2009-12-08: Rock'Em-Feller Robots


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Summary: A peaceful day at Rockefeller turns into something else.

Date: December 8, 2009

Rock'em-feller Robots!

Rating: PG

NYC - Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center is the famous area of New York City where the tree is lit every Christmas. The famous statue of Atlas resides at Rockefeller center along with the ice skating rink, that the golden Prometheus stature over looks, during the colder months. Radio City Music Hall is located in Rockefeller Center where some of the biggest concerts are held.

Christmas time in Rockefeller Center, with the tree being lit up it's quite the busy place. And busy places in New York City filled with tourists always mean pick pockets. There's a reason why people are warned against them, because of people like Jeremy. Walking through the crowd with a backpack on he casually bumps into someone, acting like it was the crowd that pushed him in that direction. In that moment though, he's able to reach into a woman's open purse and take out her wallet, sliping it into his own jacket pocket as he continues walking, trying to make his way towards an empty bench.

Already sitting on a bench is Wyatt. He's not even paying attention to the world around him. As always, his nose is stuck in a scientific journal. He's wearing a white wool coat. It looks out of style, as does his hair, but he doesn't care about that at all. Reaching a hand up, he brushes it through his unkempt mane before pulling the book away and pulling out a notepad which he begins scribbling on.

Walking in the opposite direction towards Jeremy, John is looking up at the tree with amusement on his face, he is wearing dark red jeans, a black shirt with the top button undone and black sneakers, he is not looking where he is going and is just going through the flow of the crowd. He has his wallet cliped to his belt.

Jeremy isn't over ambitious, and he doesn't enjoy stealing, he just needs to so he can get by. Seeing an open spot in the bench next to Wyatt, Jeremy pushes his way over there, shoving by John in the process. He doesn't say any 'excuse mes' as to not draw attention to himself. After a few dirty looks to the homeless kid, Jeremy sits down on the other side of the bench and leans his head back.

Not even noticing the other person sitting there (hell, it's New York), Wyatt continues scribbling away at the pad on his lap. "And if I do that, maybe I can boost the output. Enhance the strength or the speed. But only one or the other. Damn it, why can't I combine it?" He mutters, shaking his head.

John doesn't like being bumped into so he turns round and follows Jeremy over to the bench he goes to say some thing confrountational but stops himself, "I've got to stop letting my temper get away with me" he says to himself.

Jeremy sits up and starts to dig through his backpack when he notices John start to follow him. He moves to the edge of the bench and gets into position to start running if there's any trouble. He's find away to push through the crowd if he has to. He notice John just sort of stop but then just keeps watching him, trying to see if he has to book it or not. Wyatt doesn't get much attention at the moment and what he says barely registers to Jeremy.

"AH HA!… no nono, that's not it either." Wyatt says, rather loudly before blinking. "Oops. Sorry." He says, if anyone looks his way. "Got my hopes up." He knows better than that, but sometimes? Eh, what can ya do?

John sees Jeremy staring at him and his temper flares again, he then sits on the kerb to calm down before he does something stupid "Stay calm will you, stupid hothead"

Jeremy watches John nervously for a bit before taking out a cigarette and lighting it up. While he's taking a long drag, he jumps at Wyatt's sudden outburst and looks over. He wants to ask about what he's so excitable about but Jeremy's a bit on the shy side. "What…are you doing?" He finally asks quietly and curiously.

"Sorry. Chemical compositions. Don't mind me." Wyatt says, hastily as he blushes. "Just been trying to figure something out for a while. Need to make it work, but it's not working. It'd be more efficient if it would." With that, he shakes his head.

John hands begin to smoke "Com'on calm down you idiot there are innocent people here you cant risk someone getting hurt"

Jeremy nods slowly and he doesn't know a lot about chemistry since he ran away and stoped going to school before he could finish his class. "Is it like homework?" He asks since Wyatt doesn't look much older than him and could be in High School or College. He says taking another drag off his cigarette. Again Jeremy's attention is drawn to John, and he glances over in his direction and watches him curiously. "Smoke?" He mutters to himself but loud enough for Wyatt to hear also.

