2012-11-04: Roommate Bonding


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Summary: Ahmed and Nicholas get to know each other better.

Date: November 4, 2012

Log Title: Roommate Bonding

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Ahmed and Nicholas's Room

Slightly bigger than the old room, the new rooms fit two students comfortably. Each room has off white walls with a dark brown carpet. There is one window in the middle of the wall that looks out over the grounds. Each room has two beds, two dressers, two desks and two closets, one for each student.

Two things Ahmed would notice before he even opens the door to the room is that there's a familiar scent of Nicholas in the area. The other is a sounds of rock music coming from his room, it's not the usual country that Nick listens to but a harder alternative rock. The lights are off in the room and the only light is the glow of his laptop showing a playlist open on the screen. Nicholas lies on top of the bed, finally having been released from the medbay. He's still got a cast on his left leg, the wheelchair wedged between the end of his bed and his desk, and a brace on his arm.

Entering the room, the resident feline Canadian has a peppermint candycane in his mouth, the hook sticking out and curling to almost touch his nose. Pulling back the hood of his top, Ahmed looks around for a moment as his tail curls and lashes behind him, before settling down against his leg as he says, "Hey there… interesting choice. Q-ball's recommendation? Or is it Warlock's dad's stuff?"

Opening his eyes, Nicholas pushes himself up with his one good arm to a sitting position. "Sometimes I like listening to rock music, I don't only listen to country. Though Warlock's dad….his stuff isn't bad. I had no clue that was his Dad until he told me while we were…you know." He moves around some pillows so he can sit up against the wall. "So how's it going with you?"

Ahmed looks up and around for a moment, the new muzzle causing some of his expression to be muted, but as much as you can read a cat, he looks like he's thinking, and then replies, "Not much to talk about… I bombed my last history test because it was on the American Civil War… not exactly my best subject. Doing allright in Math… but there's this whole Thanksgiving holiday thing coming up, and Mister Parker asked me to help do up turkeys for the school. You?"

"I haven't been back to classes yet, I feel like I'm so behind." Nicholas says as he knows he is. "Sucks cause my broken arm is my left one, I'm left handed. Though she said the arm is healing along a lot better than my leg, already started going through the exercises with it." He moving about on the bed to get comfortable. "Thanksgiving….that means it's almost been a year…" He mutter before looking up at Ahmed. "Oh you and turn off my music or turn on the lights if you want. Still getting used to your new…uh…this." He says as he motions to his mouth and nose to indicate Ahmed's muzzle.

Sticking his tongue out, he replies with a grin, "-I'M- still getting used to it, but hey…" He hold up the candy cane dangling now from one finger, "I'm starting to stabilize. I'm finally seeing color again. OH! I actually HAD smoked salmon today… bagels and lox even, but I gotta watch the milk intake… cow milk makes me gassy, just like other cats." And as he moves to sit, he settles on the floor, tail curling over his lap, "I got no problem with the room like this. It's cozy. Besides… if I'm gonna get on my laptop too, I don't mind the dark."

"That's awesome Ahmed." Nicholas says and even though the enthusiasm isn't in his voice, it's obvious he means it. "Well not about the gassy bit, about seeing colour. You know, now I have an idea of how you felt every time I tried to drag you out, don't you feel trapped in here? Now that I know I can't go out or…well…you know, I just feel caged."

That seems to make him ponder a bit more before he then sighs, and starts to pet his tail. Ahmed doesn't look up as he replies, "Most of my friends before here are online. Most of my life was. Because really… that was the only place I could be free to be me. When my door was closed, it was my world, and I could be who I wanted… instead of always being what people expected of me. So for me…" He replies and then looks up, "I wasn't really caged… it was more like I was safe."

"That makes sense, this is the only place I feel safe anymore. Even if I do feel trapped." Nicholas says. "Which is stupid, cause I couldn't even leave this one room for a month, unless it was waking up in that other room but I was in a cell and I can easily leave my room, eat good food and stuff, but I think knowing that I can't leave, it just makes the school feel small." He sigh and looks over at Ahmed. "What about here, do you still feel like you can't be you?"

Giving another one of those shrugs, as he continues to pet his tail in his lap, Ahmed then watches it curl up and twitch a few times before replying, "I think… I really didn't know who or what I wanted to be… I've been a people pleaser for a long time. So it's kinda hard to be 'me'." Holding up his furred fingers and making quotes, "And the school really isn't that small when you get down to it. There's a LOT to do if you can find it… and if you need to get the feeling of being out, there's always the Danger Room." But there he stops, and adds, "I will say… I kinda like video games more. Now that I'm not playing all those stupid family friendly games anymore." Then the candy cane comes back to his muzzle, tongue wrapping around it almost lewdly.

"Well it might be that I'm also trapped with what I can do, can't really go out riding, can't do danger room sessions." Nick rolls over on his side so he can look at Ahmed better. "That's cause they're fun. I'll be able to play them again soon enough, I've just been watching Jill play them lately for entertainment." He looks at Ahmed for a bit and then shakes his head. "You know, I really don't know you that well, I mean I know your background and that you didn't have many friends and do stuff online but, I don't even know what your favourite movie is, do I?"

