2010-06-19: Roommates


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Summary: Much to both their chagrin, Star and Laura are now roommates.

Date: June 6, 2010

Log Title Roommates

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Laura and Star's Room

A room for two, both sides at the moment impeccably neat, almost completely bare. Two twin beds with a large window between them. A small desk and chest of drawers at the foot of each against the wall, and a small empty (for the moment) closest.

It's probably all over the school by now: Star Rosen was found unconscious outside the gates sometime this morning like a mob body-dump. The elder of the Rosen twins never stirred as she was carried down to the Medical Bay. Rumor has it that there wasn't anything really wrong with her, other than being out cold, and so she was allowed to spend the day under observation. Now, over twelve hours after she was first brought back inside, she's been released to return to her room. The room she hasn't spent very much time in yet and that still looks like it's waiting for someone to move in.

Star is laying curled up atop the blankets, her pillow tucked up under her head with her hair fanned out behind her. Her eyes are open, but she doesn't appear to be seeing anything, her expression distant and thoughtful. For once, the fog of emotions that always hangs around her is muted and easily able to be ignored, though there's still the ever-present hint of worry and sorrow, flavored this time with lingering fear from the events of early this morning.

Outside, staring up at her window, Laura notices immediately the light was on. A frown tugged at the cornered of her mouth as she padded silently through the dark grounds of the school. She had yet to be to her room, except to drop off her very modest amount of belongings, which were tucked away almost too neatly in drawers. As she reached the wall, the soft sound of her claws sprouting from between her knuckles on both hands could be heard if someone was listening for it. With a soft sigh, she began scaling the wall quietly, positioning her hands, just so as to not alert anyone that she was sneaking back in after an entire day and night out.

It doesn't take her long at all to reach the window, which should still be unlocked as long as known had touched it. Letting her small body dangle against the wall, her claws her only support and hold, she lifted her head up to peer through the gauzy, curtains. Her brow furrowed over and with a sigh, she left her head dip back down, out of sight. Great. This is going to be… just great. She thought sullenly to herself, procrastinating actually climbing back through the window for a few more moments.

Star really isn't paying attention at the moment, too busy trying to figure out just what this mysterious mutation that she supposedly has is. Maybe that's why she's not projecting as strongly as she usually is? All of her attention is focused inward. At least it is until she catches a faint sound at the window and her eyes go from gray to violet in an instant as she sits up sharply. So quickly that she gets dizzy, actually. She stumbles toward the window, her heart pounding and quickly locks it as she peers into the night to try and figure out just what the sound she heard was.

At the sound of the locks clicking home, Laura lets out a low frustrated grunt. The other girl's scent stronger now, and she had no doubt that her roommate was Star. With a huffy sigh expelling past her lips, Laura lifts herself up once more, her head popping into view in the bottom of the window. she pulled her right set of claws from the wall, not bothering with retracting them and taps on the glass with one finger. "Unlock it." were the only words to come out of her mouth, spoken softly, but loud enough for Star to hear on the other side. Laura fixed the girl with a steady emerald stare, dislike at the apparent boarding situation fairly plain in her expression.

There's a small squeak of surprise when Laura's head suddenly comes into view and Star backs away from the window a couple of steps before she grimaces and goes to do as requested. She even goes so far as to open the window and steps back again, leaving plenty of room for the other girl to climb in, her eyes warily on the claws sprouting from the other mutant's hands, "What the hell are you doing outside my window at this time of day?" Her window. Not someone else's, hers. She's had her things stowed neatly under the bed waiting for her to take the time to actually unpack, and so they've been hidden from sight. The only real indication that there's another occupant to the room being the black trombone case propped up in one corner and a stack of sheet music on her nightstand.

"And why in blazes didn't you come in the door?" She folds her arms across her chest and glares defiantly at her one-time babysitter, "It's not like I wouldn't have let you in if you'd asked." Beat, "I only just got back in here, anyway." There's a longer pause this time and she looks at the window once more, "And why was the window unlocked, anyway?"

The muted sound of each of her foot claws, pushing out and through the toes of her combat boots, could be heard as Laura retracted both sets of her hand claws. She stands there for a moment - perfectly content and comfortable, by the way - her arms coming up to cross over her chest, as she all but glared back at the girl. "If you haven't noticed, this room is setup for -two- people." she replied, her tone sharp, and her words staccato short. Finally, with another sigh, Laura places her hands on the windowsill, and lithely hops into the room.