"No, it's for work. I'm a Doctor of Biochemistry." Yep. Wyatt… young looking boy… just said he's a doctor. But really, science is all he knows. "Just working on a formula I promised for a per… for a… friend?" He says, trying out the word. It's not something he's used to saying. "He has a problem I'm trying to fix."

John hands begin to glow so he puts them in a puddle by the gutter

With his backpack hanging off one shoulder, Tim Olsen's just on his way back towards home from his GED class. Humming a little tune, he leaves an occasional slimey footprint but isn't leaking a lot today. Whistling a tune, he seems to be in a pretty good mood. He blinks a few times as he sees smoke and then John putting his hand in a puddle. Jumping, Tim hurries over. "Hey, you alright?" he asks. "Did your hand get burnt or something?" he asks, having not noticed Jeremy or Wyatt yet.

A little ways away from the gathered youth, a small man carrying a large bag places the bag on the ground. He tilts it over and opens the mouth. From the mouth of the bag, five small clockwork soldiers begin to goosestep out of the bag, in perfect unison. Following those, five ballerinas of the same type of toy follow, twisting, turning, and dancing their way onto the ground. The man places down a sign, which reads, "Doktor Clokworx Mechanical Menagerie."

Jeremy turns his head quick to look at Wyatt. "Doctor?" He asks sounding surprised and a bit impressed. His eyes glance back in time to see John's hand in the puddle and he's trying to figure out if the smoke he saw was real or not. That's when he spots Tim and smiles slightly and moves to stand up and walk over there. Though the clockworx guy stops him, and he watches, figuring it's some holiday thing.

"Yes. Doctor. No, not the medical type. Not a Doogie Whatsit." Wyatt says with a quick nod. He tilts his head as he notes the smoke as well. Well, it's not like he hasn't dealt with mutants before. Look at his own history. Then there's the clockwork. And poor Wyatt, he's not used to so much going on around him at once. He winces a bit. "I hate holidays."

John jumps up and hides his still smoking hands behind his back "I…I…I'm fine" he stutters as his shirt begins to smoke slightly.

Tim blinks at John a few times, starting to drip more smoke. "Uh…buddy, you seem to be smoking," he says, pointing at John's shirt. He looks up, just looking to see if there's a fire department nearby just in case. He blinks at the clockwork stuff before turning back to John. "i can try to help if something's wrong," he offers. Tim still hasn't noticed his friend or the doctor though, worried about the guy he thinks might spontaniously combust.

The man smiles broadly, clapping his hands. He twists his hand in the air, and all of the figures begin to grow until they're the size of full grown human beings, still goose-stepping and dancing around without a care in the world. "Ladies and Gentleman, The Mechanical Menagerie!" He calls. The figures all suddenly stop in position. The soldiers shoulder their guns and turn to face the tree. The dancing ladies line up behind them with one final leap each. The man himself is dressed in an outfit that looks like it came out of a victorian era, with extra metal attachments here and there.

Jeremy walks over to Tim until he's standing right next to him and mutters a quiet "Hey." His eyes are fairly focused on the Mechanical Menagerie though. "You see this Tim?" He hasn't really seen anything like it since he's come to New York but then he tends to stick where there's less people as he wasn't as confident with his theiving skills.

"What in the world?" Wyatt asks, pulling a pair of magnifying glasses from his pocket to look at the dancing figures. "Does anybody know if this was a scheduled event? I don't see any signs about it." He says, glancing towards the others, even though he doesn't know.

John shakes his head at the kind stranger offering help "I…I…" He shuts his eyes as they go red and gets ready to run.

Tim frowns worse as John acts so scared. He jumps when the man running the show makes his mechanical pets grow, staring. "Bloody hell…" he trails off, eyes focusing on the guns. "Oh…this can not be good," he says quietly. The slimey mutant jumps again when Jeremy comes over but smiles. "Hey, Jeremy. Yeah…I'm seeing it. Not liking it. C'mon…we might want to move somewhere safe incase something happens. You too, buddy," he says to John. "No, sir. Nothing I know about," he adds for Wyatt.

Doktor Clokworx smiles as the soldiers and ballerinas begin to move again, forming a line around an area near the ice rink. That will make things a little easier. The guns go down, and the ballerina's pull large bags out of their skirts. "You know what time it is, people. It's the season of giving, so it's time to make your donations!" He shouts as the guns tilt up and each make a loud noise, tossing a blast into the air.

