2010-04-21: Room Of Conflicts


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Summary: Lucas, Robyn and Erik disagree then things between Theo and Alex get interesting before another fight with Theo and Jordan breaks out with Connor and Skyler trying to keep the peace.

Date: Aprill 21, 2010

Log Title Room of Conflicts

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

Lucas is laying on the couch. He has a blanket yanked around him, and a pillow, as if he's crashed here overnight. There's a half drank can of Coke on the floor, and his left arm hangs off the couch like he died there. He's wearing just a pair of boxers, his khaki shorts and wifebeater wadded up in a ball against the wall. There's a light snore as he sleeps.

Carrying in a tray with ziplock back with his sculpture that he's working on in it, a bottle of water and his sculpting tools, Robyn decided that the rec room would be a good place to work for a bit. As he walks in wearing a pair of skinny black jeans and a black Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirt, looking every bit the emo kid, hair and all, he goes to sit down in one of the chairs and that's when he spots Lucas. He watches him for a bit before deciding, maybe it's a good idea to go somewhere else.

Still a bit awkward about walking around a school, curiosity and boredom gets the best of Alex. This seems to be the rec room, and he peeks in for a moment, before walking in completely. He doesn't have his jacket on, so his black tanktop worn over his long sleeved white shirt is visible when he goes to start digging through movies in the entertainment center. "Never had movies at my school…" he mumbles a bit grumpily, having been in a bad mood since that whole crashing in the middle of the road thing.

Erik steps in from the outside, with his hands behind his back, smiling gently. He does, however, blink a little bit as he spots a student sleeping in his boxers on the couch. He raises an eyebrow imperiously, that one eyebrow /all/ Magneto for anyone who recognizes it. "Well…that is quite a sight to behold." He says. He coughs in Lucas' direction.

Lucas stirs a bit when Robyn and Alex enter, but when Professor Evil McMagnetGuy coughs, he jerks awake, "Maw!?" It takes a moment for him to look around, getting his bearings, before he sighs, sitting up, and rubbing his eyes. "Christ… what time is it…?" he asks groggily.

Theo has a bagel in hand, smothered in cream cheese as he walks into the Rec Room. He first spots Alex, and gives him a nod. "Morning, R2," he says with a raise of his bagel in salute. He is about to continue his greeting when he hears Lucas stir. "Hey there, sleeping beauty," he says with a laugh. "Comfy?" He walks over to the couch, and plops down, taking a bite out of his bagel.

Robyn tries to indicate to Alex and Erik to be quiet cause Lucas is sleeping but then the shout from Lucas just dismisses that. He does take a seat and looks at Lucas. "Was James snoring too loud last night? And it's about nine am." He says as he doesn't comment any more on Lucas sleeping in the living room….yet. But oh the comment possibilities are there. He looks up at Alex and smiles. "Hi, and yeah, we also live here and it'd kind of suck if we didn't have television." Robyn says as he starts to take out his clay so he can work on it, Theo might recognize it as take two of his Venus Fly Trap monster. "G'morning Theo."

"Time to consider moving to your room when it gets late enough in the evening." Erik says dryly as he looks at the young man. "What happened?" He asks amusedly.

"I'm not a freakin' robot." Alex says as he continues digging through DVDs, looking back briefly to see people pouring in. "Oh, I get it, this is like a fancy expensive boarding school. So you guys stole cars and got caught smoking, right?" Apparently he hasn't quite been briefed on the school yet, and crosses his arms down at the DVDs. "Man, can't find anything R rated, this really is a school."

Lucas scratches his head, smashing his stringy hair back out of his eyes. He gives Erik a glare, "What happened was Ah was sleepin' an' your old man stench woke me up," he grumbles. "Who the fuck are you?" He folds his arms over his chest before looking at Robyn as he pulls his legs up a bit so Theo has room on the couch. "…James…" He furrows his brow, "No… No, he weren't snorin' none." He sighs, and shrugs, "Forget it."

Theo grins, at Alex, and takes another bite. He surveys Erik. "Do I know you?" he asks, an aire of familiarity about the older mutant. He can't put his finger on it. He watches Robyn's sculpture, but doesn't comment on the fact that this is his second attempt. Those who need to know about that incident already were there.

Looking over at Lucas, Robyn can't help but give him a concerned look. "Well, if you wanna talk, let me know dude." He says as he starts to work on his sculpture. "And excuse me for saying so sir," Directed at Erik. "I don't think it's a good idea to pressure someone into telling you 'what happened' if they don't really know you." Wow, Robyn's being bold. Alex on the other hand, gets a bit of a weird look. "Noone called you a Robot."

