2010-02-14: Roomers


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Summary: Cam and Rafael talk a little over dinner.

Date: February 14, 2010


Rating: PG

Cam and Rafa's Room

To Cam… this is just another night. It's nothing special. Nothing fancy. But he did help cook a nice dinner at the school for those that wanted to go there. He also brought some back to the room with him. Two plates, even. One for himself, and one for someone else. The covered plates make opening the door a little awkward, but he does so, before sliding inside. It's actually two large plates and two smaller ones. "Anybody home?" He asks.

Rafael is alone in the room until Cam gets there. His expression is pensive as lays on the bed with his hands behind his head. For once, he's not doing anything and in specific not doing anything weird. His expression is remote and vague as he seems to be focused on something else entirely. When he hears Cam he sits up and his expression shifts from blank to amused and interested as he stretches out his neck so he can look over Cam's shoulder without getting up. "Oooh, food? For me? Nice! Best roommate ever! What did you make?"

Cam can't help but laugh a little as he offers one of the plates. "Tonight is just a glazed ham with honey carrots and cheddar biscuits." He says, passing one of the plates over. There's silverware with it. "It's just… quieter to eat up here. No loud people bugging me." He doesn't really consider Rafa a problem.

Rafael grins and says, "Thanks! And I can understand that. I usually try to fill up whatever space I'm in but I get that people need quiet time occasionally." His form shifts to a generic chef with the tall, silly hat, white clothing and all and says, in a bad French accent. "Ahh, zee aroma reminds me of ze hills of wine country. A certain rustic flair with ze wonderful ingredients." He digs in and then both eyebrows go up comically as he shifts back to his own form. "Holy crap. This is good."

Cam offers a patient blush after nodding. "I try. The glaze was a brown mustard, honey, and balsamic vinegar glaze. Sweet but sharp." He admits. "Something new. The carrots are the way I always cook them. Nobody ever uses honey. It's always sugar. Ew." He does have a gourmet palate after all. He sits on his own bed and begins to eat away at his own. "Finally got my costume together, too. Uniform. Whatever."

Rafael continues to eat, sampling each dish and savoring the taste. It's not like food really does much for him but the sensory input is an anchor to the real world and a genuine pleasure. He looks up at Cam and says, "Really? Cool! What is it? I haven't picked mine yet. I have to decide what I want to do. I mean, there's all Patriotic and shiny…." He turns into Captain America and says, "Good day, citizen! Don't forget to vote!" He continues, "…but on the other hand, dark and scary is good too." His form morphs to a black and gray costume with pointed ears on the cowl and a black symbol on the chest. "Be afraid of ME! I'm Batman!" He shrugs and goes back to his baseline shape, continuing to eat. "So, you gonna show me or what?"

There's a blush again from the chef as he coughs. "Uhm… maybe in a bit. But, our uniforms have to be in our team colors. And blue and white and me just don't mix. I'm too red-faced most of the time." He grins, leaning back. The smaller plate that's still sitting there has red velvet cake in it. "But it's kinda basic. Just with a trench, cause I don't want my body being seen all over the place. Flubba." He says, smacking his stomach.

Rafael considers that and shrugs. "We all gotta be comfortable with who we are. Assuming we're sure who that is. But yea, if the uniform works for you, go for it." He sets aside the meal, having eaten at least half of everything and obviously enjoyed it. He gives the cake slices a grin and says, "Man, you really go all out." And then a pause as he says, "And I'd be less worried about being big and more worried about being worried about being big. It's mutant high. A little padding is /by far/ the most mundane thing people are going to see around here."

"Oh, I AM comfortable with my body. I just am not comfortable in a body that's being shown off in the wrong clothing." Cam laughs, shaking his head. "I don't have a problem with me. I have a problem with tight clothes. And a little padding means that I'm not gonna take as much dammage from a flying fist."

Rafael nods and grins. "Fair enough." He stretches. And then /really/ stretches, elongating his torso and arms until his palms are flat with the ceiling over his head and then condenses back down. He says, "So, we got here about the same time. What do you think of the place so far?"

"If I didn't get creeped out by something new every few days, it'd be ok. Actual Bat-Man on campus. Kids popping out of teleportals in coffee shops. WEIRD." Cam says, shaking his head madly. "Not bad other than that. People like my food at least."

Rafael laughs and says, "Yea, it is kind of weird. But you know, weird comes with the whole mutant territory I guess." He sighs and says, "And hey, not like I'm going to fit in at a regular school." He grins. "Advantage: you."