A blast of energy.

Jeremy shakes his head at Wyatt's questioning. "This is the first time I've seen something like this." He tosses his cigarette to the ground and nods to Tim, staying close. "How do you know it's can't be good, it's could be just a show." He says as it does look kind of Nutcrackerish with it's Toy Soilders and Ballerinas. "He could be like us." He says shruging as he notices quite the crowd as built up to watch the spectical. Then the blasts go off and Jeremy starts to get a bit nervous.

"Shit." Wyatt says bluntly as he hears the words from the man. He reaches into his pocket to find something, but starts searching. He can't find quite what he's looking for. Blushing a bit, he looks at the others. "Anyone able to do anything?"

John opens his eyes and forces himself to consentrate on his surroundings after hearing the blasts, flames begin to apper on his fists "is that guy robbing them" he manages to ask

"That would be how," Tim replies to Jeremy, swallowing. His hand goes for his pocket and the slimey mutant dials 9-1-1 to call in an incident. Once the call is complete and Tim stuffs his phone back into his pocket, the slimey mutant glances at Wyatt. "Well, I don't know about these guys but I'm no superhero. I can try to do something but…" he frowns. He's starting to leak more slime. When John starts flaming, Tim nods. "Looks like it," he says. "Alright…Jeremey, you and that guy should get somewhere safe. Keep an eye out for the cops. I…guess I'll try something," he says, concentrating. He's not sure what exactly he can do but he's going to step in if people start getting hurt.

As someone tries to run past one of the ballerinas, She places a leg up to block them, the leg extending an extra two feet. She shakes a finger at him with a click click click. Another young man tries to rush into another Ballerina, who ends up countering with a high kick, knocking him to the ground. The soldier's themselves line up, guns pointed at the crowd. "Awww, isn't that just awful. They don't like it when you don' tpay them."

Jeremy looks around. "Fuck." He mutters as it's his first time getting involved in something like this. He knows he can't do anything except see the past. He feels bad that the other people are traped here, stealing is one thing, this is another. Jeremy doesn't threaten lives to make a dollar. "Yeah, where's safe Tim, they're not letting anyone leave." He says feeling bad for the children caught up in this.

"No, I'll be fine." Wyatt says simply as he finds what he's looking for in his pockets. He pulls out something that looks like a large red pill and one that looks like purple pill. He rolls the sleeve up on his shirt. He lifts what looks like a plastic flap from his arm and places the red one in the depression. After a second, he closes his eyes, and opens them. They're now quite red. "I just needed a moment." He begins to place the purple one in…

John shakes his head angerly "Im not going anywhere" the flames grow stronger "If he hurts anyone he is a dead man!"

Tim glances at Jeremy with a little helpless expression. "Just keep your head down and please don't get hurt then," he requests. He doesn't want the homeless guy to be injured. Wyatt gets stared at for a moment before Tim's hands start to produce a thick yellow slime. "Jeremy…I'm gonna be making a lot of slime here but unless it's red or green, don't touch it. It'll be dangerous," he whispers. Balling the slime up, Tim frowns. "No killing," he says to John before tossing a ball of sticky yellow goo at the soldiers. Hopefully, it'll gum up the works.

People, not knowing there are superpowered individuals behind them, begin placing money into bags. Money, watches, jewelry, anything expensive. As they do so, the ballerinas let them leave. The yellow ball hits one of the soldiers and gums him up. He can still move, albeit VERY slowly. But his gun is pointed at the crowd, and the slime didn't make it into the barrel. It begins to blow. "Oh look. Would be heroes! It won't do you any good. If I have to kill them, because you want to fight, I'll do it!"

Unlike John, Wyatt and Tim, Jeremy is going somewhere, away. He knows he can't do anything in this type of situation. He takes a deep breath and nods to Tim, thend just starts running straight for the line, avoiding the slime. He hopes to use his training in track and field to let him get away. He knows the ballerina before lifted her leg so his plan is jump, as if it's a hurdler, or duck under and keep on running, what ever is easier. Some can call him a chicken, Jeremy will call himself a survivalist.

