2010-05-26: Rooftop Reflections


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Summary: Jono hunts down Bruce on the rooftops. They discuss the shootings from the previous night. Magneto shows up and destroys some surveillance cameras. Together they devise a clever strategy.

Log Title: Rooftop Reflections

Rating: PG (L)

NYC - Four Arms Apartments (Roof)

The roof looks out over the city the best it can. Since it's only a few stories high and is one of the shorter buildings in the area the view isn't that great. There's an old pigeon coop up here that's long since been used and other than the door, that's the only other thing up here. There's a small railing around the edge that's just one bar with a few posts, nothing to really prevent anyone from going over the edge. Over all those it's a nice quiet spot to go and relax.


It took him hours to eventually reach this spot. That's what happens when you are a telepath who doesn't actually use telepathy. And yet Jonothon is here just the same. No attempt at a stealth he couldn't manage anyway, the Brit climbs the stairs and emerges on the roof the old fashioned way. Just a thin man in black. Someone who doesn't look old enough to be in that bar last night. «Hey.» Offered as he approaches where Bruce is. Doesn't get in close. Just enough to show himself and talk. «Mind some company?»

Even though the sun has gone down for the most part, the city is still much too hot to be indoors. Bruce's air-conditioner went on the fritz earlier today and that coupled with his wounds from the other night have left him in a less than happy mood. He is currently laying on a lawn chair on the roof with a pile of empty beer bottles next to him. Bruce is wearing a pair of white shorts and sunglasses, his shoulder and torso have a few bandages wrapped around him.
When Jono arrives Bruce jumps up slightly. It seems the reason that he still has his sunglasses on is because he fell asleep up here. "Eh? Whosawhatsit?" He stretches a bit and winces, grabbing his shoulder. "Oh hey. Mr. Explode. Thanks for helping out last night, but I think Lil wants to kill you a little for what you did to the wall."

Says something that the Brit is wearing full black, and with a leather jacket besides, yet shows no signs of being affected by the weather. «Heh.» Jonothon smiles about being Mr Explode, no matter how accurate it may be. Also about the wall. «She'll need to take a number and get in line.» Noted wryly. His voice is strange, but since he moves his lips it may not be easily identified as telepathy. Especially since Jono talks by general broadcast and not by mental link. «I was part of the first attack. Those wankers are really starting to get my goat. That's what I'm here for. Wanted to ask what you knew about it.» Ask, not attack. «If you knew anything about them.. and how to find the glowing bloke.» Corrin.

Bruce seems not to notice the odd way that Jono speaks. Granted he did just wake up, also he might be a little drunk. "Ah, well Lil will get over it. I've got some cash stored away we can survive on 'till they can fix up the pub." He shrugs and ponders for a moment. "Actually I didn't know much about them at all until last night. I'd only read about them in the papers. Honestly I was trying to figure out a few things about them when Corrin showed up." He blinks, "Actually, why was he looking for ME? I didn't realize how odd it was that he wanted to speak specifically to me."
Bruce continues, "But yeah, the glowing kid was Corrin. Least that's how he introduced himself." He shrugs "But about those guys last night, they were too well organized to be a random gang. I think it's some sort of covert military organization. The one I killed last night told me that we were all worth points. It's some sort of game to them, and once they get enough points they get to join some elite group or club."

«Christ.» Swears the Brit over this news. Corrin. The glowing guy was Corrin. Tucking all this information away, Jonothon merely stands to one side as he listens. There's a strangeness to him that's subtle. Something wrong. He doesn't breathe, and nor does he much sway as he holds that spot. Doesn't shift his weight much. The points thing truly troubles him. It would explain much, if in a totally crazy kind of way. Then again Jono believes one would have to be crazy to do what they did. «No idea what kind of group?» Asked of what they get if enough points are earned. He doesn't admit what he knows however. Just seems to ask questions.

Bruce sits up so that he is sitting on the edge of the lawn chair. He pokes idly at a few of the bottles next to him as though checking for one he missed. "The way they moved and spoke, they were definitely military trained. That set up last night was too precise." He sighs, "Corrin thinks they had spotters here as well to watch how they did. I didn't see anybody, but I was busy trying to stop the ones with guns." He ponders for a moment, "We just need to figure out where they're going to strike next. May be hard to do since they'd probably notice us hanging around."

Jonothon is just a lean bit of black amid rooftop shadows. Not that he's difficult to pick out, but it'd take little effort for him to blend in. Especially in that he's looking away, not really at anything, remembering. Quiet for perhaps longer than he needs to be, the Brit looks back. «You wouldn't need people in attendance if you prepared ahead of time and put cameras in.» And boy can those things be small.
Motioning a sigh he can't make, the man moves finally to the rooftop's edge to look out at the city. Could be listening right now, but he's not sure he cares. «Corrin's right. About the spotters. The first group had four teams of three men. Two on the roofs and two on the ground. Or I assume they were the first. There could have been other attacks before that. Before New York.» Looking back, he finally asks, «You okay? Bullets were flying hot and heavy.» Maybe he should be a little polite. «I'm Jonothon by the way.»