"Droid, robot, it's all the same crap." Alex responds as he lifts the Up DVD. "Pixar, at least there's something redeemable here." he says as he opens the case and slides the disc into the player. "But I'm not a robot, I'm stuck in a robot body. Besides, my skin is still human, I think." He tugs his lips. "I'm pretty sure these are my original lips. And I've got my soul and everything."

Erik glances to Robyn first. "Yes, but I can do that with the very reason answer I will give him." He says, looking back to Lucas. "I'm Doctor Anderson, I'm a teacher here, is who the fuck I am. To borrow a phrase, why the fuck are you half naked in the rec room like you owned the place?" He asks, his voice slightly harder. "And less cursing and more answering the question if you'd like to have a social life for a while."

Lucas huffs, and he reaches out, snatching up his wife beater and pulling it over his head. To Robyn, he nods, which is better than fighting with him about talking about it, and then he looks back at Erik. "Well, Doctor Anderson, teacher here, Ah shell out a ton of cash for my boarding here, so Ah reckon Ah DO kinda own the place a little." He stands, and begins to pull on his shorts. "And Ah ain't half naked no more than you're half-douchebag, so Ah reckon we're even." He buttons his shorts, and rolls his eyes, "Ah need a Pop Tart." He begins to head for the door.

Theo can't help but crack up laughing as the teacher answers, but he watches Lucas' response. "See, this is way better than movies." He takes another bite of his bagel. "Okay, so you're more like the Terminator," he says. "Don't get too bent out of shape, I'm just messin' with you." Of course, the question remains, how did Theo know in the first place.

Robyn just gives Erik a look like he has a second head or something. He's biting his tounge but he wants to say something and can't help it. "I don't even want to ask what your 'Doctorate' is in but it's certainly not in the same field as Dr. Parker-Mayfair." He just gets up and starts to follow Lucas out. "Mind if I join you for a Pop Tart." Anything seems better than hanging in here at the moment.

"Terminators are freakin' robots! They don't have souls and can't feel pain. This isn't some plastic skin." He tugs the skin of his arm. "It's regular human skin, but there's nanobots keeping it in shape, that's what the guy said. They make sure my skin doesn't die and keeps functioning like it's supposed to." He raises an eyebrow at everyone talking to Erik, then holds his hands up. "As the second adult in the room, I just wanna say, you kids are really freakin' disrespectful. My father didn't take that kinda crap."

The eyebrow stays raised at that, to Robyn as well. He looks at the door for a moment as if he /wants/ to do something to it, but he just gives a nod. "Congratulations, gentlemen, I do so hope you were looking forward to extra study halls and being restricted to campus. I will look forward to seeing the extra essays you write." He says frostily.

Lucas just keeps walking, responding to Erik with a simple, "Whatever. Just add it to my file. Name's Connor Blake." And he's out the door.

Theo finishes off his bagel, and speaks with his mouth full. "Thanks," he says to Alex, "I do my best. So, who was this guy that turned you into a robot?" he asks. "And those nanobots are really noisy, I might add. It sounds like they're singing Handel's Messiah."

Robyn turns and looks at Erik, then Alex, and shakes his head. "I'm sorry sir but I just can't agree with soemone who talks like that to a student. I know he has an attitude but as a teacher you should know not to stoop to his level." Robyn says calmly before looking at Alex. "And I do have respect for the teachers here sir, and my father, but I don't respect a teacher swearing at a student or insisting on knowing someone's problems. If they want to share, they'll share, if they don't, they don't. That's on the individual, noone should make anyone do anything or tell anything about themselves that they don't want to share." He's calm in his manner of speaking but his voice is also firm, standing is standing by his opinion. "If you want me to be restricted to campus and right an essay for you on 'ethics' so be it."

"'Guess I can't argue with that, I'm not a teacher, I don't know how this stuff goes, but I've had some pretty tough ones." Alex stands up from that perpetually crouched position he's been in, then moves to sit back on the couch, arms spread across the back of it. "And I don't know exactly who he was. The owner of some antique store. I was… well, conducting business for my father and he didn't appreciate it, so he turned me into a robot. Long story short, my father's in jail now and I'm pretty sure I shouldn't walk down any dark alleys. I don't think my stay here's gonna be long, I should be out somewhere learning how to not crash into buildings when my thrusters decide to switch on."

He looks over at Theo, something he said suddenly ringing in his head. "Noisy? What are you talking about?"

"It is not a private problem if he is going to be passed out on the couch in full view of other students and younger stufents." Erik responds simply. He pauses for a moment, closing his eyes slightly. "I could have responded somewhat better to his cursing, you are right. And I appologize." Erik says. "However, there is a space where students are allowed to do that, and that is in there rooms, not in the public space we all share. I should not have snapped quite so much."

