Robbie "Speedball" Baldwin
Robbie Baldwin
Portrayed By Nash Lennon
Gender Male
Date of Birth I'm old enough
Age 21
Zodiac Sign ??
Aliases Speedball
Place of Birth Springdale, CT
Current Location NYC, NY
Occupation Vigilante, Damage Control, may start teaching
Known Relatives Madeline Baldwin
Significant Other None. Alone. Alas.
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Kinetic Dimension link, Kinetic Body
First Appearance ??

Bouncing here and there and everywhere, he is the… ME!


So… yeah. Springdale, CT. What a wonderful… Boring ASS TOWN. At least, that's how I've always felt. That's where I was born. Mom (Madeline) was a soap star (even working with Mary Jane Watson. Hubba) and dad was a district attorney. Needless to say, we usually had decent things around, but… meh. It was always boring to me. I had my friends but they were even boring.

So I made decent grades in school, but nothing to write home about. Even though the schools did… making sure they KNEW what I was doing… like it was any of their business. Anyway, when High School came around, I wanted to earn a little money for myself, so I didn't have to keep bumming from the rents. Yeah, they both got paid well, but I don't care. There's a difference in money they give and money I make. This way, the money is MINE.

So yeah, I got a job working with Hammond Labs. I was a lab assistant. No, not a lab rat… well, not intentionally. They were trying to better understand energy movement and things of that nature. I never truly understood it. While I was cleaning up a few things in a lab with one prof and his cat, things got a little hairy.

That's when the explosion struck and everything changed. I HAD THE POWAH! Uhm… anyway, yeah. I was caught in the explosion. I don't remember the details, but when I woke up, I was in a strange costume with weird bubbles floating around my body. ROCK! Superhero baby!

So I started trying to learn about my newfound powers and learned that I was nearly impossible to hurt! At least, by anything physical and some certain energies. I decided to dedicate my life… to crime fighting! (Believe me, when I entered the world as Speedball, I could feel my dad's anger a mile away. He hates vigilantes).

The funny thing… that cat? The one that was there in the explosion too? HE got the same powers I did. Niels… the Bouncing Cat. It took me forever to catch him. When I finally did, I adopted him and stuff. He's still around. So, life in Springdale was still kinda boring, but I took what excitement I could.

My mom wanted to go shopping in New York, so I went with her, and that was the biggest break of my life. While we were shopping, a battle was going on overhead with Terrax and some others. I punch the wall and join in after escaping the Mom thing. That was our first meeting. Thrash. Nova. Namorita. Firestar. And… I still can't say it with a straight face. MARVEL BOY.

We worked so well together that we decided to form our own team. The NEW WARRIORS! We were the biggest, best… rockinest… uhm… I'm not so good at this. Anyway, we worked out well. And, I got a job with Damage Control. That kept me in New York more often, but it was still hard to get back and forth from Connecticut when they needed me. I kept having to jump in front of trains. If it weren't for my powers, people would think I'm suicidal or something.

So many things happened. Namorita changed her skin. Mom found out I was Speedball (which was hell. Stupid Force of Nature). DAD found out I was Speedball. (Stupid Asylum creating dark versions of heroes. Stupid Blackball.) And I found out that when my powers are on, I'm not even really human anymore. My body is transformed into pure energy. Thank you, Sphinx for teaching me. Stupid bit…erm… wonderful lady! I even got to bounce against the boobies of the White Queen! No, not really. We just had to fight her and the Hellions.

So we have a lot of fun together, and even save the world a few times. Our numbers change, add new, lose old, but that's the way of teams. That's how it happens. I'm the only one that's always been there. And I'll never totally leave the New Warriors. I'd… I'd like to become an Avenger. But I'll still be a New Warrior, even if.

Now, I'm living in New York, taking a few college classes, and deciding what to do. I… I think I'm going to talk to the Avengers. They refused me before because I was so green. But I've been doing the superhero schtick for like… six years now. Maybe, they can see…


September 9 Jessica and Robbie discuss their histories. Pizza and Pasts


The explosion linked Robbie's body with another dimension made purely of kinetic energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed and moved. This is where much of the potential energy of our universe is located. When he was trapped in the universe, he could peer out by grasping balls of energy from within the universe and see different moments in time, where kinetic energy was simply potential waiting to be unlocked. Robbie accesses this link by physical contact (a punch, jumping in front of a bus). Over the years, he has grown to the point that he can blink hard and activate it if he chooses, or he can hold it back when someone punches him so he doesn't change, and blow his identity.


  • "I said it!"


  • Amazing thing!
  • Amazing thing!
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  • Amazing thing!


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