Robyn "Pysche" Larkin
Robyn Seamus Larkin
Portrayed By Ryan Ross
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 27, 1993
Age 20
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases Psyche
Place of Birth Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Queens
Current Location Salem Center, NY
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Richard Larkin (Father), Lily Larkin (Mother), twin brother Richard Cooper
Significant Other Jordan Ward
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Psonic Vampirism, Psonic Weaponry, Possession, Astral Projection
First Appearance April 2, 2009

The best thing to be is yourself.


Live never goes how you expect it. And a young woman, runaway, was doing what she could to survive in New York City and ended up in the career of a call girl. Just a fancier prostitute. One of her clients got her pregnant. There were complications during delivery and after she had the twins she knew she was going to die. The father promised he’d raise the twins as their father and the woman died believing it. Not true to his word, the father put the boys up for adoption, never to hear about them again.

Richard Larkin was a small time musician who was in a small band that would get hired to play weddings and other functions and his wife. Lily, was a children’s book illustrator. They weren’t rich but they were happy, there was just one thing missing from their life, a child. Since they couldn’t have kids, they decided to adopt and ended up with one of the twins, not knowing he had a twin brother. Robyn Seamus Larkin he was named. They were able to raise him in their small two bed room apartment in Williamsburg, an artistic area of Brooklyn New York.

Robyn was raised to be a creative child and if he liked something, just do it. When he was little play-doh was his favourite thing to play with and as he got older he took any sort of pottery or sculpting classes he could sign up for. Anything he could mold with his two hands, Robyn loved. His adopted parents were happy that they adopted such an artistic child and encouraged him to do what he loved. Around the age of six he learned he was adopted and it took him a while to understand it but once he did it was just a way of life, though a part of him was always curious who his real parents were.

Robyn was one of those kids who walked to the beat of a different drummer and with his parents always encouraging him to be himself. He got picked on a bit at school, didn’t always have the most friends but he was fine with that. He didn’t change who he was for the sake of anyone. He was always the kid that had pretty good grades, mostly B’s some A’s but his art classes is where he excelled, especially with anything and sculpting or pottery. The other thing Robyn got into in middle school and into high school was the cello playing in the school orchestra.

By high school, Robyn was one those ‘goth’ kind of kids. He didn’t try to be he just enjoyed more macabe things, the Tim Burton type movies, EMB and industrial music, black or stripped clothes, but he wasn’t morbid or depressed and never once did he write bad poetry or cut himself. By this time a lot of his sculpting was strange little figures that had a kind of creepy feel to them, but Robyn liked them and his parents applauded his talent.

By the age of fifteen things got weird for Robyn, he started getting headaches almost daily and they would get bad, to the point where his parents took him to a doctor which couldn’t figure out the problem thus he was sent to a neurologist. After a few tests they determined nothing was wrong and that he was probably prone to headaches and put him on strong medication for the headaches but they never helped. His parents were definitely worried.

Right after his sixteen birthday, his sophomore year of high school, was when things really became serious for Robyn. One day in school, in the middle of his German class, he was suffering one of his headaches. It just became worse and worse until he passed out. When brought to the hospital they found that his brain was still active but he was comatose. Again the tests started and after some blood work and tests it was discovered, Robyn was a mutant, they just didn’t know his powers.

After a few days though, one of the nurses was checking up on him when her bare arm brushed against his bare arm and his eyes flashed open, glowing bright purple. He didn’t mean to but his Psonic Vampirism manifested then and he drained the nurse of her physic energy casing her to pass out and go comatose for a two days.

The next day a representative showed up from Xavier’s and offered to take him into their school, talking to his parents rather then him at fist. Strangely Richard and Lily were fast to agree with the arrangement. There son being a mutant wasn’t something they signed up for with the adoption and weren’t sure how to handle it. A creative individual normal child yes, but mutant, they’re still trying to adjust.

Robyn was talked to by the representative shortly after and they told him a bit about him being a mutant and about Xavier’s. The next day he was released from the hospital, went home, packed his things, said his awkward good bye to his parents and left for his new school to learn about what he really is.

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PsychicVampirism - In order to survive and to use his powers, Robyn must drain the physic energy off of others. Currently he can only drain from those with a weaker mind than him, people like Emma, Addison, Jean Grey are way out of his reach and he where he could try, they’d know someone was trying but nothing would drain. Anyone with any sort of physic training would be able to resist the vampirism as Robyn doesn’t have a lot of control or training. Right now the average non-powered human and anyone without any physic training will be all he can drain. He must make skin contact right now in order to drain. (Later he’ll be able do this without.) His eyes glow purple when he drains physic energy.

Robyn can 'drink'/absorb psychic energy from other sources, mainly the air around him. It’s something he has to actively do during the day as it’s more like taking ‘sips’ rather than a ‘gulp’ if he were to directly drain from someone. Where as he can keep the headaches at bay with this along with the other side effect it doesn’t ‘taste’ as good. It’s always the most potent from the source, ie absorbing from skin contact, but it doesn’t strengthen or lessen the effects. Right now he can go about three days of just feeding from psychic energy off the air before wanting it from the actual source.


March 1, 2010 Second Day Of Lockdown and the inmates are restless Stir Crazy
March 2, 2010 Robyn goes to James to ask him for some help with finding those kidnapped. A Request for Help
March 3, 2010 Robyn seeks Addison for help. Addison is mildly distracted. Not The Help He Wanted
March 3, 2010 Lucas comes up with a possible plan to help those in trouble. A Brilliant Plan
March 5, 2010 With the lockdown lifted, four students stop at the Grind Stone for coffee and terror. Jonothon is back but he's not at all the same. Having a Coffee
March 6, 2010 Robyn finds Rashmi to confide in her, Lucas comes in and helps with the lightening of the mood. Letting It All Out
March 6, 2010 Under the influence of Mr. Sinister, Jono fights James Heroes or Monsters
March 7, 2010 Lucas helps break James out of the medbay. The Big Medbay Breakout
March 7, 2010 Robyn decides to see how Robin is holding up. Blank's Search


  • "I said it!"


  • Robyn has a twin brother that he is unaware of. Richard
  • Robyn was adopted.
  • Robyn is adept at playing the cello.
  • Robyn loves oatmeal anything cookies.
  • Robyn loves anything he can mold with his hands, sculpting, pottery, modeling ect.
  • Robyn loves things that can seem a bit 'twisted' to most.
  • Tim Burton is Robyn's idol.
  • Robyn does have three tattoos, a tattoo on each wrist and one on his back.
  • March 2011, Robyn got his drivers license and first car - a powder blue classic VW Beetle - (which runs on love, stubborn, and occasionally hope)


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