Theo makes a gesture to the TV, "I can hear stuff other people can't. It's actually rather obnoxious. I hear every machine around at once. I have no idea how many nanobots you have, but I'm glad they all are saying the same thing at once." He puts his legs on the couch, and the TV suddenly turns on. Can he control machines too? He reaches underneath his butt, and pulls out the remote, turning the TV back off. Maybe not.

Robyn walks over to the chair he was sitting in and starts to carefully pack up his stuff now that he's not storming out but he doesn't know how long he'll be staying here either. "Lu..Him and I might not agree on everything, and we've had our arguements but this is Xavier's sir.. Problems are always happening here and sometimes if you need to be alone, where else would you sleep without a roommate breathing down your neck?" Robyn actually did sleep in the woods one night when feeling stressed. "I don't agree with him swearing at you either, but I'll have that extra essay to you on ethics and if I think it's ethical for a teacher to snap at a student and say he's a doctor when he's not the resident guidance counilor on campas as soon as possible." He is done speaking now and looks over at Alex and Theo. "Your father turned you into a robot? That's…messed up." Misinterpreting a bit of what Alex says but still finding the idea that someone could do that to him, horrifying.

"Skip the essay. However, I will point out that Doctor McCoy introduces him as such, and he is not the resident guidance councilor on campus. Just like when you get to college, there are several professors here who have degrees that entitle them to the use of 'doctor' without having a connection to the medical or counseling profession." Erik says. "But you are right, I was claiming the title out of a desire to appear more important, and it was arrogant."

"My father didn't turn me into a robot, some asshole did. My father was a crime boss, I mostly just went along with it because it paid the bills, but I don't really have any interest in being a criminal, not that I could right now anyway." Alex thumbs behind the couch, assuming that's where New York is, even though it probably isn't. "Back in New York, I probably have an underworld bounty on my head because of this robot stuff, it's ridiculous. The guy said I have to fight crime or else, basically. And what the hell? I was watching that."

Robyn looks at Alex and is curious to hear more and terrified at the same time. Now that he got Erik to say that he wanted to sound impressive, Robyn just nods and drops the discussion. "I thought we had it bad being mutants but that's just…that's just wrong." He doesn't know what to say further on the subject as the thought just kind of horrifies him.

"I've got an A.I in my head. It wakes up when I try to break the law, or ignore someone else breaking a law. Something about level three crimes and up, I don't know. I didn't really listen to most of the stuff that guy told me." Alex is clearly the antithesis to being a superhero; he didn't even listen when he was getting his super awesome powers!

Looking from left to right briefly, then relaxing against the couch again, he lets out a light sigh. "It's not so bad, I still feel the same, actually, I feel better than I did. I just hate not knowing when I'm gonna accidentally do robot stuff."

Erik raises an eyebrow a little bit. "Can you punch somone else?" Erik asks curiously. "Like right now, could you hurt a…someone else?" He pipes up, interestedly."Don't try it on me," he says, pulling the rack off of the balls, and setting up the cue ball. He pulls up the cue stick, and slides it along his thumb. There's the crack of it hitting the balls, and they scatter across the table.

Theo continues after his shot. "So, I bet Hank or Forge could help figure out how all that stuff works, and not destroy the mansion in the process."

Robyn nods along with Theo. "Dr. McCoy and Forge are really good with all sorts of things, Forge is awesome with machines." And that's an understatement from Robyn as he yawns a bit. "That..I don't know sir. That's just really…do you think there's a way to get the AI out of your head?" (re)

"I doubt I can punch anyone who didn't do anything wrong. That stupid A.I doesn't let me. I tried to sneak into hotel rooms and couldn't so many times, so I usually end up sleeping outside somewhere. I bet this thing has protocols and I don't even know how to call up a list of them." Alex looks over at Theo, laughing lightly while he taps his own head a few times. "It's always making assessments and analyzing things, and I can see readouts on my eyes. Like when I look at you, it says 'Possible technopath, potential threat level Zeta, observing for final assessment.' It does that a lot, assesses people for threat levels."

He shrugs it off a bit, apparently having gotten used to it in the few weeks he's dealt with it. "And I think I need the A.I, and even if I don't, I'm a little afraid of taking it out. I wouldn't mind cutting the thing's sentience off, I've got Hal9000 in my head."

"What is threat level Zeta?" Theo asks, mostly concerned with how it relates to him. "Is that really high?" He stops his game, a little curious of the A.I.'s assessment of him. There are so many parts of his powers that he himself doesn't understand yet.

"Does it call you Dave?" Robyn can't help but ask as 2001: A Space Odessey is a classic movie. And with being a teen, Robyn can't help but be curious. "Do you get that for everyone or just certain people. Like…can you see what anyone's powers are? And Theo, I believe Zeta is like zero."

