Robin "Puppeteer" Keen
Robin Keen
Portrayed By Agyness Deyn
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 4th, 1993
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases Puppeteer
Place of Birth Pomona, Kansas
Current Location Xavier's Institute
Occupation Student
Identity Public
Known Abilities Puppet control
First Appearance Original character

Things aren't always how they appear.


On June 4th 1993, a baby boy was born to the Keen family. It wasn't so surprising, as all four of the children they had before were also boys. One girl was born a year after him. With the big family, most of the children still had a sense of companionship even on their farm outside of a small town. While Chris, Jacob, Lewis and Karl, the older boys of the family, enjoyed wrestling, playing trucks, or playing sports together, Robin had no interest in any of these things, and instead developed a bond with his sister, Megan. The two were practically inseparable, playing their 'make believe' games together and exploring the nearby forests and fields. For awhile, while these children were young, their parents didn't really pay it any mind. But as time passed, the two remained close friends, and Robin continued to gravitate towards feminine pastimes.
It wasn't until the games of dress-up that alarm bells started going off in the heads of Robin's parents. When he played house and played with dolls, they were worried about the boy. But when he dressed up like a princess with his sister's dress-up clothes, they decided to have a little bit of a chat with their boy. Roy Keen, the father of the family, let Robin know that this kind of behaviour for a boy is not alright. When Robin insisted that he wasn't a boy, his father became especially concerned. Being a deeply conservative man, he didn't want his child to be a weirdo, so he beat a little bit of sense into the kid. There were follow-up sessions every time that Robin didn't act according to the masculine norm. This taught Robin a valuable lesson: don't do any 'girly' things.
His school life was a little bit rocky, since all the other kids could tell there was something a little bit off about him. He didn't get along with the other boys, but the girls didn't want anything to do with him. Even his sister, a grade lower than him, began to drift from her brother to form bonds with other girls in her class. Robin was often teased, bullied and generally tortured by the other students, but he tried not to think about it too much, instead focusing completely on his schoolwork. While he made even some of his teachers antsy with his demeanour, it could not be denied that Robin was a fantastic student. While his social life suffered, his academic life thrived.
But with that kind of social isolation, depression thrives, too. Robin would often cry himself to sleep, wishing that he wasn't born and praying that things would change. At eleven, when prayers and wishes weren't enough, he took to self-harm to drown out his feelings. At fourteen, he decided that enough was enough, and resorted to attempting suicide by jumping off of the roof of his house. This manifested his mutation, even though he wasn't aware of it until awakening in the hospital.
While he had prayed often that he was a mutant, this was not the mutation he had asked for. A strange creature hovered above him when he woke up. It was humanoid in appearance, but completely devoid of features. Apparently, this thing had kept him from death by cushioning his fall, but he was hardly comforted. His parents thought that the suicide attempt was because he had manifested his mutant ability, when they saw the glowing mindless thing near their child. They let him know that, even if he is a mutant, they would love him just like they always had, and they would deal with the problems as they came. He would always be their son. Their little boy.
For a year, Robin got used to having the strange puppet creature around, and began to learn how to control its movement. This didn't comfort him very much, as it made him even more the social pariah at school. He may as well have had leprosy. Deciding that if his parents were so okay about him being a mutant, then maybe they would accept him for who he is. He came out to them as transgendered, and told them that he wanted, no, needed to be a girl. This did not go as well as he had hoped, and it was the last time his dad tried to beat some sense into him. He put his puppet into harm's way after getting knocked over by his father's punch to his eye and then ran out of the door of the house and around back, while controlling his puppet to keep his father from following him, to get to his sister's window. Tears running down his cheeks, he asked her for some of the money he knew she kept in her bedroom, so that he could get a bus ticket out of town. Megan agreed, and handed Robin the money, after seeing the damag
After that, he travelled around, panhandling in order to get money, but due to being a mutant, wasn't very well treated and didn't make a lot of money in this way. His left eye became infected from its wound and the lack of cleaning, and because he could not afford proper treatment, he lost vision in that eye permanently. Eventually, however, he made it to New York. This is where things would turn around for him at least a little bit. After some time begging on the streets there, the Xavier's Institute eventually found him by using Cerebro. A recruiter was sent out to him, and he agreed to go to the school.


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