Rocket Raccoon
Rocket Raccoon
Voice Actor Bruce Willis
Gender Male
Place of Birth Halfworld
Current Location New York City
Occupation Guardian
Significant Other Lylla
Identity Known
Known Abilities Being a Raccoon
Alignment Good
Affiliation Guardians of the Galaxy
First Appearance Raccoon in the City
Alts Played by Raff Bruce, Eris & Hildegarde
Defunct Alts McKnight


Halfworld exists in the Keystone Quadrant Star System. It was settled several hundred years ago by an advanced civilization which used the planet as a facility to treat the mentally ill. The civilization eventually abandoned the planet, creating robots to care for the people left behind. A nearby supernova granted sentience to the robots, which used genetic engineering to modify the animals on the planet to be able to care for the mentally ill. The robots created weapons and equipment, and the animals cared for the humans.


Rocket Raccoon was born on Halfworld and spent his life caring for the mentally ill like the other animal on the planet. He later became a Quadrant Guardian and became involved in a battle with Inter-Stel Mechanics and the Black Bunny Brigade, which had stolen an ancient psychological text left by the advanced civilization as well as Rocket’s girlfriend, Lylla.

Over time power shifted between Inter-Stel Mechanics and a new organization known as the Mayhem Mekanics. The two forces fought for control of Lylla so that she could be married and the victor could inherit her family’s fortune. Rocket and his uncle went after the groups, tricking the opposing forces into destroying each other and eventually rescuing Lylla and recovering the text that was stolen.

Rocket took the text to the robots, who used it to create a helmet which cured the mentally insane. The animals gave control of the planet back to the humans. Rocket and a few others went with the robots onto a starship to explore the galaxy.

Rocket was later approached by Starlord, who asked him to join a team that he was forming. Rocket was eventually persuaded and joined the group that came to be known as the “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Starlord collected others to join his team, but after it was found out that he had used Mantis to mentally persuade the others to join the team was disbanded. Rocket managed to reassemble the team and led the Guardians for a time. They learned that Starlord was trapped in the Negative Zone. After rescuing him Starlord regained control of the group.

Rocket was separated from his team on a recent mission. While battling with an entity on Witch-World, it somehow managed to transport the Raccoon to Earth. After a fair bit of confusion, Rocket realized that he was on the home planet of the Hulk and She-Hulk, both of whom he had encountered on previous adventures. Deciding to look up his old friends, he made his way to New York City so that he could get in contact with them and the other Avengers.

Rocket found the planet to be very interesting. He saw the struggle going on between Mutants and Humans and took particular interest in SHIELD’s Barne’s academy. By the time the Guardians had managed to get in contact with Rocket, he had decided that he was going to take a break from his adventures so that he could try to make a difference on this planet. He approached the head of Barne’s and offered to help train the future heroes, helping them to learn what it truly means to be a hero.

Recently Rocket Raccoon received word that the other Guardians of the Galaxy needed his assistance. With the help of the Avengers he was able to rejoin his friends to help them in their current mission. Time will tell if he is able to return to this planet.



Date Log Title Cast Summary
May 13, 2012 Damage Report Rocket Raccoon & Tabitha After picking her up from police custody, Rocket Raccoon questions Tabitha to file a proper report on her battle with Envy.
May 15, 2012 Three Mutants and an Alien Cale, Mike, Rocket Raccoon & Taylor Cale runs into Mike at the mall - later Taylor shows up and bravely turns off her image inducer after meeting Rocket, the anthropomorphic alien raccoon.
May 20, 2012 Searching the Docks Kai & Rocket Raccoon Rocket & Kai search the docks for signs of Envy or the kidnapped children.

Friends & Family

Name Race Relation Notes
Lyla Otter Girlfriend Currently residing on Halfworld.
Starlord Altered Human Team Leader Currently several light-years away.


Adventurous - Rocket is always up for an adventure. He appears to be almost fearless when faced with seemingly daunting tasks.

Demanding - Rocket gives everything 110% and expects the same from his teammates and students. He drives others hard, but he does it because he wants to see them succeed.

Loyal - Rocket does not turn his back on his allies. He sticks with his teammates no matter how daunting the challenge and never leaves his friends behind.

Protective - Rocket tends to side with whoever needs his help the most. Granted, he isn’t about to help a villain currently fighting with a team of Avengers, but he’ll try to make sure the enemy at least makes it out alive.

Quirky - Perhaps it is because he is from another planet or perhaps it is because he is a Raccoon, but Rocket sometimes says and does things that many non-Raccoons would find completely insane.


Being a raccoon many of Rocket's senses are heightened to levels well above human. Rocket is able to see much better than the average human and extremely well adapted to near dark conditions. His enhanced sense of smell allows him to detect subtle changes in scents around him enabling him to detect the approach of others and increasing his ability to operate in darkness. With his broad auditory range, he can perceive tones outside the range of the human ear as well as subtle sounds caused by vibrations on the ground. His hyper sensitive paws allow him to identify objects before touching them with vibrissae located above his claws.


  • “Never doubt a raccoon.”


  • Rocket has an affinity for shiny objects.
  • Rocket is not fond of dogs.


Physical Description

Rocket Raccoon -

You see an anthropomorphic Raccoon which stands about four feet tall. He is of average weight and appears to be in good physical health. His fur is mostly brown in color with black markings and he has white fur running down his front from his muzzle to the base of his tail. He has green eyes and white inner ears.

Rocket_icon.jpg RocketRaccoon_icon.jpg

Rocket is wearing green and brown metal armor with a camouflage pattern on it. He usually has a small targeting lens covering his right eye and keeps two laser pistols strapped to his belt. His boots are made of metal and appear to be technologically advanced.


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