"I've been looking up the words, I'm sure it's the Greek alphabet. Zeta's like a six on a scale of one to twenty-four. I think that's because it's assessing your personality and age too, threat level isn't just your ability. And yeah, it does that with everything." Alex points to the television, then just shrugs helplessly. "Does it with all electronics too. The television is threat level Beta, because it makes me lazy. Well, the actual readout says 'Counterproductive to mental growth and enables the user's flaw of unproductive indifference'"

Theo grins, "Good, I always prefer to be underestimated," he says. The smile isn't an innocent one. He lines up his next shot, and sinks two balls with one shot. "I think it'd drive me nuts to have something reading out whether I should be watching TV or not. Hey, what does it say about Robyn?" he asks, almost thinking of it as a game.

"Yeah, you should see Theo when he gets his hands on a planting pot, he's really dangerous then." Robyn says remembering being bashed in the face for a not so wise comment. At least his nose has healed. "Yeah, if I had soemthign that told me that watching television or working on art was a threat due to laziness, I think I'd go nuts."

"Sometimes it goes away, but I don't know how to control it, it's all complicated robot crap to me." Alex dismisses, then turns around to take a look at Robyn, curious himself. "It says 'Insufficient data, observing', and then it's got three blinking periods after it. I don't know, this robot stuff's kinda weird, but it's convenient sometimes. I've got super speed but I just run into things, I don't know how people deal with those kind of powers."

Theo smiles with satisfaction at the knowledge that he did damage to Robyn. Absolutely no shame on his face. It also seems to give him an idea. He takes another shot, a careless one at that, and scratches the cue ball. He puts down the pool stick, and casually goes to pick the ball up in his left hand. "Think fast!" he shouts suddenly, a wind up and a pitch already on its way. The cue ball whizzes through the air, headed straight for Alex. Why? He wants to see what will happen. Wonder what the threat level will say now!

Nodding at Alex's words, Robyn stands up. "Probably cause you haven't seen me use my powers yet unlike Theo who can hear you…androidness." Not sure on how to word it. "Sorry but I gotta run, I wanna go find Lucas and make sure he's okay." Robyn says. "Nice meeting you Alex, see you later Theo." He says before he has time to see the ball whiz through the air.

It would have slammed directly into Alex's head if he didn't get a warning, but the shout causes his head to whip around, and his hand moves in an incredibly fast blur, snatching the ball from the air. "What the hell?" he asks, staring down at the ball, then up at Theo. "Good news, your violent tendencies made you threat level Kappa, which is ten."

"Well, your reflexes work," he says with a laugh. It doesn't seem to bother him that he would have cracked Alex in the skull with a cue ball if he had been wrong. "That is great! So your systems seem to have a built in auto-defense. Mike will be so jealous!" He nearly bounces over toward Alex. "Don't worry, it wouldn't have hurt you," he says. "You crashed into the road last night and you seem fine, so I'm sure it would've done more damage to the ball."

"That's not auto-defense, the ball just looked like it was moving really slow." Alex corrects, then stands up and heads over to the pool table to return the ball, leaning on it slightly. "So I know you said the teachers here are old, but I keep seeing these hot women, I mean, women near my age, absolutely smokin'. What's the deal with them? This a college too?"

Theo grins, "I know! But look out, some of them are lesbos. Which is fine with me, if they'd let me watch, which they don't." He shrugs. "A lot of the teachers are graduates from the school. I guess they go to college and come back here. Maybe the X gene makes girls hotter, because I haven't met any ugly girls here. That's a mutation I'd be all about."

"There's something I'd love to try, robot on girl action." Alex apparently doesn't mind calling himself a robot at times, it's his word. He starts racking up the balls, then grabs a stick. "This place is weird though, already met two people with powers in one place. What's the deal with that?"

Theo gives Alex a blank look. "Powers?" he says. "What makes you say that?" It might be fair to point out that Theo's shirt says 'Kiss me. I'm a mutant.' He seems to stumble a little. He clearly isn't bothered by people knowing that he's a mutant, but seems hesitant to comment on anyone else.

"That Robyn guy said I haven't seen him use his powers, so he has some too." Alex points out, then hunches over to break the balls. "But I don't care too much, I don't think about that kind of thing a lot. I just want a nice place to sleep, food, and maybe a woman every now and then. Simple life."

Theo shrugs, grabbing a his pool cue back up. "Can't argue with that," he says. "A bit hard for you now," he comments, sliding the conversation back to Alex and away from the subject of people with powers at the school.

Yeah. I left out a bit of the story. My A.I took over and took down my father's entire organization, that's why everyone's gunning for me. They think I went Punisher, and no explanation that I've got some vigilante robot in me is gonna help." Alex shakes his head, then waves a hand for Theo to take his turn.

Theo arches an eyebrow, and leans over the table to take a shot. "So, you like, killed everybody?" he asks, a little nervously.