Ahmed replies to that by saying, "I'll tell you if you promise not to laugh, allright? I don't talk much about the stuff I like because most of it's kinda… younger kid stuff." And then he looks away, and those feline ear go back for a moment.

"Is it Lion King?" Nicholas asks seriously not sure if Ahmed once told him or if he's taking a wild guess. "And hey, I like country music, I get made fun of here for it. You like what you like Ahmed, and I promise not to laugh."

The feline man stands up and moves over to sit on his bed, as he shakes his head once, and replies, "Nah… Lion King was my parent's thing… they saw just before they met and Dad took mom and fled back to Canada… anyways… it's the old Secret of NIMH. I always loved how it made the world seem so small, but so big at the same time." He then takes a breath and adds, "After that there's this cartoon based off the Brian Jacques novels… Redwall. A nice TV series."

"Never heard of it." Nicholas says shaking his head. "What's it about? And I haven't heard of Redwall either. At lot of my movie tastes were cause they were stuff my Dad liked and we would watch them together. Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Western films…" He stops talking for a bit, rolling over onto his back, glad the lights are off. "So, Secret of NIMH?"

Ahmed falls back on the bed to syare at the ceiling, tail still visible and tapping on his leg. Normally, in this position it would be gone, instead of bunched up there, "Okay, it's based off a book by the same name. These mice and rats were used for lab testing, and they got away from this place called NIMH, and went to live their own lives. The rats made their own little kingdom, while one of the mice went off and married a girl. Flash to years later, Mrs. Brisby, who's the lead character of the film has a son named Timmy that ends up with pneumonia about the same time that they have to move from their home before the farmer ploughs it. So… there's a whole conflict around the rats she goes to for the cure, their plans to get away as well… It's better to watch than describe, really. But it's a film about how cool a mom can be, so that's I guess why I like it so much."

It's hard to see in the dark but Nicholas is nodding. "Well I have a bunch of free time, we can watch it sometime. Or if I end up having sleepless nights again once I'm off the meds, I'll watch it some night when I can't sleep." He uses his telekinesis to pull over his laptop and turns off the music. "My Mom was really cool."

Turning himself, Ahmed settles himself on his own bed, and stares at the ceiling in the silence and the dark. After a few more moments of pause, he says, "Sure, I suppose we can. Maybe I can get you to watch some other stuff… like how I watched Firefly while you were out." Looking at Nick from his side, the feline adds, "So… when you get your leg back, you can always ride Orion around the campus green… I mean it's a BIG lawn… and you could do a whole circuit around the campus. Heck… we could get stuff from down at the cove and set up one of those equestrian course-things. With the jumps and the obstacles and stuff? Think he'd like that?"

"It's going to be a while but as soon as I'm able to use my leg again I'm going to hop on Orion and just go." Nicholas says with a smile to his voice. "I didn't think of that, using the beach, but it might work. It's going to be a few weeks still Dr. Reyes said. I'm going to be getting the cast off soon and then one of those plastic casts and then going through physical therapy. She said the school equipment will help me heal faster at least. Just the amount of stress they had me putting on my arm and leg after they broke them, the leg especially is taking a bit longer. Honestly, it sucks."

Ahmed chuckles a bit, "You know what I hate about a cast? When you get an itch. I broke my forearm when I was nine… they put me in the cast, and I had this itch.. RIGHT… in the center of my arm. It got to the point that nothing could get to it, until I got my hands on this bamboo barbeque skewer. Shoved it under and I made this little noise that made my mom blush." Rolling back to stare at the ceiling, he continues on, "Dang… I just realized… I'm gonna have to stick close to you for classes… I mean… easy as you get lost, and with the cast… I wonder how much we could freak the people in Salem Center out by you coming into down with an assistance leopard."

"Oh man the itching has been ridiculous, and not just the itching from the arm and the leg. The healing brand, the cut right here (he points to under his right eye) and my chest have all itched like crazy but I can't scratch those in fear of making the wounds worse." Nicholas says with an amused tone. "Yeah, I'm going to need a buddy at least I can use my powers to push around my wheel chair, and as for Salem Center…they'd have the National Guard down on us so fast since I'm a wanted terrorist."

Ahmed says before he realizes it, "Yeah, the stuff you do to impress a girl…" And then he winces, and while it's not visible, he wince his eye shut, and slaps himself in the spot above the bridge of his muzzle, "Oh man… okay, I am really really sorry I said that… please don't get pissed."

Nicholas looks over at Ahmed with his brow furrowed. "What do you mean by that?" He's really not sure what his roommate is poking fun at but there is a frown on his face. "Ahmed…listen, I…" He can't figure out the words he wants to say and his voice kind of trails off. "I just want to go back in time."