Despite the fact that she was wearing heavy boots, her landing made no noise. She sat there a moment, crouched low like some kind of jungle cat in the middle of the dorm room, jade orbs watching as Star backs away. "This isn't -your- window. It's -ours-." she said after another moment of silence, the distaste in the statement plain. "And I left it unlocked yesterday, so that I could return without anyone giving me grief about the hour."

Star's eyes narrow, the violet darkening into black, "Yeah, it is, but there isn't anyone else in here at the moment." Right? "I mean, I haven't gone and checked all the drawers or anything, but I'm the only one with stuff in here." So she thinks, at least. She eyes the other girl warily and backs up to her bed again, flopping down as soon as the backs of her legs touch the mattress. Her voice is a small squeak again at the word 'ours' and she blinks a couple of times, "Ours? They stuck me with you?!" She shudders at the thought of the window having been unlocked the entire time she's been in the room since yesterday and wraps her arms around herself, fear coming from her again as she squeezes her eyes shut, "Oh God… They could have come in here and got me, then." She's a little paranoid, isn't she?

Finally straightening up from her crouch, Laura scowled at the girl, at the mention of checking through drawers and such. "You'd be best to keep your hands and eyes away from my things." A pause as she strides over to her side of the room. The bed still in the same bedding that was provided by the school. It was made impeccably, almost military style. One bedside lamp, that would probably never be used, and all her clothes fit into the small chest of drawers with no need for the closet. "And would you kindly -stop- doing that?" she growled under her breath as she glanced back over her shoulder towards Star. The telltale change in the girl's scent that hints at a flux in emotion was coming. "It's bad enough we'll be sharing a room. I don't want to share what you're feeling as well."

Pushing a small hand through the heavy fall of ebon hair that was continually getting in her face, she moved over to the chest of drawers now. Laura opened each in turn, checking to make sure all her belongings were still inside. Finally seeming content that they were she turned around to eye Star. Not that she really wanted to bite, but the girl's final statement had her curiosity piqued. "Who could have got you?" she asked with a skeptical arch of one eyebrow. Not that it couldn't happen, but they were a few stories about ground, with endless security measure on the ground floor and courtyard. Laura only made it through because she knew exactly -what- to avoid.

"I didn't touch anything over there. I didn't care enough to, to be honest." At least Star /is/ being honest. She blinks in surprise at the demand that she stop and scowls, "Stop what? I'm not doing anything." Wait… Feelings? Now she's just confused. She shakes her head, "What are you talking about?"

She shivers again at the question and scoots back against the wall with her legs drawn up, rocking lightly, "I don't know… Some freaky weird people that nabbed me out on the side of the road this morning. Said they needed me for some full moon something or other." And she's almost as scared now as she was then. She closes her eyes and makes a small sound at the memory of her rescue, "And they're all dead now, I think… All but that woman that was there at first. I think she left before everything happened." And there could always be more than just the ones that were in the building she was being held in, anyway.

Turning back around to rifle through her top drawer, Laura pulled out a clean pair of pants - black of course - with cargo pockets down each leg, a heavy duty belt with several compartments attached to it, and a long sleeved, knit black shirt. "That thing you do when you get all.. emotional.. " she complains with her back to the girl. "I can smell the change in your scent right before a feel it somewhat. It's annoying, and I wish you'd learn to control it already so I don't have to know every little thing you're feeling at any given moment." Laura rambles on for a moment, her tone hard, and it was probably the most she'd said to the girl at once, since meeting her.

With a quiet growl that pulsed in the back of her throat, Laura began shedding her current clothing - black jeans with holes at the knees, and a dark blue hoodie - as if the other girl weren't even in the room. Laura had already started to tune her out, but at the mention 'full moon something' her ears perked, and she whipped around to face Star, her arms through the sleeves of her new shirt, but it not yet pulled over her head. "Dead? Who killed them?" she asked urgently. It was easy to see it hadn't been Star. "Where was this place? Did you get any names?" Laura only had jagged pieces to put together, but Star getting abducted.. and so soon after that… party.. It could be the kind of lead that Laura and her 'team' could use.