"No, beat them up and left them all to get arrested. Somehow the A.I knew the cops were gonna try to take them down anyway, and basically gave a gigantic assist." Alex gives Theo a bit of a disbelieving raised eyebrow, but mostly dismisses the question. "Punisher was probably not the best example. The A.I would probably try to stop a person like him."

Theo relaxes a little, "Well, that's good to hear, I'd hate for your A.I. to go psycho on me and try to kill me." He examines the table, having not made his last shot, it shifts to Alex's turn. "Well, I guess I'm sorry to hear about your dad," he says. "It must be kinda weird having been the guy to get him thrown in prison."

"My father was cool and all, but he did kind of deserve it. My problem's that I got my whole lifestyle busted. No more bachelor pad, no cable, hell I can't even go back and get my stuff, my father owned that place so they confiscated my stuff as evidence." Alex thrusts the stick foward, but misses his shot as well, leaning over the pool table with Theo roughly on the other side. "I'm not sure where to go from here, since I've got nothing to fall back on. And this robot thing complicates just waltzing over to a job, I never know what my body might do."

About and around the time that Alex is finished talking about his current crop of problems is when a new face enters. Dressed down to a pair of swim shorts and a zipped up hooded top covering his chest, and a pair of leather walking sandals that seem rather incongrous with the rest of his athletic attire. Towel slung over his shoulder, Connor hums something to himself, and then with a faint smile and a nod, he tosses a wave over towards Theo and his new friend… some of the weird finally sluffing off him finally.

The former Marauder has taken to simply walking through when he needs to get somewhere. He doesn't bother with doors or such things. They're simply a hassle. AS such, he walks through the wall into the rec room, taking a glance around for a few moments before narrowing his eyes. Nothing but people he doesn't know in here. At the moment, he's standing at about 7 feet tall, and his body is proportionate to the 'built' side of things. "Great. Nothing but new people."

Theo looks up, "Hey Connor," he says. He does a double take, looking up at Jordan. "Holy crap," he mutters, not recognizing Jordan. He looks up at the tall teen, slowly adding chalk to his pool cue.

Connor would reply by Jordan's sudden and rather interesting entrance causes him to pause in his travel to the pool area with a bit of an eyebrow quirk and a mumbled, "O… kaaaay…" Before saying a bit more conversationally, "We're not new people… we're just old people you haven't met yet." A much more positive sounding outlook, though the tone comes out a bit more sarcastic than might have been intended.

Alex gives Connor a nod, letting Theo handle the cue, but doesn't notice when Jordan enters. It's when Theo says 'holy crap' that he turns to take a look, raising another eyebrow. "Damn, he's tall for a student." he observes, a little in disbelief.
Hearing the holy crap, Jordan turns to look at Theo. "I don't know you. Who are you?" He asks, before looking to the others and giving them the look of, 'you too' "Hardly." He responds to Connor. You're new HERE if you're not new people. I've been here for well over a year."

Theo, not knowing what he's about to step in, responds with a smirk. "Got a chip on your shoulder, much?" he asks. He's one to talk. "Theo, who're you?" he holds his hand out for a shake to the much larger teen. He shifts the pool cue to his left hand. so that he can extend his right. "This is Alex, he's visiting." The young technopath gives a nod of his head in Alex's direciton.

Connor waves with two fingers giving a slight wave, "I'm Connor… now we're all introduced… so Alex… what do you think of the school so far?" Tring to keep things light and conversational, gripping the towel with both hands as he wraps it over his shoulders and lets his elbows hang there, tilting his head a bit as he looks the tableau over, "I admit… it's a bit weird here, but they tell me you get used to it… or immune… or something."

"It's weird. I'm hoping the food isn't bad, but for now it's better than staying on the street." Alex answers as he sits the stick down, then starts to head for the "I'll see you guys, I'm gonna try and find some of those teachers."

Jordan accepts the hand, grips it hard, and then hears the name. As he hears it, a rageful expression takes over his face as he attempts a quick, hard and VERY heavy punch to the face of Theo as his body gets smaller. "Jordan. And don't fucking forget it, asshole. Don't you EVER forget it. If you ever touch, insult, or hurt Robyn again in ANY way, you're dead. After Sinister screwed with me, I don't joke about that."

Theo is taken completely by surprise as the stonger teen gives him a left to the face blood sprays out of his nose and across the pool table. "What the hell!" he shouts, returning the tight grip. He doesn't let go of Jordan's right hand, and his left is still holding the pool cue. The cue comes up and across, aimed at Jordan's jaw. He doesn't seem to be taking the warning, rather he responds in like manner. He doesn't have the strength that Jordan has, but he is trying to make up the difference with a weapon.