As the purple ampule kicks in, Wyatt stands. His eyes are now half red and half purple as the chemicals within his body work together. He looks at the bench he was just sitting on and reaches down, lifting it into the air. He calls out. "Move out of my way, people!" As soon as he has a clear line of sight, he hurls the bench at one of the ballerinas.

John nods and his eyes glow a brighter red "Got it, no killing". He consentrates and shoots and fireball at the soldier firing, "Im John by the way" and fires another.

Blue slime seeping out of his shoes quickly, Tim nods. "Be careful too," he tells John. No introduction from him though. And then he's rather quickly sliding to try moving as many people as he can out of the way of the blasts. He's thinking of using a new color slime too but isn't too sure about it yet.

The gummed up soldier finally blasts a blast, but is knocked off balance by the fireball, As it tries to stand, It is obviously horribly disfigured by the heat of the fireball. The gun is nothing more than a blunt weapon now. A ballerina gets crushed by the bench, denting and dinging as she falls, leaving a perfect opening that Jeremy zips through. "Alright Children, I've had enough of this. Stop or they start killing people. You see, I don't care about their lives." Doctor Clokworx shouts, angrily as all of the barrels of the guns begin to glow.

Seeing that Jeremy got away safely, Wyatt begins running towards the guarding area. "Well, then, I'll just have to stand in the way. I'm sure I can take a beating better than these people." He says simply, staring at the doctor. As he gets close to one of the soldiers, he attempts to reach out and grab the barrel of it's gun.

John runs over to the soldiers and places his hands on two of them attempting to engulf them in flames, he staggers backwards from the effort.

Tim takes a deep breath, not looking happy at all about what he's about to do. Orange slime starts gathering from his hands and Tim focuses on the Doctor. Still sliding along the blue goo, the young man from Ireland rushes and tosses a pair of baseball sized globs of orange slime at Doctor Clokworx. He only needs a bit of it to hit skin for his plan to work even if he's going to feel bad about even trying it later.

The orange globs all hit the Doktor. If it affects or not remains to be seen. Two of the soldiers are touched, but one dodges away. The other one gets flambed, melting itself into a spot. The other one, however, shies away from the heat, before swinging it's gun at John's back like a club, trying to knock him down. Wyatt's soldier doesn't see him, or doesn't acknowledge him. At least, not until it's gun is twisted in on itself.

The remaining soldier that's not actively involved begins firing the gun in the direction of the civilians.

Wyatt himself tries to lift the unwary soldier off of the ground and throw him at the Ballerinas. "Let me tell you something. Doctor to Doktor. This really hurts your credentials." He says, unable to get in between the blast and the civilians in time.

John gets knocked to the floor by the soldier extinguishing his flames. "Bollocks!" he curses getting up and moving away before the soldier can hit him again and tries to gets a flame going again.

Seeing the his slime hit, Tim takes a deep breath. "Call off your toys and get down on the ground!" he yells. If the mind control slime works, there'll be a very strong compulsion to obey the kid with the red hair. Unable to take a blast, Tim doesn't even try to get in the way of it. "Everyone get down!" he yells, starting to produce red slime. He's anticipating the need to heal people soon.

Unfortunately, the mind control slime isn't working. The Doktor doesn't even seem to acknowledge it's existence. Two soldiers are already down, and one ballerina. As Wyatt hurls the other soldier, it goes flying into a ballerina, both of them colliding with the doktor. There's a loud sparking sound as the doktor rises. A cut on his jacket reveals a circuit-laced hydraulic pump. "You're destroying my children. If you had just played nice…" He says, rising and taking the bags from the other ballerinas before pulling a small clockwork airplane out of the bag. He winds it up and it begins to grow. It's a classic biplane.

The soldier that knocked John down begins to fire a blast at him trying to catch him. It doesn't speak. The one firing at the crowd begins strafing the gun from side to side. Only one or two people are injured as of yet, and only minorly. People know when guns are involved, to move it. The remaining ballerinas look at each other and form a small circle, holding hands. They begin to spin.

Wyatt begins to pant heavily at all of his exhertion. Anyone nearby will see him sweating. As small as his frame is, using strength like this is very taxing. He jumps out to try to block the rest of the blasts from the crowd. He can take a hit, hopefully.

