2012-11-11: Rooftop Meeting


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Summary: Tabitha and Maxwell encounter one another on a rooftop.

Date: Nov 11, 2012.

Log Title: Rooftop Meeting

Rating: PG.

NYC - Hell's Kitchen

The rough neighborhood in Midtown West New York known as Hell's Kitchen almost has a darker tone to it. Once you step into this neighborhood the city takes on a different feel, the buildings are shorter but everything feels darker. There is real grit to this part of town where many of the New York City criminals see to make their home.

Late night, the glow of sentinel eyes looming in the distance at the border of Mutant town and Hell's Kitchen. Max is taking some time off from being a spy to get in a little patrol work, the Hooligan needing to keep up appearances to keep the gangs scared. Though these days the gangs are the least of his problems as he keeps tabs on wandering groups of Purifiers as well.

Maxwell isn't the only one out and about keeping tabs on Purifiers; if indeed that is what Tabitha Jones is doing. The rat girl's black Pontiac GTO is parked on the roadside, and the mutant herself is nowhere to be seen… at least not if you don't look up. Wearing her baggy cargoes and a hoodie, she's visible a couple of stories up on a fire escape in a dark alley, using the vantage point to watch people passing by and occasionally glance at the sentinels in the distance.

Maxwell has long since learned to watch the rooftops and fire escapes in his line of work and from the shadows of an alleyway spots the mutant. Recognizing her from the stadium fight he circles the building and climbs the opposite side. Walking across the roof and looking down at her on the fire escape, his voice rumbles darkly from the modulator in his mask. "You're either looking for trouble, or are completely fucking suicidal to be this close to the camp. Get up here before they spot you and we've got a damn killer robot coming after us both."

Tabitha's ears flick under her hoodie just before Maxwell speaks, and she looks up. The mutant eyes the man up and down, and after a moment, she shrugs her shoulders, and climbs out over the edge of the fire escape. …No, she's not jumping down; she's just climbing up by means of scaling the building, rather than walking up the stairs, and she accomplishes the task in record time. As she surmounts the roof, she stretches her arms up over her head, before dropping them back down to her sides. "Do I know you?" She peers at Maxwell, and shoves her hands in her pockets. "Voice sounds familiar."

Maxwell chuckles a bit, the mask making it sound almost sinister "I know you.. you're the one that set half this damn neighborhood on fire last year. Before you start in I already know about the mind control.. so leave it at that. Fact is I'm glad to see you, you know people.. you know people I need to know."

Tabitha pauses, and glances over her shoulder before pulling her hoodie down off her head. She brushes her fingers through her hair, and focuses her gaze on Maxwell properly. "Yeah, I did that, and I'm not proud of it," she replies, quietly. "But I'm glad you know about the mind control." She thrusts her hands back in her pockets, and turns to face towards Mutant Town, and the enormous robots guarding it. "Yeah, I know people. Which people are you referring to?"

Maxwell nods "I'm not exactly sure, but I'm hoping you do. You see I have information on the Church.. I know where one of their hidden bases is, the base where they held the mutants they were going to execute. I know how they managed to rush the registration act through the government so fast. The problem is I don't have the resources to act on them on my own. But you know people that do.."

Tabitha perks an eyebrow upwards, as she tilts her head to face Maxwell once more. "Well, I…" She pauses, and trails off, pursing her lips and adopting a most unreadable question. "Before I answer that… Look, I don't want to be rude. Nevermind the fact that I'm an abrasive hick-town girl from the ass end of Idaho. But; who are you, and… how do I know I can trust you?" She sighs softly, and her ears turn red along the insides. "Wish I didn't have to ask that, but… I really do, y'know?"

Maxwell shrugs "Trust me or don't trust me, life is about risk. You don't gain anything if you don't risk anything. You can either take what I've said and find somone that I can tell the information to so they can act on it. Or we can go our seperate ways and nothing gets done. I've got too much on my plate between sneaking supplies into Mutant town and spying on the church to worry about it."

The Rat Girl's ears perk up, and her attention snaps full-on onto Maxwell. "You're sneaking supplies into Mutant Town? How? Where?!" She throws her hands out in the air to either side of her, "I've been trying to figure out how to do that for the last two weeks. I'd love to copy a teleporter but, surprisingly enough, finding *any* mutant besides myself is getting to be really hard these days." She pauses, and at last nods her head. "I know people, and I can definitely take everything you've got to them. Thanks for being honest to my rude questioning."

Maxwell shakes his head "It took me two weeks to find the blind spot in their patrols and it's open for only 20 minutes a night. I'm not about to risk revealing it. You find me somone that can act on the info I have and we'll have a sit-down and I'll spill everything I have. Though if I were you I'd avoid SHEILD.. they've been comprimised."