Magneto floats over Mutant Town, looking for… yes. That roof. He changes direction and swoops down, the sound of his cloak in the breeze of his descent the only warning he gives. "Chamber. Dingo. I had no idea you were acquainted." He lands and twitches the cloak into falling straight around him. "You are discussing the incident at Nowhere? Good. Include me in your conversation."

Bruce thinks for a moment. "Cameras, eh? I didn't think to look for anything like that." He stands and walks over to the edge of the building, looking over toward Nowhere. "I'm sure somebody stopped by to remove them if they were there." He sighs and turns to respond to Jono when Magneto appears. Bruce looks a little confused at the man's appearance. "Magneto? Where did you?" He shakes his head and nods to Jono, "Yeah, they call me Dingo. And I'm alright, just a few little shots. Once I turn to sand the bullets fall out." He turns to Magneto. "Could of used you last night, you should barhop more. Seems that the shootings are some sort of game or competition. We're all worth points for something."

Of the two Jonothon doesn't look surprised to see Magneto. Not in Mutant Town after such an attack. «…Sir.» Turning to face the new arrival, he is surprised that Magnus knows Bruce, but doesn't speak of it. «It seems to be a repeat of the other attacks. I know very little about the second, however, not having been in that one.» Funny, he's glad he didn't get shot at three times. «They use teams of three again. Ground and rooftop. Tear gas and smoke grenades, then moved in. Full body arm and automatic weapons.» There's a shake of the head, «Wonder how much we're worth.» Sarcastic that. «What gets me is that they were surprised. Both attacks. Like they didn't expect mutants to defend themselves.»

"If they were surprised, then one would conclude that they have attacked mutants before—and those people did not fight back." Ice blue eyes narrow. "Or that they were the sort of mutants whose defense was ineffective against the sort of attacks these bastards commit." Magneto looks between the two men. "I am building a database of attacks against mutants in other places… smaller attacks. Possibly, test runs." He spits the last two words. "I will answer these people."

Bruce looks a bit unhappy about the entire situation, which is of course no surprise. "I suppose it's possible they've just never fought against mutants at all before and that's why they were surprised. Though the way they attacked I find it hard to believe that was the case." He points and looks as though he just remembered something. "Right! Mr. Glowy Guy said he thought there was someone on the inside, someone who knows the area. I mean, they did attack on half-price Margarita night. Any other Tuesday wouldn't have been as packed. They knew we'd have a big crowd last night."

He's quiet and looking out at the city as Magneto spits those words, waiting until Bruce is done speaking, «I think I may have an idea of where.» Where those men shot mutants who couldn't fight back. «There's a government funded group named Department H. They've put up at least one concentration camp for mutants. Neverland.» There's a pause, because he has to think briefly, «I don't know anything about someone in Mutant Town, sorry. That bloke has to be right though. They know the area too well.» Jonothon doesn't look at either man while speaking through.

"Department H? Wolverine's old dance partners?" Magneto is not pleased. "So we are talking about government involvement. Oh, yes, at a plausibly deniable distance," more spitted words, "but we all know what that really means." He turns away from both men and walks to the edge of the roof. He stands there, arms crossed, and both mutants behind him should feel… something… happening. Particles of metal shifting, on Bruce's part, and that odd wave feeling, on Jono's. "Yes," he hisses, and something small pops under the eaves of the building opposite. Something else, the same size, pops on a building down the block… and another, two buildings down from that…

Bruce looks a bit confused. "Wait a second, there's a camp already operating right now?" He can't believe it. He always warned people that this would be the way of the future, but for there to be an actual functioning camp right now seems almost hard to believe. "How? Someone would leak something, it would become public knowledge." He shakes his head, "And as for mutant hunting forces, I sure don't doubt that. They tried to get me to join some special task force back in Oz, I refused and so did a bunch others. Maybe they're using non-mutants now." He thinks for a moment. "There are non-mutants with powers. That big green bloke and ghost kid." He senses the movement of particulate matter and cocks his head at Magneto, "What's up? And what do wolverines have to do with this?"

«Yes.» Wolverine's old enemy. Jonothon remains silent after that, feeling the wave, but not doing anything for it. At least he hopes Magneto isn't going to attack him here, and that patience pays off as small bits here and there are collected. Only once two of those cameras are collected does the Brit answer Bruce. «I don't know.» Admitted quietly. «I was captured five years ago and sent there. Two years later they left me for dead. Problem is they mucked about my memory. I can't remember where it was, or where I woke up three years ago. The camp has sure to have moved, if they've kept it operating.» Doesn't bother to explain he wasn't there as a prisoner, nor that it could be kept secret, for it has for years now.