While consentrating on getting his flames started John doesn't notice the soldier firing at him and gets hit in the sholder.

One arm coated in red slime and dripping, Tim swallows. This won't be good. Using the last of the blue slime he's got stored up in his shoes, Tim slides at the soldier firing at the civillians and tries to knock it over by running into it.

The clockwork biplane finishes growing and the Doktor gets in. "Fine. You can have my children. Good luck with them!" He shouts, waving his bags of stolen goods in the air as he starts taking off. The tackled Soldier suddenly stands there, stock still, not firing at all anymore. The spinning ballerinas stop, as if a statue of bronze and brass.

Wyatt takes the blast just before Tim knocks the soldier over. He goes flying back lightly, since he was close up. There's a scorched hole in his shirt, but no damage on his skin. "Damn. He's gone." He says simply, sighing. "They've stopped."

John gets up feeling sightly dazed, is unable to feel or move his left arm. "Does that mean we win?" he asks.

Tim hits the soldier with a grunt of pain and ends up sprawled on his backside. "Ow," he mutters, getting up slowly. He heads for John first. "Hold still a moment. This stuff'll help with that injury," he says, reaching out to place the healing red slime onto John's injured shoulder.

The clockwork army is now silent.

Wyatt sighs. With a roar of anger, he punches into one of the inanimate figures before he stops himself. "Excuse me." He says simply, taking a clear ampule from his pocket and sticking it in that odd place in his arm. He closes his eyes and breathes deeply. His eyes are back to normal. "There. Sorry. Sometimes the strength makes me angry."

John tries moving his arm "I know what you mean, my power's come with one hell of a temper too". Smiles at Tim "Thanks dude, it feels better already".

Tim smiles slightly, letting the tingly slime do it's work. "You can even eat some of it if you want," he says, gesturing at the very sweet slime. "Are you hurt?" he asks Wyatt, looking for the civillians that were hurt to help treat them.

"I don't have powers." Wyatt says simply. "I have science." He looks at Tim. "No, just my clothes. My cohesion ampule kept it from breaking my skin." He nods, bashfully as he looks at the hole in his jacket and the bare skin beneath.

John tastes the slime "mmm its sweet cool", he sighs "my first trip to NYC and i get envoved in a superpowered fight, i am in so much trouble when i get back to school".

Tim nods, peering at the hole in Wyatt's shirt. "That's good. And sorry about your shirt," he says. He glances to John to check on his clothes. Tim may not be able to replace clothing for Wyatt but John looks about his size. Heading for the civillians that were injured, Tim explains what the red slime does and offers to heal them. He'll heal the ones that agree before heading back over to John and Wyatt.

"By any chance is it the school with Mr. Weyrin? The one with the…" Wyatt waves over his arms lightly. "Lack of coloration?" That's the nicest way he can think of to say invisible without being obvious. "If so, and you see him, tell him I'm still working on his dilemma. It's… tricky. If I could get the files they had on their chemistry experiment… I could do so much more." He explains. Or doesn't explain. Whatever.

John says, "i haven't met all my teachers yet if he is one of them i'll let him know"

Tim just blinks a few times. He's got no idea what Wyatt and John are talking about. Starting to drip green slime, Tim takesa a breath. "I'm Tim. Sorry for not introducing myself earlier," he says to John, offering a slimey hand.

"I would get out of here, if I were you two. The cops should be arriving in a moment. It may get… hairy." Wyatt says simply before he begins walking away, pulling his hood up over his head casually.

John smiles "hey Tim, no worries" goes to shake his hand but stops "Urrm is that stuff flamable?" refering to the slime on his hands. "Hope to see ya again sometime dude" he says as Wyatt walks away.

Tim blinks a few times, looking at the slime. "I have no idea," he admits. "Err…yeah," he sighs as the cops are mentioned. He'll talk to Aaron later when he gets home. "Bye," he offers to Wyatt. Turning to John again, Tim looks him over and shrugs. "C'mon back to where I live for awhile? I'll finish taking care of your shoulder and lend ya shirt that isn't all smokey and slimey," he offers.

John smiles and walks over to Tim "Sure dude lead the way" He checks out the damage to his shirt.

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