"I don't have the personality that makes people come to talk to me. Advantage: YOU." Cam responds, sticking his tongue out as he runs a hand through his hair. "I don't really know. I'm just… gonna have to get used to it. Though, someone did suggest a potential use for my power in the future."

Rafael chuckles and says, "People just want to see what weirdness I'm going to pull next." He shrugs and says, "It kind of breaks the ice and stuff. Otherwise people are kind of freaked out by me." His expression is curious and interested. "And what do you mean?"

"He said I should study anatomy. And learn pressure points. Find them. Strike." Cam says, poking a finger at the air in front of me. "It's a little scary of an idea, but it might work. I'm just… I don't know. I have to figure things out, I guess." He explains, as he doesn't even go for his own cake yet.

Rafael's eyes get wide and he shimmers and turns into a stereotypical kung fu movie ancient master, complete with white beard and robes. "Ah! Your kung fu is superior! Ten fingers of pain style!" He makes a few /really/ bad looking kung fu stances and then bows to Cam. Perhaps most disconcerting, his lips don't move in time to the voice coming out.

That's not too disconcerting for Cam, honestly. Not after the past few days. Though it does throw the effect off. "You forgot to make the absolute wrong lip movements."He explains, sticking out his tongue and grinning. "I don't know if it'll work. But I'm… I'm gonna study. It could, in the long run."

Rafael blinks and then mouths the words again in front of the mirror. "Darn." And then he's back to himself, turning to nod to Cam. "Cool. If I can help, let me know." He grins and says, "If nothing else, you can practice on me without having to worry about hurting anybody." He frowns and says, "I think. Unless I actually grow the nerves you need. Which I guess I could do. To be completely honest, I'm not entire sure of how some of this works myself. And I'm kind of afraid of looking too closely."

"It'd have to be there for me to be able to find it. If it weren't there, I couldn't find it." Cam says, scrunching his nose. "That made very little sense. But I think you'll follow." Is that a subtle, playful barb? Maybe.

Rafael grins and says, "I'm good with very little sense. You might say I live there. And yea, I get it. Ah well. What's a little pain. At least you can't death touch me." He looks kind of amused at that. "But the offer is still there if and when you need it." He stretches out on his bed again and says, "So I guess this place isn't half bad then. Given that we're just about on opposite ends of the scale in terms of personality and we're both at least semi-okay to be here."

"We both goofed up a little with people at first. But, we both know to get past it." Cam says with a firm nod. "It's not so bad, honestly. I do feel a little alone from time to time, but… I'll live." He chuckles. "Just not used to the types of people here. I'll tell ya… Owen scared the crap out of me when I met him."

Rafael blinks and says, "Hey, you're not alone. I miss my family but you know, email, phones, all that. But yea, if you need somebody to hang with, I'm around. For as long as you can stand it." He grins and shrugs at that, knowing that his habit of changing shape tends to exhaust some people's patience. "And I haven't met Owen yet. Seen him around, though. Bat-guy, right?"

"Big scary bat-guy." Cam nods, thinking. "Alright. I might. Right now, I just like sitting around and minding my own business. Reading. Music. Things like that." He explains. "Planning new meals."

Rafael blinks and wonders if that was a hint. "Ah, am I keeping you from doing stuff? Because I can head out. Or just shut up. I don't mind. I'm kind of losing touch with the whole 'bio-cycle' thing, so you know, I'm awake and crazy alert for a day or two and then crash when I realize I haven't slept. That kind of thing. Psycho-whatis. All in my head." And for him, this /is/ fairly mellow. He's still talking too much, but at least at a reasonable pace and tempo.

"Nah. I'm just relaxing. That's all." Cam says, stacking the plates together and putting them where he'll grab them when he goes out later before he stretches out on his bed. "I just hope we make it through this year in one piece. Ish." He says with a laugh, foot beginning to tap in time with music in his head.

Rafael laughs and says, "Yea, well, that's easier for some of us than others." He yawns hugely and then shimmers a bit, suddenly dressed in pajamas that are a light blue color. "I'm just glad I don't have to sleep in bucket like that guy from the Star Trek show." His form goes a bit melty around the edges for a moment and then snaps back. "Yet."

"Eeew, no Odo." Cam says, thinking about it. He remembers it. His dad was a fan. "You'll be fine. I think… I really think this is what we all need. It'll help us find our own niche in life." He admits, before yawning. "But, I think I'm gonna hit the bed."

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