Magneto collects a last camera, reaching out as it flies to his hand. "Some things don't become public knowledge until it is far too late, Bruce. Chelmno is not a place name you have likely heard of—because of the 320,000 people who died there, only four escaped." Magneto turns and paces back toward the two men. "It is the survivors who remember these places. Those who keep these places? They have no need to speak of them." He looks toward Jono. "Chamber. You can put your body back together. I do suggest you work harder at putting your mind back together as well."

Bruce frowns at the cameras as Magneto produces them. "So they did have cameras here. I'll ask around and see if anyone saw any utility men working on those buildings. They may be disguising themselves as service techs to maintain their surveillance equipment." He scratches the back of his neck, "And this camp, well if Chamber here escaped it maybe there are more? If we can find out where it is and who's running it we may be able to find out more about the shooters. Even if that's not the source, it needs to be shut down."
The Australian walks a ways down the building and looks around for other possible hiding places for cameras. "I hate to ask this of you Magneto, but you seemed to find those pretty quick. If you could just check for stuff like that whenever you pass through the town I'm sure you could save a few lives." He turns back to the others. "I'll chat up some folks from the bar who're a bit stronger than others, too. See if we can't get some sort of militia sorted out to deal with this sort of thing in the future. Maybe keep a couple guards posted in populated areas."

«It's too late.» Jonothon disagrees of needing to remember. «They looked for me after I was taken, and could find nothing. I'm pretty sure the camp was gone before Department H thought they killed me. It's why I didn't tell you before tonight. There was no reason to.» Or so the man believes. He spreads a hand in a helpless manner, gesturing to both Magnus and Bruce. «It only serves to make you even more angry than you already are. Until we can find proof of another camp, much less it's location, your drive is better focused protecting the people here.» Jono motions out towards the buildings around the one all three stand on.
«Right now they could use you, both of you, and you, Magneto, did them a huge favor with barely any effort.» Means the cameras. Although Bruce's ideas are good ones, and Jono nods. He adds, «I've been inside some of their minds. I may be able to locate them if I try.» Offering to attempt to locate the people behind this, even if it means using powers he's hated so much he ignores them as much as possible. «And if we find the people behind these attacks, we could find leads to more.»

Magneto favors Jono with a black glare. "Mr. Starsmore. In matters like that camp? YOU SHOULD NEVER HIDE IT FROM ME." He doesn't raise his voice, but it carries as if he has. "You do not know that the camp no longer exists. And you do not know that it will not be reconstituted at some point—or that it might already have been. You just do not know." He is possitively growling by the end of that. "Never, ever make a decision based on my 'anger'. EVER."

Bruce sighs as Jono talks about protecting the people here. Of course the argument is sound, but if there are mutants suffering somewhere they need to be helped as soon as possible. "We could easily do both, protect while looking for clues." He perks slightly at the possibility of being able to find some of them. "That could be helpful. If I wasn't so angry last night i probably would have kept that one shooter alive. If they strike again I'll be sure to keep one around for questioning." He n ods and backs up slightly when Magneto begins to speak. He's not terribly frightened of the man, but he'd rather not have the master of magnetism pissed off.

In the face of all that anger, Jonothon shakes his head. «You're bloody doing it right now.» Doing what? He doesn't say. «You don't tell me all your pains, so don't expect me to share all mine.» There's no fear in him either, just a bit of his own anger as he speaks. «I'm not one of your lackeys, remember?» While he doesn't explain it, the Brit has searched for that camp. There's been no sign of it for years.
Jono looks to Bruce after this, «Thanks for talking with me. Thanks for helping those people. You've got great ideas. Cheers.» Wants to say more, but he's upset and unsettled. A last, pointed look to Magneto, and the Brit takes his leave by means of the stairs. Nope, still not using his powers unless he has to.

Magneto sends a burning glare at Jono's back. But he speaks to Bruce. "Keep more than one alive. One may know something that the other does not know, and if they are stubborn? They can be used against each other." He turns away from Jono and crosses his arms, facing Bruce. "I'll give you means of contacting me. Use it. Err on the side of caution and call me, if you must. I would rather be called for a minor reason than to miss the major one, for fear of that call."