The pool cue being swung never makes it to the target as a hand suddenly and smoothly grips at it, twists it, and drops it from Theo's grip, as at the same time a leg sweeps to the back of his knees to force his weight down and away so that the grip is broken. Connor's other hand comes up on Jordan's chest and rests there firmly, not pushing, but not budging either, as he looks between the pair, "You, stay down… you…" Looking at Jordan, "Bad move. You have a problem with him, you take it to the staff, or to his teachers… you don't take it into your own hands."

AS the cue comes at him, Jordan shrinks further, preparing to let it hit him and shatter, until someone interfer3es. He looks at Connor. "You don't have anything to do with this. STep out before you get involved in something you don't have any way of avoiding. You're new here. I'm giving you one chance to step away. The teachers don't do shit around here unless they like you. He called Robyn a fag… called him a homo… and hit him in the face with a frying pan. He's not walking away without a broken nose. If you have a problem, go call a teacher and get out of my face. You don't know how things work. So… stay out. My problem is with him. And I've done what I came to do. Give him a warning."

Theo lands flat on his back, caught again off guard by Connor's move. He takes the moment to check his nose, and then looks back to Jordan above him with clenched teeth. He doesn't have a lot of options, but as Jordan and Connor talk, he tries to at least take the element of surprise, throwing a foot straight up at Jordan's groin, and then rolls back underneath the pool table to make it difficult for a quick return attack by either party. Blood was drawn against him, and so he's determined to return the injury.

As the boot hits his crotch, there's no response from Jordan at all. It's as though he doesn't even feel it. "I gave you one chance, newbie. STep away and out of this. You don't have the call to do shit to me. You can call SCotty all you want, but he already knows how I feel about him. He almost killed my father with his negligence. The worst he can do is kick me out. I'm not scared of that." Jordan laughs. But that's when he sees the blood on the ground. He looks to Theo, and his body turns pure white as a dark grin spreads over his face. He grows again, pulling some pens and pencils out of his pockets and moving towards Theo. A new voice comes through, "Oooh, weakened. Perfect. Easier to take down."

Theo grabs two pool balls off the table, and takes a few steps back. "You fudgepackers are all a bunch of violent slugs," he spits back, blood flying from his mouth. And you're the perfect example of them. You can't even contain yourself, all you think is with the muscle in your crotch and the muscles on your arms." His game has changed to a mind game, knowing he can't overpower the other mutant. If Jordan attacks, then it suppports Theo's claim. "And he started that. If he was busy checking out your ass instead of mine, we wouldn't have a problem."

Connor sees the change, notes the shifted body language, and without looking back at Theo, "Theo… RUN. Find Robyn.. Find Jonothon… find SOMEONE! BUT RUN!" And as he says that both his hands start to glow as as he focuses on Jordan, stepping back to give himself some room, and to keep the other new student covered, and he brings his hands close together, which causes a strange ripple and an ominous hum in the air, ready to go now. His eyes are a bright aqua-color, the energy simmering and tingling off of him as he gets ready to square off, "It doesn't have to go down like this… get ahold of yourself…"

Skyler has arrived.

"Oh, he thinks he's pretty pretty and that we like him? Oh, if only that were so. We only have eyes for one." Jordan laughs, skin bleached out, as is his hair. "No, we just want to hang you on a wall." He says, looking at his hands. "With pens and pencils." He begins to grow, enlarging to his former height of 7 feet. Anyone trying to touch him will pass right through. "And for future reference… that… is not a muscle. That is simply a blood pouch that gets firm. There's no muscle inside it. So, you can't think with a muscle that isn't a muscle." He taunts, twirling writing utensils in each hand.

The technopath scours the room mentally, looking for any machine that could be used as a weapon. Stupid school and their safety features! He notes the change to the plural by Jordan. As he gets larger, Theo's confident demeanor changes a little. He's trying to remain calm, and his face doesn't show fear exactly, but his backpedaling retreat is a little faster. He looks around for something sharp, but to no avail. It's clear that he's outmatched physically.

Connor moves again as he tries to keep himself interposed between the two, blocking Jordan's full view of Theo as he presses his hands closer together, grunting as he has to force to contain the blast wave from being generated, a little sweat on his brow starting to form as he says again, "I will hit you with this if you don't back off… RIGHT NOW… sure he's a dick… that's no reason to go Hannibal Lecter on him! Step back… Calm Down… this is NOT how you want this to go!" Trying to throw some reason at the white form before him, but his stance and bearing show him ready to fight if needs be.

Everybody's too busy fighting each other to notice another person standing in the hallway door looking in on the scene with a scowl on his face. Skyler didn't intend to stop into the Rec Room, but the noise of melee going on in there was cause for investigation. He's still in his new base form, now. A young teen-aged Sinister. Handsome save for the fact that his skin is pale white, his lips and nails are naturally black, his eyes are a pupiless blood red and there's a matching diamond on his forehead. He's let his hair grow out, so insted of Sinister's square-top, there's a fashionable shaggy mop on his head. Red eyes flick from the ex-Maurader, to Conner, to Theo, and then back to Jordan. "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!" he bellows, using the full brunt of his Sinister-given force of personality to command an end to things right now.

