2009-06-01: Roommates Meet


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Summary: Skyler, once more in a male form, finally meets Owen in their room.

Date: June 1, 2009

Log Title: Roommates

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Owen and Skyler's Room

//Slightly bigger than the old room, the new rooms fit two students comfortably. Each room has off white walls with a dark brown carpet. There is one window in the middle of the wall that looks out over the grounds. Each room has two beds, two dressers, two desks and two closets, one for each student. //

It's pretty late at Xavier's, past curfew, and one Owen Folger can be found in his room. In just his boxers, he's laying on his bed and working on some homework. While his side of the room is decorated with a couple posters and items from home, having that 'someone lives here' feeling, the otherside has yet to be used. Owen's not even met his roommate yet but has been nice enough to keep the unused side of the room clean for whenever Skyler decides to become a guy again and require the room. The door's closed but not locked tonight.

Skyler doesn't bother knocking on the door since, well, this is his room, too. He's taken the likeness of a black teen, head shaved to the skin, and well over six feet tall. In his hands is a box of personal effects that he can easily shuttle around between his two rooms. "Oh, hi," he says when he notices that his roommate is in. "I'm Skyler."

Owen blinks, looking up from his homework as the door opens. "Well, as nice as a surprise as it is, there are rules against that kinda fun on campus," he offers a smile, making a joke as he looks Skyler over. Setting his homework aside, Owen hops off the bed. He stops the questions coming to mind when the introduction occurs. "Well! Howdy, Skyler!" he greets, happy to finally meet his roommate.

Skyler snorts at Owen's joke, closing the door behind him. "Hey,you must be Owen. I'm sure they explained to you my part time occupation of the room."

Owen grins and offers a hand. "Yep, Ah'm Owen," he confirms. "And yeah, ya shapeshift intah people. Who're ya tahday? Nice choice by the way."

Skyler looks down at himself and shrugs, setting the box down on his bed before taking Owen's offered hand. "Don't know. Some guy out in Central Park." He chuckles and shakes his head. "I try to not change into anybody around the mansion. It can get confusing."

Owen nods. "Ah suppose that makes sense," he agrees. "Confusin' enough with there bein' twins runnin' around. Shapeshiftin' intah like…Mr. Summers or somehin' would add tah it," he laughs.

Skyler grins, sitting on his bed next to his box. "So far I've managed to avoid turning into the headmaster. Or the headmistress." He shakes his head with a rue chuckle as he starts pulling out various knicknacks. "She scares me silly sometimes."

Owen nods, falling back onto his own bed. "Yeah, Ah suppose she is kinda scary. Wonder when she's gettin' back from her trip…" he trails off.

Skyler shakes his head. "I don't know, really," he says, setting up a few of his personal things up on the desk that's next to the bed. "Though Mr. Summers seems to be holding everything together without her."

Owen nods, watching Skyler. "Yeah. Ah jus' hope he's doin' okay with his new powers," he says. "Haven' seen him in awhile," the currently telekinetic adds. "Say…what squad are ya on?"

Skyler looks thoughtful for a moment before replying, "I'm with the Hellions." He shakes his head, "I really haven't had much of a chance to do anything with them yet, though."

Owen nods. "Cool. You're with Pallyboy, the twins, and Daisuke then," he says, remembering what he'd been told. "Ah'm with the Corsairs. Kinda the same for us. Not too much time tah work out with one another aside from basic trainin' stuff like laps and that obstacle course."

Once he's done unpacking, Skyler leans back in his bed. "Yeah. I haven't seen Daisuke in ages," he says somewhat wistfully. "I hope he's staying out of trouble."

Owen smiles up at the ceiling. "Ah dunno. Ah'm beginnin' tah doubt it's possible tah stay outta trouble if you're a student in this school," he says. "Hell, jus' the other day Ah ended up fightin' a giant snake and stuck tah a Young Avenger."

Skyler rolls his eyes. "Yeah, that sounds about right. I've been lucky enough to keep my head low these past few months, myself." He chuckles, "though I've had my fair share of misadventures."

Owen looks over with arched eyebrows. "That so? Anythin' particularly darin' or sexy happen tah ya?"

A dark expression crosses Skyler's features. "Not unless you call being kidnapped and experimented on by Mr. Sinister daring or sexy."

Owen frowns. "Oh…" he trails off quietly. He's heard a few rumors and read the required reading on this Mr. Sinister guy. "That…that jus' sucks."

Skyler nods his head. "Yeah. Sometimes the life of a mutant is neither glamorous or exciting."

Owen sighs. "Tell me about it," he says. "Before that green thin' stole mah powers…Ah'd routinely transform intah a giant, homicidal bat monster."

Skyler arches an eyebrow curiously. "Giant… homicidal… bat monster?" He shakes his head, "That's not a good thing. Not if you can't control it, like The Hulk." says Skyler, reminding himself to never copy Owen when he gets his own powers back. THe only thing worse than one homicidal bat monster running around the mansion is TWO homicidal bat monsters running around the mansion."

Shaking his head, Owen looks over to Skyler. "Can' control it in the least bit," he says. "Dark Force," he explains. "It's an overload of the stuff. Almost killed a couple friends here when Ah transformed…" he trails off, frowning. "Thinkin' Ah'll ask someone about help with learnin' control if Ah get those powers back if they can' jus' get rid of the Bat…"

Skyler scowls at the mention of Dark Force. "I recently copied somebody who could teleport by going through the Dark Dimension." He shudders at the memory of his first, and only teleport. "It was the second most unpleasant thing I ever did in my life." He shakes his head. "Maybe you'll be lucky and get stuck with whatever you've got now."

Owen blinks several times. "Hey…nothin' wron' with teleportin' through Dark Force…" he trails off, offering a half-pout. "That was mah favorite part of mah old powers," he says. There's a pause. "Maybe. Ah…feel bad though. Someone else has tah deal with it now…"

Skyler shakes his head. "I don't know how it worked for you, but when I went through I felt cold, alone and there were… things there that spoke to me." He sighs, "Then again, I don't know how much of that was her power, or her just being flat out crazy."

Owen shrugs. "Mah powers kept me safe from the cold but the rest sounds like mah first teleport. Trick is, ya gotta focus on where ya're goin' and shut out the voices. It keeps it all in check."

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