robert Weyrin
Portrayed By The Invisible Man?
Gender Male
Date of Birth 11/13/1983
Age 25
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Obscure
Place of Birth New York City
Current Location Westchester, NY
Occupation Teacher
Known Relatives Mother (deceased), Father
Significant Other None
Identity Secretish
Known Abilities Bio-Energy Bandages, Permanent Invisibility
First Appearance ???

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Not everyone has some amazing origin story. Robert Weyrin certainly doesn’t. He was born to a single mother after his drug dealer father walked out on her. She did her best to raise him but fell into a drug addiction by the time Robert was in first grade. When his mother’s boyfriend sent him to school with a black eye, Robert got taken away by child and family services. Placed in foster care, Robert just tried to go along with his life.

Around age thirteen, Robert’s mother was allowed by the courts to take him back after recovering from her addiction. Things were shaky at first but Robert eventually started getting along with his mother. Luck wasn’t on their side as Robert’s mother was diagnosed with a form of cancer. Shortly after, the emergence of Robert’s mutant powers brought about more trouble.

After a few kids started making fun of him for being a mutant and harassing him, Rob came to the attention of a local gang that was kidnapping mutants and selling them to a group that was using them as slave labor. One night on the way home, they jumped Rob and took him to where the others were. The night they were being loaded into trucks for transport, the group’s warehouse was attacked by none other than the X-men. Rob never found out how or why the X-men were there but the mutants freed were all offered a place to go where they’d be safe from such things. The Xavier School. As tempting as it was, Rob declined as he felt he had to take care of his mother.

And he did, all through high school. She died shortly after Rob told her he’d won a scholarship to the local college though. Despite becoming a bit bitter, Robert went to college. After some prodding from a professor, he even entered into the teacher certification programs. It was during his third year in college that Robert’s being a mutant got him in trouble once more.

He was just out on a morning jog when he noticed a woman on the sidewalk clutching at her ankle. Deciding that he’d try to help, Rob went over to ask the woman what was wrong. When he saw her grin maliciously and felt something pierce his neck, he knew he should have just kept jogging. When he woke up, Rob found himself strapped to a table. He was being used as a test subject for creating new types of MGH. After about a week of painful tests and druggings, there was an explosion somewhere in the laboratory. Robert never found out what it was but didn’t care. He took the chance and ran for his life. Helping everyone he could along the way, Robert was thrilled.

Until he found out that no one could see him. While he could see himself, Robert found he was completely invisible to everyone else. This made finishing college a little difficult as he had to prove he was himself but eventually he got through it. He even got certified for teaching in the New York-New Jersey area. Of course, he didn’t have a job or a place to live. Sitting in his hotel room, Rob remembered the X-men and their offer to come to the school after seeing a news report. Shrugging to himself, the invisible mutant decided to take a chance and head up to Westchester to see if the offer still stood and maybe if he could get a job up there.


Bio-Energy Bandages - Rob’s natural mutant powers. He’s able to generate bands of solidified bio-energy that take on a vaguely fabric-like texture to them. They’re white and can be created from any point on his body. The bandages have a very high tensile strength, about equal to titanium, and can move at about sixty miles an hour. While these bandages can’t be used for bludgeoning force, they can rather quickly wrap up a target it launched at one and used to bind someone or something. He can use these to swing from perch to perch in a limited fashion but it’s definitely not his favorite method of travel and one rarely used. When detached from his body, Rob’s bandages last for about half an hour before fading away.


  • What's happened since you've been approved?


  • "I said it!"


  • Rob hates to be called Bob
  • If you can't see him at all, even floating clothing…yeah…
  • He tried to get a tattoo once but it turned invisible too.


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