"Oh, don't trouble yourself. I highly doubt your power can even touch me." Jordan laughs. He turns to eye the newcomer. "Ah, Skyler… in your better form." He says with a grin. "Oh, just teaching someone a little lesson. Not to mess with people he can't hope to have a chance against. And to watch his intolerant little mouth." He laughs, pausing where he is. There's… something inside that stops him when Skyler's around. "He hurt Robyn. I hurt him. Now… I want to hurt him more." There's that gleam there. Obviously, Addison hasn't done anything to Jordan. The reason? Well, RObyn can tell that.

Theo spins around as he hears Skyler's voice. "Oh shit," he mutters, remembering Skyler's form. He was the first person he met when he came to New York. He backs in another direction to avoid both of them as much as he can. "Yeah, you sound a lot more tolerant than me, too, don't you?" he challenges Jordan. He really just doesn't know when to shut up. He's trying to make his way to the door, though, but doesn't want to make a sprint for it until he's sure he can get out in a way to keep from gaining a tail. Blood is streaming down his face, and he still holds a pool ball in each hand, his only means of defense.

Connor seems to be prescient enough to hear where Theo is stepping and not even glancing back, he continues to move to cover him, but the strain of whatever he's holding between his hands is beginning to show. Taking a couple deep breaths to focus himself, he says to Skyler without looking at him, "Hi. I'm Connor… I'd like to say nice to meet you, but right now I'm a little more concerned with the I want to hurt him more thing…" Inhaling sharply, he brings his hands up to face Jordan, still containing the blast, "My power might not touch you… or whatever… but it can still hit a wall… and with a place with as many hardcases and problem childrens as I've seen in the last week… the idiot behind me included… I'll bet there's plenty of alarms if I do, and plenty of reasons for X-Force to show up… I don't WANT to fight you…"

Skyler strides into the room, his posture imperious. "You!" he shouts at Jodordan, pointing a black tipped finger at him. "Stand down. You've hurt him sufficiently." He his gaze and his finger to Theo. "You! Stand up and keep your mouth shut. I remember you, you cowardly worm. Be thankful I'm not the man I was when we first met or else I'd happily let Jordan nail you to the ceiling." He turns the finger to Connor. "You! Keep your power under wraps. Enough damage has been done to the school, and this doesn't warrant any more." His tone of voice is loud and powerful, and will brook no argument.

"Damn, SKy, when did you become such a spoilsport?" Jordan laughs. But, he's not attacking… and hasn't BEEN attacking for the past few minutes. He's been taunting, gloating, and teasing. That's what's fun! "He hit Robyn in the face. I'm just giving him what he deserves." A little color seems to creep into the edges of his hair.,

Theo finds the edge of the door, not answering Skyler. Taking the pool balls with him, he finds his opening, and quickly takes it, slipping into the hall as Jordan is speaking to Skyler. And he's running. Theo runs like he's never run before, where? Straight for the garage. That way, if they follow him, he'll be better equipped.

Connor hears the pounding of feet down the hallway, and with a deep breath he brings his hands apart, and the rippling hum around them begins to cecede, until finally, there's nothing there, his hands just loose at his sides before smiling a bit, "You two obviously know each other… so unless you really DO want to throw down… which I don't think is the case… I'm going to move myself out of here too… allright?" Stepping backwards, eyes finally leaving Jordan for a bare moment to look at Skyler, and suddenly blanching in regret of it, muttering to himself, "Right…"

Skyler's red eyes track Theo's retreat out into the hall. Once he's gone the steady thrum of power that was eminating from the teen begins to resceed. With a deep breath he visibly relaxes, his hands unclenching slowly. "I became a spoilsport when I got my brain back," he said. "But I really had to fight the urge to egg you on and let you do what you wanted to him." He looks back over his shoulder at the door where Theo made his exit and then back to Jordan, walking up to him. "I'd say that, yeah, he deserved the bloody nose, but that's all. We're better than that. YOU're better than that."

"You're right. I AM better than that. I should kill him." Jordan says with a grin as he looks to the door. "It'd only take a second. A pencil through the heart or brain. Easy as pie." He says with a nod as he begins to walk towards the hallway before he stops. His expression shifts and he looks to be at war with himself, but isn't saying anything.