Bruce nods. "Right. Capturing them wouldn't usually be that hard for me to do, but I was a bit distracted trying to protect the patrons down below." He nods again, "And I'll do that. Honestly having someone who can control metal in a gun fight would be extremely useful." He looks around and sighs, "I just need to figure out where they're going to strike next. I'll list some likely targets and see if I can get a few volunteers to guard the areas. I'm going to hide some sand around the city too, just in case I need it. Might not be a bad idea to get a couple guns for the bars, too. I saw some mutants with good defenses but no offense. If they had guns last night they would have been quite useful."
Bruce frowns as Jono heads home. Partly relieved since there seemed to be a bit of tension between himself and Magneto. Bruce waves the man off, he'll look for him later on to discuss things further. Turning back to Magneto, "What if we set a trap? Some sort of event? A festival or a protest. We could stock the crowd with powerful mutants and grab up a few of the attackers."

Magneto fixes Bruce with that cold stare of his. "A trap." He listens carefully and nods. "Yessss… have an event in support of those who died, and of those who lived. Advertise it. Apply for a block party permit, if you must—all of the appropriate trappings. Make it an event which thumbs its nose at those monsters… in such as way that they will want to react. In such a way that they will have to react." He looks at the camera in his hand and bounces it once into the air, where it floats. "Make it attractive… invite baselines, if you must. Tourists, gawkers, those who think themselves politically correct enough to stand with us. And make them so stand!"

Bruce nods. "Right. I can do that." He smirks "I work at a bar after-all, I can get bands, party permits, liquor permits…I can make it big." He thinks for a moment. "Perhaps the re-opening of the bar?" He shakes his head, "Too confined a space. We'll want someplace where we can station our own snipers. Maybe the park." He walks over to that side of the building and looks down. It could work. "I'll meet up with a few people and see what I can do to organize this. I'll collect up some stronger mutants too, but I'll keep the true purpose of the event to just a select few. I still suspect they've got someone inside the town giving them intel."

"Of course they do." Magneto reaches out and metal objects of various sorts fly toward him and start assembling themselves into one of his magnetic cell phones. "Whether they are coerced or because they cooperate because they hate mutants because they are a mutant themself — or they hate mutants because they are mutants themselves — none of this matters. The betrayal itself must be discovered and rooted out."

Bruce nods and wanders over to his chair. He bends over and picks up a small pad and a pen, jotting something down on it. "Not that you ever seem to have trouble finding me…" He walks back over to the man and offers him a slip of paper, "But here's my cell number. I'll let you know as soon as I get things rolling." He glances up at the moon and taps his foot. "Probably shouldn't rush it too much. Have to give them time to organize their attack. Maybe a week or two would give them enough time. Actually I'd need that long to get it all sorted out."

Magneto accepts the slip of paper and offers Bruce the newly made magnetic cell phone in its stead. "A direct line to me." He recaptures the floating camera and looks to Bruce. "As a member of my Brotherhood, I will tell you that I am planning a response to other attacks in other places. How mobile are you, Dingo? Could your bar survive without you," he bounces the camera in his palm, without making it float this time, "for, say, three days? More?"

Bruce accepts the phone and looks it over before sticking it in his pocket. "Thanks a bunch. Brotherhood? You're offering me a spot?" He nods, "Yeah I don't own that bar, I just work there. I could get some guys to cover for me if I needed to go away." He waves a hand in the general direction of the bar "Bar'll be closed for a couple days anyway. They need to at least board up that wall." He stands up a bit taller, "Even if they'd frown at it I could disappear for a while if you need me. The bar's just there to give me something to do. If you need me to do something that'll make our kind safer I'd not mind risking my job to help out." He ponders for a moment. "But watch the papers for information on our trap. You won't see me in the paper. They know who I am by now and I don't want to alarm them. I'll make it look like weaker mutants are putting on this event."

Magneto nods formally. "Yes, I am offering you a spot in the Brotherhood. I do not have need of your services just yet — the targets I have in mind have not yet become clear. However, I feel that you should know, so that you might prepare yourself. Your position here," he waves a hand, indicating Mutant Town at large, "is useful, and I would not see that compromised, even if certain 'humans' desperately deserve the sort of chastisement you can mete out." He smiles a chilly smile.
"As for the event, yes, I will watch for it. I intend to attend it." The smile grows even colder. "And yes, a show of weakness, to mask the fist we are preparing. Very good, Dingo. I believe that you will be a credit to the new Brotherhood."

Bruce offers a nod to the other man. "Alrighty then, I'll start setting this thing up right away. Call on me if you need me for anything, but like you said I should stay in this section of the city. I'll try not to leave the boundries of mutant town unless I have to." He turns and looks at the small mess he made on the roof. He can clean that up later. "Well I'm gonna go see if I can find Lil. I know there are a few people bored tonight without that pub open, maybe I can get some things rolling tonight." He offers a final wave to Magneto. “Thanks again for getting rid of those cameras. Take care.” And with that he heads for the stairwell and off the roof.

~ Fin ~

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