Tabitha opens her mouth to say soemthing, and clamps it shut again. "SHIELD is who I would have talked to," she admits. "How do you know they've been compromised?" She pauses, and shakes her head. "I sorta had a feeling that might happen. I know some other people I can talk to, though. I'll get you someone." She pauses, and her features take on a considerably more… strained appearance. "Look, I… totally understand if you don't want to reveal the blindspot. But if I give you something to send in, could you send it for me? Address it to Rashmi Franklin if you possibly can?"

Maxwell nods "I can do that.. she's been my contact on the inside that has been receiving the drops. As for how they've been comprimised.. the Church has access to SHIELD technology. No way they could have it if there wasn't a leak.""

Tabitha nods. "Alright." She reaches into one of her pockets on her cargoes, and pulls out a couple of inhalers, which she hesitantly offers to Maxwell. "I… have a friend from back home, her name's Katherine Morrison, and she has purple hair. I always thought she was dyeing it, but… well, we talked on facebook and stuff a year ago, and she told me she's a mutant. She has to keep it secret because Sandpoint is about as not mutant friendly as you can get." She pauses, and sucks in her breath. "Her Mom spoke to me last week, and told me she'd been taken. So she's in there *somewhere*. And she has asthma real bad, and if she doesn't get these…" She bounces the inhalers up and down to emphasize them, and falls silent, regarding Maxwell with eyes that have lost their hardened defiance and simply gone large, and pleading.

Maxwell nods "Medications, I fully understand. I'll pass them along with a note to explain who they go to. I'm sure Rashmi can make sure she gets them." He holds out a hand for the inhalers. Placing them in one of his belt pouchs when she hands them over. He then reachs into another pouch and produces what looks like a large coin, handing it to her. The coin has his mask stamped on it. "When you need to get in touch with me go to the Holy ghost chruch and give this to a Nun there named Sister Rose. Also tell her "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" She will get in touch with me and I'll meet you at the church."

Tabitha looks almost reluctant to give up the inhalers, but she does so, and accepts the coin in return as she watches Maxwell clip the things to his belt. "Thank you," she replies. The coin is turned over as she looks at it, before she tucks it away. "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes," she repeats, to make sure she's got it right in her mind. "Look, I… do know one person in SHIELD that I can personally guarantee you is not compromised. I'll talk to him. He's got both his head and his heart in the right place."

Maxwell nods "That's fine, right now I just need somone with the connections and resources to act on the information I have. I hate to admit it but I'm a tad out of my league against government conspiracys killer robots and plans for full-species domination."

"I think we all are," Tabitha replies. "At least alone we are. But if you're willing to take it on, that makes you a braver person than most." She takes a step back, moving towards the edge of the roof. "And hell, you've got a choice in the matter. I don't have a choice; look at me. But you're no mutant. You could just sit at home and watch all this on TV with a beer." She pauses, and perhaps impulsively recites a phone number. "That's my cell," she explains. "It's provided to me, so it's probably not safe to talk on, but if you're ever facing an emergency you can call me and I'll come."

Maxwell nods, you get the feeling he's smiling under the mask. "I couldn't walk away from this even if I wanted to. I made a promise a long time ago that I would never let people suffer at the hands of those that believe they are above the law if I had a say in the matter. Mutants are people, some good, some bad. I'm not going to judge them all by the magnetos of the world.. just like no one should judge humans based on somone like Hitler. So I fight and I keep fighting."

Tabitha smiles softly, and for her it isn't hidden by a mask. "Well… thank you," she replies, and nods her head appreciatively. "It's always good to have someone standing up for you." She takes another step back towards the roof. "I should be leaving. Gotta go meet with my girl, or she'll be getting worried." She pauses, about to flip her hood back into place. "By the way. You didn't say what your source was, and that's cool, I ain't asking. But if you happen to hear about a Victor Jones in the Purifiers, I need to know about that."

Maxwell nods again "Name doesn't ring a bell, but I'll keep my ears open in case it comes up. I hope to hear from you soon, I'm not sure how much of a shelf life my information has. Likely only going to get one shot at the base before they up and move the whole operation."

Tabitha bobs her head once. "I'll get someone to your as soon as possible," she replies. "Until then." She flips her hood up into place, and positions herself standing on the edge of building. She jumps off backwards, catching the edge of the roof with her fingertips, before she scales back down with the same rapidity as she came up.

Maxwell watchs her depart and keeps an eye on her until she returns to her vehicle and leaves the area. Hoping he put his faith in the right person he turns his attention back towards his patrol.

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