Connor is out of the conversation it seems… the two ignoring him for each other. His eyes flick to the pool area… but that plan seems shot to hades… then back to the pair with the white skin and the black eyes. The voice talking about killing Theo makes him wince… and then without any politeness or reconsideration of what's happening… he turns to leave, swiping up his towel off the floor, his expression troubled…

Skyler steps up and attempts to put a sympathetic hand on Jordan's shoulder. "I know," he says. "There's a part of me that wants it too. But that isn't me, and it isn't you." His voice is back to his normal Skyler-ish voice. Soft, somewhat effeminate, and deeply concerned for the other teen.

Jordan is still just standing there, staring at the wall. Color is starting to bleed back into his hair, but his body is still white. HE's not saying anything, just standing still. And… his hands are shaking a little.

Skyler's hand squeezes Jordan's shoulder gently, reassuringly. Despite his current appearance, he looks nothing like Sinister at the moment. Sinister would never have lines of worry etched into his forehead. Sinister would never have a frown of concern for a fellow human being. All in all he looks very human at this point in time. "You going to be okay?"

"Eventually." Jordan says. "He… needs to watch his tongue. He hurt Robyn. He called him names. If I had known he was in here before I came in, I wouldn't have come in. I knew I'd attack. I didn't know I'd lose it." He states, quietly, colorating flowing slowly.

"I know," is Skyler's soft response. "I've heard things about him. If you asked me, he deserved the punch you gave him." He sighs and wraps an arm around Jordan and gives him a sideways, reasurring hug. "Now you know you can lose it. That's a good thing. Well, not the losing it thing, but the knowing about it thing. The more you know about yourself the better you're able to repair the damage he's done to you."

"I knew I could. I've lost it before. But Robyn was there. Kept me out of it." Jordan says simply. "I… I don't want to let that redhead into my head to fix it. I don't trust him. Sure, Scotty may, but I don't. He's from another world and doesn't even exist here. How do we know?"

"How do we know that he isn't going to mess it up even worse?" Asks Skyler. He shrugs. "I don't know. I wasn't given the choice. He got in there before I recovered from exploding." He looks thoughtful. "There are other Telepaths out there. You may want to see if you can't find one you can trust."

"I've been looking for one in particular." Jordan says with a nod. "Avengers." He says, as if that says it all when it comes to trust. Though, there's more going on deep inside, but he doesn'tknow how to put it into words. "I just… don't know if I can stay here among people like this all the time. It's driving me crazy."

Skyler scowls when Jordan admits to wanting to leave. "I… yes. I feel the same way. Most of the people here are cool with how I look now, but there are some people who look at me and all they see is Sinister." Like the headmaster. "And on top of that, even though Addison was able to put me back together, I still have… urges. You know. The more I stay in this form, the more I start thinking like /he/ does." He drops his arm and looks out one of the windows thoughtfully. "Me and Dai…. we're thinking about moving in with Sophie. See if we can't get our lives back together without the stress of being here."

"IT's not just that. Before Sinister messed with me, I didn't let it bother me… some of the things I've seen and felt. But now… I can't look at Scotty and not see a man whos negligence almost killed my father. If someone hadn't sent me back in time, I wouldn't have been there and never would have existed. OF course, that thinking gives me a headache. IT's too paradoxy." Jordan explains. "And… Everyone here is so 'Don't do this! don't do that!' that it's just not conducive to growth. I have dreams. I have goals. I… I don't know if I can reach them here."

Skyler scowls at the floor. "Dai never really talked about that, so I don't know what went on." He sighs, and looks up at Jordan. "Maybe this isn't the right place for you anymore. They'll try to convince you that you're wrong, but they're just like Magneto. They're so wrapped up in their own path that they don't see that there's /always/ an alternative."

"Exactly. It's like… like what Mr. Guthrie said to Scotty and Charlie back when they tried to bring him back after Cable…" Yep. Jordan has read a lot of the history and has some respect for certain people. Thus Mr. Guthrie. "It's not about the closed fist or the open hand. The open hand can slap. The closed fist can hold and protect." He explains. "The only thing is, I don't know where I'd belong now."

"You belong with Robyn," is Skyler's answer. "At least, for the immediate future. He loves you, and if you didn't love him back you wouldn't have punched Theo in the nose."

"That much, I do know. But… I don't think he'll go with me if I go somewhere else. That… could lead to some problems." Jordan says with a thoughtful nod. "At least, as I see it."

Skyler nods. "Take it one step at a time," is all the advice he's got left to give. With another friendly squeeze of the shoulder he says, "You'll be all right. If you ever need anybody to talk to you know where to find me."

"Alright." Jordan says with a nod. "I'll… deal with it for now. But that kid needs to watch his tongue. Next time, I may not be so easy to stop." He admits. "I don't have a lot of willpower."

Skyler takes another deep breath and nods. "Yeah. He's a whirling vortex of trouble." He gives the other ex-Maurader a wan smile and says, "I'm late for a class, so I should get going. I'll catch you later."

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