There's a sigh from Ahmed's end of the room, "I know… believe me I know. But… if we could go back in time and change everything we hated about life… we wouldn't be here. You're here, you're alive, you're in one piece… mostly. Most days? That's pretty good." Sitting up, he walks over towards Nick's bed, and sits down next to it, eyes at level with the edge of the mattres, "Look, if you want… I'll sleep someplace else tonight. I know the value of private time and space. I know what it means, and I know what it can do. If it's space you need, I can take off. If you want me to stay, I will. I'm not gonna sit here and guess what you need or want… I'll let you tell me. And I'll just be me. Cool?"

Nicholas grabs onto Ahmed's wrist with his good hand. "I don't want to be alone Ahmed, when I'm alone, I think about it more. I don't want to be alone. I hate being alone." He says. "I just don't know what I need, I'm scared Ahmed. I hear kids here talking about mutant town and what's going on and how they want to do something but…they don't know how terrifying the Purifiers can be. They've come after me twice Ahmed, what happens if they come after me a third time?"

Ahmed slips his hand from the grip, but then takes the hand in his own, the underside of the hand feeling smooth and slightly leathery to the touch. Holding firm there, he replies, "I don't know either. I could say all sorts of stuff… but when it gets down to it, I'm still learning how to use my powers. Nick… all I can tell you is there are going to be good days, allright? There's always good days."

Nicholas nods. "I know Ahmed. Some days are good and others are tougher. I'm not as angry as I used to be, my tempers a bit more under control it's just, I know I've got issues. I just wish I knew how to get over my issues." He then smiles up at his roommate and friend. "You know, I'm glad you have a teacher like Mr. Parker-Mayfair to help you out. You're starting to look a bit…happier."

Ahmed gives another one of those shrugs of his, tail curling into his lap once more as he replies, "Mister Parker made me realize… I'm the one holding me back… I mean, he's gay, he's got sons, he's got a business he made himself… in a big way, he's sorta like a real hero… but not in any super way. He just decided one day that nothing was going to make him stop him from being him. So… he let me stay at his place while you were gone… and I kinda learned that if I'm gonna ever be me… I gotta be me." Squeezing the hand again, he adds, "I'm still scared of fighting. Every time I think about it, I think about the wolf that bit my throat like it did. So I guess we'll have to do that whole getting over things as a group. You know. Your friends."

Nicholas squeezes Ahmed's hand back and nods. "Good, I'm glad Ahmed. I always wanted you to be happy, cause you always seemed like you had something holding you back from doing things you wanted to do. Though you said you watched Firefly, you were the one who told me to watch it cause it's by that guy you like. Josh something or other." He's horrible at remembering the name Joss Wheadon. "I'm not scared of fighting, I'm scared of the Purifiers. Terrified of them…"

Ahmed looks down and away, but then after taking a breath, he says, "That's what they want… fear gives them their power, Nick. I mean… you're right to be afraid of them… I am too. But at the same time…" He gulps once, "My people… the ones who live in the old countries… Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan… the Kurds live inside these communities where they know at any time some angry Taliban member or someone else will come along and hate on us. Worse for those of us who are Jewish. The only thing hated more than the US is the Jews… and it's an old hatred. But the Kurds had a choice… live in fear, or live. And they chose live. And that's what we have to do. Live. Because anything else is just letting them win."

"I don't know what to do Ahmed." Nicholas whispers. "I'm so lost, my head's a mess, I don't know anymore and with what just happened, I feel like it's just made things worse. I hate them so much Ahmed. I've never hated someone or something so much before."

Ahmed puffs out a breath, "Maybe it's time you talked to an adult? Not like… Miss Frost. Maybe the security guy… he seems like he's been through some of the same stuff. He's got this look in his eye… the one you can see anyways…" Shaking his head once, he then leans in and rubs his cheek on the hand there, "I wish I had more to tell you… I'm not some wise man… and I don't want to pretend to be. People spent enough time trying to tell you how to be better… so… just… I'll be here."

Nicholas smiles at Ahmed. "Yeah I know I need to talk to an adult, I want to talk to an adult. I miss having a parent to tell me it's okay and to help me feel safe." He is pretty sure Ahmed knows what he's talking about. "Thanks Ahmed, I apologize that the nightmares are still here so you still have to put with me at a night." He frowns at that. "Thanks again, you're a good guy Ahmed, don't let people tell you different, including myself."

Ahmed rubs the back of his neck with his free hand, and then he moves to stand, "Already forgiven… you put up with me sleeping as a big cat… tripping over me in the mornings to get towards the bathroom, and that kinda stuff." Releasing the hand, he moves back towards his bed and sit back down, "Funny thing about the dark… makes everything look normal, doesn't it. You can't see the damage."

"Depends." Nicholas says in regards to the dark. "If it's being in the dark by choice, there's something relaxing about it." There's a faint smile on his lips. He shuts his laptop and uses his powers to put it back o the desk. "I think I'm gonna try to get some shut eye Ahmed, thanks again, you're a smart guy." He says taking off his shirt before crawling under the sheets blankets the best he can.

A chuckle comes from the other end of the room, "And here I thought I was just a wiseass." His form can just be made out doing one of those feline stretches, and he curls up on his bed, tail sliding up between his legs so it can rest under his chin, "Sleep well, man… tomorrow's tomorrow."

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