Star lets the subject of her 'thing' when she gets emotional go for the moment, though it's not a dead subject by any means. She rests her forehead against her knees and does her best to ignore the other girl for the moment, her bare toes winding together and looking very tense from her perch on her bed, "I don't know…" Her voice is muffled by her position, "Some woman with a black eye. I think I heard her called 'Dom', or something." She doesn't remember the name of the woman that blew the masked creep's head open and she never saw the other person, though it sounded like a guy's voice, "All I know is that I was out walking and a couple of people grabbed me, then I woke up in some nasty old building with a blindfold on and people talking about something with the full moon and that I'd been at something dancing and was supposed to stay alive until the full moon."

She shudders at the demand for names and shakes her head, "All the names I know got killed… I think they were Reggie and Diego and some real freak named Juan." She shudders at the memory of the last man and curls up a little tighter, "He had a knife…" And was going to use it on her, "I never saw where I was. Just some old place. I don't even know if I was in Westchester or New York or what."

Laura finally put her shirt on all the way, then went to work with quickly undoing and kicking off her jeans and replacing them with the back cargo's as she listens. As she tucking her shirt into the cargo's she pauses at hearing 'Dom'. "Wait. Domino was there?" she asked. Well, not really asked, but demanded. Quickly finishing the task of dressing, Laura tucks the shirt in and fastens the belt around her small waist. Laura shoves the top drawer shut with her hip and opens the second, pulling a several things from it, which she shoves into pockets and belt compartments quickly. (feeling uncreative, so didn't name anything specific). "They were talking about that rave that we all went to, and almost didn't come back from, because you and that… boy… refused to listen to me!"

She turns her luminous green gaze back to Star, it's easy to see how traumatized the poor girl is, but Laura was never one for comforting others. "I think it would be a good idea if you didn't leave the mansion for a while. You seem to be a magnet for trouble." The words, crisp and staccato, like she was giving orders to someone, though it had been her attempt at comfort. "I'm looking into this with.. others. So just stay out of trouble long enough for us to find them, alright?"

Star shrugs and looks up at the question about the name, "I guess. I don't know if I ever heard her called more than Dom…" She shivers lightly at the mention of the rave, but it's got a different quality to it. Where the others had been shivers of distaste or fear, this one's a shiver of pleasure the memory brings up at what she was feeling. That's all she really remembers about it even now is the heady feeling of being more than just her. She sighs and drops her forehead back to her knees, "I didn't want to leave…" Her voice is the faintest of whispers, inaudible to anyone without enhanced hearing. She would have been perfectly happy staying there where she could bask in the euphoria of the crowd. She would have never known anything more about her brother, but she wouldn't have cared. Not for a time, anyway.

Her shoulders slump when the other girl seconds the idea of her not leaving the mansion, "Yeah… I've been confined to grounds for a week by Mr Starsmore." With good cause, most likely: First vanishing overnight and showing up the next morning with someone else's blood on her, then getting kidnapped and being found outside the gates two days later… Not a good record so far. Especially when she's been at the school for less than a week.

Laura nods, pulling a pair of gloves from the second drawer, then shutting it as well. "As you should be." was her reply with another firm nod. Stepping back into her combat boots, and bending to lace them up fully, she slides the gloves over both hands, and then quickly picks her already worn clothes, folding them perfectly and setting them on the foot of her bed. Laura moves towards the window, casting a sideways glance at Star. "I'm going to leave now. Lock after me, I'll ind another way in."

Star makes a face at the other girl's comment about her punishment and mutters something about not wanting to leave the school for a while. That'll likely change as soon as there's word about her brother, but for the moment, she's happy just staying safe away from all the blood and violence that she's seen outside. She sighs when Laura heads to the window and lifts her head to watch the girl leave, "Yeah, sure." Of course she'll lock the window! There's no way she's going to leave 'them' with a way in, "Be careful. Those guys seem dangerous." Especially to the non-combatant.

Laura laughs out loud, once. A humorless noise more then a laugh, really. She pauses at the window, opening it half way, as she turns her gaze on Star again. Her face was expressionless, as always, but the next words from her were said with complete and total confidence in them. "I'm more dangerous." Letting both sets of hand claws spring up from her knuckles, Laura throws one leg over the windowsill. "You don't have to be worried. When I find them, I'll make sure I kill them all. Then they can't kidnap you again." Again, the words were meant to be comforting, but in her deadpan voice, well.. maybe not so much. She let the rest over her cross the threshold of the window, her right hand holding onto the sill, until she let her body drop down. claws grating against the stone of the outer wall, until about halfway down, where she retracts them, falling and landing with a near silent thump.

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