Roid Rage And The Acme Reject


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Summary: Nigel and Quenton toss around some blame, then plan some payback.

Log Title: Roid Rage and the ACME Reject

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

//What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself. //

Nigel steps into the Rec Room, his usual cheerful demeanor gone as he heads for the television muttering to himself "Of course we're going to do something.. we just have to figure out what. They don't know what I look like, only what you look like so we still have an ace up our sleeve. No we can't just go out there and start hanging them by their ankles from rooftops…."

Quenton sits at the couch, staring at the television as it shows a picture of a masked Connor, and an unmasked Hilde and Sophie, his fingers digging into his cheek enough to leave little red lines. His eyes lift to Nigel and his jaw clenches, but he doesn't bother to say anything to stop him, mostly because he can't change the channel himself anyway.

Nigel looks at the television and sighs "Figures the media only aired the church's side of things. Wish Connor hadn't crushed that sonic cannon into a rubix cube. Knew I should have run that damn truck off the road but Hilde was bleeding out and Sophie was hurt, had to get them back here."

"Yeah," Quenton murmurs, a cigarette between his lips, a metallic ring around it preventing him from breaking it. "Good job saving Sophie and the Professor. Awesome job, you know, saving Nick and Warlock, too," he says coldly, smoke drifting from his nostrils. Yes, he's aware he's not allowed to smoke on school grounds, but there he is.

Nigel sneers at Quenton "Stuff it Roid Rage.. I didn't know anyone else was even there until the screaming started. Besides.. this wasn't a random attack. Nicholas and Warlock were targeted. The Church was gunning for them specifically. I heard a few of them members talking about how they had to focus on capturing the targets. I left a couple dozen of the bastards laying on the pavement beat to hell but even Wildcard can't stop 200 opponents at once. They were organized, well armed, and they knew exactly what they were after and determined to get it at all costs."

"If you figured that out, Acme Reject," Quenton spits his cigarette onto the ground and his foot crushes it, while he rises, "then why the fuck didn't you protect then specifically?" His fingers continue to dig at his cheek. "Oh, right, I remember. You don't like Nick."

Nigel glares "Maybe if horse boy had spent a little more time working on his powers and a little less wallowing in self pity and throwing his personal tragedies in everyone's face he'd have been worth a fuck in the fight in the first place. He's a god damned telekinetic they never should have been able to hit him. But no.. he froze and turned into a whimpering little bitch when those powers he's so ashamed of crapped out. Warlock got hit trying to protect him, Professor Hildegarde got hit trying to protect him. I'm not his god damned keeper. I did everything I could to take as many of them out as possible and try to keep them away from the others when I knew they were there. But even I can only do so much. Sorry I couldn't just drop an anvil the size of a city block on those pricks but even my powers have limits."

"He's probably dead right now, and you're calling him a little bitch?" Quenton wonders, his features twisting a little. "And I'm supposed to be the one who's a jackass. Whatever helps you and your little cartoon alter ego sleep at night." He shakes his head, his fingers lifting to rip into his skin again, the little bloody lines streaking blood down his face, but nothing Quenton seems concerned about. "You talk about Wildcard like him and you are different people. I really doubt that. You're as fucked up as I am, if not more."

Nigel snorts "We didn't used to be.. thanks to the headmistress he's a separate personality now. I can hear him in the back of my head wanting to come out. As for Nick he's not dead. If they wanted him dead they could have done it in Salem center, he and warlock were taken for a reason. Damned if I know what it is yet but I'm sure we'll find out soon enough."

"A reason that probably means once his use runs out, which we have no fucking idea when that is, they'll probably kill him. This is the Church of Humanity, not some fucking guys that grab up mutants to hold for ransom." Quenton shakes his head, one of his hands lifting and clenching into a fist, but instead of swinging at Nigel who smashes it into the side of his head, causing ripples in the air around his skull.

Nigel shakes his head "I got a few ideas.. if you want in on a little mayhem and destruction in the near future let me know. Or you can sit here being mad at the world like always. They fired the first shot but the war is far from over. Soon as I talk to Theo I may have a target."

"Look, if —" Quenton cuts himself off. Mayhem and destruction? "How near?" he wonders. "Because if we're striking back, yeah, I'm fucking in. Me and Taylor were going to try and get Theo to help, too. If you got a fucking plan, I'm all ears, Taylor and I were just going to fucking wing it. I was going to take some Church of Humanity leader hostage.

Nigel nods "Well I'm not gonna take them head on just yet. Sorry but these are the reason a frontal assault won't work." He reachs into his pocket and pulls out what looks like a tranq dart. "These little fuckers take away your powers for a few hours. Thankfully they don't work on wildcard but they took down The professor and warlock in a single dose. Before we hit them we need to cut off their supply of these and take away their other toys."

"And what's your bright idea for that?" wonders Quenton, his digging having stopped, apparently his anger calmed for now, as he holds out his hand, palm up, for the tranq-like dart. "And what did they do, just bounce off Wildcard?"

Nigel places the dart carefully in his hand "Theo can trace the money trail via computer, find out who they're paying for this stuff. It has to be custom made.. the sonic cannon, the darts, the net guns.. whatever they used to teleport Nick and Warlock away.. none of that came off the shelf. We find the supplier, we shut them down. Preferably by reducing their facilities to a smoldering wreck. With any luck we find out where they shipped the stuff too and we can take out their stockpiles. We take out their weapons and they're only humans. As for why they don't work on wildcard he's not flesh and blood, he's essentially a mass of solid energy. No blood to inject into, no DNA to attack.. the dart hit him but don't have any affect. Now had they shot me before I changed I'd have been in trouble."

Quenton peers at it, before wetting his lips a moment, nodding his head slowly. "This might be a big fucking operation," he comments, though he doesn't sound like he's complaining. "We're gonna have to bounce around all over the country. At any rate, even after we take out their suppliers and stockpiles they're gonna have guys still equipped." He offers the dart back by inching his hand closer. "Which sounds like my kind of party."

Nigel takes the dart back "Well if I were you I'd see about getting fitted for some full-body ballistic armor. All these have to do in prick the skin to work, so they'd drop you and Taylor in a heartbeat. I'm not saying the plan is perfect but any damage we can do is progress. If we can keep them from getting more then we only have to worry about what they already have. With any luck the lab boys here at the school can figure out an antidote for this stuff, or a vaccine. I've got a few other ideas.. but I'm keeping a lid on those for now until I look into some stuff. Let's just say the headmistress.. wouldn't approve of what I have in mind. Not that she's gonna like this either."

Glancing down at the cigarette crushed underfoot, and then over at the still destroyed window, Quenton claims, "Trust me, I don't give a damn what the headmistress approves of." He wets his lips a moment, before nodding his head. "If it's just a prick they need, then yeah, they'd drop me. I'll have to see if Theo can fix me up with his suit maybe. If I'm wearing something that protects me from the darts, then between me and Wildcard we can make those buildings flat."

Nigel nods "Get a full mask as well.. they know what wildcard looks like but since I can change back they don't know what I look like so I'm safe. You however they can identify if they see your face. If Taylor wants in then give him the same advice.. full armor and mask."

"Taylor has this weird image inducer that uh… it can use to look human," Quenton claims. "Maybe might put that to use, but a helmet or mask thing might just be needed so we don't take darts to the face anyway." He rubs his face slowly. "Is Theo on board yet at all?"

Nigel shakes his head "Haven't talked to him yet, but even if he doesn't help out I've got backup plans. The church aren't the only ones that can plan an ambush." There's a bit of evil lurking in that grin.. enough to make someone wonder which half of his personality is talking.

Maybe it's Quenton's own penchant for destruction and lack of concern for the lives of obvious enemies that causes him to remain unconcerned about Nigel's odd change of mood, because he just nods at that. "Right. Well. If Theo isn't playing ball, let me know plan B."

Nigel nods "Well if you can think of anyone else that wants in tell them to talk to me. Be discreet about it though, don't need someone running off to Frost to snitch. I gotta go take care of a few things, I'll be in touch." He pockets the dart again and turns to head back out of the room.

"Pretty sure Frost already knows about the plan, whether we like it or not, but sure. I'll be discreet," agrees Quenton, nose twitching as he watches Nigel head to the door, his hands moving to adjust his jacket, then rolling a shoulder. "You don't fuck me on this, I got your back."

Nigel chuckles darkly "Just be ready to break something when I give the word.." He slips out the door without another word.

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